Friday, October 28, 2016

Shandong province seized a car crazy on the run the co pilot man stabbed the

Public network, October 28, Shandong zhucheng land cruisers were traffic police seized police Zhang checks in the car, the driver suddenly drove away, sitting on the passenger side man stabbed Zhang took out a long knife, in the course of wrestling, Zhang hands were seriously injured. Currently, suspects have been detained, Zhang is still under treatment in hospital. Chongqing women doctors by taking poison after

8:51 A.M. October 16, though police brigade three Squadron received the alarm, a black modern SUVs were identified as licensed vehicles. 9:10, c Squadron instructor Che Dexiang, officer Zhang, Yang Xuesen 206 national highway and stone road, 50 metres north of the traffic light junction the vehicle was found, three immediately signaled the vehicle to pull over and asked drivers to show a driver's license and license.

During the inspection, suspect vehicle passenger ride personnel refused to produce the relevant documents, and battery low battery, turn off will not start as an excuse, repeatedly asked to rely on roadside parking. The vehicle was arrested, is a key violation, staff performance that worries Zhang driver escaped by car, so he turned on the left rear door of the vehicle, on the vehicle.

A car carrying two men and two women, Zhang judgment this is just General suspected of violations of the vehicle deck, but at this point, the unexpected happened. Driver open car lock and accelerated fleeing South, meanwhile, sat in the co-pilot position a man pulled out a 20-centimetre long knives suddenly stabbing Zhang. The suspect faced fierce and sharp long knife, Zhang did not flinch, but brave and fight, while loudly warning the parking to check, in the course of wrestling, Zhang hands were seriously injured. The car has been crazy to escape, while Zhang Bo vehicle turning slightly slower speed time to jump out of the car, jumping was the Deputy of the head driver slashed with a knife. Subsequently, the car accelerated to flee.

Zhucheng Interpol received Police Brigade Brigade transferred after the alert, swift action, view monitoring, through tracing and analysis study, determined that the car driver, the co-pilot knife-wielding officer Liu, Changle County, two people are people. Eventually, the knife-wielding suspect Liu arrested pressure, voluntarily surrendered zhucheng City Public Security Bureau.

At present, the injured officer Zhang is still under treatment in hospital, knife-wielding suspect Liu has been detained and the case is under further investigation.

(Originally entitled a police check, Weifang, Shandong was co-pilot car man stabs)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Residence of Cao Xueqin in Beijing Botanical Garden has been translation errors

Residence of Cao Xueqin in Beijing Botanical Garden has been translation errors, Park officials say they will as soon as practicable,

Cao Hanyu Pinyin "Cao" spelled "CAI".

Beijing morning news, users tweeting yesterday said the Beijing Botanical Garden in front of the Memorial Hall of Cao Xueqin's description on the phonetic misspelling of Cao Xueqin, and Hanyu Pinyin "Cao" spelled "CAI", Cao became "Cai Xueqin". In this regard, the Beijing Botanical Garden staff will be processed after verification as soon as possible. NTA Stern chaos of jiuhuashan tourism encourage

Yesterday, the Netizen will be shot before a former residence of Cao Xueqin in Beijing Botanical Garden under the English translation on the Internet, and with "the two ancient English annotation in front of Memorial Hall of Cao Xueqin wrote 'Cai xueqin' 'Cao Xueqin' translators in hopes that the staff corrected in a timely manner, do not mislead aliens, it is disrespectful to the generation of literary giants. "Twitter, users have forwarded. "This user really care, I've been to many times have not been found, hope Park changes as soon as possible". The Netizen said, when he was also introduced to foreign friends discovered the mistake. "Really felt embarrassed, is a junior writer, misspelled the name of the error. "

Reporters saw on the English description of the former residence of Cao Xueqin, "Cao" Pinyin "Cao" written "CAI". In this regard, the Beijing morning news reporters Beijing Botanical Garden calls, officials say, has informed former residence of Cao Xueqin, spelling errors, will be as soon as possible to verify.

(Formerly entitled to the former residence of Cao Xueqin is accused of translation errors, the Beijing Botanical Garden: the verification as soon as possible)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Do not want to die a natural death mountain Henan teenagers running learn the

Xiaoxi (not his real name) when he ran away from home to write the letter. This pictures are journalists surging Duan Yanchao

"Don't worried, son grew up has, wings hard has, wants to out of to see, I didn't want to comfort died in big mountain in, I not like here", and "I has I of dream", and "let go's, let I go"--this seal "home run" left parents of letter October 7 was media disclosure Hou, Henan dengfeng 14 age boys xiaoxi (pseudonym) quickly raised concern.

