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Traffickers captured 12 Beijing the City Council set up a task force to solve

Traffickers, captured 12, Beijing, the City Council set up a task force to solve in guanganmen hospital

"Girl scorned dealers, hospitals, Beijing" has made new progress. Beijing police released the latest findings: the morning of January 25, traffickers, police captured in the guanganmen hospital 7, which was treated with detention 4.

From surging News (www.thepaper.CN) starting reported 3 days Hou, January 28 afternoon, @ peace Beijing released informed: January 19, 2016 at 7 o'clock Xu, West Branch Guang an men Wai door within police station received a masses reflect Guang an men Wai door in the hospital, dealers situation of alarm Hou, immediately to site understand situation and carried out work; in early survey of based Shang, security corps with West Branch continuous carried out work, has in Guang an men Wai door in the hospital, and Concord hospital, and Xuanwu hospital captured, dealers 12 name.

Reported that the early morning of January 25, traffickers, police captured in the guanganmen hospital 7, which was treated with detention 4. At present, dealers, guanganmen hospital issue, the City Police Department has set up a task force, is in the further work. Head of the municipal Public Security Bureau said, will continue to work in close collaboration with the health sector, check dealers and other organizations specialized in combating campaign, to create a harmonious and stable environment for the masses. Hengyang Hunan serial murder suspect father I

Network video, a white woman loudly rage against the doctor in Beijing: a 300 yuan, asking me for 4500, my God, people see a doctor put a number of so much money, so hard; we are big on merit at that day in the morning, hang up. Woman says hospital, and scalpers, PWC for security.

In recent days, surging news repeatedly contacting the woman in the video, but both declined to be interviewed.

According to the Beijing Youth daily reported that women responded briefly on the phone in the video, has received threatening phone calls from suspected dealers, "was hiding something, do not want to say." According to the Xinhua News Agency and other media reported that after the incident, involved in guanganmen hospital and two other Beijing hospitals still have discount hovered in the hospital.

Beijing Wei said Planning Commission staff had a surging news interview, for cattle, usually dealt with by the police.

On January 26, the police staff within the Xicheng branch of Guang an men Wai, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau confirmed to the surging news, January 19, they had received a video of women in the police and the police, but issues related to say, follow @ peace or concern to Beijing.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Last year economic data released in 22 provinces only 1 province growth rates

Recently, the provinces across the country have been through press conferences or published in a Government work report, 2015 economic data. Driving the Audi killed escaping driver drinking

According to the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN) statistics, up to now, has had at least 22 provinces announced a 2015 years of GDP and growth rates and other data.

These 22 provinces are Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang, Henan, Sichuan and Hubei, Hebei, Hunan, Anhui, Fujian, Shanghai, Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guizhou, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Xinjiang and Gansu.

Last year economic data released in 22 provinces, only 1 province growth rates below the national average

According to the National Bureau of statistics figures released on January 19. In 2015, China's GDP of 67.6708 trillion yuan, calculated, 6.9% over the previous year. A decline in growth in 2014 7.3% 0.4%.

National Bureau Wang Baoan think 6.9% growth in line with high speed target, in line with China's current stage of economic growth factors bound and related strategic objectives objective needs. "Overall smooth, steady, invasive, invasive, a reference in quality. "

Around the release of economic data shows that 22 provinces in the 19 provinces last year, GDP grew faster than the national average of 6.9%.

Among them, the sustained double-digit GDP growth rate of Chongqing and Guizhou, 11% and 10.7% respectively. Take this transient growth top in Chongqing, Chongqing was to 10.9% growth ranked first last year.

GDP growth is above 9%, Jiangxi, Fujian and Tianjin, respectively, and 9% and 9.3%.

Economic output for the time being ranked in the top five in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang and Henan have also maintained a high GDP growth, Guangdong, Shandong and Zhejiang last year GDP growth 8%, Henan increased by 8.3%.

It is worth mentioning that, Acting Governor of Jiangsu Province, Shi Taifeng 12th people's Congress of Jiangsu province for the fourth meeting, the "Twelve-Five" period, Jiangsu GDP more than 7 trillion yuan.

This means that Jiangsu has in the past year among the "7 trillion Club", the Club now has only two members, that is, Guangdong and Jiangsu.

In the four municipalities of Beijing and Shanghai, in the year 2015 are based on GDP growth of 6.9% have been developing steadily. This growth is keeping pace with the national average.

Surging news notes that the published data in the 22 provinces, only last year's GDP growth rate lower than the national average level in Hebei province 0.1%.

Hebei province, on January 22, 2015 economic situation, held a news conference to disclose preliminary accounts, the province's GDP realize 2,980,610,000,000 yuan, calculated, 6.8% over the previous year.

In 2015, the Hebei provincial economic downward pressure continues to increase.

