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The 21st century business Herald China under provincial environmental monitoring

45, the State will be under provincial environmental agencies monitoring the monitoring law enforcement vertical management system.

18 plenary session Communique suggested that the country will pursue the "most stringent environmental protection regime" imposed under provincial law enforcement agencies to monitor the monitor vertical management system of environmental protection.

"Monitoring and surveillance and law enforcement are very basic and important work of environmental protection departments, provincial ruler of the reform shows that the Central Government's determination to break local protectionism. "An official from the Ministry of environmental protection on the 21st century business Herald said.

A local environmental protection official told the 21st century business Herald analysis of the sector, "the 18 session of the decision adopted by the proposed independent environmental regulation and administrative law enforcement, now 18 plenary further, which will greatly promote the regional monitoring and surveillance and law enforcement system. "

Vertical management of environmental monitoring station below the provincial, local administrative interference

"The so-called vertical management under provincial environmental monitoring agencies, refers to the city and county environmental monitoring agencies provincial environmental protection departments under the vertical management. "Said environmental Ministry officials on the 21st century business Herald explained.

At present provincial environmental protection Bureau with environmental monitoring central station, EPA generally includes municipal and county level environmental monitoring station, they are all local environmental protection departments affiliated institutions.

"City and county environmental monitoring station led directly by the local environmental protection Bureau, the local environmental protection Bureau is a local government administrative departments, their positions, personnel, salary, bonuses, are funded by local government and party Committee. "Tsinghua University public administration Professor Qi ye pointed out that this system leads to city and County Government in the profit-driven, likely to interfere with the monitoring data for environmental monitoring.

"After the vertical management, city and county environmental monitoring stations will be centrally managed by the provincial environmental monitoring center, guaranteed by the provincial government on its funding, so out of financial dependence on the city and County Government can reduce direct administrative interference of the city and County. "Said environmental Ministry official explained. XI Jinping leaves for Sino US heads of State talks

A local environmental protection official told the 21st century business Herald said under provincial environmental monitoring body vertical management, environmental monitoring central station will break, provincial financial departments need a substantial increase in its budget the amount of guarantee.

21st century business Herald was informed that, after the city and county environmental monitoring body to implement the provincial ruler, provincial environmental monitoring center unified reference public class of institution management.

Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Department is working on the development of the national programme for environmental quality monitoring powers up, preliminary considerations on the "Thirteen-Five" within the first three years, through the "three-step" of national environmental quality monitoring of environmental quality control points in the network monitoring powers, is up to the Central Government.

Below the provincial level environmental supervision and law enforcement in the vertical management, staffing challenges faced

Compared to vertical management under provincial environmental monitoring agencies, law enforcement agencies under provincial environmental monitoring vertical management more complex.

The so-called environmental monitoring, primarily under the leadership of the people's Governments and environmental protection departments at all levels, law on pollution discharge of pollutants in the area and the marine and ecological destruction events and on-site supervision, inspection, and participate in the process.

Institute for resources and environment, development research center of the State Council policy explain Chang Jiwen, Deputy Director, monitoring enforcement and regulatory enforcement is different, which is from top to bottom of monitor, such as spot checks, inspections or accountability, regulatory enforcement rights but did not intervene, the latter refers to the everyday environment of the local environmental protection departments have authority, such as vehicle emission management, total control and issuance of permits.

21st century business Herald was informed that General in the Office of the provincial environmental protection Bureau has environmental surveillance and law enforcement contingents, municipal environmental protection Bureau with environmental surveillance and law enforcement detachment, there is environmental monitoring the enforcement agency in the County Environmental Protection Bureau, they are all local environmental protection departments affiliated institutions.

At present, a provincial team of environmental surveillance and law enforcement system, not small in scale, in central province, for example, over a total of more than 4,000 environmental surveillance and law enforcement personnel in the province.

"Environmental monitoring law enforcement Corps of about 50 people, detachment personnel about 20-40 people, County battalion numbers vary greatly, leaving dozens of people, as many as hundreds of people. "One of the central provinces of provincial Department of environmental protection officials, the 21st century business Herald introduced, in the team of more than 4,000 people, about thousands of people without formal career preparation.

Provincial environment supervision and law enforcement agencies of the following vertical management, is converting all civil servants to management in the future, or continue as an institution of public management personnel to manage?

Former Central Province Environmental Protection Bureau officials, if you do not manage it as a civil servant, its law enforcement capacity is still limited. "Environmental monitoring law enforcement because it is a public institution system, delegate its law enforcement powers from the Environmental Protection Department, which to a large extent, affected its enforcement authority. "

"If you change it to civil servants to suddenly increased so much the civil service establishment, too much in line with the streamlining of the administrative body of the direction of reform. "The official analysis.

