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Li Chunping real property is managed in China part of the property was mortgaged

Network of recently exposed Li Chunping sick and facing about the misappropriation of assets, and new developments. Yesterday, claiming to be green reporter Li Chunping family poster to North provides an asset agreement and a lawyer's letter. Agreement shows that Li Chunping in Beijing have been all property and all property entrusted to a company operating in mainland China, and the company has the right to their property as collateral. According to another lawyer's letter, Li Chunping property has been used to guarantee to borrow $250 million, are currently being sued for compensation and interest on the principal.

To this end, the North Green newspaper reporter sent letters to Li Chunping and lawyer to verify. Li Chunping North Green reporter confirmed that was indeed signed "assets trust agreement", but for real estate secured $250 million loan, said Li Chunping oral knowledge and deny the mortgage. Counsel acknowledges sent letters to Li Chunping.

Li Chunping real property is managed in China, part of the property was mortgaged to borrow $250 million are overdue

At gongti spring square is the well-known Li Chunping name real estate.


All the real estate in China to be managed

In net exposure mentioned in the post, "some companies have put Mr Li Chunping signed a custody agreement took away all his property".

Yesterday afternoon, the North Green newspaper reporter to the post, representatives of the families of Korean woman. Han ladies to North Green reported reporter show has a copies "assets managed business agreement", in this copies this year June signed of agreement in the, Li Chunping all is located in Beijing city of all real estate and the other property, including land and housing, and in China city has ownership of real estate and property, are referred to the a name for in the section joint enterprise management group limited (referred to in the section) of institutions management, managed period for 20, Li Chunping in managed during annual can get 70 million yuan of business income.

However, where noted in the agreement, in the commissioning period right to mortgage finance Li Chunping real estate property. According to another lawyer's letter, part of the Li Chunping as a company loan mortgage real estate has been, to borrow from a lender 250 million Yuan, the company agreed to pay interest, as Li Chunping of the guarantor is currently being sued for compensation and interest on the principal.


Li Chunping calls himself signed the contract, but denied loans

A Li Chunping risky agreement was signed by Li Chunping, please? Bei Qing Li Chunping once again place yesterday afternoon, Li Chunping sat on the couch and answer the phone, five staff members in the chat. When North Green reporter from the bag, took out a copy of the contract to confirm Li Chunping, indoor staff members suddenly excited to stop.

At the insistence of reporters, Li Chunping see a copy of the agreement, handwriting and signature green to the North after reporters said was he signed: "hosting business, Yes. "Journalists will borrow 250 million letters to Li Chunping again for verification. Li Chunping said they did not know, and emotionally told reporters: "what a loan of 250 million, mortgage, no matter! " Changsha Street under Marshal tengfang notify

At this time, staff members rushed into the room, a female staff member took out his mobile phone to reporters shooting video, next to two staff members to his reporters and Li Chunping, another man holding a cell phone: "you come, Director, they gave Lee a contract yet, come on, reporters gave Lee a contract! "A middle-aged man in serious contract Li Chunping said," you see the contract? You do not see the contract, right? "Li Chunping, said:" no ".

Bei Qing then contacted law firm lawyers were the signature of dahui, the other letter of confirmation sent to Li Chunping, letters should be true, and said it is still waiting for Li Chunping contact, "I did not call from Mr Li Chunping, I welcome Mr Li Chunping, contact me as soon as possible. "Bei Qing reporter with trust agreements in the b section-the legal representative contacted Lin Jie. Phone hangs after the person sent me a text message: message, thank you! They immediately go to the interview, said to verify the contents of the agreement, the other just "thank you", again no response. Called again an hour later linjie phone is in an unreachable state.


Li Chunping was part of the property for rent in Beijing confusion

Spring at the worker's stadium, Chaoyang District, East 20th square, is in Beijing Li Chunping real estate one of the most widely known. Yesterday afternoon, the North Green newspaper reporter to visit. The square consists of six layers, there are large and small in a number of shops, including food, clothing, restaurants, KTV. Number of shop staff confirmed to the North Green newspaper reporter, spring square rents paid from September this year to become very confusing.

Green North shop staff, who asked not to be named says the merchant Li Chunping and I signed a lease agreement for 20 years. But by September of this year, a company called company and Li Chunping staff has convened all spring square business meeting, Li Chunping and sought a stay previously signed a 20-year lease contract, and signed a lease for 3 years lease contract. The staff member said, signed an agreement the same day, see Li Chunping my bad mental state, refused to sign it.

The staff member said he rents are paid, in the form of cash or transfer to Li Chunping himself, to the account after receipt of the signed documents. On October 1 this year, and when it comes to the rent. Branch, Mr LEE and his staff, representatives of the families of Korean Lady three times to rent, but she said they did not know to whom rent. "I'm not a wilful default, but now neither side wants me to pay the rent, not knowing to whom. "

Another shop staff members recalled to reporters, on 27th of this month, under Li Chunping, accompanied by workers, a rent of more than 10 people came to the Haruhira square. The staff, see Mr LEE himself, the merchants pay the rent. "We are not deliberately defaulting, but because for some time we learned that he was missing, confusion ... ... Now Mr LEE himself recognized as long as there is a clear account, we're sure to be able to pay past rent. "


Trust agreement to Li Chunping can be risky

What Li Chunping managed asset agreement means reporters to Beijing Yin Chuanzhi joy law firm lawyers were consulted.

Managed agreement of b permission in the provides, b right to used property guarantees way and financial tool as guarantees, foreign financing, signed financing contract (including but not limited to loan contract, and borrowing contract, and guarantees contract,) and other file, and handle property mortgage, and mortgage cancellation registration procedures, and received he items right certificate, and received mortgage Hou of housing ownership card, and received mortgage cancellation Hou of housing ownership card, file and the other all and this property mortgage financing related of matters.

This right means what? Of bei Qing Yin Chuanzhi reportedly said, popular, party b (branch), according to Li Chunping mortgage necessary funding process. While agreement shows that party a and party b on the above matters has signed a power of attorney. To deal with property guarantees, financing and other business, party b can not go on the presence of the relevant formalities. Yin Chuanzhi said that under the circumstances, party b can make any decisions, guarantee, mortgage and other behavior after the party business.

Meanwhile, Yin Chuanzhi said that if the amount involved is relatively large, managed operating agreement both parties tend to invite a third party to oversee the identity sign. Presence in the agreement there was no oversight. "From a legal standpoint, this part of the agreement reluctantly, to party a's (Li Chunping) exist for higher risk. "However, all of the above are based on Li Chunping full capacity on the basis of. If Li Chunping, as said in the post, suffering from frontal temporal lobe dementia, Alzheimer's disease, lost their basic judgment of right and wrong and ability? Yin Chuanzhi said that the diagnosis did not have the force of law, needed after the Court declared civil conduct Li Chunping, according to declare the applicable time, the guardian may request the recovery of contracts and to withdraw.


Li Chunping families are applying for incapacity declared

Korea North Green Lady told reporters on October 28 this year, Ms. Han has submitted an application declared Li Chunping, Chaoyang district people's Court for conduct of civil. Han said that according to the procedure, should by Li Chunping's family reached an agreement, agreed to Li Chunping incapacity declared. But Li Chunping two sisters has moved to Sweden, and his age, physical discomfort, inconvenience and back. Half a month ago, Chaoyang district people's Court has approved remote video session with the two sisters, under the witness of the family, whether the sentence is Li ping's incapacity identification, but the exact date is uncertain. In accordance with normal procedures, the judicial process requires the identification of 40 working days. (Formerly titled Li Chunping domestic real estate have been managed by others: some real estate as collateral to borrow $250 million is not currently of interest payments under a contract)

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Method exercise fitness beauties share the kitchen cooking with baby without

According to the United Kingdom, the daily mail reported Jennifer Gelman is a very popular fitness expert and blogger. Her own children and housework and perfect combination of hard training together.

Method exercise fitness beauties share the kitchen cooking with baby without false positives

According to the United Kingdom, the daily mail reported Jennifer Gelman is a very popular fitness expert and blogger. Her own children and housework and perfect combination of hard training together.

