Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Junior girls in Gansu province jumped to his death was suspected of stealing

Junior girls in Gansu province jumped to his death was suspected of stealing was left standing in the supermarket, supermarket by police investigations

People gathered outside the supermarket.

The afternoon of December 29, yongchang County, Jinchang city, Gansu province, the Public Security Bureau of Chengguan police station Office staff to the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN) confirmed that, on December 28, a junior high school girl, who was suspected of theft were staff of the supermarket as punishment; that afternoon, the girls committed suicide by jumping.

The staff member said Zhao jumped to his impact with the public are now being processed supermarket, specific circumstances to disclose. The flight attendant knelt to feed the elderly

Users post said, the afternoon of December 28, a 13 year old girl from yongchang County, committed suicide by jumping on buildings near the square. The post said, after the girl had been a local supermarket workers suspected of stealing chocolates, punished and had been "hearing".

Above the police station staff confirmed that Cho Yong Chang in seven junior high school student, on December 28 by jumping from the square next to a tall building in yongchang County, 28th, Zhao was left standing by the supermarket workers suspected of stealing.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Circle of friends beauty needle trap most of them are fakes privately lethal

Circle of friends beauty needle trap: most of them are fakes, privately lethal injection risks spectrum

All injection products have a maximum risk that formed blood clots in blood vessels.

"Net red plastic to King sister-in-law", "women's plastic surgery 25 times in 5 years turned into a rich white beauty" ... ... Now, all kinds of plastic "inspirational stickers" in micro-circle of friends go crazy, many women reading are eager, but is afraid of risk. So in order to replace the knife quietly popular micro plastic injections, and the tiny birthplace circle of friends from the news becomes a micro plastic products sales point.

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) recently found that micro plastic different from the traditional "swords" of cosmetic surgery, in a short time through the parts of the body small adjustments to achieve cosmetic effect, but this effect is only for regular use of regular products if consumers buy cheap fake, unregistered beauty injections, the risks can be deadly.

Fake beauty on a micro-needle

"A thin face with long nose + Chin + pin + fat soluble! Ordinary girl, can become a goddess. More and more people like ' micro plastic ' is derived from ' micro ' concept. Everyone at minimal cost in Exchange for beautiful, trace, no swelling, no pain, no immediate, without recovery, can be beautiful. "Recently, a micro-sellers released the news in a circle of friends. She sells water in micro-circle of friends pin, hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, and even a fat-dissolving stitches.

Sellers sold to ensure the product is authentic, "their goods are imported, Korea beiladema for 1500 Yuan to maintain 6-8 months; in Europe is qiaoyadengsili, 2500 Yuan, maintained at least 10 months. "

Sellers also claimed to be a doctor, when surging expressed concern about the safety of journalists, she said: "the quality of a product, an approach was in line with no problem, the biggest problem is different from your expectations, communicate before playing it. "

And even if the buyer said he was not at the seat of the seller, not easy injection, sellers can also find: "local doctor", but then she also called upon enquiry, awareness of local doctors not to take on new customers.

Such distribution of plastic products and services on the Internet business is very common, such illegal drugs effect people think beauty marketing show needle-like God-given miracle cure, easy availability, time of a meal as if Venus will turn passers-by into.

However, the Nineth people's Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University plastic surgery chief physician Liu said, a lot of beautiful people only focus on the magic of its propaganda Department, silent about the risk, not the awe of this technology.

"The first thing to point out is, micro-trafficking on the fat-dissolving stitches, whether Korea is Europe, is not allowed to face and body to dissolve fat injection. Most of these drugs are used to treat fatty liver disease, high cholesterol and other foreign doctors will not be used for injection of fat soluble, injecting fat-dissolving is illegal at home, my advice is not to inject fat soluble. "Liu said.

In addition, all injection products have a maximum risk that formed blood clots in blood vessels, once the cause embolism, serious, can cause blindness, infection, paralysis, due to human facial veins is a two-way flow, once the product with the blood flow in the brain, resulting in cerebral infarction, serious will be fatal.

Self injection of lethal danger-prone 

Nineth people's Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University Clinic of Dermatology, Suzhou girls Wang Yi (not his real name), accompanied by mother, Deputy Chief Physician Xu Hui for help-Dermatology-masks off, Wang Yi side cheek swelling, nasolabial Director with little pussies, have purulent infection in the mouth.

Two days ago, Wang Yi in the home makes little sisters gave themselves a hyaluronic acid. She said that little sisters open beauty tiny shops, have done many plastic items in these two years, driving a double eyelid, called thin face pins, hyaluronic acid is a regular project.

Wang Yi said that the HA hospitals are too expensive, price one-fourth of the only hospital in friends, he is not the first time hyaluronic acid, "before both playing well, didn't think this would happen. "

Xu Hui pointed out that Wang Yi to consider local vascular thrombosis, embolism immediately after injection of dissolved enzymes found. However, Wang Yi that the problem has two days, where a blockage can not be known.

More serious is that Wang Yi is not in normal hospital injectable products, Xu Hui not to rush into her dissolved enzyme injection-if not hyaluronic acid, lysozyme will add local edema. Patients were positive only anti-infective treatment.

"There are a lot of sellers known as selling of hyaluronic acid, is actually Ogilvy, Ogilvy and hyaluronic acid mixed together or be sold to beauty. It can temporarily reduce the side effects of Ogilvy and the real ones. There may be State has not permitted the use of bone meal, injection of silicone, porcelain-ceramic and other dangerous objects. "Xu Hui said so, Wang Yi, the main is to track down sellers ask for sources, but be quick, if purulent infection easy scars for a long time.

For beauty like Wang Yi, Xu Hui called: "courage is too large. Hyaluronic acid injections this at beauty salons or private, and finally into a blood vessel to help our hospital every few days it's all happening. In addition, include the long nose tilted, nose, necrosis, inflammation, and other complications. "

Xu Hui, and even met with "sellers online hyaluronic acid, video to buyers of its reference to himself in to face" case, with predictable results.

"These failures are giving doctors a headache, hyaluronic acid also dissolved enzyme dissolves amazingel of injection dispersion in human tissue, even cut flush is hard to erase. "Xu Hui said.

She pointed out that the facial micro-injection projects and General muscle needle injection is one day. Vessels and nerves of the face are extremely rich, unlike the gluteal injection site is muscle tissue, so even needs to experience a lot of users are cautious, if Lake quack actions, the consequences could be disastrous. If you used the counterfeit products, can spread to surrounding tissue after injection, and together with their organization grow to, once the failure is difficult to remove or clean, the serious consequences these will irreversibly.