Bureau, Hebei province, Guo Hongbo spoke at a presentation ceremony, faces dissolving excess capacity, air pollution prevention and control in Hebei double task, critical economic situation is complicated, some of the main index continued downward. "In such circumstances, the provincial party Committee and provincial government hold the balance point, from both ends of the supply and demand of power, not only demand but also take into account the supply, steady growth and structure, economy and smooth running, annual economic growth reached a rare 6.8%. "

At present, Heilongjiang, Jilin, and Liaoning, Yunnan, Shanxi, Hainan, Ningxia, Qinghai and Tibet in 9 provinces has not released a detailed economic data.

According to publicly reported October 2015, November, three provinces in Northeast China in 2015 year ago third-quarter GDP growth ranking. Among them, Liaoning with 2.7% growth at the bottom; Heilongjiang GDP growth in the first three quarters of 5.5%, ranked third with 6.3% GDP growth for the first three quarters, China ranked fourth from the bottom.

GDP growth in the first three quarters was ranked second in Shanxi, only 2.8%. In December 2015, the Shanxi provincial party Committee Wang rulin, Secretary of the CPC Shanxi Provincial Committee on the development of the national economy and social development recommendations of the 13th five-year plan (discussion draft) when drafting relevant things that spoke, initially expected around 2015, the province's GDP grew 3%.

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Interview with Liu cixin virtual reality becomes more and more human civilization

Interview with Liu cixin: virtual reality becomes more and more human civilization within

Liu cixin.

"Editor's note"

Produced by Chen Kun and editor in Chief of the Grand universe has recently published, the book includes an article interview with Liu cixin, which involved Liu on the development of space industry, he recommended a space movie, and he and Robin Li, CEO of Baidu high school alumni "gossip". Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) is authorized by the Shanghai Academy of social sciences publishing house reprinted, with slight changes of the original.

"Leave the Earth may not be so easy, you need to make accurate calculations, the final conclusion is likely to remain: one brain. "This is a plot in the novel three-body.

Shanxi yangquan to Alpha Centauri stars, only separated by a Liu cixin.

In 2014, Liu cixin won the Chinese science fiction Nebula Award. His Director forced to wear a jacket and walk the red carpet, with the sponsorship of the annual Nebula Awards customer sat together to discuss interpretation too dark forest law, signed 1 time times exceeds a predetermined length of time, also wrote on the plane in the first play of the three-body biography. In November, the first English edition of the three-body by the United States veteran Tor science fiction magazine published. Then as we all know, his work into the United States that a veteran of the Nebula Award nomination for film adaptation began strongly propagated. Every day, Liu cixin News: of the three nominated for the Nebula Award, the film adaptation of the three-body boot, Tencent mobile games imagination of architects.

In 2015, Beijing time on August 23 at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, 73rd promulgated Hugo Award at the Spokane Convention Center, Liu cixin, with science fiction won awards for best long story of the three bodies, becoming the first Asian to win a Hugo Award. The giants of Western science fiction community attention attention to China for the first time, even adapted IP winner, ice and fire, George Martin said the authors of the song "I kindly liked ThreeBody (c)".

Efforts to tide over the years, science fiction writers came into the public eye.

From the tense, this style is about the coming of the future of science fiction stories, science fiction writers play a prophetic role--unfortunately never really succeeded. But now judge whether a science-fiction writer in the writing of real success stories, utilitarian perspective is "adapted IP".

All of this, when they were seven years ago, the publication of the three-body, Liu cixin thought about. IP is not a concept that was the hot technology of the time, it was to buy the rights to the film adaptation of the three-body, sold cheaply. He became the first Chinese-language science fiction circles to enjoy creating IP brought benefits, also carried forward by wave IP man. He only read the news, not interacting with users, but beginning in three communities in micro-interview. This is a work that must be done, in three films, stipulated by the contract.

People familiar with Liu cixin called him "big." Usually during the day, Liu cope with chores, dealing with family and work, writing in the evening, but haven't written recently. A lot of time in reading, read everything, is related to science, history of the book. Like right now is reading Chekhov's the book of Sakhalin travel, hand baoluo·baqijialupi the hurt of boatmen, there are books like why does the world exist. While the interview scheduled after 10 o'clock at night. Now interviewed a lot, as a part of the job offer he can't refuse, but the reporters "on several issues come and go."

Liu cixin said that as technology science-fiction writer who is ridiculous. But this group of people is obviously a parallel universe, or a future, potential creators. Overview of the breadth of the length of time and space, infinite frontiers was for readers to expand their brains. Science fiction writer trying to describe some of the mutations affects humanity as a whole, but maybe their "brain hole" itself is a kind of mutation.

Sci-Fi brain hole come from? Milky Way's Virgo cantilever of two dimensional thinking is how to sprout?

Liu cixin, space movie brain hole may open the catalyst. He from childhood began slow to memories, a good of space Ord game, or said one good of space movie, usually is how rendering of: he repeat has countless again "real"; he times mentioned for space story additional human rules is a extra of thing, dang human in space in the, on has no longer is human; break race, and borders, and human communication of barriers, challenge powerful of gravity, these purely of, to space, and again return maternal of story, makes he hundred see times.