Method exercise fitness beauties share the kitchen cooking with baby without false positives

40 year old Jennifer Gelman was born in California, she began a career as a special education teacher, then became a professional coach, teaches Yoga and fitness nutrition questions. Shanghai seafood landmark history of tongchuan

Method exercise fitness beauties share the kitchen cooking with baby without false positives

Gelman has over more than 10,000 fans, she teaches moms how to do fitness training at home.

Method exercise fitness beauties share the kitchen cooking with baby without false positives

She did a lot of movement in the kitchen, like kneading dough side while doing push-ups and was kneaded by her children to participate in activities, family fun getting ready for Christmas.

Method exercise fitness beauties share the kitchen cooking with baby without false positives

When working in the kitchen, she will let his 2-year old son practiced kicking action.

Method exercise fitness beauties share the kitchen cooking with baby without false positives

Movement of food in the oven is also exercising movements, Gelman to lift one leg and slowly squat, and finally put the food in the oven.

Method exercise fitness beauties share the kitchen cooking with baby without false positives

JenniferGelman wrote in an article published in the many details of the exercise, as well as how to do effective training.

Method exercise fitness beauties share the kitchen cooking with baby without false positives

"This exercise is very flexible, it can change according to your own life. Ultimate goal is limited in space, get exercise. "JenniferGelman said.

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Beijing daily most sensitive ice Beijing Municipal State owned enterprise reform

Photo: vision China

December 22, Beijing business reported reporter from Beijing city SASAC was informed that, by municipal government audit agreed, municipal State-owned holding mixed ownership enterprise carried out employees holding pilot of implementation approach (Xia said approach) has Yu recently official announced, first clear has employees holding and management of 10 items main content, and on from employees range, and funded source, and funded way, and shares price, and holding proportion, and holding way, 10 a aspects for has detailed provides. Analysis is generally believed that, as a State-owned enterprise reform in the most sensitive areas, employee-owned ice in Beijing is of great significance, and is able to achieve the desired effect, you will also need to rely on exit mechanism, further perfection of the supervision.

Employee stock ownership may not be higher than the total equity 30%

Specifically, this method from employee ownership, mode of holding 10 aspects such as the pilot was provided, clearly employee contributions may include cash, technology shares; total employee stock ownership in principle is not higher than the company's total share capital of 30%, a single employee stake in principle is not higher than the company's total share capital of 1%; locking of the ESOP shall have not less than 36 months.

It is worth mentioning that, in mid-August this year, officially issued the State-owned assets supervision on State-owned mixed-ownership enterprises to develop employee-owned pilot opinion (hereinafter referred to as the opinion), clarified the conditions and requirements for employee stock ownership, of the approach of the Beijing Rules for the implementation of the above-mentioned documents. Beijing business today reporter comparing two documents found in terms of employee shareholding and stock ownership, the Beijing Rules and the SASAC issued remain the same. But because of this, the industry points out that after the opinion only framework document and have a lot of white space, this problem also appears in the Beijing Rules.

Insiders said there was some trimming the single employee stock ownership is more than 1%, which is "single employee stock ownership should not exceed 1%" contrary to. For such concerns, State expert, Shanghai day strong consulting General Manager Zhu Boshan told Beijing business today reporter, due to employee stock ownership on several occasions at the beginning of this century caused the loss of State assets, so the concept of employee ownership has been very cautious in our country, most unruffled State-owned enterprises, and even before and after 2008, China also appeared holding a worker's "withdrawal tide".

And for listing State-owned enterprises, employees and the families in situations that may increase its stake, Zhu Boshan said Beijing's approach mainly for non-listed companies, this is because my country in August this year introduced the incentive regulation of listed companies, listed State-owned enterprises has been made more stringent specifications. Also the opinion, the listed company after the expiry of lock, the company directors and executives a year transfer of shares shall not exceed 25% shares held by such immediate family when they were in the same enterprise, can only one person holding, to prevent the above situation.

Analysis concerns some may abuse the leadership of local State-owned enterprises, and increase their stake, will affect the fairness of the employee stock ownership. Reporters check out State-owned assets supervision issued the opinion found that provision, the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the local party committees, Governments and their departments, agencies appointed by the State-owned enterprise's leaders may not be holding. Outside directors and supervisors (with staff representatives and supervisors) does not participate in the employee stock ownership.

Construction, tourism or State-owned enterprise advantage

In addition to the proportion of employee ownership and way, the approach also provided for the selection of pilot enterprises, which suggested that enterprises at the municipal level, four and the following companies are in principle not pilot, city public service and special features in such a business resource, monopolistic business enterprises and policies, employee stock ownership is not enforced. There are disputes, on violations of the employee stock ownership of State-owned enterprises requirements and failure to complete the rectification of business shall not apply to employee-owned pilot.

In fact, as early as 2014, Beijing has proposed a functional orientation of State-owned enterprises in accordance with the different municipal pilot reform fall into three categories, namely, city public service, special features, and competition classes. Deputy Director of the Beijing Municipal Commission on Chang revealed, from the distribution of resources and capital distribution of city public services 19%, special-purpose capital 22.6%, competitive 58.4%. But, Beijing city SASAC related head told Beijing business reported reporter, currently Beijing just set has municipal State-owned enterprises classification of direction, specific rules also in constantly adjustment, list yet announced, and in this times pilot in the, business class state-owned enterprises and meet capital city strategy positioning of State-owned enterprises may get priority support, special function class in the of State-owned enterprises specific has which several can participation pilot, also to be considerations. CIC Qi bin overseas mergers and acquisitions on

In business in such State-owned enterprises, Zhu Boshan predicted that the higher degree of marketization of State-owned enterprises more likely to be the first batch of pilot enterprises, such as construction may be piloting one of the key industries, and of much concern to tourism, electronics, pharmaceuticals and its subsidiaries may also take advantage of State enterprises.

However, not all municipal State-owned enterprises to be included in the pilot. China's central enterprises, State-owned enterprise is divided into nine levels. China Enterprise Institute chief researcher Li Jin to food class place State-owned enterprises for cases explained said, food class place State-owned enterprises of headquarters is level enterprise, Headquarters its is responsible for production meat, and eggs products, and seafood products of branch is two level enterprise, for these two level Enterprise provides cold chain logistics, and processing slaughter, and points pin of subsidiary is three level enterprise, for these subsidiary supply mechanical equipment of is four level subsidiary, also can according to different city again divided Wu、liuji subsidiary.

Industry experts speculated that says, an enterprise is often the municipal headquarters of the State-owned enterprise, modified in these enterprises took the lead in the pilot, involving too much, work is difficult, this may be the way this principle should not select a headquarters to pilot one of the reasons. Beijing did not opt for the four-level and corporate pilot, on the other hand, levels are too high of subsidiaries were small, employee stock ownership is still in the pilot stage, focus on the replicability of pilot experience, too-small companies are not the most suitable for the pilot.

Details have yet to be perfect

Helps to stimulate activity of State enterprises, but equity incentives deal still has a lot of risk need to be more vigilant, how to prevent the loss of State assets, is part of the industry is most concerned about. Zhu Boshan, with respect, is more serious in certain State-owned enterprises, such as internal and external information is wrong, may indeed lead to manipulation in policy ground is possible, "thus ensuring policy compliance in operations is particularly important, in accordance with regulations and incentive implementation should be the parent account. Li Jin also blunt, if no perfect of exit mechanism, and relative transparent of publicity system and strong of supervision constraints, enterprise business external loss equity will will reached is high of proportion, eventually became less part people profiteering, and "cut empty" enterprise of a article path, "previously, many intends listed company of internal employees holding plans in pilot process in the on appeared had Enterprise senior posing as workers name holds enterprise shares, IPO Hou high sets now get huge returns of fraud phenomenon. "

Other analyses have pointed out, the current law provides for the establishment of Corporation, should have more than two people below 200 for the sponsor, a limited liability company set up by 50 or fewer shareholders, it is the upper limit of the shareholders of a corporation and limited liability company, 200 people and 50 people respectively. But more than for medium State-owned enterprises, especially science and technology enterprises, scientific research institutes, if implementation of the ESOP, will exceed the above limit, or restrictions to the capital markets and further internationalisation.

Fudan Shi Lei, Director of the Center for economic research warned that holding the pilot, in the process of implementation, some technical, indicative action programme still further, considering the characteristics of different industries. "To technology type of enterprise for cases, this class enterprise itself is labor employment capital, that is investors does not necessarily is technology intellectual property real of has who, and part employees may is real of intellectual property of has who, in these enterprise in, how on they for effective of incentive, let they common maintained enterprise of long-term sustainable development, is most key of", Benji said, points equity not eventually purpose, points equity is means.