Liu also met a similar case: "a girl of Shandong, where fill the temple with hyaluronic acid, after being injected with nine hospital three days later, when the retina is greyish white, fuming is highly unlikely. "

Said Liu, HA this girl central retinal artery was blocked. This type of embolism occurs within two hours of untreated, retinal necrosis completely. And some irregular conditions of no treatment at beauty. Jiangsu listed company independent Director resigned

On May 19, 2015, the State food and Drug Administration against counterfeit hyaluronic acid sodium salt (commonly known as hyaluronic acid) issued consumer alerts to remind consumers to obtain the formal medical practicing license for medical institution institution or medical injection beauty body beauty.

According to the State food and drug administration regulations, hyaluronic acid belongs to the riskiest class III medical devices, must be approved by the relevant departments to sales.

Recently, journalists surging in Taobao Amoy network and Sea entered on shopping sites such as hyaluronic acid injections, has been unable to see any of the products, but sell drugs, injections, conversion to sales and other aspects, are hidden in the Twitter app to complete. Surging contacted several journalists peddling hyaluronic acid in micro-circles of "doctor", the dealer, they are unable to produce sales using hyaluronic acid proof.

How to needle injection cosmetology correctly

Liu noted that the person that love the first formal product to choose. Some informal product, for example, through the approval of hyaluronic acid, bone, ceramic porcelain, botulinum toxins, inflammation, induration, skin deformation can occur after injection.

Hyaluronic acid level is not high, the price is very cheap, but it contains bacteria, injected hard by the body's immune system kill bacteria produces inflammation, repeated stimulation connective tissue to form a chronic granulomatous; others turned crooked after injection with botulinum toxin, or eyebrows on one side higher than the other. Illegal use of human growth hormone injections, local tissue overgrowth "tumor" or something up cords.

Xu Hui pointed out that medical institution purchases require manufacturers to produce "three cards", that is, business license, drug supply certificate, medical device license. Manufacturers also requires medical institutions to provide "three cards", the licensure certificates, medical practice license and medical license. Why purchase channels only formal orthopaedic hospital, beauty salon, private hospitals and individuals, because there is no qualification, difficult to purchase the regular medicines, so their needles are "three noes" manufacturers of counterfeit products.

A large number of businesses through sales of hyaluronic acid injections, sale prices range between 1200-1800 Yuan, much cheaper than regular hospitals, offer less than formal institutions of 1/3. Merchant product pictures, can be seen clearly, almost all of these products are not within the scope of the license of State food and drug administration, but "coat" is "tall", and from Japan, and Korea, and Mexico, and Germany and other countries in the name of, "medical products", "import", "safe and pollution-free", the words "can be seen everywhere.

At present, mixed with micro plastic markets hyaluronic acid, can be divided into two categories: one is of unknown origin of parallel imports through customs tax evasion into mainland China, this type of hyaluronic acid is often the legal name, claiming to be a factory direct sourcing, so cheap; the second is not approved by the country's three brands.

"Injections like Botox are generally need to be frozen, you must cold chain transportation is going bad. So consumers don't go buy some unknown chemicals. This type of ' identity ' illegal injections, once at the injection part of the problem, consumers rights. "Liu said.

Liu pointed out that China injected materials having production number, if you want to know whether their use of the micro-plastic material is a formal product, log on as long as the State food and Drug Administration website, input the bar code on the product packaging to the query, true and false identification. Formal micro plastic injection requires action in a sterile environment, product to shrink in front of customers, and to confirm to the customer again. Per bottle after opening a one-time injection will drop, paste labels on the bottles will be removed in its entirety on treatment of medical records in the customer (unified standard for treatment of medical records provided by the manufacturer), injecting doctor to complete the injection site and dose as required, these will be credited to the customer's medical records.

Without SFDA approval of products, products is illegal in the country. If it is made on the package will have a "medical device registration certificate number", imported product packaging will have a "import medical device registration number", and will have instructions in English. If you see the product packaging and manuals are on order, you have a problem of this product.

Xu Hui pointed out that Botox, hyaluronic acid, collagen injection with high technical content, impossible to train four or five days to play. Injection of beauty is not a simple cosmetic item, its dosage, injection, injection depth and angle are all professional requirements, doctor to understand human anatomy, familiar distribution of facial nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and after formal training to posts. Before the injection, and details of whether consumers are allergic to this drug and choose the correct injection location, controlled doses, and to guide consumers through the critical period after surgery.

Because of the physical differences, some risk is also unpredictable. Xu Hui suggested facial injections go to regular medical institutions (including public hospital's plastic surgery department, cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery clinic), which are equipped with first aid equipment. Of course, if conditions permit, it is best to strong hospitals, departments of these hospitals complete first aid experience, facilities are complete. In many cases, cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery clinic in serious situations, will be transferred to hospital for treatment.

In addition, the beauty in injected plastic front, be sure to look at the actions of people have two cards, the physician certification and physician licensing permits, relevant departments of the State, only two permit holders who can inject plastic. Beautician certificate holders, as well as nursing qualification certificate or a certificate issued by the training institutions, are not injecting.

Cosmetic injections "boat principle"

For increasingly more of beauty products injection, Liu pointed out that, currently most mainstream is most security of medical views is, select injection will has a "lifeboat principles", that or select itself was on contains, and not easy caused against and immune reaction of filling agent, or is after a time can completely absorption degradation of filling agent, and for those can absorption part while residues part of injection real, medical patient must to err.

"The implants in case of an accident, we are also able to take it out, but some injections to enter into and mixed in with normal tissue, if it is very difficult to remove. -Ceramic porcelain, Ogilvy made so. "Liu said," after they enter the human body has a certain move, disperse to the body in the event of inflammation or chronic granulomatous patient harm is great, it is difficult to completely withdraw all material injection for the treatment of all, unless even the meat out. Otherwise, once you form a continuous immune reaction of the body, the patient's skin will flush the infection, interrupted only hormone therapy in patients with immune responses, hormone excess occurs other systemic problems, so if something is undesirable reactions. "

However, even if the filler itself contains substances may not be completely secure. "Take for instance the autologous fat, once the cause embolism, enormous harm. "Liu said.

Autologous fat to fill the chest and face, to extract fat cells from the lateral thigh, after centrifugation purification under the hierarchy into the chest wall rim, cheeks, temples, etc. Two months after the injections, part of the fat cells are absorbed, and the rest survived for a long time, or even increased. By contrast, hyaluronic acid injection plastic can increase local volume, but will gradually be hyaluronidase metabolized in the body, the effect only for 8-12 months.

