Saturday, February 27, 2016

900 million Most expensive duel in Chinese football history Super Bowl hengda

While out of the 700 million Chinese Yuan, but evergrande, Jiangsu Su Ning was tender points.

On February 27, the Chinese Football Association Super Bowl contest, last season in the Super 2:0 victory over FA Cup champion Guangzhou evergrande Jiangsu Su Ning, team Brazil aid Galat scored twice in the first half.

As most of the Super team of the season, from the game, Jiangsu Su Ning at present is more individual combat, lacking in understanding, to really challenge the dominance of evergrande, preventive and long.

900 million! Most expensive duel in Chinese football history, Super Bowl hengda 2:0 Jiangsu Su Ning

After 14 minutes, Li Xuepeng cross Bowen headed to the door, Galat flying volley the ball into.

900 million! Most expensive duel in Chinese football history, Super Bowl hengda 2:0 Jiangsu Su Ning

The first 39 minutes, Martinez keeping the ball, Bowen, Bowen front points, Galat qiangdian dump header into the far corner to score the ball.

Evergrande and suning, both old and new "local tyrants", this year's Super Bowl can be considered as worthy of "super" characters.

Constant 42 million euros of Martinez, suning has 50 million euros of "King" Teixeira and Ramirez and if big reinforcements.

According to the Germany of the transfer market statistics, Jiangsu Su Ning team total worth at present has gone beyond the "no money" evergrande, reached 64.53 million euros.

If both teams play up, the game "worth" more 128.81 million euros (about 920.88 million yuan), China football history "Deluxe" fight. Guangzhou evergrande also released before the competition poster, the "King of fried" (j horse and Teixeira two "Kings") to describe the battle.

900 million! Most expensive duel in Chinese football history, Super Bowl hengda 2:0 Jiangsu Su Ning

Evergrande publishing posters before the game: the King of fried.

So "gorgeous" Squad also sizzling the game directly at the box office.

According to the Chongqing evening news reported, tickets went on sale on February 16, more than 5,000 tickets were sold on the same day. Soon, major e-ticketing platform tickets for various grades are hung up on "sold out" label. Due to difficult to get a ticket, "ox" tickets are more expensive than full fare in the hands of about 100 Yuan.

The game also attracted a lot of media attention. According to the Nanjing morning news reported, has attracted more than the country has more than 130 journalists invited to interview, press conference site to get full.

However, it can be found from the game, both teams had yet to reach the best match.

Earlier in the group stage of the AFC Champions, evergrande at home unfortunately was Korea Pohang Steelers drew the team, while Jiangsu Su Ning was challenged on the road underdog Viet Nam Binh Duong only take 1 minute.

900 million! Most expensive duel in Chinese football history, Super Bowl hengda 2:0 Jiangsu Su Ning

Jiangsu player Ji Xiang, worth 28 million euro of Brazil international Ramirez before the game at a suning stores advertise in Chongqing.

In addition, the close race no doubt had an impact on the game.

As AFC Champions are back again after the game in three days, and then also over the first round on March 6, has always had "chicken ribs" is known as the Super Bowl is certainly not Luiz Felipe Scolari must-win target. Arrogance of the week Arts Fang Sunshine burst Red

He said at the pre-match press conference: "still a run-in period, there is no special preparation. Compared to the last game, we will make the adjustment of 4 to 5 people. "

In the area of Jiangsu, schedule the same tension. Two days later the team will be in the AFC against Jeonbuk Hyundai, then immediately on March 5 to put in the first round of the Super.

In the pre-match press conference, peitelaisiku for this game very seriously, to hand out the lineup and strive to win, but Su Ning's attitude towards the Club is still very cautious.

"The team in the transfer market signing expensive, what we need most now is running. "

Monday, February 22, 2016

Visitors said Harbin was the tour guide forced to play at their own expense

Visitors said Harbin was the tour guide forced to play at their own expense items: cold, don't play to get off

White Lady provide the itinerary of the complainant.

"Although voluntary, but did not play in lingxia20℃ outside, who can't take it anymore. "February 22, white woman to the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) reflects, on January 26, 2016, she and husband were guided tours while travelling in Harbin city, Heilongjiang disguised forced participation in the project at his own expense at a cost of more than 1600 Yuan. Former thief tells Rogue River members do not

In this regard, the Harbin Tourism Bureau officials said, they have been involved in the investigation, making arrangements to travel with white women mediation; travel agents say they are not forcing tourists to consumer behavior, want things resolved as soon as possible, has returned to White Lady 1000 Yuan.

Tour guides are recorded: not to participate in the vehicle

Shaanxi Yanan city White Lady on January 26, she and her husband got two to Harbin, Heilongjiang international travel agency "yabuli man Ling passion skiing tour" tickets, it comes to 360 Yuan. Booking itinerary shows that arrived in the area they will be free for about two hours, skiing two hours after lunch. Also on the itinerary are a number of projects at their own expense rates, but beside the callout "guests attend" voluntary consumption and required signatures.