Xiaoxi of the compound, is walking his aged grandfather.

Small House, in the village of tangzhuangxiang, dengfeng tower mill, surrounded by mountains. Village is situated on both sides of the River, about 22 km from the urban area. Although the village road, but no shuttle to village in the urban area, can only take a peak passenger CMB-gongyi, cost 7 Yuan. Xiao Tang secondary schools, also on the Intercity lines.

Small home village public information (Gao Zhenju is a little like Grandpa).

Little mother spirit are still unclear, father, car accident, her legs work in factories, home food rations from an acre of land. In the eyes of the villagers, little introverted, taciturn. Little joy's father said, although sometimes tempered a bit stubborn, but overall is quite good.

"Runaway", the small to the furthest places, that is, tangzhuangxiang. Runaway little, October 7, returned home, he spent his childhood in dengfeng city, earned during the national day.

On October 13, the Tang school rejected a surging News (www.thepaper.CN) interview. For the runaways, surging xiaoxi told the news, some teachers had told him "easy a is one of the sword", so he wanted to go out, "thought beyond look at."

Local media coverage of xiaoxi running shots.


"People in the big cities, too cool"

Surging News: why do leaves a letter without saying good-bye?

Small HI: I was mainly curious. Too quiet in the mountains, it is boring for too long in the mountain, to go out and see, dengfeng to go around.

Surge: "running away from home" for 7 days, what to do?

Small: the morning of October 1, I found my father had 100 bucks in the Pocket, he took out. I sat in dengfeng of gongyi, dengfeng to Terminal out of the car.

After getting off the streets just around, and I just bought some red flags for sale. At first I wanted to sell near Terminal, but too many people, a little embarrassed, I went around the neighborhood, knocking from door to door and ask them do you want a little red flag. Also sells some, but most of them just to say, "do not buy do not buy" and closed the door.

Sell all morning, turned two, just before noon, when the Ying Xian GE (Note: tourist attractions), where admission is, I look at it, selling little red flag. Actually wanted to go to Shaolin Temple (Note: about 16 kilometers away from peak), but so far, I'm not going to ride, didn't go. Bought a cake to eat at noon. Afternoon to go to the restaurant to find opportunities to work, began asking a few no one wants me, then a restaurant's aunt took me.

Surging News: worked primarily doing?

Small HI: I want to do is to stand in front of the box and do the dishes on the table, after guests finish eating, then put the plate down. As long as which box short-handed, I will be over to help. At noon each day to work at night, 4 hours of free time, you can go out to see.

Surging News: do you have trouble?

Small: there are. Just started a few days didn't do a very good one, because people who eat more, forgot a meal room guests, about half an hour before they serve. Guests then lost his temper, I'm a little scared, hiding behind the door, another waiter to explain.

Surging News: accommodation solution?

Small: restaurants arranged a room for me, I'm the only one who lived.

Surging News: part-time homesick during it?

Small: thought about it. 1th I borrow someone phone this afternoon Dad on the phone, say 5th back. But until the 5th day, I forget and father and he will not go back. Wait until the 6th, when you come to think of it, 7th, returning soon, no need to call again. 7th when the clerk told me that dad called to ask when I go back, I was afraid of him to worry about, will lend him on QQ phone information, that I went back in the afternoon. 7th then around 3 in the afternoon, I went home by bus.

Surging News: dengfeng make you feel?

Small: think big city is quite big, but there are others, too cold.

Surging News: why do you say that?

Small HI: when I sell a little red flag, an old man I have the flag "stolen" away, said, "kid, you ought to be for the community, serving, sent to me". I let him take one, and he said, no, to take two. Another time, I was in Ying Xian GE, saw a baby cry because of fights with other children, and gave him one. Parents see, thought I was free, come to me, I am also embarrassed refused. Last little red flag almost didn't, who did not have much money left, so I went to work.

Xiaoxi in dengfeng to Ying Xian GE.

"I don't want to live too comfortable in the mountains"

Surging News: when is the earliest we have "out" idea?