Source: Beijing, business daily

Original title: the most sensitive area of State-owned enterprises reform to break the ice, Beijing Municipal State Enterprise employee stock ownership rules released

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Visit the 200 million cost of moving rumor behind Shenzhen Shui bei cun businesses

Visit the

Taken from a height of site

Covers news, December 18, as demolition debris on the "thousand people feast" and "at least 200 million yuan per household" rumours of demolition charges, Shenzhen Lo Wu Shui bei cun and night becomes famous.

Now, nearly two months after the incident, cover news (thecover.CN) journalist visits found that businesses were still moving out, also did not discuss issues well fetch.

The afternoon of December 16, 2016, journalists came to Shui bei Cun on the cover, in addition to sites outside the Centre dug a shallow pit, and other sites did not differ much. Instead, have basically completed the demolition of the site next to the road flat Water Bay community park was filled with sediment, roadside filled with bricks.

Journalists on the scene saw the cover at the site north of the Shui bei er road and two--2014 years has made the building renovation of Qi Cheng Hotel Jia fukang jewelry city has not been removed.

Visit the

Hotel closed

Qi Cheng Hotel 1, 2 floor, there are a lot of jewelry and gold stalls, compared with two months ago, and small business operators have moved a lot, some jewellery stalls has posted an eviction notice, said they have moved to a nearby jewelry store, and leave contact information. Also on the inside rear of shop staff are also busily inventorying stores jewelry and gold, finished in time for the move before the end of.

Visit the

Water Bay arch and site Shandong women aged 5 was recovered at 33 years

Qi Cheng Hotel staff described to reporters, they have received notice to stop operating on December 20. "After the 20th will not be allowed to organize activities. "But they also said it was not clear when the building demolition.

In Jia fukang jewel city, East of it, upstairs tenants had moved out, the entire exterior of the building also has traces of chisels, seems torn. But the one-storey building still has a gold and a smoke in the hotel business. Gold line staff said, is still waiting for the boss to inform, not sure when will move.

Visit the Visit the

Unopened jewelry city smoke in a corner of the hotel

Liquor still open, in the northeast corner of the building. Only boss Wu Jie and his staff operate Kobayashi. Wu Jie introduced to cover journalists, she still discuss with village fetch problem on a good move. She says she is not a nail, fetches village just don't arrange programmes for them. "I agree with their rehabilitation, but later we will return to this store, they say there's no final plan, so at the end we talk about it. "

Wu Jie is the Puning, Guangdong people, Shui bei Cun has more than 30 years, almost half of the Shui bei Cun people. Shui bei Cun began demolition this year, the villagers gradually moved out, her business has also been affected. "People have come to the end, a great influence, but this store is you bought the property, without paying rent, so just stay here, or leaving early. "

"Hopefully in January next year on a good, had talked about the move, built and then moved back, expects it will take three or four years later. "She said, and will continue to stay in Shenzhen, because some customers making frequent phone contact with her, let her continue to send some tobacco and alcohol, make a living.

(Formerly titled visit Shenzhen Shui bei cun: "200 million cost of moving rumors" after the merchants who have not moved out)

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Three or four o clock in the morning they slept on the street

The evening of 12th, Hangzhou rubber warehouse fire, fire command center, Hangzhou has assigned 30 fire engines put into relief. After the fire was controlled, many firefighters fight overnight, clean up the embers of the fire. Three or four o'clock in the morning, had tired enough of them, twos and threes sleepers slept curled, face full of black stains. Japan toy company employee avatars celebrates

Three or four o'clock in the morning they slept on the street

The evening of 12th, Hangzhou rubber warehouse fire, fire command center, Hangzhou has assigned 30 fire engines put into relief. After the fire was controlled, many firefighters fight overnight, clean up the embers of the fire. Three or four o'clock in the morning, had tired enough of them, twos and threes sleepers slept curled, face full of black stains.

Three or four o'clock in the morning they slept on the street

Reporters learned from the fire district, Hangzhou, 18:10 command center after the alarm, has deployed 13 Squadron, 30 fire engines rushed to the scene and rescue. 18:23, the first rescue Squadron arrived on the scene and immediately went to the rescue. The next morning, money reporter once again came to Hangzhou Sunrise rubber company, factory on the perimeter is still alert, can still see smoke above factory, but compared to before, has obviously a lot better.

Three or four o'clock in the morning they slept on the street

There is a fire fighter who fell asleep in the fire truck, his name is Dong You sink, born in 1993, Aspen and a monitor of the squadron. "Dong You meeting from 6 o'clock in the evening to enter the scene, indoor fire for a long time at high temperatures, occasional short out or just a drink. "3 o'clock in the morning, Xu Dong came to see him, let him rest for a while, he on fire engines, fell asleep in less than two minutes, 10 minutes, more or less, he wakes up again to see relief.

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Hebei Cixian Chengguan police conflict track two departments in charge are

Hebei Cixian

November 19, CI nearly Chengguan containment bad impact traffic doors. China Youth daily chart Abused and killed 2 girls in Guangzhou she pleaded

Xinhua reported on December 10, nearly Chengguan containment traffic gate, causing adverse effects, said today in Cixian County was informed that traffic police, city administration principals involved are subject to party discipline and administrative discipline punishment.

According to press reports, the 19th of last month, Police Brigade when the gate modification, CI, written procedures related responsibilities such as planning units has not been fulfilled. In the absence of availability of, and morbidity of traffic police brigade who dismantled and occupied the city green belt, damaged pavement. Morbidity of urban management Bureau after discovering the problem, according to stipulations issued relevant instruments, organized more than 90 people and machinery to force the Council to correct corrective action, restored to its original condition. In the process, disputes between the two sides which lasted about 20 minutes, causing crowd of onlookers.

After in-depth survey, recently, morbidity related sector according to about provides, on both party made serious processing: on morbidity Police Brigade, and morbidity Chengguan Council main head implemented suspended check, ordered II people to County, and County Government wrote deep written check, County informed criticism; respectively give morbidity Police Brigade, and morbidity Chengguan Council main head party warning disposition; obliges morbidity Police Brigade branch, and morbidity Chengguan Council party carried out thought style reorganization, to County, and County Government made deep written check, Deep reflection on existing problems, and take this as a warning, to prevent similar problems from happening again. (Formerly titled Cixian quarrel city traffic police chief was suspended)

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Keep falls well boys the scene for three days and two nights 17 years old volunteer

November 10 at 10 o'clock, a male rescue worker just came out from the rescue scene collapsed to the ground. Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from the County party Committee propaganda Department, Li learned that faint group volunteer rescuers be local love Ye Wang, fainted due to fatigue, exhaustion, Li now hospital, heart rate, blood pressure, everything is normal.

Keep falls well boys the scene for three days and two nights, 17 years old volunteer exhaustion fainting

Volunteer Wang Ye body discomfort. Surging journalists rights

Materials from County party Committee propaganda Department, Li, Wang Ye, 17, is a wild Mr CHAN JOR-kin, Li village, father deceased, living with Grandma and Grandpa. From the night of November 9 start at 12 o'clock at the rescue scene, shift job cleaning up the tunnel, due to fatigue, exhaustion fainting. Currently loving group of volunteer teams of volunteers, accompanied by Wang Ye Li in the hospital for treatment.

Surging loving group of volunteer teams volunteer Liu Zhenfang, Li told the news, Wang Ye has been awake due to exhaustion, "the only dry mouth, temporarily unable to speak. " Grand Canyon Skywalk closures after nearly a month

He explained that the team is loving in the local civil organizations, has set up more than two years, Cong well after the incident, loving group of volunteers started to arrived on the scene to help. Wang Ye in front of the collapsed, has been on the scene for three days and two nights.