Another possible preparation of the reform programme is a continuation of the previous institution. Such programmes need to address "due to the low law enforcement law enforcement authority of any of the old issues" and "team no institution in the preparation of the placement of the new issue of supernumerary personnel."

The official further noted that, "preliminary judgment, select them all to the reform of the civil service establishment are less likely, very likely to continue preparation of the reform programme. "

Meanwhile, after supervising the implementation of provincial ruler, staff will also be a new problem.

"Throughout the past environmental monitoring of law enforcement by local governments in accordance with the financial strength, importance and the level of sewage charges and other factors identified, staffing varies around. "Former environmental protection Bureau officials in the central provinces, it is recommended that after the provincial ruler, the provincial environmental monitoring law enforcement across the Corps in accordance with the monitoring task, especially the number of major pollution sources, to allocate these surveillance and law enforcement personnel.

In addition, there is a local environmental protection official told the 21st century business Herald expressed surprise that "inside the province, control, monitoring and surveillance and law enforcement in the District of, then what do counties according to the environmental protection law responsible for the quality of the local environment? Vertical management system of environmental protection in the province and territorial management how to effectively coordinate? "

Source: the 21st century business Herald

Original title: "Thirteen-Five" below the provincial environmental monitoring and surveillance and law enforcement to be vertical management

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Zhejiang license plate auction fight 4 people injured due to 9999 license plate

Zhejiang license plate auction fight 4 people injured, due to

The scene. Twitter @@Lucas Huang can Yu keping environmental pollution caused by population

The afternoon of October 30, vibe in online economic development zone, huzhou, Zhejiang Center occurred in bidding over "9999" license plate from the brawl.

According to the informed source, the auction on that day, 2 bid groups vie for "zhe ED9999" take turns bidding, has been pushed up to 990,000 "super price" of a deal. After the deal, the two sides fought at the scene.

At a local forum, together with the description of the event was posted on a 37-second cell phone video shot. In the video, many men use stool fight each other and threw chairs, bottles and so on.

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from huzhou City Police confirmed that the 30th around 15 o'clock, Center of huzhou bidding brawl occurred, but whether for groups fighting, whether because of the special number plate was sold for 990,000 raised still further investigation.

Zhejiang license plate auction fight 4 people injured, due to

The scene. Twitter @@Lucas Huang can

According to reports, the 30th 15:05, development zone, huzhou City Public Security Bureau branch, command center, Phoenix police station received instructions: the tender Centre, 2/f, a number of fights, the police quickly rushed to the scene.

The preliminary investigation by the police, 15 o'clock, huzhou City Center 2nd bidding bid in an open auction process, parties bid for conflict, fighting, killing 4 people slightly injured (non-life), has been sent to hospital for treatment.

Surging news query information found, previously by media reported of Zhejiang most your license plate for Wenzhou of "Zhejiang C88888", 2007 to 1.66 million Yuan sold, hanging in "BMW 7 Department" car Shang, Hou for owners investment failed, and owes Xia giant debt, BMW car was auction debt, "Zhejiang C88888" was owners hanging to has himself a car car price not to 50,000 yuan of "Changan" seven seat van Shang.

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Double former Secretary of taking bribes of more than 50 million requests for

Double former Secretary of taking bribes of more than 50 million requests for a lenient to the early people

Former Communists shuangliu County Party Secretary Gao Zhijian. Photo Source: Xinhua News Agency

On October 28, 2015 at 9 o'clock, zigong city intermediate people's Court of first instance in accordance with public hearing Gao Zhijian of the defendant charged with bribery case. Zigong city Procuratorate to send representatives to appear in court to support the prosecution, Gao Zhijian and his defenders appear to participate in the proceedings.

After half a day of public hearing, the presiding judge and zigong intermediate people's Court in the present case the Committee member, President of the second Chamber of punishment announced Li Shuguang, shuangliu County in former Communist Party Secretary Gao Zhijian was charged with bribery case trial adjournments. Full elective sentence according to law.

Charged in connection with more than 54.49 million yuan of which 1.02 million Yuan worth of diamond-bearing a gold

On suspicion of taking bribes, Gao Zhijian was detained on September 17, 2014; was arrested on September 26, 2014. On July 1, 2015, to the zigong intermediate people's Court to prosecute this case, zigong city people's Procuratorate.