Liu noted that the natural effect of autologous fat transplantation, but absorbed by the fat metabolism in shape is hard to control, and sometimes can form a mass. Would oil overflow from ruptured cell membranes of the fat cells into fat embolism – blood vessels can cause damage in many parts of the temple after the injection of fat, fat into the retinal artery causing blindness of the plastic case. Fat embolism may occur within 72 hours after the operation, the local blood supply in patients with skin turned pale as paper, then black necrosis, fat dissolving the present rescue effect is good.

Liu said the operation risk of autologous fat transplantation, Salon is generally not done. Formal health services specialists familiar with the anatomy of the injection site, advance drug constricts the blood vessels, reducing the risk of fat embolism. Even so, sometimes the body's vascular variation, there is still a risk of possible. In addition, this type of surgery if the injury of facial nerve can also cause mouth tilted inclined.

"All in all, any kind of micro-plastic surgery there is a certain degree of risk, the patient should first choose a good product, good hospitals, good doctor, and the doctor. "Liu said.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Two manuscripts are out we need a kind of the anti domestic violence law

On December 21, the 12th session of the 18th plenary meeting of the NPC Law Committee of the national people's Congress on the protection against family violence Act (draft) report the results of its consideration. This year, August 12th 16th meeting of the Standing Committee of the NPC on the law on domestic violence (draft) after the initial review, this is the result of consultation of public views on the draft revised and improved.

Compared with previous draft, this second peer review there are many gratifying highlights:

"Perfect the concept of a peer reviewer for domestic violence, joined the spirit of violence is particularly important," domestic violence refers to family members beaten, tied up, mutilation, forced restriction of personal freedom, as well as regular verbal abuse, intimidation or any other means to implement physical, mental abuse. "

Increased provisions in the by-laws: "member of the family, other than acts of violence between people who live together or reference to this law. "Common-law relationship and live together in relationships between same-sex couples the possibility of violence covered, is a big step forward.

Emphasizes the responsibility for asylum and rescue. Without civil capacity or with limited capacity for civil conduct due to domestic violence serious bodily injury, physical security threats or in a State of danger of unattended, the public security organ shall inform and assist civil affairs authorities to escort them to a temporary shelter, aid management agencies or welfare institutions.

Clear personnel "mandatory reporting obligations". Urban and rural grass-roots mass self-government organizations, social service agencies, aid management agencies, welfare agencies and their staff at work to find victims of domestic violence, recommends its mandatory reporting obligations. Two manuscripts accepted this proposal, the four classes of people into the force main body of the report.

Personal safety and protection orders on behalf of the applicant, extended by close relatives to the police administration of public relief, women's federations, institutions and others. In addition, a clear time limit for personal protection orders from the Court: should generally be within 72 hours if the urgency of the situation, shall issue protection orders within 24 hours. Also made clear in the second peer review, if violations of personal safety and protection orders, constitute a crime, will be held criminally responsible. "

Progress, while the second peer review there are still many deficiencies and shortcomings. Of course, a law amendment and the advance of any rights is in discussions with the game snake. How perfect, practical to combat domestic violence, need to keep sound.

This year from November 25 to December 10 "action to eliminate violence against women 16th" period, the girl launched "we want a XX anti-domestic violence law" online questionnaire, eventually recovering 72 users feedback and personal stories. The demands of these users have already responded in the draft in the second instance, there still is only civil voices. According to the recovery of the questionnaires, girl, summarized below, ten users want can be done after the anti-domestic violence law (ranking by voices from high to low):

Deny discrimination

Anti-domestic violence law in line with the principles of Justice, equity, avoiding discrimination against any gender identity and sexual orientation, the scope includes legal marriages, ex-spouses, common-law relationships, partner, ex-partner relationship and not be limited by gender, sexual orientation.

Netizen "peaches": justice and the protection of women in today's society, China--the gender inequality problem is becoming more serious, and can be seen on many news reports on domestic violence cases. However it is lamentable that, the vast majority of decisions are males in the asylum, women get punished very few male domestic violence. This reduced the cost of men commit the offences of domestic violence, leading to more derivative of domestic violence and proliferation of real-life women's status and rights have not been well protected. Prejudice and discrimination itself helps men's violence, society and laws to give women more protection, improve the status of women and promotion of gender equality and social harmony.

Netizen "FuFu": protected object should include a variety of intimate relationships – relationships increasingly pluralistic society, there may be many in the future and I do not choose to get married this is currently the only legal relationship, in the intimacy of personal security requires protection under the law.


Anti-domestic violence law has strong operability, the relevant departments clearly specified powers and responsibilities, mutual coordination, eliminate some passes and not as a phenomenon.

Netizen "囧 blue chest": my mother was a strong woman, my dad is a relatively weak full-time husband is listening to my grandmother, but this does not affect their conflicts. Speaking is the beginning, because financial I felt a face often fight with my mom and dad, and later in the primary school evolved into the hands, led to my mother's head was smashed into the hospital. Spring Festival of the year, I chose to call the police, much that the police can stop them ... ... However got was "what do you have such a good girl" a variety of slurred speech without actually effects persuasion.

Friends "aunt": see domestic abuse of women have nowhere to go, regardless of the police, her in-laws don't ask, looking at young children bear in silence ... ... What else can women's Federation to help help on? Urge you to go home at last. Without legal sanction of the perpetrator, the victim how to emerge from the shadows? Married women who need legal protection, isn't it?

Consider vulnerable groups

Anti-domestic violence law covered all likely to be family members of the victims of domestic violence, women, the elderly, children and other vulnerable groups in society's interests to be taken into account among other things.

Netizen "Tu Tu Tu": ignore marriage licenses, ignoring blood ties – Dong Shanshan was domestic abuse to death, the perpetrator was sentenced to 6.5 years on charges of abuse, makes me feel sad, heartbreaking. And many times in our life have had "a couple of things we can't control," "urging them not away" reasons such as family violence to turn a blind eye to the phenomenon. But between husband and wife, children, the old man's violence is often not effective a deterrent.

Supportive environments

Anti-domestic violence law is committed to providing support to the victims of the social and cultural environment, popularize anti-domestic violence-related learning, making society aware of domestic violence is not a family matter, avoid the secondary victimization of victims brought the cultural.

Netizen "Ren": fairness, justice, hope the public security organs will really pay attention to it, not like this exist in name only--my sister was hit by her husband, almost suicidal thoughts, she was not divorced, because of social pressure and social prejudice. Her husband is a deadhead, well-dressed, well-mannered, but is actually a repeat offenders of domestic violence. I hope to be able to use legal means to punish the perpetrators of domestic violence, exposing their suit colours.