White said that the trip say that the law, and shortly after, guide right (sound) said, the ski area will accommodate four projects at their own expense, one have to pay 900 Yuan, not to participate in the guest can only get off the wait until the afternoon skiing activities can enter the ski at the beginning, when there are more than more than 40 tourists.

"I used the cell phone video tour guide saying these words, but were forced to delete. "White said, right after seeing her video of a very angry and asked her to delete, but she also recorded.

In recording in the, a name women said: "not to of guest, each station No any lounge, for finished snow clothing bus car following collection, play of people I led go, not play of people bus car following,, say a again we here different Yu South, no what lounge, on have in bus car following,, is cold, gas money, you not to I not with you not happy,, of time also long, certainly will not comfortable...... With me to buy a ticket. "

White thinks, although tour guides claim that visitors voluntarily to pay into, but don't participate in lingxia20℃ waiting for hours outside the car, most people can not stand, then they have to pay to participate in the project, and did not receive any bills.

"Let it be, but let us more than 40 years of playing kids games right? "White said that four projects at their own expense including forest train, mountain cableways, horse-drawn sledge, mostly played by children or young people.

Travel agencies respond that there is no forced consumption

Harbin municipal Bureau of tourism surging staff on February 22, told press, Bai women's complaints, they have been involved in the investigation of the event, and arrange the travel agency concerned with Ms White's mediation.

The staff member said, according to the tourism and other related provisions of the law, tour guides can be recommended to the tourists at their own expense items, but must be in the case of voluntary visitors, similar to white women say a disguised form of this information is not allowed.

Heilongjiang international travel of two staff members successively surge news that, right is indeed the travel guides, they have reached a settlement with white women, back to 1000, but they forced guests consuming situation does not exist. One staff member said that tourists don't participate at their own expense items in the car waiting for this situation is common, only this time the weather was very cold, is somewhat inhuman, to get things resolved as soon as possible, and they reconcile with the White Lady.

White said that at present she can only reconcile with the travel agency, but her hope that travel agencies can change these behaviors.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Vivo X6 fashion show

Black technology! LG G5 Chin removable battery replacement

Yesterday, the foreign media exposed a picture box with LG G5, marked on the box with the LG phone in the picture with the G5, as well as the event's tagline. Displayed on the box, LG G5 removable Chin at the bottom of the phone, and above the Chin followed by a cell phone battery. This detachable jaw and LG G5 rumors rumors, LG G5 by way of easy disassembly, allow users more convenient for battery replacement. Alexander McQueen iPhone 5 Case

Alexander Mcqueen iPhone

Know LG LG G1 has maintained a flagship machine used for fine tradition, LG fast G4 in full blessings and replace the battery case, battery life and ease of use to meet the public demand. LG G5 uses Xiao long 820 SoC, without exception should also be equipped with high-throughput 3.0 fast programme (even if not at least Qualcomm 2.0 fast charge), plus the drawers of replacement batteries, LG G5 life experience will be greatly enhanced. Many users think that carrying a mobile power supply can provide more battery life for mobile, but carried a large power source and charging wiring experience is so bad, far more convenient than to replace the battery. Alexander Mcqueen iPhone

Black technology! LG G5 Chin removable battery replacement


  Vivo X6 fashion show

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In General, after the start to our feelings, this phone in terms of texture is not particularly good, in today's even Samsung are abandoned after the plastic body, LG G4 is the last mobile phone form and feel of the times. Doesn't mean it's bad, of course, G4, this flagship arc and some details of the deal will make people feel it's different.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Samsung shows analysis of intelligent sensors for running shoes sports

Samsung shows analysis of intelligent sensors for running shoes sports

  February 16, Beijing time, according to tech site PCWorld reported that Samsung will be at next week's Mobile World Congress (MWC) show on new wearable devices--Iofit smart sneaker.

  It is reported that the Iofit sole integrated accelerometers and pressure sensors these sensors can communicate with the complete set of mobile applications, making easier for coaches to provide individualized instruction for different sports.

Ted Baker iPhone

  Meanwhile, the sneakers sensor array can be used to monitor user legs weight changes. Application can display real-time pressure diagram of user soles, even combining schematic video movement with the user.

  Iofit developers, provide data only is not enough. Want to become a real training AIDS, Iofit need to be able to help users interpret the data, providing training advice. Therefore, the Iofit application to analyze user movement, and compare with the saved video. Coaches do not need to, you can annotate your video, to provide guidance.