Science fiction in the present is given a lot of present tense meaning. Discussion space work is getting hot, thought more and more about the space, and discussion of the space itself, probably only a few attention-grabbing events throughout the year.

Out of their vast natural too long, ordinary people do not need care around the meaning a person can remember her waist and feet long, on a daily basis is sufficient. Traveling by plane is closest to the border in moment of ordinary life. May only fly when you realise the significance of space exploration--the distance the new loneliness, new party and a new freedom-into space, means the spread of human populations. Now the Earth is the Galaxy's "Africa", remote soil raised be carbon based Euro RSCG group. They are trying to spend the vast void sea to find spread, new life.

The scale of the universe is so great, even in the three men until he reached Earth probably hundreds of years ' time, prior to this, information may not be panic spread among the crowd. Liu said, "more likely to be indifferent. Indifference, more terrible than the panic. Does not consider it a long-term thing, and didn't do any preparation. It is also a danger. "

GoGo's "alien emergency plan", "space programme", Liu Xian said, "I just wrote a novel", in their mind there is no such contingency plans, but couldn't help but say, "this is a major problem."

"Our journey is the star of the sea" this sentence is referenced numerous times to melodramatic proportions. But in the virtual space of all slogans of cause of action does not cause the space really started. "If you seriously consider this issue, and that's the problem. Concept, level of Government at the national level, a series of political, economic and legal aspects of the operation, is very complex. The expression of this is not science fiction, it would be unusually boring actually. "


GoGo: if it is "China's golden age of science fiction," then you predict how long this era continues? Why is that?

Liu cixin: will last a long time. Because the Sci-Fi received attention in China, still limited in the field of literature. Next, when the sci-fi television start, will attract more attention, which in turn will lead to literature. Of course I am talking about "almost Golden" and not "China's golden age of science fiction". It is far from the real golden age still have. It lacks two key items of the golden age: emerged a large number of influential works, a large number of influential writers. So it is not really the golden age, except for the trend. But I'm still optimistic.

GoGo: you are most concerned about what science is? Explore the universe rank?

Liu cixin: I care about most is the most cutting-edge scientific fields, such as physics and cosmology. This is the most basic things human progress. We first need to understand the world, to change the world. Awareness is the most important of the world, so I am most concerned about the physics.

GoGo: the last ten years, in areas of frontier science, human perception of the world: is there any progress? Or is consensus more, still more?

Liu cixin: progress has been. But relative to the beginning of the century as an era of revolution in physics, epoch-making discovery emerging, today's progress is relatively slow. The other hand, today the forefront of physics theories, experiments, long distance can attest. Like ancient Greece bomokejite's theory of the atom, and can only be confirmed after May 2000. Now string theory of physics is. To make progress very difficult indeed.

GoGo: many of the rumors about aliens last century 560 United States product of the golden age of science fiction. Many of the aliens were fabricated by human. How do you deal with such doubt?

Liu cixin: say aliens, until now there is no certain evidence of life beyond Earth. So we talk about these things certainly are air-to-air. One possibility is that in the entire universe, life on Earth, human beings are very occasional phenomenon. I am not a scientist, is writing science fiction. I was most concerned about cutting-edge scientific theories, what stories can get resources. Is mainly concerned with how to use it to produce a good story, there are many more good ideas.

GoGo: three-body following the opening of the community, I suddenly discovered that sure enough time to develop v-fittings, various virtual reality tools are in development. You have tried the smart products? Oculus Rift,Kinect, smart bracelet ... ... Technology in place, likely to do Threebody the game? Interview Yan Peng Japan manufacturing is born

Liu cixin: three games fewer than when someone will do. Game adaptation rights have been transferred, and tour game would have done with this game.

GoGo: how to see virtual reality? I think this is more of a technology. Everyone is looking down at the phone, later may be at home will be able to experience the feeling of space. Human beings will never leave Earth?

Liu cixin: Yes, this is indeed a problem. The technology makes people become more introverted, and civilization as a whole becomes more and more introverted. I can get everything in the virtual reality, including what you say, I can create space for yourself to experience, to replace everything. It does have the potential to be a trend. We become more and more a very introverted civilization, rather than outward to open up, to explore the culture.

GoGo: How do you encourage people to go?

Liu cixin: recently I noticed the fact that change there are two major technologies of the modern society, computer technology, network technology, another is a space technology. You may not know, these two technologies truly was born, a difference of less than a month. In April 1946, the United States has set up a "space Committee", Germany's von Braun as Director, which is the predecessor of NASA. This day in April, is seen as the start of modern space. After more than 20 days, in the laboratory of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, humanity's first computer was born.

They are so close, but these two technologies to today, you see how big their differences. Computer technology, Internet technology has changed our lives and the world, this is no exaggeration. But too little space to change things, almost no change too many things.