Said Liu Zhenfang, mainly responsible for rescue personnel at the scene, the team room and shift to fill the field to rescue personnel, many volunteers did not go home these days.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Henan Nanyang spat out in a junior high school student fights one student seriously

Henan Nanyang spat out in a junior high school student fights, one student seriously injured died Henan Nanyang spat out in a junior high school student fights, one student seriously injured died Henan Nanyang spat out in a junior high school student fights, one student seriously injured died Henan Nanyang spat out in a junior high school student fights, one student seriously injured died

November 6 @ Beijing times, news, recently, some netizens claimed, on November 3 at about 6 o'clock in the afternoon, first junior high school of the town of Wolong district, Nanyang city, Henan province, liaohe fights event occurs. On November 6, the Wolong district, Nanyang city propaganda Department reported, Liao he, Wolong district town, the first junior high school student Cho spat with a conflict and several other students, resulting in a serious injury. After the event, the school immediately dialed 120 and alarm, and quickly rushed to hospital, died after. Local police rushed to the school, and control students such as Cho. Local authorities, education into the school in a timely manner, setting up disposal working group. At present, the investigation of the event because police are dealing with related agencies do a good job handling. A residential building to be opened within the

(This article was originally entitled Henan Nanyang middle school students fight to death)

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Toothache pulled up under the man sued hospital response confirmed single wrong

Toothache pulled up under the man sued hospital response: confirmed single

On October 28, Mr Jiang to seek explanation of Raphael stomatological hospital.

Toothache ginger for a year, went to a Dental Hospital extractions. Anesthesia, enough tooth, Xiao Jiang Cai became, doctors pulled out a healthy tooth.

Toothache pulled up under the man sued hospital response: confirmed single

Oral treatment is written in the book "extraction of teeth on the right".

More makes small ginger angry of is, this hospital from diagnosis, and charges to surgery, are errors constantly--he bad of teeth clearly is "left Xia teeth", but in confirmed single Shang, doctor is wrote with "right Shang teeth"; and charges single Shang, and wrong wrote has "left Shang teeth", eventually led to small ginger a star good of "left Shang teeth" was pulled out has. Please find the hospital, the hospital has only promised compensation of 500 Yuan, so the young ginger and her family filed a lawsuit to the Court.

On October 28, the hospital head to huaxi City newspaper reporter in response to this matter, he believed that a small ginger in the wrong diagnosis was signed in the book, so there is a certain responsibility.

"Black Dragon" dentist

Pain is lower on the tooth is pulled out teeth

26 years old ginger work in Chengdu, lived in the House. A tooth at the end close to the bottom left of the tooth ginger tortured for nearly a year, he is just the "combat against". On October 27, ginger decided to "cure". 1 o'clock in the afternoon of the day before, he asked my sister to 300 bucks later, arrived at the high-tech city in front of the Raphael hospital.

Xiaojiang said, sat in the exam room, the "three look relatively young" female doctor asked him to take the cash. Ginger felt the purse, only 400 Yuan. Subsequently, a doctor in the case of no photos, tell ginger, that tooth is broken, need to be pulled out.

"Because of a bad hurts sad", ginger took confirmed orders, does not read, then quickly signed. Then, ginger lay on the operating table. A doctor of anesthetic, took the pliers, pulled up in their mouth after a few minutes, ginger suddenly "feels right", and a look in the mirror, only to find the doctor is a good tooth.

"How do you remove the upper teeth Ah? "Ginger and cry.

"Wrote teeth on. "The doctor confirmed to take out only.

Xiaojiang hurriedly took the list at list reads: removed "on the upper right teeth".

At that time, operations have been conducted more than half, "that good teeth hanging suspended, almost slipping off." Helpless, Ginger had to let the doctor pulled up the "healthy teeth".

Negotiations fail

Dissatisfied with hospital patients willing to pay 500 Yuan

Pulled out the wrong tooth, small ginger angrily toward the checkout counter, a list type: integrated charging 10 Yuan and mouth treatment in 198, the drug costs 120 Yuan, a total of 328. After a complaint, he also was listing, pay the fee, then hurried home.

Ginger's sister Jiang Hongjuan (not his real name), often hear ginger say had a toothache before, he went to the hospital that day came home after tooth extraction, with a cotton, covering her mouth, meet, they muttered: "teeth are wrong, it is upper and lower teeth ache. "

After learning of the situation, Jiang Hongjuan took ginger back to hospital to beg. A man claiming to be the Manager received them, made the hospital would pay for 500 Yuan. But not satisfied with Jiang Hongjuan, thinks hospital rather than treat good ginger dental disease, healthy teeth were also pulled out, was "major errors". In addition, the Institute without prior film, "how found teeth pulled? Even if the patient did not have enough money or checks should be done, even teeth will do next time. "Jiang Hongjuan said doctor Xiao Jiang Ba teeth not professional, she also questioned whether the doctor has made medical qualification.

Doctors and patients both parties fail to reach a settlement, the morning of October 28, Jiang Hongjuan filed a lawsuit to the Chengdu high-tech Court.

Hospital response

Bookmark confirmed the patient's own responsibility

On October 28, head of the Hospital told this huaxi City newspaper reporter, ginger confirmed signed off on the book, so he is also responsible. Institute for spiritual comfort, offered to pay 500 Yuan, but did not accept. "At the moment, now have a legal program, hospitals will respect the Court's decision. "

Ginger in a hospital certificate of treatment programmes, this huaxi City newspaper reporter in "complaint" column, writing: removed "right on 8", and Ginger was pulled out of the teeth, but was left on the direction of the teeth. In this regard, the hospital official said: "in the field of oral, distinguish between left and right is subject to the mirror like. "When a reporter pointed out that little ginger on the charges but said" left on 8 ", the official paused for a few seconds after saying:" may be wrong. " Zhengzhou official response to 650 million to

No ginger in film, the official said: "this is because the small ginger didn't have enough cash to pay photos and cleaning fee. "

When journalists look at qualification of doctor, the official refused, saying, "will provide to the Court." The official said the Raphael hospital were operating for five or six years.

(Formerly titled bad is obviously inferior doctors pulled out teeth on the hospital response: confirmed single "wrong", was signed but also of responsibility)

Friday, October 28, 2016

Shandong province seized a car crazy on the run the co pilot man stabbed the

Public network, October 28, Shandong zhucheng land cruisers were traffic police seized police Zhang checks in the car, the driver suddenly drove away, sitting on the passenger side man stabbed Zhang took out a long knife, in the course of wrestling, Zhang hands were seriously injured. Currently, suspects have been detained, Zhang is still under treatment in hospital. Chongqing women doctors by taking poison after

8:51 A.M. October 16, though police brigade three Squadron received the alarm, a black modern SUVs were identified as licensed vehicles. 9:10, c Squadron instructor Che Dexiang, officer Zhang, Yang Xuesen 206 national highway and stone road, 50 metres north of the traffic light junction the vehicle was found, three immediately signaled the vehicle to pull over and asked drivers to show a driver's license and license.

During the inspection, suspect vehicle passenger ride personnel refused to produce the relevant documents, and battery low battery, turn off will not start as an excuse, repeatedly asked to rely on roadside parking. The vehicle was arrested, is a key violation, staff performance that worries Zhang driver escaped by car, so he turned on the left rear door of the vehicle, on the vehicle.

A car carrying two men and two women, Zhang judgment this is just General suspected of violations of the vehicle deck, but at this point, the unexpected happened. Driver open car lock and accelerated fleeing South, meanwhile, sat in the co-pilot position a man pulled out a 20-centimetre long knives suddenly stabbing Zhang. The suspect faced fierce and sharp long knife, Zhang did not flinch, but brave and fight, while loudly warning the parking to check, in the course of wrestling, Zhang hands were seriously injured. The car has been crazy to escape, while Zhang Bo vehicle turning slightly slower speed time to jump out of the car, jumping was the Deputy of the head driver slashed with a knife. Subsequently, the car accelerated to flee.

Zhucheng Interpol received Police Brigade Brigade transferred after the alert, swift action, view monitoring, through tracing and analysis study, determined that the car driver, the co-pilot knife-wielding officer Liu, Changle County, two people are people. Eventually, the knife-wielding suspect Liu arrested pressure, voluntarily surrendered zhucheng City Public Security Bureau.

At present, the injured officer Zhang is still under treatment in hospital, knife-wielding suspect Liu has been detained and the case is under further investigation.

(Originally entitled a police check, Weifang, Shandong was co-pilot car man stabs)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Residence of Cao Xueqin in Beijing Botanical Garden has been translation errors

Residence of Cao Xueqin in Beijing Botanical Garden has been translation errors, Park officials say they will as soon as practicable,

Cao Hanyu Pinyin "Cao" spelled "CAI".