Punish perpetrators

Anti-domestic violence law should severely punish the perpetrators, thereby increasing its costs, improve the deterrent effect of the law, in line with the principle of maximizing the benefits for victims, on reasonable sentencing perpetrators. Victims grievous bodily harm for the offender and, if necessary, can open the offender personal information means.

Netizen "Reneexue": used to listen to my mother about her colleague spent aunt, her husband treated her very well, but after drinking alcohol domestic violence, was playing to eye bruise, fracture of the body occurs. Spend my son adult work, she decided to divorce, but men still come to harass and eventually marry her son because she was afraid to meet her ex-husband was absent. My family had been neighbors, heard the noise at night, heard alarming 110 not once twice. There was my father's relatives, the woman is also the man to the rib fractures, but because she did not divorce. Domestic violence every minute around the homes of ordinary people, as well as physical, some mental violence is not restricted, but at least in the case of physical evidence, the perpetrators were certain constraints.

Expanding the scope of violence

Anti-domestic violence law, the definition of domestic violence, in addition to physical violence, but also of marital rape, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse and economic control.

Netizen "old witch": want to like the United States the same effect anti-domestic violence law. Hands on compensation, to restrict close to Wilson. Marital rape should be included within the scope of. Chinese consciousness is too strong, and married his wife was private property, what do want to do. Now the news her husband boyfriend killed a woman so much, too insecure.

Protect the rights of victims in divorce

Anti-domestic violence law should protect victims of domestic abuse in domestic violence issues in divorce disputes led to the legitimate rights and interests. When the Court imposed in such cases, should take full account of domestic violence to the victim's physical, psychological abuse, domestic abuse written into the divorce decree, custody, financial compensation, on issues such as Division of property, fully consider the rights of victims of domestic violence. Interview Xu Jingbo Japan when their civilization

Netizen "cheese": prior to the divorce of their parents, many nights were awakened by the sound of their quarrel, once MOM and dad almost choked, but when a mother wants to divorce, no laws will really support her finally divorced, my mother gave my father a sum of money. I hope to have when you really care about violence against women in marriage, there are laws. No longer is a family matter, and chores not violence, not to harm.


Anti-domestic violence law should be enforced, not because of "customs" and selective enforcement.

Netizen "Li Yue": after the violence, and hope that the law allows me to get real help. Saw China's many laws are the same as a declaration, there is no real operational. Violence between couples, said according to the punishment of Law Ordinance, police say young couple bicker, rarely in accordance with that law. Some same-sex couples, there was nobody, make friends because police think the spat finally becomes law there, suffer violence but could not be helped. Now the Bill on combating domestic violence, there is a similar problem. So I hope the real anti-domestic violence law passed last may not be detached from reality, not to be pigeonholed.

Netizen "wind grass": real guaranteed people's rights in the family, and when rights are violated to have laws to protect victims from secondary damage, and strictly enforced. Sometimes domestic violence is invisible, if exposure to the violence of the unconscious, and even taken for granted, and helplessness, indifference to human rights is undoubtedly the tragedy of this society.

Psychological intervention

For providing psychological assistance to children victims, battered family, also imposed on perpetrators of forced psychological intervention.

Habeas corpus

Anti-domestic violence law should contain content related to habeas corpus.

In all the comments of netizens, also share a number of contradictions and disputes. As nearly half of users think anti-domestic violence law should provide police, courts of law, women's federations, communities, and other related duties of the Department, to ensure that anti-domestic violence law enforcement duties and responsibilities, but some people don't know who proposed to monitor the implementation of all departments.

No one monitoring anti-domestic violence law, can effectively implement it? Punish the perpetrators really can reduce the incidence of domestic violence, please? After the concept of perfect, and define how to confirm the standard of proof? Protection orders, but who is going to implement? …… These issues, we need to continue discussions and future intervention practice gradually solved. But in any case, legislation against domestic violence should not be built castles in the air, and should pay more attention to the voices of all, and the actual need, and ultimately make better use to eradicate violence, access to free and dignified life for all.

(Authorized this article reprinted from feminist voices public genderinchina. )

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Civil air defense projects under construction collapses in tieling Liaoning

Civil air defense projects under construction collapses in tieling, Liaoning province, roadside car was engulfed

The scene. All pictures come from @ CCTV news Twitter screenshots 4 not giving gold students invited by the groom

@ CCTV news, December 20, around 15 o'clock this morning, Liaoning tieling city, a road collapsed. Accident involving 5 cars, 1 of which was badly damaged, and there were no casualties. Below the site of the accident is being built underground to commercial projects, a construction area of 30,000 square meters. The cause of the accident is under further investigation.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Gang Bao l everyone has to learn politics otherwise it is difficult to understand

What is political science? Political relations with everyone how?

"Speaking of politics, many people first think ideology or court politics. Politics likely to be considered ' political preaching skill ' or ' Palace politics guide ', in which there is a great deal of misunderstanding ... ... In fact, everyone from the cradle to the grave is inseparable from politics. Like it or not, politics affects everybody's life. "Pack up and said. After following the collapse of the democratic politics, and taught at the school of international relations and public affairs, Fudan University young teacher Dr Bao Gangsheng, in November this year has also published a new book, the politics of Liberal, working on basic knowledge in politics.

Gang Bao l: everyone has to learn politics, otherwise it is difficult to understand the world

This handout processing works, in layman's language "grounded" to tell readers the politics is a kind of knowledge, the importance of it where, what ordinary readers and political relationships, as well as how to think in politics to think about political issues around.

A few days ago, surging up received the news in an interview, discusses the necessity of General popularity in political science, and from the political point of the Western world faced challenges, governance and political violence and other topics.

Politics is a key to opening world door

Surging News: last year, your academic monographs of the collapse of the democratic political system explain the causal mechanisms of collapse of some democracies in history, access to scholars and readers ' attention and praise. You recently published the political General is a political science popularization work, what is your purpose for writing this work? In China, the public's awareness of politics to what extent?

Gang Bao rose: a country can achieve good governance, often associated with the level of development of social sciences in the country. Three basic disciplines of the social sciences political science, economics and sociology, respectively. A country can achieve good governance in the public sector, to a large extent depends on the accumulation of social State, power, political system, institutional, governance and citizenship-related knowledge, and this knowledge is provided mainly in the discipline of political science.

It is well known that economics has gained widespread popularity in our life, knowledge is not only less popular than economics and political science, but also easily misunderstood by the public. In the view of many people who had never been exposed to politics, politics is not the same as research "Palace politics" or "power craft", is similar to the ideological education.