These technologies have in common, is to explore unknown space. Network, IT technology development is unknown, virtual space; space technology open up existing space entities. You look now, if IT's virtual space, it was an easy thing, need of cost, get a cell phone and went, you now want to go to space to open up space, that is a price, the last time the international space station, US $ 20 million. So say the technology is too far away. Space cannot be said to our life has not changed, but compared with the Internet changed for life, is far worse. The birth of these two technologies, one has a computer, not how much easier it is than he has a space rocket. Price the same. Why so different from now?

You look at Space Agency, China is the Department, United States was NASA, Japan is the universe of UNDP. If you look at Internet Agency, Microsoft, Lenovo, Google, Taobao ... ... This at a glance: space is an act of State, IT is civil behaviour. So, let the true development of the space industry, people go out, the first thing is, don't put hope in humanity's responsibility, on the pioneer spirit or vision. Nothing in history is made by these. You have to get the aerospace market starts up, let them make money. But in order to do this, the most feasible solution is the privatization of space. Civil tremendous creativity, also contains a strong motivation and desire to reduce costs and improve efficiency. As IT technologies to the market, to key steps of our lives, all privatization out.

My high school alumni in yangquan in this session of the national people's Congress Li put forward a proposal at the meeting, is to call upon the States to keep the space privatization. Baidu really do not intend to enter the space? Now there is a very interesting feature, after the privatization of space, you will find IT natural links technology, Internet and space. United States that privatization of the few bosses are out from the Internet.

GoGo: how to see the Western civil space exploration? Such as the Musk of spaceX?

Liu cixin: whether the State's aerospace industry is the privatization of space, is essentially based on economic interests. That kind of input and no output, whether States or individuals, is not going to do. But instead, after the privatization of space, pursuit of profit-driven trend is more obvious. Countries can have a project not to make money, private, then it is hard to. So do space these bosses are people with feelings of space. But from the nature of their business, it is impossible to make that kind of real economic benefit from exploration. Exploring, I think as long as the economy still facing day, the kind of large-scale exploration and development is difficult to start up.

GoGo: expanding only slowly, right? For example, first to the Moon and Mars, and then to farther places.

Liu cixin: this is not a speed issue. If you make money, the market is not booting up, will never be able to expand. Not slow, are now in the back. Now our steps towards space, rather than the 60.

Gogo:Musk to Mars to build wireless network base stations.

Liu cixin: so closely linked to Internet and space--is creative and innovative areas. We should learn IT development experience, taking it private, to the market, this is the only way out. Those bigger things, what people's sense of responsibility, vision, never count on. Even 60 aerospace climax, and it's not because these things, but from people's fears, show of strength between the two powers are needed.

GoGo: space is not closely related to human life, but he will have some results of research into people's lives, such as what materials.

Liu cixin: and not closely related to human life, because the market has not yet started. Computers and our lives, than space and our life is still far away, the big capacity, with ordinary matter. So while a scholar said, the world has five major computer, computing capacity is sufficient. But the space and human relations are visible and tangible.

GoGo: like it?

Liu cixin: one step at a time, first the most direct relationship: space tourism. Today most people can't afford to go, said real space travel for $ 20 million, then certainly not. Cheap like $ SpaceX,20 million, that is not too expensive. But the weightlessness only last 4 minutes and a half, what's the point? Space tourism market, it will have a certain relationship with us, but don't count on too much.

Next, it is energy. On the planet's carbon emissions are a problem, if moved into space energy system as a whole, build solar power stations in space, and then use the microwave back solar power, most of this relationship: we use every day come from space.

Next greater Beijing's smog control? Pollution of the surrounding Beijing enterprises have moved into space, not afraid of contamination. The relationship grows.

If three do, then the entire aerospace market starts up. Then more would go next. For example, we may set up a space on the Earth's orbit, people can put up permanent residence. Next, you could migrate to the Moon, Mars, and provide a lot of job opportunities. This step by step, with our relationship more closely.

GoGo: so, space and space it really started, with our relationship may be as close as the Internet?

Liu cixin: the question is now this market, it is not booting up. One is a matter of policy, when open? There is an objective reason is space industry to start to spend money in the market, much more than IT should. It needs to be put into the original capital is much greater. The other hand, it also has great risks. Do the IT industry is not dead, but space will be dead. But I think the market should be started as soon as possible.

GoGo: it is possible to space.

Liu cixin: this time I met a very young company to Shanghai, do the rockets. But they may not be able to launch rockets into space, and Government support is limited. And the Internet, is the need for the Government to support the privatization of space and support, including some basic research, the underlying policy and funding.

Liu cixin is recommended: a space movie

Many of these young people have never heard of an old movie, is just 670 of the last century a large notice or summary of space exploration.

Bodyguards of the sky (October Sky)

1960, living in the United States in the coal mining area boys, home found the Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite flew over United States skies. Because of this one, changed the lives of their lives: they are all interested in the exploration of space, one of the children later become NASA (United States NASA) engineers.