Zigong city people's Procuratorate prosecution allegations: 2004 to 2014, accused Gao Zhijian using served as Qionglai City Mayor, and municipal Secretary and double County Secretary, positions Shang of convenience, for others seek interests, received Liu chunming, and Zhang Chengsong, and Sun Lianggui, property amounted to Yuan 26 million Yuan, and dollars 3.908 million Yuan, and HK 3.55 million Yuan, and Euro 20,000 yuan and value Yuan 2.12 million yuan of gold 8 kg, and value HK 866,580 Yuan of Gold 2 kg, and Diamonds worth 1.02 million Yuan, amounted to the equivalent of more than 54.49 million Yuan.

The public prosecution service: turn themselves in, as well as against others observing the plot may be given a lighter or mitigated punishment

In the investigation phase of the Tribunal, prosecutors produced a photo documentary evidence, material evidence, witness testimony, confession and exculpation, expert opinions and other evidence.

In the Court debate, around the defendant by the prosecution for the benefit of others and the correlation between accepting a bribe, whether the accused has surrendered, tuizang and other aspects such as lighter or mitigated punishment, conviction, sentencing law applicable to the facts, evidence and issues, expressed their views.

Prosecutors believe that Gao Zhijian of the defendant as a Member State, use the convenience of duty, illegally accepting other people's property, and for their benefit, should be based on bribery investigation of his criminal responsibility. Gao Zhijian of the accused voluntarily surrendered to crimes committed by, and truthfully, has surrendered to the plot may be given a lighter or mitigated punishment. Gao Zhijian expose crimes of the defendant, verified, with crime plots, shall be given a lighter or mitigated punishment.

Gao Zhijian final statement: the man didn't do, well there was no

Court debates after the Gao Zhijian made a final statement of the accused. Han Zheng stick to real estate accountable to

He said, "the indictment all the charges against me are true, I don't have any objection. Judicial organs according to law to ensure that the powers vested in me by the Constitution and law, factual, objective and impartial investigation. I was deeply moved by all of this, express deep respect. I violated the party discipline and state laws, failed to hold the line, seek illegal interests for his own. Today, my man didn't do, good officer he couldn't. You can't rewind time, life is not. For which I am deeply era, say sorry to the party, Qionglai, dual stream of party and Government cadres and ordinary people expressed deep regret, I also looked up your family and friends! these Act punished by law is to blame, I deserved it. Repent, and seriously to reform is the only way for me has been renewed. Also, I ask the presiding judge and the full Court to consider voluntarily surrender and meritorious performance of circumstances mitigating punishment, early good people, give me a good reintegration opportunities, take practical action to return the party and society. "

Subsequently, the presiding judge called a recess.

Zigong municipal party Committee center group members more than 30 people attended the trial, received warning education to combat corruption.

Gao Zhijian resumes

1981.09--1985.07, Sichuan agricultural University, specializing in the study of Economics and management;

1985.07--1985.08 organization of CPC in Chengdu to be assigned work;

1985.08--1986.12 Chongqing County San Jiang Zhen Government work;

1986.12--1989.11 Government of Chongqing County San Jiang Zhen, Deputy Mayor;

1989.11--1995.11 Chong (Chongqing County), Deputy Commissioner of the Bureau of township enterprises;

1995.11--1997.01 Assistant to the Mayor of chongzhou city people's Government;

Vice Mayor of chongzhou city, 1997.01--1999.07 (of which: 1997.09 1999.07 in business management training class for learning and graduate of Sichuan University);

1999.07--2000.01 Communist party boss in chongzhou, Vice Mayor;

2000.01--2001.04 Communist party boss in chongzhou, Deputy Mayor;

2001.04--2002.12, Executive Deputy Mayor and Vice Secretary of CPC chongzhou (course: 2000.312,002.01 in the provincial party school, postgraduate studies and Economics Graduate);

2002.12--2003.01 Deputy Secretary of Qionglai city, the Communist Party, the Deputy Mayor and Acting Mayor;

2003.01--2005.02 Communist Party Deputy Secretary of Qionglai city, Mayor;

2005.02--2008.10, Qionglai City Committee Secretary, Qionglai city people's Congress Standing Committee;

2008.10--shuangliu County party Committee Secretary. The tenth Party Congress in Chengdu city.

On June 23, 2014, Gao Zhijian investigation into alleged serious violation on the organization.

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Zhejiang robbed the second retrial before abruptly cancelled the hearing


Photo: network

Interface journalist lawyer Wu from Zhejiang bi water unit, scheduled on 27th by the Zhejiang higher people's Court retrial of two "grab" cases of child recruitment social maintenance fee be canceled trial, as being "time conflict".