Beijing morning news, users tweeting yesterday said the Beijing Botanical Garden in front of the Memorial Hall of Cao Xueqin's description on the phonetic misspelling of Cao Xueqin, and Hanyu Pinyin "Cao" spelled "CAI", Cao became "Cai Xueqin". In this regard, the Beijing Botanical Garden staff will be processed after verification as soon as possible. NTA Stern chaos of jiuhuashan tourism encourage

Yesterday, the Netizen will be shot before a former residence of Cao Xueqin in Beijing Botanical Garden under the English translation on the Internet, and with "the two ancient English annotation in front of Memorial Hall of Cao Xueqin wrote 'Cai xueqin' 'Cao Xueqin' translators in hopes that the staff corrected in a timely manner, do not mislead aliens, it is disrespectful to the generation of literary giants. "Twitter, users have forwarded. "This user really care, I've been to many times have not been found, hope Park changes as soon as possible". The Netizen said, when he was also introduced to foreign friends discovered the mistake. "Really felt embarrassed, is a junior writer, misspelled the name of the error. "

Reporters saw on the English description of the former residence of Cao Xueqin, "Cao" Pinyin "Cao" written "CAI". In this regard, the Beijing morning news reporters Beijing Botanical Garden calls, officials say, has informed former residence of Cao Xueqin, spelling errors, will be as soon as possible to verify.

(Formerly entitled to the former residence of Cao Xueqin is accused of translation errors, the Beijing Botanical Garden: the verification as soon as possible)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Do not want to die a natural death mountain Henan teenagers running learn the

Xiaoxi (not his real name) when he ran away from home to write the letter. This pictures are journalists surging Duan Yanchao

"Don't worried, son grew up has, wings hard has, wants to out of to see, I didn't want to comfort died in big mountain in, I not like here", and "I has I of dream", and "let go's, let I go"--this seal "home run" left parents of letter October 7 was media disclosure Hou, Henan dengfeng 14 age boys xiaoxi (pseudonym) quickly raised concern.

Xiaoxi of the compound, is walking his aged grandfather.

Small House, in the village of tangzhuangxiang, dengfeng tower mill, surrounded by mountains. Village is situated on both sides of the River, about 22 km from the urban area. Although the village road, but no shuttle to village in the urban area, can only take a peak passenger CMB-gongyi, cost 7 Yuan. Xiao Tang secondary schools, also on the Intercity lines.

Small home village public information (Gao Zhenju is a little like Grandpa).

Little mother spirit are still unclear, father, car accident, her legs work in factories, home food rations from an acre of land. In the eyes of the villagers, little introverted, taciturn. Little joy's father said, although sometimes tempered a bit stubborn, but overall is quite good.

"Runaway", the small to the furthest places, that is, tangzhuangxiang. Runaway little, October 7, returned home, he spent his childhood in dengfeng city, earned during the national day.

On October 13, the Tang school rejected a surging News (www.thepaper.CN) interview. For the runaways, surging xiaoxi told the news, some teachers had told him "easy a is one of the sword", so he wanted to go out, "thought beyond look at."

Local media coverage of xiaoxi running shots.


"People in the big cities, too cool"

Surging News: why do leaves a letter without saying good-bye?

Small HI: I was mainly curious. Too quiet in the mountains, it is boring for too long in the mountain, to go out and see, dengfeng to go around.

Surge: "running away from home" for 7 days, what to do?

Small: the morning of October 1, I found my father had 100 bucks in the Pocket, he took out. I sat in dengfeng of gongyi, dengfeng to Terminal out of the car.

After getting off the streets just around, and I just bought some red flags for sale. At first I wanted to sell near Terminal, but too many people, a little embarrassed, I went around the neighborhood, knocking from door to door and ask them do you want a little red flag. Also sells some, but most of them just to say, "do not buy do not buy" and closed the door.

Sell all morning, turned two, just before noon, when the Ying Xian GE (Note: tourist attractions), where admission is, I look at it, selling little red flag. Actually wanted to go to Shaolin Temple (Note: about 16 kilometers away from peak), but so far, I'm not going to ride, didn't go. Bought a cake to eat at noon. Afternoon to go to the restaurant to find opportunities to work, began asking a few no one wants me, then a restaurant's aunt took me.

Surging News: worked primarily doing?

Small HI: I want to do is to stand in front of the box and do the dishes on the table, after guests finish eating, then put the plate down. As long as which box short-handed, I will be over to help. At noon each day to work at night, 4 hours of free time, you can go out to see.

Surging News: do you have trouble?

Small: there are. Just started a few days didn't do a very good one, because people who eat more, forgot a meal room guests, about half an hour before they serve. Guests then lost his temper, I'm a little scared, hiding behind the door, another waiter to explain.

Surging News: accommodation solution?

Small: restaurants arranged a room for me, I'm the only one who lived.

Surging News: part-time homesick during it?

Small: thought about it. 1th I borrow someone phone this afternoon Dad on the phone, say 5th back. But until the 5th day, I forget and father and he will not go back. Wait until the 6th, when you come to think of it, 7th, returning soon, no need to call again. 7th when the clerk told me that dad called to ask when I go back, I was afraid of him to worry about, will lend him on QQ phone information, that I went back in the afternoon. 7th then around 3 in the afternoon, I went home by bus.

Surging News: dengfeng make you feel?

Small: think big city is quite big, but there are others, too cold.

Surging News: why do you say that?

Small HI: when I sell a little red flag, an old man I have the flag "stolen" away, said, "kid, you ought to be for the community, serving, sent to me". I let him take one, and he said, no, to take two. Another time, I was in Ying Xian GE, saw a baby cry because of fights with other children, and gave him one. Parents see, thought I was free, come to me, I am also embarrassed refused. Last little red flag almost didn't, who did not have much money left, so I went to work.

Xiaoxi in dengfeng to Ying Xian GE.

"I don't want to live too comfortable in the mountains"

Surging News: when is the earliest we have "out" idea?

Small: probably 8 or 9 years old, my father took me for the first time reached the top pick acorns. Mountains have an Acorn (oak) forests, Acorn can be used to make jelly. It is autumn, it was raining and cold. Later brother grew up, came home from school, will take him to the mountains around. At first time, I had wanted to go to the mountains to see for the first time, because the Hill is what I am now studying Tang middle school. After junior high, and was going to the Hill to watch. Later in the summer, when have I ever went out, but my dad says I'm a bad result, let me go, not go out. On September 30 I and my father said, "to see", he was not taken seriously. That night, I couldn't sleep all night.

Xiaoxi reporters down the Hill.

Surging News: How do you think?

Small: letters were written by the morning of October 1, as to let my family know I walked, so write a farewell letter. If I say I'm going to go out, they fear, will not let me out, and I have no phone.

Surging News: why do you write in the letter, "I don't want to die in the mountains?"

Small: a teacher once told me, "comfort is one of the sword", so I don't want to get too comfortable in the mountains, I want to go out, take a look farther afield, came up with a new place to go and have a look. I think that life is great, is extraordinary.

Small desks.

Surging News: in the letter you mentioned that you don't like big mountain, and why?

Little joy: living hard in the mountains, there are fewer people mainly, can be seen rarely here. Here don't know across the country, knowledge of the society as a whole. Don't see here.

Little joy's father told reporters his leg injury. After 6 years old boy lost in Ganzhou followed

Surging News: in his letter, you mentioned that due to the existence of the parents, you don't dare to achieve your dream, why?

Small: left leg because his father had an accident, mother mental state is good, seldom come back. Sometimes I worry about my mother, she is often out there on my own (run).

Xiaoxi Grandma in a wheelchair watching television.

Surging News: what's your dream?

Small HI: I actually have a lot of dreams. For example, when a writer or a doctor. But now want to feel a bit far.

Surging News: mentioned in the letter "computers" is Daddy didn't buy you a computer?

Small: Yes. Nine years on, looking up information, and would like to learn about online, but the lack of money. After the first exam, study pressure is a little big, so he offers to buy a computer. When my father refused me directly, it's a little upset. But I can understand. Now my heart still hopes to have a computer.

Surging News: home, do you see online on their own reports?