Liu: "the living environment is very similar to mine and I was young. "

Of the space pioneers (The Right Stuff)

Nominated for best picture at the 56th Academy Awards, shows the United States before the moon landing, United States astronaut's real life, inside there are real people.

Return of the Hayabusa – far away (small planet MT airport はやぶさ away かなる GUI still)

Vivid presents the 2000, Japan launched the whole process of small planet, such as Japan's aerospace engineers how to control the probe, how to solve various kinds of failures, finally back, Australia landed, also take the samples from the asteroid.

Liu: "Japan's space industry's description was vivid. Such as their control room than our Chinese, it was a Dowdy. Chair torn, floor cracks, and then a small control room. But Japan performed by Aerospace engineers in the control room, is a very innovative projects. "

The breakthrough of Mach 25 (Space Camp)

Call United States version of the fly to Alpha Centauri, late 1980 's have shown at home. It is science fiction, but as of the gravity, does not fancy technology. A group of middle school students participating in the summer camp, visit to NASA space shuttle launch site, there are a few naughty boys went to play on the space shuttle, start hacking space shuttle accidents, they were launched into space to, and then tried to return to Earth.

Liu: "released in China at that time, I've seen it twice and was very moved. "

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Homicide in Hunan 3 day 6 suspect was asking parents for money threatened not

From January 15 to 17th, Hengshan in Hengyang, Hunan 3 day bursts of 3 murder, leaving 6 dead, 1 injured. 27 people suspects what is Nie Louyong? What is the motive? How do local governments and public security departments have taken prevention and control measures?

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) field survey to unlock the mystery. Hengshan County shop town Party Secretary Yan Haifeng said, according to the police investigation team and first informed analysis of the deceased, Nie Louyong a motive or kill because of the desire to have achieved your goal.

On January 18, the Hengyang Public Security Bureau surging news that, in the present case is under further investigation.

Homicide in Hunan 3 day 6: suspect was asking parents for money, threatened not to play to Rob

Luo Xueyun home. Jiang Gewei surging journalists

Serial: 3 days, 6 dead, 1 injured

January 17, 23:32, Hengyang Public Security Bureau issued notices saying: initially identified by the public security authorities, mountain door "1.15" Hengshan kaiyun "1.16" suspect Nie Louyong by man. The morning of January 17, Nie Louyong escaping and killing thousands of people in the process.

Surging news Combs 3rd to 3 case information:

On January 15, the Hengshan County shop Zhen Cha Yuan Cun 16 107 national highway, a murder occurred, 1 dead, 1 injured.

Shop town Party Secretary Yan Haifeng introduction, Nie Louyong disguised as a motorcycle taxi driver to take a female university student, traveling in the opposite direction, tried to rape the woman, retired Chairman of the national people's Congress by shiguxiang Luo Xueyun caught and ending (Note: Luo Xueyun village Director of identity than previous media reports). Nie Louyong Luo Xueyun killed, woman injured.

January 16, 17:40, killing 4 people. Hengshan command center of Public Security Bureau received a report, said Bai Sha Zukuang, bamboo village in Hengshan County, kaiyunzhen Hill homicide case occurred in a China. Understanding by investigators, 17:30, a desert in China back home, House stairwell door was locked, knock at the door no one answered, and find the stairs from the second floor Windows on the second floor room found the murder. The investigation, dead desert respectively to China of four sons, daughters, nieces and nephews, aged 13 years old, maximum of 19 years old.

On January 17, killing 1 person. In the Division's old primary school, 31 year old village woman killed by Nie Louyong Yu Zongdi at home. Hengyang Public Security Bureau confirmed to the surging news the same day, in Hengshan County, Nie Louyong kaiyunzhen Division's old farm was captured near the primary school, meanwhile, Nie Louyong attempted suicide attempt, was sent to the hospital.

Back to: ask your parents for a driving test

6 dead, 1 injured after suspected disjoint, Nie Louyong motives became focal points of discussion in the outside world.

Village of Hengshan County, home shop town, the source added Nie Louyong do not give too much impressed with neighbors in the village, an elderly male neighbors, Nie Louyong low cultural level, CA after graduating from junior high school to join the army, army came back, went to Guangzhou with his parents business. Scalpers said Spring Festival tickets artifact

Homicide in Hunan 3 day 6: suspect was asking parents for money, threatened not to play to Rob

Nie Louyong home accommodation rooms. Jiang Gewei surging journalists

Nie Louyong add live source village Village Road, a two-story building, the House slightly old, hangs above the gate a "glorious record" plaque.

Having a simple grocery store within a building, according to store owner introduced, NIE Jia has two children, Nie Louyong had a sister has married and Nie Louyong year round business with his parents, leaving a more than 80-year old grandmother at home, the House offers to its business.

Shop boss introduced the Nie Louyong go home for a few days, went home one night, then did not see their home again.