After both lost in the second instance, two "grab" two foetuses are complaints to Zhejiang high social support. Not long ago, Zhejiang High Court retrial, scheduled hearing date of October 27. Lawyer Wu Youshui in the case, said the Zhejiang High Court's ruling is the first time in the country, or will change in Zhejiang Province and the country, "Rob" the couple's fate.

Two cases dating back to the end of 2013, "two children alone" policy introduced.

On November 12, 2013, 18 adopted at the third plenary session of the CPC Central Committee on several major issues of deepening reform decision (hereinafter the decision), which referred to "launch party is the couples two children of one-child policy". On December 28, the 12 session of the sixth meeting of the NPC examined and adopted a resolution on adjusting and perfecting family planning policy, the resolution requires all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the national people's Congress or its Standing Committee with local conditions, modify the local regulations or provisions in a timely manner.

Shortly thereafter, changes across the family planning policy, the implementation of "two children alone," the new deal. Collection of social maintenance fees associated with this problem sparked controversy: If "stand-alone" couples in the decision issued a second child in a previous incarnation, but after the promulgation of the decision had not yet been imposed social maintenance fees, do you want to impose? If the "alone" after the second child was born in the national policy, local ordinances before modifying collection of social maintenance fees?

In this regard, the national health and family planning Committee in June 2014, to finance the new reporters, State Health Planning Commission has issued a guide around the waiting period to grab a single-child families on this policy "does not do, in principle the substantive processing", but which "for reference only".

Obviously, Zhejiang Province has not adopted it.

January 18, 2014, Zhejiang Provincial Government held province population and family planning led Group Conference, clear in January 17 Qian "separate" couples illegal birth child, while social raised fee levy decided book has served of, decided continues to effective; for previously illegal birth of "separate" couples, and levy decided book no served of, meet conditions of need in June 30 zhiqian replacement procedures, related sector will "special thing special do".

However, on February 25, 2014, Zhejiang Province issued by the Planning Commission on the further implementation of the individual two-child policy letters on specific policy issues, but provided before January 17, 2014 "stand-alone" couples are not eligible to have a second child, illegal reproduction, should be imposed by law on social care charges. The letter does not distinguish between social maintenance fee collection, removed the "special matter."

Thus, many "stand-alone" conditions of the family, born before January 17, 2014, was classed as "illegal births" category.

Surging, according to news reports, Zhang Rongzhen, Li Shanxia and his wife in July 2012, gave birth to a second child, but had not yet received the written decision on the collection of social maintenance fees. On July 11, 2014, yuhuan, Taizhou city, Zhejiang Province, population and family planning Bureau issued a written decision on the collection of social maintenance fees, collection of social maintenance fee of about 130,000 yuan.

Chen Yangguo on January 13, 2014, Xu Shanshan couple gave birth to a second child, on September 8, luqiao district, Taizhou city, Zhejiang Province, the population and family planning Bureau Chen Yangguo, Xu Shanshan and his wife issued a written decision on the collection of social maintenance fees, collection of social maintenance fee 79020 Yuan.

In this regard, the two couples are appeal take local family planning departments to court, but the second instance will lost. The Court found that the reproductive behavior of the two cases in Zhejiang Province "alone" before the two-child policy, should be seen as an unplanned childbearing, family planning departments to make decisions of social support is legitimate.

This result has a legal experts believe that administrative acts must be based on the existing laws and regulations, repeal laws and regulations shall not be invoked again applied, therefore, is imposed by the local family planning departments conduct error of law.

In fact, in Zhejiang Province, Anhui Province next door, this couple has a different fate in such cases. Anhui Province provides, if "separate" child in policy transition period within, that November 12, 2013 to January 23, 2014 Anhui Province modified family planning Ordinance Zhijian was born, "separate" family just by provides replacement birth card can; if "separate" child is in decided announced zhiqian that November 12, 2013 zhiqian was born, on this "violations" yet processing who, take from old and lighter of principles, if applies new family planning Ordinance light Yu original Ordinance, is can applies new Ordinance. Suzhou University exposed infighting Professor

For the second instance of losing two to "grab" couples are still not a convincing argument. Then they continued complaints to Zhejiang High Court. Zhejiang High Court on August 10, 2015, on September 17 the two cases the appeals ruling. Ruled that thought, the party's application complies with the People's Republic of China administrative litigation law of the relevant provisions, will be conducted by Zhejiang High Court retrial. Terminates execution of the original judgment during the retrial.