Small: his father was seen on the phone, I feel a little "fuss". In fact, slam the phone thing was a long time ago, in the first weeks after the exam. Because I usually like to use mobile phones to play games, so I'm trying to learn, and not to play. Dropped phone and students said they knew.

In a small house, and Grandpa at the door to do farm work.

"To go out first and family said later"

Surging News: do you have some hobbies?

Small HI: I like writing, and running. Occasionally read some books, like ideological to cultivate the kind of books. Had seen the scream of Lu Xun. Books I read are good people in the community contributions to the school, each student can send to some. At home, I will often climb. While the process is difficult, but I'm not going to give up, tired, I'll stop-and-go, rest. Enough rest, and then climb again. To the top of the time, to look on the side of the mountain is very beautiful. I think Hill is a ladder. Because, through the mountains to climb out.

Homework in the small Grill in dad's bed.

Surging News: How do you learn?

Small HI: very good in grade seven, has been in the top ten of the class. To eight grade, ninth grade, learning a bit lazy, always nodding off in class, learning is lost. There is a midterm, the teacher in front of the top ten students were praised. I happen to be the 11th to be regretted. Had seen students on the podium brought Awards, feeling a little envious that he will try to stand up. Now I hope I can go to experimental high school.

Xiaoxi family rooms.

Small room.

Little grandmother suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, confined to bed.

Surging News: listen to your grandma, your clothes are the basic gift.

Small: while I feel helpless about their family status, but I can understand. Previously saw students dressed in new clothes, envy. Now grown up, I feel nothing. Sometimes hear other people say about me, was not pleased, but I think they are now "fight father" well, when I grow up I am definitely richer than them. Sometimes I will take the initiative and, they say, they are now in "spell dad."

Small awards.

Surging News: now your "fire", the students say about you?

Small: they like to joke about this, suppose I'm egotistical, said, "now have become celebrities, see you in the news." I didn't pay any attention to them.

Had abandoned the village primary school.

Surging News: will ever become famous? Look for online speech?

Small: never. I think online could comment a lot, but after a period of time, they will be forgotten, there will be no comments about me.

Surging news regrets the "runaway"?

Small HI: really regret now. After all 7 days, got 100 bucks in Dongfeng to spend all out. Wages are only 120 blocks have been issued, made only 20 of them, than 7 days stay with their parents at home. If there is an opportunity to go, will and his family agreed in advance.

Small standing at the top, look beyond the mountains.

Surging News: now what?

Small: my life was calm again by now. Sooner or later, should study hard now. Later as long as there is enough knowledge, you can go farther and better place. Should not think too much right now, if you really want to go, or to go out in the company of their parents.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Identification of Peking Man French Jesuit Teilhard lived for 23 years in China

Identification of

Teilhard Singers wed in the name of Stamford MOM return

Europe and the France national Jesuit Teilhard (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, 1881-1955) as Freud's famous thinker, Asians are unfamiliar to him.

"Teilhard identifies ' Peking ', found that the skull belonged to a woman named her 'Nelly'. In the industry, Teilhard de Chardin is the ' father of the Peking Man '. "Fudan University philosophy professor of religion and Director of Li tiangang sigh:" people are still little known, top of his is a paleontologist, is also a well known worldwide, changing 20th century theologian and philosopher of the human mind. Even the young c. c. Teilhard de Chardin's colleagues, friends said, ' don't believe a priest ', totally unaware of moral study in Peking during the skeleton, skeleton in addition to write difficult, abstract philosophical works. "

On October 15, the Shanghai Society of religious, philosophical school of Fudan University Institute of Li Xu, Shanghai Xujiahui library exchange of Chinese and Western literature, Library Research Center and sponsored by the China Association of friends of Teilhard "Teilhard de Chardin and the Shanghai" workshop was held at the Shanghai Academy of social sciences. This is the 2014 Olympic Teilhard de Chardin philosophy seminar, "Teilhard de Chardin and the future of mankind" in 2015 and 60 anniversary of the death of salawusuderijin after the seminar, "Teilhard de Chardin returned to China" seminar series of the third leg.

Identification of

On October 15, the Shanghai Society of religious, philosophical school of Fudan University Institute of Li Xu, Shanghai Xujiahui library exchange of Chinese and Western literature, Library Research Center and sponsored by the China Association of friends of Teilhard "Teilhard de Chardin and the Shanghai" workshop was held at the Shanghai Academy of social sciences.

It is reported that in May 1923, Teilhard de Chardin from Shanghai to step on Chinese soil for the first time. During the war, he also repeatedly came to Shanghai and Shanghai Library (formerly the library of the Jesuit) live and work. Even the meeting venue--Shanghai Academy of social sciences (site of the Catholic Aurora women's Liberal Arts College) Teilhard de Chardin familiar places.

Close of Teilhard de Chardin and China?

From 1923 to 1946, Teilhard de Chardin have lived in China before and after 23 years: he found in the water cave ditch in yinchuan of Ningxia loess Paleolithic, guidance of Zhoukoudian excavations research, completed the most widely known of the human phenomenon of ... ... A lot of people don't know that Teilhard de Chardin for 20 years in China can be said to be the most rich periods of his scientific career.

Identification of

Teilhard de Chardin in checking his skull in China.

CAs researcher at the Institute of vertebrate paleontology and fossil magazine editor in Chief Guo Jianwai feeling, Teilhard's scientific papers in China no less, wrote of Chinese paleontology Foundation plays an important role.

Teilhard de Chardin General Coordinator of the Association of friends of China, said Wang, Teilhard de Chardin and the fate of China and gas about Teilhard de Chardin's sister fulangsi. Fulangsiwasi was born in 1879 in the home second, Teilhard de Chardin ranked old four. And Teilhard de Chardin like meditation is different, fulangsiwasi was a very active person.

In 1909, the fulangsiwasi came to Shanghai, determined to work for the poor, in a year's time, from the most ordinary nun becomes Abbot of the management of more than 300 people. She also worked with Teilhard de Chardin wrote praying that I would also like to stay in China at the last minute. In 1911, at age 32, fulangsiwasi ceilings, away in Shanghai.

Philosophy at Fudan University College religious studies Professor, documentary Director Wei Mingde the Teilhard de Chardin in China, Germany, Japan, China, and sister, was not intended. Teilhard de Chardin teaching geology at the Catholic Institute of Paris at that time, 40-something the Jesuits should have been promising, but Teilhard de Chardin wrote papers on original sin, this paper is about the historicity of the biblical narrative is questioned, and shows like Darwin's theory of evolution, have sinned against the Holy See. Later, Jesus France province had to assign Teilhard de Chardin travelled to China for visits.

"Teilhard de Chardin's 23 years in China, China provides his ideas with a good environment. Allow him to discover Peking, China, engaged in archaeology. "Li tiangang said that recall the era of Teilhard, when our culture and world culture have a high degree of integration," the real intervention is contact free way to another culture. "

Teilhard de Chardin in my circle of friends, Daniel

Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of history of natural science PhD student, lecturer in the school of international relations in French Miss Chen said, early 20th century geologists both geological survey in Beijing, Peking Union Medical College, the Geological Society of China, Beijing Institute of natural history research institutions and organizations, and has visited China several times the United States in Central Asia, study tours and Sweden delegation from Northwest. Teilhard de Chardin in which, and many have established profound friendship.

Take a look at what his friends are who?

Hu Shi's first was named "European scientific and most of the Chinese" Ding wenjiang. Ding wenjiang in 1911 from the United Kingdom to study abroad, and was one of the founder of the geological survey of China. Teilhard and his acquaintances began in 1924, and in 1927, went to study in Zhoukoudian. In 1929, Teilhard describes Ding wenjiang and Weng Wenhao met the Vatican parish Archbishop Celso Benigno Luigi Costantini, China.

Identification of

Ding Wen-Jiang

Weng Wenhao is who? He was the first in the West of China got the doctor of geology who. In 1922, Weng Wenhao and Teilhard de Chardin met in Belgium, the two talked happily. In 1923, Teilhard de Chardin to China for the first time, Geological Society of Weng Wenhao invited him to participate in regular session and made a statement. In 1927, Weng Wenhao invited Teilhard to Zhoukoudian plans, the two counterparts many times inspection at Zhoukoudian. According to Chen Mi data collection, on Christmas day in 1950, Weng Wenhao and Teilhard in Paris at a friend's House for dinner.