These neighbors, Nie Louyong rarely go home over the years, the "impression that two months ago he came back once, but he could not see on the others girls, go back to Guangzhou. "

According to neighbors, Nie Louyong usually is sensible, after meeting greeted the initiative, also had any criminal record. "But I heard that he has a bad relationship with his father, often quarrel. "

Yan Haifeng introduction, Nie Louyong parents have returned to the shop after the town of the crime and accept the public security departments for investigation. According to the account of their parents, the Nie Louyong a home visit is in order to get a driver's license and asked parents to 10,000 yuan, came back 5 days, call their parents asked for another 10,000-yuan, and threatened not to Rob.

Shop female cadres of the town who asked not to be named said it is understood that on January 15, Nie Louyong disguised as a motorcycle taxi driver, pulled to a female college student in town, on the way of female college students found that Nie Louyong route with their destination in the opposite direction, request to get off, Nie Louyong to choke to coerce female college students, asking them to come home.

Garage door to Zhen Cha Yuan Cun 16 107 national highway, female students forced to get off and run up the mountain, met Luo Xueyun. Luo Xueyun rescued after knowing the truth, killed by Nie Louyong. After killing Luo Xueyun, Nie Louyong once again caught up with female students, and the assassination.

The aftermath: the first men apply for connection

Homicide in Hunan 3 day 6: suspect was asking parents for money, threatened not to play to Rob

Nie Louyong Home photo. Jiang Gewei surging journalists

"6 dead, and two townships in the County are consolidated views alike each deceased rescue 150,000 yuan, Luo Xueyun is declared righteous. "Shop town Party Secretary Yan Haifeng said.

Proposed grant program for County Government, Tan Aihui an irritated, he felt the Government bears some responsibility for the death of his wife, and his sister-in-law says, his wife is pregnant, and if a corpse two lives, the rescue is certainly unfair.

Kaiyunzhen Party Secretary James Phang response said on the Tan Aihui pregnancies, Tan Aihui homes already have two daughters, as a matter of policy will not bear any more, but also have not heard about his wife pregnant. Hengyang Public Security Bureau Department publicity Center director Li Gangbiao said that Tan Aihui wife's autopsy results show that the wife is not pregnant.

Tan Aihui surging news provided a copy of "death aid agreement" showed that Tan home Rescue Fund one-time payment of 190,000, is divided into 4 name:

One, considering that this incident, the County Government one-off relief amounted to RMB 100,000 to the families of the deceased.

Second, taking into account the two brothers (Tan home) inhabited a housing situation, organized by the town government contributions to Tan Aihui 50,000 yuan.

Three housing inconveniences, taking into account the two brothers, Aihui TAM agreed to solve renovate 20,000 yuan.

Tan Aihui, four, taking into account the burden of two children to school fees, a one-time subsidy of 20,000 yuan.

Family members of the deceased questioned inadequate government control

Homicide in Hunan 3 day 6: suspect was asking parents for money, threatened not to play to Rob

"Death to bail out." Respondents images

"If the Government notifying the suspects we the people kaiyunzhen on the run, I will not go to work, will stay at home to protect his wife and daughter, my wife probably would not have been killed. "Tan Aihui believes that suspect serial in the 3rd, killed 6 people, the Government did not play a strong preventive effect.

"Relatives and friends found me after his wife was killed, immediately call the police, and 40 minutes to get to the scene by the police. "Tan Aihui said 16th 4 youth killing scene just 5 miles from the home if police capture and control right after the incident took place on 16th, wife not at home were killed.

Aihui TAM's question, said Yan Haifeng 15th night of the crime, shop town town cadres, cadres and members of the General Assembly, to print video as photos, a reward notice issued to every household in the Township, and called for the strengthening of prevention. Kaiyunzhen Party Secretary James Phang also said that after the incident took place on 16th, convene a meeting of cadres and party members in the whole town, launching door-to-door notification of party cadres, pay attention to prevention, and 16th, organize cadres in the village patrols.

18th, Hengyang Public Security Bureau Department publicity Center director Li Gangbiao Aihui TAM's question to the surging news responded by saying that after the incident, Hengshan County Government organized a county party cadre to the villagers, village group visits, encourage villagers to provide clues and has issued more than 20,000 a reward notice; Moreover, the Government also organized a 50-person investigation team visited more than 28,000 people.

Li Gangbiao said that Tan Aihui said no one went home told, probably don't see a reward notice, or no visits to village cadres, "did not rule out such a possibility."

Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to be a good employee this 70 year old interns do a demonstration

Interns may be a career most people in life to make ends meet, and when to eat dry food warm for some time, together with temporary workers in recent years became the mistakes and was wrong first. Of the Red Killifish eat when you can rely on

There exist temporary, intern ox x no, aunt Uncle bus station in Beijing, China is Management Assistant, was Robert de Niro in the movie.