Small: probably 8 or 9 years old, my father took me for the first time reached the top pick acorns. Mountains have an Acorn (oak) forests, Acorn can be used to make jelly. It is autumn, it was raining and cold. Later brother grew up, came home from school, will take him to the mountains around. At first time, I had wanted to go to the mountains to see for the first time, because the Hill is what I am now studying Tang middle school. After junior high, and was going to the Hill to watch. Later in the summer, when have I ever went out, but my dad says I'm a bad result, let me go, not go out. On September 30 I and my father said, "to see", he was not taken seriously. That night, I couldn't sleep all night.

Xiaoxi reporters down the Hill.

Surging News: How do you think?

Small: letters were written by the morning of October 1, as to let my family know I walked, so write a farewell letter. If I say I'm going to go out, they fear, will not let me out, and I have no phone.

Surging News: why do you write in the letter, "I don't want to die in the mountains?"

Small: a teacher once told me, "comfort is one of the sword", so I don't want to get too comfortable in the mountains, I want to go out, take a look farther afield, came up with a new place to go and have a look. I think that life is great, is extraordinary.

Small desks.

Surging News: in the letter you mentioned that you don't like big mountain, and why?

Little joy: living hard in the mountains, there are fewer people mainly, can be seen rarely here. Here don't know across the country, knowledge of the society as a whole. Don't see here.

Little joy's father told reporters his leg injury. After 6 years old boy lost in Ganzhou followed

Surging News: in his letter, you mentioned that due to the existence of the parents, you don't dare to achieve your dream, why?

Small: left leg because his father had an accident, mother mental state is good, seldom come back. Sometimes I worry about my mother, she is often out there on my own (run).

Xiaoxi Grandma in a wheelchair watching television.

Surging News: what's your dream?

Small HI: I actually have a lot of dreams. For example, when a writer or a doctor. But now want to feel a bit far.

Surging News: mentioned in the letter "computers" is Daddy didn't buy you a computer?

Small: Yes. Nine years on, looking up information, and would like to learn about online, but the lack of money. After the first exam, study pressure is a little big, so he offers to buy a computer. When my father refused me directly, it's a little upset. But I can understand. Now my heart still hopes to have a computer.

Surging News: home, do you see online on their own reports?

Small: his father was seen on the phone, I feel a little "fuss". In fact, slam the phone thing was a long time ago, in the first weeks after the exam. Because I usually like to use mobile phones to play games, so I'm trying to learn, and not to play. Dropped phone and students said they knew.

In a small house, and Grandpa at the door to do farm work.

"To go out first and family said later"

Surging News: do you have some hobbies?

Small HI: I like writing, and running. Occasionally read some books, like ideological to cultivate the kind of books. Had seen the scream of Lu Xun. Books I read are good people in the community contributions to the school, each student can send to some. At home, I will often climb. While the process is difficult, but I'm not going to give up, tired, I'll stop-and-go, rest. Enough rest, and then climb again. To the top of the time, to look on the side of the mountain is very beautiful. I think Hill is a ladder. Because, through the mountains to climb out.

Homework in the small Grill in dad's bed.

Surging News: How do you learn?

Small HI: very good in grade seven, has been in the top ten of the class. To eight grade, ninth grade, learning a bit lazy, always nodding off in class, learning is lost. There is a midterm, the teacher in front of the top ten students were praised. I happen to be the 11th to be regretted. Had seen students on the podium brought Awards, feeling a little envious that he will try to stand up. Now I hope I can go to experimental high school.

Xiaoxi family rooms.

Small room.

Little grandmother suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, confined to bed.

Surging News: listen to your grandma, your clothes are the basic gift.

Small: while I feel helpless about their family status, but I can understand. Previously saw students dressed in new clothes, envy. Now grown up, I feel nothing. Sometimes hear other people say about me, was not pleased, but I think they are now "fight father" well, when I grow up I am definitely richer than them. Sometimes I will take the initiative and, they say, they are now in "spell dad."

Small awards.

Surging News: now your "fire", the students say about you?

Small: they like to joke about this, suppose I'm egotistical, said, "now have become celebrities, see you in the news." I didn't pay any attention to them.

Had abandoned the village primary school.

Surging News: will ever become famous? Look for online speech?

Small: never. I think online could comment a lot, but after a period of time, they will be forgotten, there will be no comments about me.

Surging news regrets the "runaway"?

Small HI: really regret now. After all 7 days, got 100 bucks in Dongfeng to spend all out. Wages are only 120 blocks have been issued, made only 20 of them, than 7 days stay with their parents at home. If there is an opportunity to go, will and his family agreed in advance.