The retrial is of great significance, Wu pointed out in an interview with water: "heard by the High Court authority higher, if the case is won, following other similar cases is directly liable. "

However, on the eve of the retrial, and two cases were suddenly suspended trial at short notice. Interface to reporters in 26th, at 10 o'clock in the morning and at 20 o'clock at the Zhejiang public online confirm that can see the hearing notice of the Court, two cases of the 27th 9:00 and 2:15 in the 7th Zhejiang High Court Court. However, lawyer Wu Youshui says on 26th morning call notification deadline read 7th 8th Court of the trial court, after about 10 minutes, calls to inform its 27th again suspended due to "conflicts".

At present, the Eagle sword retrial of the two cases and what is going to happen, "time conflict". News will continue to focus on the interface.

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Held 18 plenary tomorrow that highlights the most noteworthy

Held 18 plenary tomorrow that highlights the most noteworthy?

Photo: CFP

On October 26, the 18th Central Committee of the CPC fifth plenary meeting will be held in Beijing, the "Thirteen-Five" will be the shining point of this meeting. Back in the plenary, developing five-year plans are the main issue is slightly different at this plenary session, to the end of Thirteen-Five, China will build a well-off society, which targets have been identified, how to draw the road map.

Widely seen, China's economy has entered the new normal, target of GDP growth is expected to decrease, and objectives of environment and ecological civilization will get more attention. In addition, though not a focus of this plenary on personnel issues, but will still be subject to public attention.

Develop better planning to ensure complete well-off society

The "Thirteen-Five" plan covering the period 2016-2020 period. In these five years, China's deepening reform to achieve decisive results, to be carried out to complete the building of a well-off society in the final sprint, for the realization of "two 100 year" goal to lay a solid foundation. XI Jinping a State Banquet at the White House

China's Politburo held a meeting on October 12 and heard the CPC Central Committee for formulating national economic and social development of draft recommendations on the 13th five-year plan in the inside and outside the party consulted a range of reports, decided, in accordance with the opinion of the Conference the revised proposal to draw the 18 session of the plenary to consider.

Considered in this consultation process, all regions and sectors concerned and the party's 18 proposal put forward by the representative of many good opinions and suggestions, give full play to inner-party democracy. Comprehensive, detailed research, absorbing as much as possible, make files for the "Thirteen-Five" indicates direction, outline a blueprint for China's economic and social development, ensure timely realization of complete the building of a well-off society.

The past few session of the plenary to consider the five-year plan topics

In General, each session of the Central Committee during the five-year term, held seven plenary meetings. Plenary of the review since the reform and opening, in the XV before the plenary, plenary session is not fully seated. Plenary session plenary session was in February 1980, 23 to 29th, the 13 plenary meeting was in November 1989, 6 to 9th. 12 and 14 in the plenary session of the plenary, were held in September.

The past few session of the plenary, the main issue is the five-year plan, and the plenary meeting of the point in time is also consistent, as it is generally in the last year of the end of the five-year plan, that is, every "five" or on "zero" year. 17 plenary meeting was held in October 2010, the main topic is the development of the "Twelve-Five" plan; 16 plenary meeting was held in Beijing from October 8, 2005 to 11th, considered by the "Eleven-Five" plan XV plenary and 14 plenary session held in October 2000 and September 1995 respectively, considered by "XV" plan and the "95" plan. 14 plenary session examined and adopted the vision 2010. The "Thirteen-Five" period GDP growth or lower.

As China's economy into the new normal, eco civilization to a higher level, environmental control targets will be in "Thirteen-Five" as key elements in the planning, and environmental control objectives will have to sacrifice in part on high-polluting enterprises in GDP, so "Thirteen-Five" GDP growth is expected to be lower than during the "Twelve-Five" plan of GDP growth during the period. Media estimates, to achieve the 2020 goal of doubling GDP than in 2010, with an average annual growth rate at 6.6%.

In fact, the top leadership has said on various occasions, high, low GDP growth is not a problem, the key issue is to maintain relatively full employment and incomes to achieve steady growth, employment and income indicators may also be planning focuses on content.

Apart from the adjustment of economic indicators, including fiscal reform, reforms were expected to become "Thirteen-Five" one of planning focuses on. Already expected, population policy adjustment may also occur. In addition, following the "beautiful China", the "healthy China" concept is expected to rise to a national strategy. These are in fact is an intrinsic requirement of realizing the well-off society, because comprehensive well-off society was number one.

Personnel changes is not the focus but also received widespread attention

In addition to the five-year planning, personnel changes have received widespread attention, particularly in the "Tigers" repeatedly as the Lok Ma. Preliminary statistics show that since the 18, more than more than 100 provincial and ministerial level and above have officials and cadres at and above the Corps level was found. In addition, make plans, Chen Chuanping, Wang Min, Zhu mingguo, Yang weize, Qiu he, who after the notification made by the Central Commission for discipline inspection has: by the Politburo, the Standing Committee of the Central Commission for discipline inspection and report on the meeting for consideration, decided to expelled, to be ratified in the plenary meetings of the meeting of the Central Committee.