In recent years, de Niro has contributed many "retired" on screen, the struggle of Joey, everybody's fine, the meet the parents series, and this of the intern, in his mellow "former gang bosses" temperament all narrative thread rolling, telling the audience: remember my lines would suffice.

How to be a good employee, this 70 year old interns do a demonstration

Robert de Niro had actually already 71 years old, of the intern's performance is more like his life experience rather than artistic creation. He plays Ben·huiteke (Ben) career is retired, conjugal spouse to 3.5 years. Road all his life, to the old and still can't stop wheels, in order to make myself busy at home with rusty, he went to a shop selling women's clothing merchant do interns.

This wisdom is from conservative industries had collapsed, suit and 1973 's Briefcase, but he uses an Apple computer, drive shortcuts when you throw a punch with young people, old-school but not conservative. As a service than boss life the age winners with open external internship experience to a broad audience of his own career in Rookie model: interns how to advance in the workplace.

Anne Hathaway plays Jules is the bad boss, is also a fashion film, spectators are able to see in the movies a little shadow of the Devil Wears Prada, the same workaholic, to save time Jules rides his bicycle access in the Office, but not in the Devil Wears Prada, Miranda's Ghost animals.

As a married with children's "entrepreneurial dog", Jules is amiable and prone to indecision. Why she is a bad boss? Because the company has grown rapidly to her the boss cannot withstand the needs to hire a better person to be CEO, in addition because of neglect of family and her "full-time husband" also jumped.

One old and one less generation, with the success of similar difficulties, work and love and be the subject of the film.

"Do you have a 70 years old ... ... Do you remember what your college major? "

"You say you graduated after the work is done the phone book ... ... Why don't you use Google phone to use a phone book? "

"Tell me about your career planning, you expected what the position after 10 years? "

Of these 70, generation interview presented to the generation gap opened overflowing the internship. Boss Jules at first did not want to give this job to do--out of an old man to take care of, and contempt for a retiree.

There are no free positions, only the employee does not work. See how this brush:

1, dress: business, don't make yourself "look" very unprofessional.

How to be a good employee, this 70 year old interns do a demonstration How to be a good employee, this 70 year old interns do a demonstration

The model: always suit tie, Briefcase.

2, punctuality: to show strict self-management, after all, you'll give somebody late for punctuality of space they will thank you.

How to be a good employee, this 70 year old interns do a demonstration

The model: with the boss about five minutes at 3:55, he never was late or timed out.

3, good communication: have something to say, take out the wage earners "confidence".

How to be a good employee, this 70 year old interns do a demonstration

This demonstration: at any time.

4, actively provide easy: or is that old saying, good health and a happy family.

How to be a good employee, this 70 year old interns do a demonstration How to be a good employee, this 70 year old interns do a demonstration

The model: helped colleagues carts, email, etc.

5, remember everybody's names: remember for each predecessor is known.

How to be a good employee, this 70 year old interns do a demonstration

The model: tube bosses called Jules, it tube Jules Assistant boss.

6, don't take curiosity to a colleague's private life: families took bragging can say things, and then you say, what good is it?

How to be a good employee, this 70 year old interns do a demonstration

The model: seeing Jules in crying, only to help discussion and reason.

7, quickly learn work skills: one doesn't want to be King she's websites are not good sellers.

How to be a good employee, this 70 year old interns do a demonstration

The model: registered Facebook, retouching software for smart phones.

8, enthusiasm to help your colleague: team are more likely to succeed, wants to think EXO, BIGBANG, TFBOYS, huge acts.

The model: let colleagues on their family lives, boast before his colleagues in the leadership.

9, accompanied his boss to work overtime: heart of the Emperor and eunuch's pay, motivated staff is as expressionism.

The model: clearly nothing in the newspaper there have to work overtime to finally, successfully attract the attention of bosses.

10, don't be too tangled on the pros and cons: work better, not much.

The model: spur of the moment out of the post by Jules later dedicated to new colleagues to buy coffee, have no grievances expressed understanding for Jules came to apologize, and said she knew he was capable of more, second case.

11, the courage to pry walls: do not let the right one in your proper position (caution).

The model: Jules found drink driving, awe-inspiring decisively took driver's job, and emotions surged with the boss.

12, has earned the ability to solve difficult life under the leadership of: through a man tied his stomach, along the last boss near his home.

The model: Jules daughter out, Jules found her husband having an affair without saying a single word.

13, at the right time to tell the boss you can do: see "Wendi Deng biography" it, yamahana selection I want.

The model: as a trainee, and analysis of the company's operations.

14, the best drink: If you don't have a boss: Hi, if you get too hi boss how?

The model: Jules drunk and hear her voice.

15, keeping interest in work: otherwise all these give no positive meaning for you.

This demonstration: at any time.

This success stems from his self-denying quality and openness to the world, in other words: a pure person, a man has bad taste.

He gave not so much Jules practice when his men, Jules in his practice than boss.