Small standing at the top, look beyond the mountains.

Surging News: now what?

Small: my life was calm again by now. Sooner or later, should study hard now. Later as long as there is enough knowledge, you can go farther and better place. Should not think too much right now, if you really want to go, or to go out in the company of their parents.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Identification of Peking Man French Jesuit Teilhard lived for 23 years in China

Identification of

Teilhard Singers wed in the name of Stamford MOM return

Europe and the France national Jesuit Teilhard (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, 1881-1955) as Freud's famous thinker, Asians are unfamiliar to him.

"Teilhard identifies ' Peking ', found that the skull belonged to a woman named her 'Nelly'. In the industry, Teilhard de Chardin is the ' father of the Peking Man '. "Fudan University philosophy professor of religion and Director of Li tiangang sigh:" people are still little known, top of his is a paleontologist, is also a well known worldwide, changing 20th century theologian and philosopher of the human mind. Even the young c. c. Teilhard de Chardin's colleagues, friends said, ' don't believe a priest ', totally unaware of moral study in Peking during the skeleton, skeleton in addition to write difficult, abstract philosophical works. "

On October 15, the Shanghai Society of religious, philosophical school of Fudan University Institute of Li Xu, Shanghai Xujiahui library exchange of Chinese and Western literature, Library Research Center and sponsored by the China Association of friends of Teilhard "Teilhard de Chardin and the Shanghai" workshop was held at the Shanghai Academy of social sciences. This is the 2014 Olympic Teilhard de Chardin philosophy seminar, "Teilhard de Chardin and the future of mankind" in 2015 and 60 anniversary of the death of salawusuderijin after the seminar, "Teilhard de Chardin returned to China" seminar series of the third leg.

Identification of

On October 15, the Shanghai Society of religious, philosophical school of Fudan University Institute of Li Xu, Shanghai Xujiahui library exchange of Chinese and Western literature, Library Research Center and sponsored by the China Association of friends of Teilhard "Teilhard de Chardin and the Shanghai" workshop was held at the Shanghai Academy of social sciences.

It is reported that in May 1923, Teilhard de Chardin from Shanghai to step on Chinese soil for the first time. During the war, he also repeatedly came to Shanghai and Shanghai Library (formerly the library of the Jesuit) live and work. Even the meeting venue--Shanghai Academy of social sciences (site of the Catholic Aurora women's Liberal Arts College) Teilhard de Chardin familiar places.

Close of Teilhard de Chardin and China?

From 1923 to 1946, Teilhard de Chardin have lived in China before and after 23 years: he found in the water cave ditch in yinchuan of Ningxia loess Paleolithic, guidance of Zhoukoudian excavations research, completed the most widely known of the human phenomenon of ... ... A lot of people don't know that Teilhard de Chardin for 20 years in China can be said to be the most rich periods of his scientific career.

Identification of

Teilhard de Chardin in checking his skull in China.

CAs researcher at the Institute of vertebrate paleontology and fossil magazine editor in Chief Guo Jianwai feeling, Teilhard's scientific papers in China no less, wrote of Chinese paleontology Foundation plays an important role.

Teilhard de Chardin General Coordinator of the Association of friends of China, said Wang, Teilhard de Chardin and the fate of China and gas about Teilhard de Chardin's sister fulangsi. Fulangsiwasi was born in 1879 in the home second, Teilhard de Chardin ranked old four. And Teilhard de Chardin like meditation is different, fulangsiwasi was a very active person.

In 1909, the fulangsiwasi came to Shanghai, determined to work for the poor, in a year's time, from the most ordinary nun becomes Abbot of the management of more than 300 people. She also worked with Teilhard de Chardin wrote praying that I would also like to stay in China at the last minute. In 1911, at age 32, fulangsiwasi ceilings, away in Shanghai.

Philosophy at Fudan University College religious studies Professor, documentary Director Wei Mingde the Teilhard de Chardin in China, Germany, Japan, China, and sister, was not intended. Teilhard de Chardin teaching geology at the Catholic Institute of Paris at that time, 40-something the Jesuits should have been promising, but Teilhard de Chardin wrote papers on original sin, this paper is about the historicity of the biblical narrative is questioned, and shows like Darwin's theory of evolution, have sinned against the Holy See. Later, Jesus France province had to assign Teilhard de Chardin travelled to China for visits.