As a general rule, October 26 will hold a plenary session ratified expelled these people to the Member of the party's decision. But it should be made clear is that the personnel adjustment processes, does not belong to the main content of the plenary session.

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Anhui Wuhu City restaurant explosions continued 2 operators arrested for dangerous

Today (October 23) learned from the Wuhu city, Anhui Province Jinghu district people's Procuratorate, closely watched Yang Jia Xiang private restaurant in a gas tank explosion, restaurant manager Zhang, diao a couple arrested for dangerous goods accident, on October 22, the Court approved the arrest.

In early August, Yang Jia Xiang, Zhang and his wife leased 4th appearance, shops known as "King of pot", operates mainly in the casserole, fried rice business. October 10-11 o'clock in the morning, shops busy in casserole, Zhang diao fried rice with some help, to let his wife, diao before a walk appliance, make use of booster will light the stove, without success, diao told her husband Zhang. Zhang put down live, to counter view, found gas LPG cylinder tank under fire, preparing the cylinder valve closed, but reached out and did not touch the cylinder valve, then drag the cylinder out bench, raised liquefied petroleum gas cylinders exploding. Zhang left arm Burns dropped cylinder down after burning, would have set the regional ceiling PVC panels ignite, causing fire. Zhang, diao ran out into the field, buckets, fire extinguishers and other implementation of the nearby shops to fire because the fire was too big to control, fires continue to burn about 4 minutes later, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders exploded.

Found through surveillance video, except for Zhang and his wife, a clerk to escape outside, no other persons to escape from the fire. Scene investigation found a total of 17 bodies, 14 were students. A hotpot restaurant in Shenyang was exposed employees

Zhang, diao a violation of explosive, inflammable, radioactive, poisonous or corrosive materials regulations in the production, storage, transport and use of serious accidents, resulting in 17 deaths and serious consequences for dangerous goods accident. Jinghu District Prosecutor's Office for criminal suspect Zhang, diao a ratification decision to arrest.

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Runway identification difficult production and construction complex only qualified

Runway identification difficult: production and construction complex, only qualified raw materials does not explain the problem

First kindergarten, Pujiang town, Minhang district, Shanghai Jade Garden plastic runway.

Recently, the Shanghai Songjiang, Minhang two nursery schools, appeared after the children go to school nosebleeds, dizziness, rash symptoms, plastic track parents who suspect the school may be "toxic."

In response to these circumstances, spokesman for the Shanghai Municipal Government on October 21 to respond: If there is a violation, Stern would not tolerate. Earlier, the Education Bureau of Shanghai Municipal Education Committee has asked the County to new plastic area school sites and other facilities related to student health and safety to conduct a comprehensive investigation to ensure that school facilities in line with national standards and the city of Shanghai.

Government attitudes is bright, but construction standards around campuses plastic ground, poison testing, supervision and other aspects of many questions still need to relevant departments as soon as possible to provide authoritative answers.

The Shanghai Municipal Government where there are illegal will not tolerate 

On October 16, the media Song Jiang Hua Ting kindergarten part II children nosebleeds, cough, skin rashes and other symptoms, parents who suspect and newly paved runway of the schools.

In addition, the first kindergarten, Pujiang town, Minhang district, Emerald Park of more than more than 60 children on September 1 after admission, also suffered different degrees of Allergy and inflammation, parents are suspected of "culprits" had just completed a plastic playground.

October 21 afternoon, for Shanghai two home kindergarten of plastic playground odor situation, Shanghai Municipal Government spokesman CCTV in municipal government press conference Shang said: "Shanghai City Board established has emergency working group, requirements related District Bureau joint built tube, and health, and environmental, sector composition survey group, and delegate has qualification of authority institutions, on related kindergarten of plastic site for full detection, timely to parents and social announced detection results, once found problem, must immediately rectification; if has illegal violations situation, To seriously investigate and will not tolerate. For new plastic site comprehensive investigation related to student health and safety facilities, ensure that facilities meet the standards of the State and this municipality. "

On October 21, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN), Songjiang district, reporters from the Bureau was informed that, on October 20, the Bureau received the bid submitted by the construction enterprise, Songjiang district, Shanghai long ancient building decoration engineering company about Hua Ting the second kindergarten plastic report on the modification of the site, construction enterprises "huating two young plastics site to be totally weeded out and eliminate the residue" and "eradication of regional implementation of concrete hardening" views of the reform.