Personal life and 70 years old but graceful confidence, attracting unwelcome attention when static, dynamic strength hot sister, with the company's big sister without procrastination as a masseuse to get married.

Jules as a young talent, but because of concerns about his successful career his family into a situation of malnutrition, attempting to use his CEO position to the other person, deeply obsessed with pleasure of self-sacrifice and self-deception aside.

When she wept claimed to want to divorce that die alone, gave up her career when back home, with a "live long" calm told her: don't need you, but you need this career without fear of divorce. This is a father's gesture, but also a leadership stance, he may not visit your corner, but he was sure everything will be over.

If working with love, battle, having to give up their independence, if killed to feed the love, love will be food poisoning.

Best look forward to is meeting the right people, of course, love, blessings, and clues to the fate of captured in the chaos, and to secure.

Of course, boiled down the course of chicken soup for the middle class a slow movie rhythm a little procrastination, in addition to many people, the "intern" status set is already out of their self or patience, but at least I certainly would like to have is something you cherish: sitting like smoke. (Sitting is the new smoking.)

Friday, January 1, 2016

Henan urban freight tricycle the main 2016 fines received in advance by force

Henan urban freight tricycle the main 2016 fines received in advance by force, do not pay money buckles

Chengguan Department fees only handwritten notes "2016", but Bill batch display is the 2013 notes. Qingdao official 38 prawns stall for allegedly

According to the Dahe news, one-time 2016 years received in advance of the "garbage fees" and "road penalty fees" but charge bills issued by batches is 2013, and no payee name and date on the Bill. Such advance payment of fines and "confused" notes, many of the freight tricycles, zhoukou city, Henan province dancheng befuddled. "I don't know what is their basis but don't want to pay to buckle the car. How can junk fees and fines in advance? Chengguan ' speculation ' I violations accounted for in the year ahead, the specific situation? criteria for fee 1000 Yuan came from in the first place? " Owners said, puzzled.

Fees reflect | pay 1000 Yuan first road, don't pay button

Dancheng Chen is a cargo Trike. The afternoon of December 29, 2015, he drove his car was stopped by several uniformed staff.

"They let me make the 2016 year of road fees, I say, 2015 is yet to expire, 2016?" Mr Chen recalled, told him several Chengguan can prepay and mobilize one row in his first team. After Mr Chen with the Chengguan to team, "do not pay money not to go" in desperation, Mr CHAN had to pay 1000 Yuan fee. After paying, the staff gave him 20 charge bills, each for 50 Yuan.

Yesterday, the Dahe newspaper seen on Mr CHAN's Bill, made payable to "administrative fees Fund quota Bill, Henan province", the Fund projects a column fill in "2016", payee and date of receipt are blank, stamped "dancheng supervision team of city garbage disposal fee for special". Worth noting is that paper lot is the "NA[2013]." A financial officer told reporters that this refers to the 2013 notes.

Mr Chan said that 2016 road fees received in advance will not speak, bills itself as the only people do not understand. "Payee and date not to write, says is cover is seal of the waste treatment fees, but also the 2013 notes, do not breach?" Mr Chen said.

And Mr Chen, as recent calls from reporters received dancheng freight tricycle the main reflected encounter officers about the charges. "Forcibly detaining cars without paying, we dare not go pull over these two days. "The owner said.

Response | Chengguan unearned penalty, Legislative Affairs Office said "not allowed"

Yesterday, the Dahe newspaper reporter contacted dancheng Hu, Director of the Office of City Council. He said three-wheeled truck in the course of operating the indiscriminate way, often littering, charge costs fees for waste disposal and transit fees. When reporters pressed charges based on the notes and questions, he called upon to reply again.

After more than 10 minutes, city management supervision team member of City Council, Wang, Vice Captain on the phone. He said that in advance this time contains "junk fees" and "road penalty fee" per tricycle 1000 Yuan per year. Why use the 2013 notes, he says the Bill is just this month from the County Department of finance lead, "this is finance."

As to the basis, Deputy team leader Wang said that Henan province, according to the city appearance and environmental sanitation regulations on measures for the implementation of article 32 of the 2nd paragraph. Journalists find this Ordinance full text found no reference "allows road fines and fees received in advance". In this regard, the vice captain responded that fines received in advance are not violations each year.

Subsequently, dancheng calls Bureau, understand the problem of 2013 notes, the Bureau's Office let reporters get paid out of the Treasury Center. Treasury payment center and reporters looking for taxes, but refused to provide. After tossing a ring, this reporter once again dial finance office phone, but no one answered. A public institution's financial officer, zhoukou city said, still using the 2013 notes is "inappropriate".

To solve these problems, an interview with reporters yesterday, zhoukou city people's Government Office, Legislative Affairs Office. Law enforcement and supervision Bureau Chief, Liu said a definite answer "fines received in advance are not allowed". She said, can reflect, zhoukou city, contact the Department of Legal Affairs Office of law enforcement and supervision, they will be involved in the investigation.