At present, in the modern political sense in public popularity, probably just equivalent to knowledge in economics degree of popularity in the early 1990 of the 20th century. Therefore, as a political scientist, I feel the need to do some knowledge of modern politics. The politics of liberal was my political scientist at Fudan University open course notes compiled on the basis of, hoping to let the reader in a relatively short time to master the modern politics of common sense, and gradually form a system of political thought, and can better understand China and the world of politics.

Gang Bao l: everyone has to learn politics, otherwise it is difficult to understand the world

On February 22, 2015, Ukraine Kyiv, European leaders and senior officials to participate in the "dignity March" to commemorate Ukraine crisis anniversary. Oriental IC data

Surging News: United States second President John Adams once said: "to our kids the freedom to study mathematics and philosophy, I must study politics and war. "So, political science knowledge to our understanding of the world is going to help?

Gang Bao l: politics is open to understand a key to the gate of the world. If you leave the politics, the world will become more difficult to understand.

For example, Eastern European countries Ukraine 2013-2015 ups and downs in the political situation. How to understand Ukraine's political crisis? Why Ukraine's sharp swings in domestic politics? You know, in Ukraine shortly before the outbreak of the political crisis, China and its leader Viktor Yanukovych signed a number of important agreements. If there is no expertise in political science and comparative politics, we cannot understand Ukraine what's going, it is difficult to advance the effective assessment of the possible political risks in the country.

For example, in Latin America, Venezuela is closely related to China, but the country's domestic political situation some major new changes may occur at any time. Chinese Government and Venezuela some political parties of the country to cooperate more closely, a lot of investment and financial lending program. However, if Venezuela's domestic politics, some kind of transition, we will face considerable risks? Venezuela's situation we also need more from the perspective of political science to understand.

To take another example, appears frequently in recent years United States Government faced "fiscal cliff" argument, fall of 2013 President Obama even had to close part of United States federal agencies. Government forced to temporarily close, one possibility is that Congress did not approve the President's budget, and one possibility is the President of the Congress did not approve of the Government's debt ceiling. How to understand the United States fiscal cliff? I saw many scholars from the angle of Economics to explain this phenomenon, usually referred to United States form of government debt and current situation, in particular the interpretation of the relevant economic and financial data.

Of course, the economics are important, but a full understanding of this phenomenon will also need political science perspective, especially the focus on the political system. United Kingdom public debt than the United States, why the United Kingdom Government was forced to temporarily close the event did not occur? This requires taking into account the British and American political system is different. United States is the presidential system, Executive power and the legislative power of checks and balances, Democrat Barack Obama is the most powerful politician in the world, but each of the Congressional restriction on government budgets everywhere in the country--especially now, when most of the Republican control of both houses of Congress, it is even more so.

United Kingdom is a parliamentary, legislative and executive bodies, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet where the ruling party usually controls the majority in the Commons, so the Prime Minister's Bill and the budget are more likely to pass Congress without interruption. Therefore, different political system could lead to different political outcomes. If a person does not understand that knowledge, even watching international news all day, or to settle abroad, may not grasp the key issues.

Understand two important political dimension

Surging News: recently, the United States political scientist Francis Fukuyama in the country is very hot. Fukuyama believes that United States political system has gone to decay, becomes a "no rule". Others argue that, as a "model of democracy," the United States seems to be facing the trend of more and more rigid separation of powers. What do you think about this issue?

Gang Bao rise: understanding politics usually has two important dimensions: first, the country dimension, the other is the dimension of the separation of powers. Apparently more concerned with political power ever during operation efficiency, effective decision-making and efficient implementation, stressed that the Government should have the ability to do more things. The latter more effective control for the political power in the process, compliance with the rule and the rule of law to achieve effective checks and balances, more stressed the need to prevent the Government from doing bad things. In fact, both the need to achieve a balance. Overemphasize the risks of government efficiency while ignoring checks and balances is that political power is likely to spin out of control. Conversely, too much emphasis on the separation of powers and overlook the Government's efficiency of risk is that Government may not be able to take effective action.

Fukuyama is clear, in modern times, from Locke's "two-right separation" Montesquieu's "separation of powers", separation of powers of the Western world there is a strong tradition, which also affects the subsequent United States. Can be said to some extent, United States more stressed, this system is the separation of powers, instead of government efficiency. Fukuyama believes that United States has now become a sort of "veto system"-simply put, excessive separation of powers from the Executive to the legislature to the judicial, and makes the United States Administration has been unable to act effectively. Fukuyama said in his new book in 2014, United States this "no rule" has become a "self-fulfilling prophecy" – we presuppose that the Government likely to do bad things, and then design a variety of checks and balances to limit Government, finally found the Government doing nothing.

Then, Fukuyama's views can be set up? I think so far, at least, still can't get the United States Government efficacy conclusions. Was 10 years ago, Francis Fukuyama in the booklet entitled ' State-building ', also believes that United States is characterized by a small range of functions of the State, but in the context of this small, very strong performance of State or Government. Simply put, 10 years ago, Francis Fukuyama believes that United States was "smaller government with strong Government" mode. Then, just 10 years later, the United States could make such a big change? I'm afraid not.

Scholars believe that the United States system might fall into serious crisis. In my opinion, this judgment is not accurate. For now, and compared to the other States or other countries in the Western world, United States economic system is still more dynamic, innovative activity is also very active. At present, all major institutions publish research reports on global capital markets, the United States Economic Outlook is more optimistic than on the EU economy. Which is also available from the past two years, with the exception that the Yuan outside the major global currency changes seen in the exchange rate with the US dollar – behind the sharp rise in the dollar is relatively good economic potential and prospects.

If extended to the whole of the Western world to explore, my tendency to think so far did not suffer the so-called Western world on the whole "democratic governance", but they face a number of challenges.

Challenges to democratic Western world

Surging News: you here the "Western world" what do range mean? What's the specific challenges faced?

Gang Bao l: here mainly refers to the European Union and North America, Australia, and New Zealand, and Japan joined in the camp of those countries, which include geographic, but also cultural and political economy of the Western world.

Specifically, the Western democratic world today faces challenges from two aspects. The first in the Western world welfare, finance, debt and faced problems on the growth momentum. Since the 20th century, from the era of the industrial revolution in the West "market-oriented economy" gradually shifted later "welfare-oriented economy", a large number of systems and policies are built around welfare and redistribution. So the question subsequently emerged: a welfare society can sustain? Economic growth is high enough to maintain the welfare model? If economic growth is weak, but people have high welfare and redistribution requirements, financial and debt problems will emerge. Today, from the United States to a large number of countries of the European Union in financial and debt issues are already in some sort of trouble. Through political-economic model of the Western world to recover itself from this dilemma, is a substantial challenge.