In this regard, the Songjiang District Education Bureau decision: "engineering project bidding and construction conform to the opinion, plastic made by environmental protection departments ambient air quality on the site also qualified, plastic ground production in China and no national mandatory standards, but parents concerns and requirements, in line with health protection considerations, ensuring children in the Park, agreed to bid for construction enterprise to plastic sites for rectification. "

October 21, road, Minhang district, Bureau said, River town first kindergarten has active will Emerald points Park of children shunt to total Park attended, Minhang Bureau and River town Government will timely with environmental, professional sector for detection, and convened parents, and construction party, on plastic site finished site sampling Hou delegate has qualification of units detection, and will results timely to parents and social announced, as has problem, will first time timely strongly rectification. Minhang Education Bureau official said, whether removal will also be waiting for the test results before making a decision.

Contractor: District School Board have involved plastic site certificates

China online bidding announcement, Pujiang town, first kindergarten as the out-contracting units, construction sites as Jiang Mei Road No. 557 (Emerald Park), project for the ceiling of 250 square meters, plastic 980 square metres. Bid results: Shanghai Hao Ke construction and Development Limited (hereafter referred to as our headquarters company) for the contractor.

Surging when journalists interview Hao company official, the other side says no person report, their many projects in Shanghai, Jade Garden plastic playground is not necessarily their company project.

The afternoon of 21st, surging journalists came to the small wooden bridge road, xuhui district, lane 780, 5th floor of our headquarters company, one official said Wang, Emerald Park Playground as they contract. Commenced he insisted that all process compliance legal, "we are a medium sized project platform from the Minhang district, bid for the project, and then in the party, as well as selected raw material manufacturer, under the supervision of the Commissioner".

The owner said, chose the material provider, in addition to the relevant qualifications are to meet the requirements, and heard of the manufacturers in the industry have worked with several construction units and never had problems. "Before the construction, we look at the vendors provide a variety of certificates, product warranty, jade is our cooperation with the manufacturers for the first time in kindergarten, we cannot knowingly materials have also continued, but we do not have to detect environmental assessment and sampling inspection report now, have a problem, eradication. "

As regards the contractor mentioned raw materials manufacturers who, whether the vendor has related qualification certificates, the official said, "all District Education Bureau and supervision hold a copy of the certificate", specifically in charge of the project who is not, to say. Doctors transplanted lung rejection of late ticket

According to a test report according to the students ' parents, Taizhou city, plastic materials are all the sports facilities co., Ltd.

Send "special adhesive for plastic track" and "plastic particles" in the two samples, detected in adhesives containing methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI), detection of plastic particles, organic and inorganic constituents are not up to standard. Previously, Songjiang kindergartens issued two raw materials provided by the contractor inspection report also shows the detected MDI, and organic and inorganic standard.

Is responsible for testing laboratories a staff, all testing in accordance with the national standard, but the standard is finished for the runway, "raw material is difficult to establish the standard for detection, such as glue, it has many uses, testing only for what it ultimately used in products which set standards".

Expert: raw materials, qualified does not mean that the problem was detected

Identified in the inspection of samples of MDI, plastic particles and organic and inorganic standard mean playground is "poison"?

The afternoon of October 21, East China University Research Professor Chen jianding runway material explains, for MDI adhesive detected, does not mean that the material is a problem, MDI itself is toxic, but it is must be added during the production process of one material, "to see the final compounds have HIV, can not be generalized."

Plastic particles and organic and inorganic, and Chen jianding said there are no plastics granule raw material standards, test reports issued by value is finished for the runway. Plastic particles from raw materials to the final product, has to go through many adds and synthesis in the Middle, the final product after all good, also depends on the process, "raw material inspection reports is to provide the contractor provides how to add references, does not prove anything."

According to the journalists about the surging, in a subsequent rectification, environmental protection departments in taking forward the air monitoring work to ensure that air quality in conformity with the relevant standards.

"However, in the process of testing, even if detected pollution situation in the kindergarten of the air quality could not unilaterally decided that it must be caused by plastic track, can only be guessed. For detection of plastic products, the Environmental Protection Department does not have the qualifications, it is not authoritative, it is often difficult to determine. Plastic product quality supervision departments should be examined. "Surging environmental industry one industry source told journalists.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Villagers in Henan during the commemoration of the war many Beijing petitioners

Henan provincial Commission for discipline inspection app public "Breeze Zhongyuan" on October 19, the exposure of a number of disciplinary violations, party members and cadres, and cases, surging News (www.thepaper.CN) found that the Yucheng County, Shangqiu city, including Dian JI Xiang stability and poor villagers to Beijing to appeal the case. Why is the US military in the South China Sea

The news that Dian JI Xiang Dian JI villagers Yang and his family because of land disputes with his neighbors, in commemoration of the victory many Beijing petitioners during 70 years of activity, causing serious adverse effects. On September 16, the Township Party Secretary of Commission for discipline inspection have the primary leadership responsibility, Yucheng Xi Zhenjing warning inside the party and removed from Township Party Secretary post, respectively, directly responsible to the Township people's Congress Director Chen Yanhua, Dian JI village Party Secretary Liu Qingzhao a serious warning within the party. Important leadership responsibility of the Municipal Commission for discipline inspection on September 16, the County party Committee, Member of the United Front Minister Wang Jifu warning within the party.