Identification of

Weng Wenhao

Then is known as the "father of the Yangshao culture," Sweden geologist ante. He was employed by the geological survey of experts, not only help the Chinese found the iron ore, but also in geology, paleontology, neolithic culture and other fields have many ground-breaking discovery. He wrote the child of loess in the course of the book, also wrote Teilhard advice and confirmation of the latter in salawusu investigated something.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Addicted to the Internet broadcast network red gift Foshan is owed by the 18

Watch the news on October 13, net red mouth, Otaku are practical gifts, including Antony. Since starting in June, in this webcast platform, has spent 80,000 yuan. Into the Taobao fraud young force tent sit lie

Antony who just turned 18 years old, in a factory work, zhangcha, chancheng, Foshan, Guangdong, he spends a few hours a day watching the webcast, listen to "net red" sings and sometimes also can chat interaction, see rise, will be filled with money gifts to these "net red."

Antony said, he starts from the end of June to mid-September, the average daily spend gift more in this webcast platform to 1000 Yuan.

Addicted to the Internet broadcast network red gift, Foshan is owed by the 18-year-olds nearly 200,000 loan-sharking

But Antony is just an ordinary factory worker, but 2000 Yuan a month, while his parents the average wage-earner, his family was not rich, luxury in which he threw gold cost? Antony said, was borrowed from a colleague in the factory.

Addicted to the Internet broadcast network red gift, Foshan is owed by the 18-year-olds nearly 200,000 loan-sharking

Thanks to Antony and rent to live separately from their parents, before you borrow money, without consulting parents, until September 25 this year, lenders harass them, even with interest all 195,300, Antony's parents know that children love reticulocyte, owes huge debts.

After reporters found a banker Liu, he said, borrowing money is you I wish, IOU is itching to sign, not forced.

Addicted to the Internet broadcast network red gift, Foshan is owed by the 18-year-olds nearly 200,000 loan-sharking

However, lawyers said, although Antony for loans under the age of 18, but already have the capacity for civil conduct, so borrowing should be effective, but Antony and the other agreed interests significantly higher loan interest rate four times, is usury.

Lawyer Roderick: If the agreement is 30% interest per month, 100,000 yuan per month 30,000 interest, this interest is in violation of the law, is too high. Then this agreement is null and void.

Wu counsel, Antony, just to each other over the same period to repay the principal and interest. Finally Antony Liu consultations and creditors, they agreed that a principal can be.

(Formerly titled Internet broadcast to "net red" owed by the 18-year-olds nearly 200,000 of gift of usury)

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Editorial of school anxiety

September 1 is the first day of school, friends on a variety of information on kindergartens, primary schools in the brushes Panel. The exploration and debate special yesterday was

First day of school was destined to be "anxious", and it is not only parents and their children "separation anxiety", is more of a status anxiety.

There was a very cruel reality, the first day of school for many children, is the first "stream". Usually playing in the garden with a street children to school that day, to differ: some went to exemplary public schools, went to the famous private school, and some went to the overseas international school and others for a variety of reasons, had to return to their hometown, even the trajectory of a family changed because of the child's school.

Children may not be able to feel the "differentiation of identity", but parents feel this anxiety.

Differentiation of identity, becomes a hot topic now, followed by bottom up narrow, spell dad and other social justice issues. In a "sandwich" of middle-class, was the impact of double-line. They desire for upward mobility, and hope that their children can continue to relay, finished higher socio-economic status transitions; they also want children at least can "Save" their social status. To this end, cities spared, make their kids to classes, learning a variety of gifts and etiquette, being more kids fight; school district heat and "chicken blood mother", is the embodiment of their status anxiety.

In fact, China is entering a more mature society, a mature society is destined to be "relatively stable": poor children long for social mobility, he looks forward to continuing and both are reasonable. Key line is how society provides fair, how to ease the impact of identity flow.

There is a big problem. In the first day of school, at least we can face the anxiety of many topics, this is the first step to solve the problem.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Eryuan County Yunnan households experienced Telecom fraud losses of 30 000 yuan

Shandong Xu Yuyu is Telecom fraud amid much public attention, Dali, Yunnan reproduce similar telecoms fraud. Victims of liantie Township, eryuan County village of Niu Guidan Kang Mei Ciping group firm, fraud losses 29897 Yuan. On August 29, the ER led to Kahn's real home, sent to 5000 Yuan relief funds. Twice a woman three months pregnant and found

Eryuan County, Yunnan households experienced Telecom fraud losses of 30,000 yuan, similar to Xu Yuyu

Kang's real family income. Spring city evening news

Surging real daughter Kang Kang Yumei told news, tests this year, his brother to pass the technician College of Dali. August 20, at 10 o'clock, the father received a strange telephone (displays the number as "17188023013"), the telephone that the woman claiming to be in eryuan County, Department of education staff, accurately identify her brother's name and home address. "She says there is a grant to allow us to receive notifications a month why not go, back to a 17188022241 call, said County Department of finance, so contact us to get the money."

Kang Yumei memories, no one will, the so-called County Department of finance calls over, urging them to get the money, "says is the last 1 day, today do not receive, do not receive."

Subsequently, father Kang Yumei and fellow Bank automatic teller machine to get the money.

Kang Yumei says, 20th 11:30, she and partner at liantie Township to find automatic teller machines, phone, claiming to be County Department of finance staff who asked if her bank card, requiring that their bank card number and asked how much money is in the bank card, her bank card number when you are finished, the other asking for "9879." "Enter the number I asked why, he says it's a number on the computer system, to activate my bank card to get money to me, after I entered into according to the requirements, the money in the bank card was gone."

"After four or five minutes, I think is wrong with your partner, then call each other not to answer, and queries to the Bank Business Hall, bank guard said we were cheated. "Kang Yumei said.

Bank documents showed 29879 inside out. Kang Yumei says this money is borrowed from his uncle, set aside as a brother and sister's tuition and living expenses.

Then, Kang Yumei liantie Township and his companions rushed to the police station alarm, "our police, and others have reported being cheated, just like we were cheated. "

Kang Yumei said villagers in village has three or four graduates, received a similar phone call, someone can say exactly information, home address.

According to Yunnan and the times reported that Kang's real family of 8 people, wife, 1 son and 4 daughters and father of the deaf. Their eldest daughter had married, two daughters and three daughters didn't go to school, three daughter sick in body, and four daughters at once first, the younger son to a technical school. Families usually living growing potatoes, corn, white beans, walnuts for a living, low income. Liantie Township, eryuan County Niu Guidan Secretary Lu Buqing confirmed that Kang's real poor, is the village's poor, low policy holders.

On August 29, surging eryuan County party Committee propaganda Department staff to the news that, after the incident, eryuan County, the County Government to entrust liantie Township Party Committee, Township and District Civil Affairs Bureau and other relevant departments to Kang's real home, know what is happening in a timely manner, send relief funds; liantie Township Police station for the first time to initiate an investigation.

Surging News learned that Deputy Secretary Yang Wenze with publicity in eryuan County, district offices, Education Department staff, representative of eryuan County, the County Government to visit Kang's real family, send them to 5000 Yuan in relief funds, and 30,000 pieces of red brick, as archived State of poor households to rebuild the House.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kindergarten teachers are not beaten by Secretary of Hunan residents over a

On August 24, the microblogging that Twitter users @ Yueyang, zhanqian road blocks in Yueyang city of Hunan province Wang Cheng ling, Secretary of the neighborhood Yi Shenglin the subdistrict office due to contract dispute beating jianxing road kindergarten teacher in the community. 25th, zhanqian Street Party General Office Director surnamed Chen told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), Secretary of the neighborhood had been suspended, was being investigated.

NET video show, in a small car, a woman wearing a pink t-shirt and a man wearing a grey t-shirt down, then women picking up water bottles smashed on the ground man for them, shoving, kicking the woman after the man jumped the car back and chest, the woman fell to the ground after being kicked again. Woman stood up when with men, then men kicked at the ground after abdominal and leg.

Zhanqian Street wangcheng Ridge neighborhood of the network according to a letter addressed to parents, community jianxing wangcheng Ling Road site where bilingual kindergartens to community assets, and kindergarten and Community signed space rental contract expires on July 31, 2016, then does not deliver the site, the community will take legal proceedings to recover.