"Teilhard de Chardin's 23 years in China, China provides his ideas with a good environment. Allow him to discover Peking, China, engaged in archaeology. "Li tiangang said that recall the era of Teilhard, when our culture and world culture have a high degree of integration," the real intervention is contact free way to another culture. "

Teilhard de Chardin in my circle of friends, Daniel

Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of history of natural science PhD student, lecturer in the school of international relations in French Miss Chen said, early 20th century geologists both geological survey in Beijing, Peking Union Medical College, the Geological Society of China, Beijing Institute of natural history research institutions and organizations, and has visited China several times the United States in Central Asia, study tours and Sweden delegation from Northwest. Teilhard de Chardin in which, and many have established profound friendship.

Take a look at what his friends are who?

Hu Shi's first was named "European scientific and most of the Chinese" Ding wenjiang. Ding wenjiang in 1911 from the United Kingdom to study abroad, and was one of the founder of the geological survey of China. Teilhard and his acquaintances began in 1924, and in 1927, went to study in Zhoukoudian. In 1929, Teilhard describes Ding wenjiang and Weng Wenhao met the Vatican parish Archbishop Celso Benigno Luigi Costantini, China.

Identification of

Ding Wen-Jiang

Weng Wenhao is who? He was the first in the West of China got the doctor of geology who. In 1922, Weng Wenhao and Teilhard de Chardin met in Belgium, the two talked happily. In 1923, Teilhard de Chardin to China for the first time, Geological Society of Weng Wenhao invited him to participate in regular session and made a statement. In 1927, Weng Wenhao invited Teilhard to Zhoukoudian plans, the two counterparts many times inspection at Zhoukoudian. According to Chen Mi data collection, on Christmas day in 1950, Weng Wenhao and Teilhard in Paris at a friend's House for dinner.

Identification of

Weng Wenhao

Then is known as the "father of the Yangshao culture," Sweden geologist ante. He was employed by the geological survey of experts, not only help the Chinese found the iron ore, but also in geology, paleontology, neolithic culture and other fields have many ground-breaking discovery. He wrote the child of loess in the course of the book, also wrote Teilhard advice and confirmation of the latter in salawusu investigated something.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Addicted to the Internet broadcast network red gift Foshan is owed by the 18

Watch the news on October 13, net red mouth, Otaku are practical gifts, including Antony. Since starting in June, in this webcast platform, has spent 80,000 yuan. Into the Taobao fraud young force tent sit lie

Antony who just turned 18 years old, in a factory work, zhangcha, chancheng, Foshan, Guangdong, he spends a few hours a day watching the webcast, listen to "net red" sings and sometimes also can chat interaction, see rise, will be filled with money gifts to these "net red."

Antony said, he starts from the end of June to mid-September, the average daily spend gift more in this webcast platform to 1000 Yuan.

Addicted to the Internet broadcast network red gift, Foshan is owed by the 18-year-olds nearly 200,000 loan-sharking

But Antony is just an ordinary factory worker, but 2000 Yuan a month, while his parents the average wage-earner, his family was not rich, luxury in which he threw gold cost? Antony said, was borrowed from a colleague in the factory.

Addicted to the Internet broadcast network red gift, Foshan is owed by the 18-year-olds nearly 200,000 loan-sharking

Thanks to Antony and rent to live separately from their parents, before you borrow money, without consulting parents, until September 25 this year, lenders harass them, even with interest all 195,300, Antony's parents know that children love reticulocyte, owes huge debts.

After reporters found a banker Liu, he said, borrowing money is you I wish, IOU is itching to sign, not forced.

Addicted to the Internet broadcast network red gift, Foshan is owed by the 18-year-olds nearly 200,000 loan-sharking

However, lawyers said, although Antony for loans under the age of 18, but already have the capacity for civil conduct, so borrowing should be effective, but Antony and the other agreed interests significantly higher loan interest rate four times, is usury.

Lawyer Roderick: If the agreement is 30% interest per month, 100,000 yuan per month 30,000 interest, this interest is in violation of the law, is too high. Then this agreement is null and void.

Wu counsel, Antony, just to each other over the same period to repay the principal and interest. Finally Antony Liu consultations and creditors, they agreed that a principal can be.

(Formerly titled Internet broadcast to "net red" owed by the 18-year-olds nearly 200,000 of gift of usury)