In fact, in this round of sovereign debt crisis in the Western world there are two regions of exceptional merit. One is Australia and New Zealand. Australia in the 20th century, 80 's and 90 's have experienced a severe financial crisis. After subsequent significant adjustments, and now Australia bonds as a percentage of GDP is relatively low in the Western world, also much lower than in China. The other Nordic countries. Northern Europe is a model of high welfare society, but they are able to correctly deal with the sovereign debt problem. In recent years, the market reform-oriented is obvious in the Nordic countries. This means that, at least in the developed countries have the ability to pass system and adjustment of policies to solve or mitigate the benefits, financial and debt problems. Of course, parts of the West the situation is not optimistic, but Australia and the Nordic countries provide at least a possible reference.

In addition to economic and financial issues, another problem is that the Western world's population trends and the challenge of ethnic-religious subcultural pluralism. The problem is more complex.

Surging News: Yes, but it is also very important. 2015 seems to be no peace in Europe in the second half, from immigration to the humanitarian crisis, and then to Paris in November suffered a serious terrorist attack, problems in this area. For the modern world of freedom, democracy and the rule of law in Europe, is now struggling with population issues and Asia: cultural pluralism?

Gang Bao rose: for the European Community, population trends and ethnic-religious subcultural pluralism was associated with. In accordance with the understanding of the past, Western European and North American countries used to be a higher degree of internal homogeneity of society, people's political culture and core values are similar, the "freedom and democracy the rule of law and market economy" mode there is a general acceptance.

However, Western countries there have been significant changes in the population structure, population structure in the multiethnic, multi-religious composition increased dramatically. For example, since the 20th century, as blacks, Spain language, Muslim population higher birth rate, coupled with such factors as immigration, population white descendants of the population of Europe has been on the decline.

According to population statistics, today the United States, and Canada, and France's Muslim population share at 7% to 15% of this document. Taking into account their population growth rates are significantly higher than white Europeans, if current birth rates in different ethnic-religious unchanged for half a century in the future, these will be significant changes in the population structure of the country. Demography often regarded as a generation of 27, so half a century just two generations, two generations of people will change a lot.

This will bring many new problems. Is the concept of political culture. When the structure after the full diversity of the population, are all major social groups of "freedom and democracy the rule of law and market economy" model has a basic identity? It is related to the stability of the current system in the Western world. Another Asian cultural pluralism within many countries could lead to more conflict. Studies suggest that those within the high degree of ethnic, religious and linguistic diversity of the community, and more likely to lead to social and political conflict. United States renowned political scientist, Yale University Professor Robert a. Dahl mentioned as early as in the 1970 of the 20th century, in an Asian cultural diversity Division of serious social, maintain a degree of autonomy, the bulls of the democratic polity of the pressure will be even greater.

So, how to solve this problem? United States practice is with citizenship identity beyond ethnic-religious identity. United States legal system provides that everyone--regardless of their ethnicity, religion, language, skin tags – should have the same basic rights of citizenship. So far, the United States's practices are generally more successful. However, with the change of population structure, will next face new challenges? This is still an undecided number.

The past, Anglo-American countries on these issues in General adhering to the principles of liberalism, the principle of respect for diversity, different social groups can make a big difference, faith may be different, but not in the way they are in the same political community, and exchanges and cooperation on the basis of equal rights. But the question is, if there is a group in a society, they cannot accept the existence of some differences of belief, to force others to obey their own convictions, will British and American liberal politics as a whole in principle constitutes a threat? On this issue, the conservative's policy is to stick to the original national culture and to restrict immigration. I personally think that there is no perfect answer to this question. Is that the endless stream of new phenomena, continually challenge the limit of human thought and problem solving skills.

Gang Bao l: everyone has to learn politics, otherwise it is difficult to understand the world

October 19, 2015, 12:30, Aegean Sea carrying refugees boats ashore. Journalists surging ch data

Surging News: EU there towards universal homogeneous State possible? This year's refugee crisis and the challenges of extremism could not help worrying whether the European Union will we go back?

Gang Bao rise: the European Union is an interesting example. If you go back 200 or 300 years ago, we will find that, when European countries with social diversity is huge. At that time, today the majority of European countries have not yet formed, all social and political institutions and democratic processes are very different. Geo-political and religious strife, tend to become an important cause of political conflict and even war in Europe. Such as

Fruit go back 100 years, we will find that major countries of the European Union today is still in an extremely brutal war. If the Earth only European territory, the EU constitutes a microcosm of humanity as a whole. They each other huge differences in history, both conflicts and wars between each other, and Exchange and cooperation. Europe is in the process of continuous integration, closer to each other, until the birth of the European Community and later the European Union. So, about human society to a great attempt of the European Union--could each other on the basis of different nation States a step farther, creating a more "Datong" supranational order, I would like to show the possibility of the European Union.

Although the EU face many serious challenges today, but if you take a long-term view to look at the thing-50 years or 100 years time to study, the European Union is probably the first human to achieve some kind of supra-national Government, compared with other continents within institutional arrangements to achieve more consistent. If only the EU countries, Germany philosopher Immanuel Kant envisaged in the 18th century "age of perpetual peace" have arrived in Europe. Although there are various problems within the EU, or even facing backwards on the various critical systems, but we have been unable to imagine war between the major EU countries. This may be relatively long-term vision of mankind's political prospects.

Gang Bao l: everyone has to learn politics, otherwise it is difficult to understand the world

On November 13, 2015, Paris, France, shooting near batakelan Theatre in Paris. China Visual information

Human violence continues to subside ultimately depends on the "expansion of freedom"

Surging News: many violent conflicts within States, to Paris terrorism attacks, political violence today was a lot of concern. On the perspective of politics, how should we think about "violence"? Violence will become the next era of normality, become part of our world order? Violence can it disappear from human life?

Gang Bao l: violence has always been part of political life, human is never free from the shadow of violence. Domestic political science textbooks or general political science readings often touching on this issue, I used a separate chapter in the general political science to discuss "revolution, violence and civil war" and other issues. Elective how to read the collected works of the

Prevalence but I do not believe that violence is the next era or new world order rule. Humans are forgetful, prone to overestimate the impact of current events on our lives, and may ignore an important trend in the history. 100 years ago the human doing? Humanity is in the midst of the first world war at that time. Today, few countries beset by civil war, beset by internal armed conflict, including the United States, and France and many countries, China also constantly exposed to terrorist attacks, but these conflicts the scale and the war 100 years ago are completely incomparable.