  This smart sports shoes developed by ex-Samsung employees in Samsung C-Lab project, designed to replace the existing coaches and sports force plates. C-Lab is Samsung's latest business venture, is the new Samsung pursues innovation initiatives. Developers hope that making trainers intelligent, for added function, AIDS for such high-tech products open up new markets.

  Development team at Samsung Salted Venture was set up with the support of the company, hoping to cooperate with the sneaker brand, promote Iofit in the market.

[Article correction] iPhone 5 Ted Baker case

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Miserable week Japan stocks hit 8 year biggest weekly decline Korea gem once

Last trading day this week, the Asia-Pacific region continued decline, open the collapsed mode.

On February 12, the Nikkei 225 index opened lower and fell in 5.39%, to close down 4.84% at 14952.61 point, not only lost the 15,000-point mark and refresh its lowest closing level since October 22, 2014.

According to media reports, Japan's Central Bank President Haruhiko Kuroda, the Finance Ministry Foreign Affairs Asakawa James said with Japan's Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, for emergency talks. Japan Prime Minister Adviser Honda Yue-lang also scored shot in to the market, that owing to market volatility, Japan's Central Bank may consider further easing. Online payment rules official landing daily limit

However, the market is not buying it. Stock tumbled more than 10% this Sunday, is the biggest one-week drop in 8 years, today more so far this year have been down 21.44%. Korea Seoul composite index by contrast seems to be better, to close at 1835.28 points, down 1.4%. However, Korea gem index--KOSDAQ Index plummeted 8.2%, over Korea stock market circuit breakers 8% threshold of the first level, triggering fuse, suspended for 20 minutes. To close down 6.06% 608.45 points.

Miserable week: Japan stocks hit 8-year biggest weekly decline, Korea gem once fuse

Korea KOSDAQ index plunged after the 8.2%, trigger the first level of the Korean unit circuit breakers 8% threshold, suspended for 20 minutes.

Australia market also hit a record low, the ASX200 index closed 1.14%, refresh to its lowest closing level in more than two years.

Most associated with the a-share market continued the decline of Hong Kong, but slower. The Hang Seng index opened down 1.44% in more than 3-year low, after the shocks go, down 1.2% at 18319.58. The monkey first two trading days, the Hang Seng index lost 5.02%, their worst start in 12 years.

In the 2,610 stocks on the Hong Kong stock market, only 374 only increased. Most blue-chip shows weakness, the hscei index also fell, down 1.99%, or 7505.37. It is interesting, and Macau Gambling stocks defied, as the Hong Kong market's biggest highlights.

Xiao Su, and number of economic data in Europe, releasing some confidence.

Germany quarter of 2015 year quarter adjusted initial GDP quarterly 0.3%, Germany final January CPI recorded a decline of 0.8%, both in line with expectations; France 2015 number of non-farm jobs in the fourth quarter from the initial 0.2%, better than expected.

European markets were sharply higher after encouraging early, United Kingdom the FTSE 100 opened up 1%; Germany DAX index opened up 1.3%, France the CAC40 index opened higher 1.5%.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Beijing announced anti PA police thieves pictures mosaics on the suspect s nose

On February 1, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau anti-PA police in civilian clothes via micro-blog published a series of photographs of suspects suspected of stealing photographs of suspects on the mosaic was hit in the nose. Exclusive investigation Hubei 22 KTV how did died

February 1 at 8 o'clock Xu, micro-Bo certification information "for Beijing City Public Security Bureau undercover anti-grilled police old Lee" of @ Beijing undercover anti-grilled-phone 13810237160 sent message said, January 30 Saturday at 11 o'clock, undercover old Meng, and Captain winter child, and qinjiang, according to Bo friends reflect years Qian yanqing has thief of clues, long-distance strikes in yanqing 25 road day listed field station captured 2 name Rob door implementation pickpocketing of male thief, for beauty victim save Huawei phone 1 Department. Suspect Fang Haijiang, 40; Zhu Yanhuai, 50 years old, are from yanqing County, Beijing, are under criminal detention by public transit police on suspicion of crime.

Beijing announced anti-PA police thieves pictures, mosaics on the suspect's nose Beijing announced anti-PA police thieves pictures, mosaics on the suspect's nose

Approaching Spring Festival, Beijing police recently stepped up anti-PA prone to theft. January 31 at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, Beijing, plainclothes anti-BA-phone @ 13810237160 likewise released a microblogging with suspect photos, photo mosaic was suspect on the same site was hit in the nose.

Beijing announced anti-PA police thieves pictures, mosaics on the suspect's nose

This year, the suspects mosaic became a hot topic. In January, the Anhui taihe a girl in broad daylight three people robbed, @ police in Anhui Province published a series of photographs of suspects in the head says "mosaics" caused concern the three words. Later, Chinese police NET station of Anhui Twitter editors respond that their aversion to traffickers is from the heart, and no express provision must be mosaic method.