Letters displayed, for community currently of Office set building North Road No. 431, 5 floor, to accurate found location, coupled with floors high, residents do is inconvenience, and area within has 22 a residents community, and population more, only by series factory community on has 970 households residents, no a leisure site, community all activities are is loan site, residents heart participate in also find not to location. By two Board meetings, and be recognized by superior departments, rental income are willing to give up the high level of kindergarten, and kindergarten contract is about to expire, and decided to move to kindergarten, and knitting factory within 1 km around 15 kindergartens, can accept the student's child.

Letter said in view of this, communities will be held on July 31, 2016 was removed after the kindergarten of leasing contracts, will no longer renew their lease, and recover the jianxing road kindergarten field, "Please get change of address school readiness, such as fee disputes, the community is not responsible for." Reticulocyte Agency CEO network anchors a monthly

Zhanqian Street Party General Office Director surnamed Chen confirmed to the surging news referred to in the content of the letter, said the kindergarten is a private kindergarten. Community inform parents of kindergarten contracts expire the message multiple times, and has advised officials suspended enrollment in kindergarten, but fruitless negotiations, which are continuing enrollment in kindergarten, also raised the high compensation of 800,000 yuan.

Surging Director surnamed Chen told news network video is only part of the event, Secretary of the residents concerned Yi Shenglin also was wounded in the neck and waist, the current and the second female teachers in Yueyang city people's Hospital for treatment. After the incident, the street Working Committee, people's political consultative conference, the survey working group composed of judicial investigations, has now entered the judicial process. Wang Cheng ling, Secretary of the neighborhood suspected of battering Yi Shenglin had been suspended for investigation.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The three elders Wei qiuyue if not Lang ping I retired three years ago

In 2004, Wei qiuyue is women's volleyball reserve talent 16 years old one of the youngest. Network information

In 2004, when the Chinese women's volleyball team won in Athens, Wei qiuyue has just become a row center in the reserve list of the Beijing Olympics is the youngest player that year, she was 16 years old.

In 2016, the Chinese women's volleyball team won Olympic gold again, Wei qiuyue smile like flower stand in the podium, she has is the age's second-largest player in the team, this year, she was 28 years old.

In traditional Chinese culture, 12 is a reincarnation. For the Olympic Games "the three elders" Wei qiuyue, she entered the national team also used 12 years to complete his dream.

Missed the "lang issue" alone looking after the youth caused by tears

In London in 2012, when Chinese women's volleyball team lost in the final in 1/4 Japan team, Wei qiuyue cry crying on the bench.

Chinese women's volleyball team of broken dreams after the Olympic Games in London, Wei qiuyue find the Tianjin women's volleyball team, said after persist after 2013 National Games in Liaoning province, by way of going abroad to learn the game, gradually disappear from everyone's life.

The year after the London Olympics, Lang ping took over the Chinese women's volleyball team back pointer that turn the Wei qiuyue retirement ideas.

"Every volleyball player want lang to be his coach. Hear her message as a coach, I feel like all of a sudden see hope. "Wei qiuyue changed his mind because of the return of Lang ping, beat four years to fulfill their dreams," from the moment to hear Lang Dao Office, I wanted a fresh start. "

However, Lang ping's new squad, Wei qiuyue his name could not be found. According to the Titan sports newspaper said, she sees the list, a man went to the cinema to see the ongoing youth caused by, watch and cry, she doesn't know if her team career to an end.

Missed the "lang issue", she travelled to Azerbaijan, to experiences outside the Volleyball World. Even so, Wei qiuyue also specially ordered when signing up brokers indicated in the agreement, "once again the national team, a conflict if the Club and national team matches, Wei qiuyue will give priority to participate in the national team. "

In Azerbaijan, Wei qiuyue did not go well, and she returned to China.

Wei qiuyue and Lang ping. Network information

Fear of slump had refused surgery healing

Wei qiuyue missed the national team's time, there were rumors, she lost one of the major reasons is the treatment of injuries, had not been agreed and country.

Wei qiuyue hoping conservative treatment to a knee injury, because she was afraid of surgery, rediscover themselves can no longer, "now I can maintain a higher form, not a last resort I is not surgery. "

From Azerbaijan to return to Tianjin, Wei qiuyue lang sent a text, this is since she lost the team, Lang ping expressed hope for the first time for the national team's wishes.

In the League, and Wei qiuyue help Tianjin women's volleyball team played a good game. Her efforts and the desire to play for the national team, Lang ping's attention.

In March 2014, Wei qiuyue national team again, team 2014 Italy women's Volleyball World Championships, at that game, Wei qiuyue's injury has repeatedly, and finally the Chinese women's volleyball team missed the gold medal.

According to the Titan sports newspaper said upon receiving the silver medal the next morning, Lang ping recommended Wei qiuyue to United States underwent surgery.

This time, Wei qiuyue promised, "I did not hesitate at all, with Lang Dao said at that time, I will! "

However, in the United States, University of Chicago Hospital after you make knee minimally invasive cleanup operations, Wei qiuyue recovery has emerged repeatedly, postpone the comeback.

Wei qiuyue like humming in the rehabilitation process, she often sings the song of the first dream--the first dream to hold in the hand.

In their social network, Wei qiuyue wrote, "If you bloom, butterflies come, you wonderful day arrangements. "

Wei qiuyue in 2015, at the annual CCTV sports man of the year award. Network information

From the "Xiao Yue Yue" to "month sister"

Until earlier this year, Wei qiuyue can finally stand on the Rio arena, also is the biggest suspense of the Chinese women's volleyball team in the list of Olympic.

In early June, beilun, Ningbo, returned to the national team training center be closed to prepare for; while assistant coach An Jiajie with Wei qiuyue, Hui Ruoqi, Yang šĆ║jing of the three back in not a long time veteran, and Gong Xiangyu, and Annabelle Lau, Zhang Xiaoya, national teams of people collectively war Switzerland classic.

Eventually, the tournament Championship for the sixth time in team history, is also excellent play in this competition, Wei qiuyue an Olympic seat is locked.

Once again embark on the Olympic journey, Wei qiuyue from that year's "Xiao Yue Yue" becomes today's "Moon sister." 34 Terri shot Silver success or failure has been

"Xiao Li (Xu yunli), she is the biggest, I'm not! "Wei qiuyue often ridicule in the national team.

However, a change in status, the national team's "old captain" is clear.

"I found that people age, would have become nagging! This year I always asked the kid, leave something, to tell people he was going through things, I worry about the kids alone. "

Off the floor, Wei qiuyue don't like to say too much about the past young people success stories, but share difficult experiences. "I think at a certain stage, tell them about how bad we were, less help them rebuff, detours are also of great significance. "

On the field, Wei qiuyue despite not playing a full game, but her presence, everyone was relieved. She will constantly remind teammates, also called his teammates to the side, so that their emotional stability.

This is lang's most wanted to see, "Wei qiuyue is not necessarily the absolute first, but hopes her game and can teach new people more experienced in training. "

Wei qiuyue on the Court. Network information

"I love Lotus! Bitter and sweet! "

In front of the war for the Rio, 28 year old Wei qiuyue said, she hoped that in the Olympic Games to achieve their goals and dreams.

But the Group's first, which overshadowed the road to dream of being.

She was in the first game against Netherlands was accidentally injured in the game, a calf after the game appears to be more serious. Thus, Lang ping can no longer arrange Wei qiuyue starts.

"The team does not trust Wei qiuyue", in the opening loss to Netherlands team, this challenge is magnified.

Until the match against host Brazil's second game, Lang ping replaced the young Ding Xia, "on the old setter" Wei qiuyue. Her appearance also became a turning point in the game, Wei qiuyue stability ball and flowering attack organization to reverse the situation.

"In fact, I never say, Netherlands match, Wei qiuyue calf muscle injury and has not. "Lang ping after defeating Brazil responded to the outside world after the question," she recovered very well these days, we also consider this match as the last game, not just didn't stand a chance. "

Indeed, Wei qiuyue, this Olympic cycle, spirit and body are sinking under huge pressure, pain and even tears. Gold Medal for bitter sweet end.

Just as she was in her microblog wrote, "I love Lotus! Bitter and sweet! "