If we humans each year since the 20th century, statistics of the number of deaths due to violence, then you will see "a war" and "war" are two peaks, since the second half of the 20th century, the annual number of deaths from violence simply cannot be compared. After the end of the cold war, parts of the globe is rendered partial momentum of the intensification of armed conflict, but did not show a continued increase in violence trend. Of course, due to geo-political conflict or clash of civilizations, whether violence in the future political life of human beings will show a substantial increase, at least for now it is difficult to predict, or say that there is no clear trend.

In fact, in the last two hundred or three hundred years, humanity's bottom line has been raised on violence in political life, everyday politics of "violent" has become an important trend in human society--at least at first is a higher degree of the major trends in national political civilization. Today, different countries in politics and there are still major differences on issues such as violence, but certain basic consensus in deepening. For instance, the "rule of law" and "human rights" in the second half of the 20th century has been a global consensus. Even as Iran's theocratic system state constitutional provisions also stressed the fundamental values of human freedom and equality in political life.

My point is, in the long term, human violence continues to subside ultimately depends on the "expansion of freedom." Freedom is not only here in terms of internal order, and in terms of international order. From domestic order view, different of views and belief are can get basic of respect, basic of right get effective of protection, domestic political order of building more to rely on Yu legal of program, people can in this legal program of based Shang on political authority formed a inside of identity and voluntary of obey--all these are is domestic free order of part, also helps cut domestic political life in the of potential violence.

Judging from the international order, in perpetual peace, Kant in this important document foresees some kind of long-term future of mankind: If civil order is firmly established on the Foundation of freedom, but also from State to State by way of mutually beneficial cooperation, then the temptation to use violence to resolve problems will be greatly reduced. This is the ideal of mankind the prospects for a new international order. Just today, the road to achieve this prospect very distant.

Of course, humanity is in the political life of perfect utopia. Humans may never be able to solve the violence problem but unable to reduce violence to end violence. In the political sphere, a "perfect equilibrium permanently" is perhaps just an illusion.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

United States Black Yellow split cats becomes famous online

This 5 year old cat named "Venus", the left face is yellow, right side of his face is black, line exactly at the face Center. Not only that, its eyes and beard color is different, black eyes are green on one side, beard is black; one side of the face is blue-eyed, white-bearded.

United States Black Yellow

This 5 year old cat named "Venus", the left face is yellow, right side of his face is black, line exactly at the face Center. Not only that, its eyes and beard color is different, black eyes are green on one side, beard is black; one side of the face is blue-eyed, white-bearded. Liu Cheng Yu Guangxi 17 parcel bombings has killed

United States Black Yellow

Venus live in United States, North Carolina. It has its own website and Facebook account, fans more than 900,000 people, and named it the merchandise sold on the site. Venus was still in United States many photogenic in a TV show, touched down on the National Geographic magazine.

United States Black Yellow

University of California Professor who studies cat gene laisili·laiangsi said, during the development of Venus, all matching cells randomly choose black and the other half choose yellow, and then they met in the middle of his face. Venus owner insists that its face color is a natural, no artificial false.

United States Black Yellow

Biologists speculate that Venus may be the combination of two embryos.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Smog in Beijing under traffic scene

On December 8, emergency office in Beijing the day before the Red air pollution warning was issued, on December 8 at 7 o'clock in the city between December 10 and 12 o'clock will launch early warning measures. Recommended primary and secondary schools and kindergartens will be closed enterprises, can be flexible; drive city vehicles will be implemented and odd, and so on.

Smog in Beijing under traffic scene

On December 8, emergency office in Beijing the day before the Red air pollution warning was issued, on December 8 at 7 o'clock in the city between December 10 and 12 o'clock will launch early warning measures. Recommended primary and secondary schools and kindergartens will be closed enterprises, can be flexible; drive city vehicles will be implemented and odd, and so on. For the evening of December 8, smog in Beijing under Chang an Street, evening rush hour traffic. New Xiong Ran Xinhua photo

Smog in Beijing under traffic scene

The evening of December 8, smog in Beijing under Chang an Street, evening rush hour traffic. New Xiong Ran Xinhua photo

Smog in Beijing under traffic scene

Dong Chang an Street rare vehicles than usual. Beijing, reporter jinshuo photography

Smog in Beijing under traffic scene

Dong Chang an Street rare vehicles than usual. Beijing, reporter jinshuo photography

Smog in Beijing under traffic scene

Road, Jian Guo men Wai Avenue, after odd restrictions, road conditions, unlike usual congestion. Beijing, reporter jinshuo photography

Smog in Beijing under traffic scene

East third ring road traffic. Beijing, reporter jinshuo photography

Smog in Beijing under traffic scene

CBD central business district CBD bridge in the fog, odd implementation of vehicles has decreased significantly. Photo: vision China

Smog in Beijing under traffic scene

Road signage show "today, 7 to 24 o'clock number motor limit." Photo: vision China

Smog in Beijing under traffic scene

Weekday jams jams Dong er Huan Jian Guo men does not occur, traffic remained normal. Photo: vision China

Smog in Beijing under traffic scene

East third ring road. Beijing, reporter jinshuo photography

East third ring road. Beijing, reporter jinshuo photography

East third ring road. Beijing, reporter jinshuo photography

Shuangjing Bridge Road. Beijing, reporter jinshuo photography Chengdu two fighting parents to help out

Shuangjing Bridge Road. Beijing, reporter jinshuo photography

On December 8, the vehicles passing under the guomao bridge. News Agency journalists tommykaira photography

On December 8, the shuangjing bridge of the vehicle passing through. News Agency journalists tommykaira photography

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Three provinces in the Yangtze River Delta a major leadership forum Thirteen

Three provinces in the Yangtze River Delta, a major leadership forum:

On December 3, the main leadership Symposium held in Anhui in the Yangtze Delta. Anhui TV video screenshot

On December 3, the three provinces and one city in the Yangtze Delta Leadership Symposium held in Hefei. Politburo member and Shanghai party Secretary Han Zheng, Mayor of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Assistant Deputy Secretary, Yang Xiong; Secretary of Jiangsu Luo zhijun, Shi Taifeng, Deputy Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Committee of Zhejiang Province Xia Baolong, Deputy Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and provincial Governor Li Qiang Anhui provincial party Secretary Wang Xuejun, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee, and provincial Governor Li Jinbin attended the meeting. Three provinces and one city CPC Committee and Government leaders and responsible comrades of departments to attend the meeting.

Conference seriously implement implementation party of 18 session three in the, and four in the, and v plenary and XI General Secretary series important speech especially on long triangle area development of important speech spirit, full summary has "Twelve-Five" yilai long triangle area cooperation and development situation, in-depth exchange has three province a city this year yilai participation "area way" and Yangtze River economic with, national strategy construction, advance long triangle area collaborative development of policy initiatives and experience practices, integrated analysis has current international domestic new situation and the long triangle integration development faced of new situation , Focused on "common plot ' Thirteen-Five ' joint development of a new chapter in the Yangtze River Delta" theme, deep into national strategies, the promotion of economic transformation and upgrading, deepen the thematic focus cooperation, conducting in-depth discussions on issues such as improving the cooperation mechanism.

Considered the "Twelve-Five", the three provinces and one city, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, carrying out steady growth, promoting reform and structural adjustment, improve people's livelihood, risk prevention policies, actively promote the cooperation in various fields, regional comprehensive strength significantly improved, development becomes evident. This year, full implementation of 2014, three provinces and one city in Yangtze River Delta region's primary leadership Symposium to identify key tasks jointly "along the way" and the construction of national strategies, such as the Yangtze River economic belt, while deepening reform and innovation, adhere to the Green and low-carbon development, promoting economic structure upgrading, implementation of new town planning and achieved remarkable results. Conference requirements, face "Thirteen-Five" period new situation, and new task, long triangle area to firm set innovation, and coordination, and green, and open, and shared of development concept, to first full built well-off social for total target, further improve development quality and benefits, in modern construction in the continues to go in forefront, common wrote "Thirteen-Five" long triangle collaborative development of chapter, for national economic and good and fast development made more big contribution.

It was noted that to seriously plan "Thirteen-Five", Quicken the step of complete the building of a well-off society. Full implement implementation central decision deployment, according to coordination advance "four a full" strategy layout of requirements, insisted development first priority, to improve development quality and benefits for Center, insisted stability in the seeking into, and manpower advance five bit one and party of construction, speed up building elements ordered free flow, and subject function constraints effective, and basic public service equal, and resources environment can hosted of regional coordination development new pattern, continues to led national development, for achieved second a Centennial struggle target, and The Chinese dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation lay a more solid foundation. "Thirteen-Five" period, long triangle to keep economic in the high-speed growth, in improve development balance sex, and inclusive sex, and can continued sex of based Shang, to 2020 regional economic total accounted for national of share get upgrade, urban and rural residents per capita income row in national forefront, industry towards in the high-end level, consumption on economic growth contribution obviously increased, household population town of rate speed up improve, national quality and social civilization degree significantly improve, ecological environment quality General improved, the aspects system more mature more stereotypes, Regional governance system and management modernization and achieved significant progress.

Stressed, we need to deepen reform, promote the development of innovation-driven. With a focus on economic reform, further dealing with the relation between Government and market, accelerate reform in important fields and crucial links achieved decisive results. Deepening administrative reform and continuing to promote decentralization, building the rule of law and service-oriented Government. Deepening the reform of State-owned enterprises, accelerate the open market restructuring, encouraging all kinds of cross-ownership and trans-regional capital development. Building a unified and open market system with orderly competition, creating a favorable credit environment, improve the efficiency of resource allocation. Advance major reform pilot model, deepening Nanjing services integrated reform, and Wenzhou financial reform and Suzhou, and Hefei urban and rural integration integrated supporting reform, pilot, advance along port integration reform, advance Shanghai "four a Center", and Sunan modern model district and independent innovation model district, and Nanjing North District, and Lianyungang national East West regional cooperation model district, and Nantong Tongzhou Bay River linkage development model district, and Zhejiang marine economic development model district and Zhoushan Islands District, and Demonstration area of Yangtze River in Anhui Province and southern Anhui international cultural tourism demonstration zone construction, build regional innovation brand. In-depth implementation of the strategy of innovation-driven development, enhancing innovation and the leading role and actively sought to implement a number of major national science and technology projects, construction of a number of innovative features in major innovation platform and create a public undertaking, the much anticipated environmental innovative institutional mechanisms. Implementation of the Chinese manufacture of 2025, "Internet +" action plans, boosting large data strategies to foster a number of strategic industries and the industrial area, accelerate the transformation of agricultural development and the development of modern service industries, promoting industrial restructuring and upgrading. Dialogue the United States producer Walter Mondale

It was noted that the opening to enhance regional development. With the in-depth implementation of the country "along the way" and the Yangtze River economic belt strategy as an opportunity to develop a high level of an open economy, speed up the Yangtze River Delta region to participate in and lead the new advantages of international economic cooperation and competition, further integration into the world economic system. Deepening and "along the way" along the pragmatic cooperation in relevant countries and regions, establishment of all-round, multi-level and linkage of Yangtze River Delta "along the way" mechanisms for economic and trade cooperation, to further expand the market in Central Asia, the Middle East, South Asia, and forming land-ocean interaction, two-way, open new global pattern. To promote construction of the Yangtze River economic belt, form a unified and open market system, infrastructure, interconnection, joint ecological environment treatment of regional coordination development, watershed management coordination mechanism. Enhance the level of regional trade facilitation, promoting integration construction of Yangtze River economic zone and customs and inspection and quarantine, promote port logistics development in Yangtze River Delta and promote the establishment of urban common distribution among major cities in Yangtze River Delta system and intercity coordination mechanisms.

Meeting stressed that to adhere to green development, build ecological civilization in the region. Promoting the development of low-carbon cycle, building clean low carbon, secure and efficient access to modern energy systems. Strengthening regional environmental protection, joint implementation of air, water and soil pollution prevention action plans, launch of a new round of Xin ' an ecological compensation cooperation, continued strengthening of the Yangtze River, the huaihe River and Taihu Lake, Qiandao Lake, chaohu lake basin water environment comprehensive control and protection, constructing the ecological safety barrier. To strengthen the coordinated, regional integration and development. Strengthening regional infrastructure interoperability, integrated stereo easier and faster construction of the Yangtze River Delta transport system. Speeding up the construction of urban agglomeration in the world, give full play to the leading role of the international metropolis of Shanghai and the comprehensive service capabilities to enhance the internationalization of the central city of Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei, Deputy level. Urban development, promotion of intraregional capital, talent, technology, such as free movement of factors of production and efficient configuration. Strengthen the regional mechanisms of cooperation with domestic and international importance of butt fusion, and further improved to promote the national implementation of the strategy of regional cooperation mechanisms. To enhance human security, promoting the balanced development of basic public services. Highlight the key to perfect the system, focusing on equal opportunities, to strengthen peace-building, guaranteeing the basic livelihood and realize sharing regional cooperation for development results. Deepen cooperation in human resources and social security, the implementation of food security strategies, promote accurate, precision of poverty for poverty alleviation, promoting all the people together into an overall well-off society.

Set at 2016 main leadership Symposium held in Zhejiang Province in Yangtze River Delta.