Informed also said, 2015 years in the audition try Qian,, Shangqiu city, minquan clouds temple town child students Liu a and Chen a will village Board and the school issued of procedures and fill in good of minquan rural family planning family children in the enrollment added points qualification review table handed has clouds temple town family planning do Director Xie Changjiang, due to Xie Changjiang no timely reported to minquan family planning award helped do, led to two name students failed to enjoy child added points treatment. Xie Changjiang dereliction, are directly responsible. On August 21, 2015, Xie Changjiang County citizens Commission for discipline inspection given warning within the party.

In addition, recently, "xinyang Breeze" was released people in xinxian County, former Deputy Director of the center of social medical insurance Qiu Yongjun in obtaining medical insurance fund case. From 2012 to 2014, Qiu army and used his position to facilitate, through the purchase of false medical records dossiers, obtaining medical insurance fund amounts to 101,100. Qiu Yongjun was expelled from the party, dismissed from disciplinary action, was sentenced to 5 years.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

United States Supreme Court this decade dark room judges and their assistants

"Editor's note"

This article for United States Supreme Court watchers, Ye Fan Park in Shanghai on September 18 the monsoon books lectures. Guests and hosts are the young scholar Yu Xiao, Cao Mianzhi. Surging published two news following is part audience interactive section of this article.

Audience: Hello, teacher! Just the last one "traffic lights" case I am confused a bit. If the "exclusionary Act" has a "good faith exception", so if someone forged a "good faith", in this case I feel that problems may arise.

Ye Fan: this is a problem. But any country cannot design a perfect rule of law, only close to perfect. As can be seen, both have problems: too strict would damage the rights of the accused, taisong suspects it is easy to go unpunished. Indeed, the police could abuse forge goodwill, but the policeman if they forged a judgement made by the Court.

Yu Xiao: on this point, let me give you an example. Last year in the United States there were two big ethnic clashes, one of which is, a black man is crushed on the ground breath, and later died, the second case is much closer to what you said: a black child carrying a toy gun, kept waving outside the exhibition hall, police arrived on the scene after the police. At some distance from the child when they saw the boy being brandished a gun just shot and killed him. As you say, later in the course of the trial, the police thought they saw was a real gun, has a strong risk. So, you may indeed happen, but in specific cases, because of free evaluation of evidence, the jury of judges and other constraints, although the specification was not perfect, but it will be analyzed.

United States Supreme Court this decade: dark room, judges and their assistants

United States democracy marched in the rain to protest the United States white black youth shot dead. This picture from the network

B the audience: I have a question and would like to explore a bit, United States was attended by expert system in China has, in many of our forensic is not black and white. Like a toy replica gun was classified as firearms were toys, results often are not clear at this time, you need lawyers and experts debate, so as to improve the clarity of the judge's ruling.

Ye Fan: I would like to emphasize is that these few cases special is that is related to the drug, DNA, or drunk driving, something is clear.

Audience b: Yes, but these are individual cases, I would say, as an institution, about the benefits of setting up a system of identification were present. China's justice system has also been set up in appraiser court system.

Yu Xiao: these are not on the qualitative conclusion, judicial expertise is not qualitative. Forensic cannot judge whether this person drinking and driving or drunkenness, and can only tell you what alcohol is, qualitative judgment can only be made by a judge. In the course of judicial, technical and legal issues are two different aspects. Forensic officers to appear in court as an expert witness can only make very objective presentation to technical issues, such as a person's blood alcohol content is, but he can not determine what its legal nature.

B the audience: so can you help me to explain further, the previous law called "conclusions", now the law to "expert opinion", from a legislative perspective what is a consideration?

Yu Xiao: because the "opinion" contains an awareness of, and "conclusion" is one of the more technical judgment. As forensic officers make suggestions (conclusions) is a manifestation of respect for the work.

C the audience: I would like to ask the teacher a question, said the nine justices discussed in the dark room is a very important part, but it also mentioned a year into the nine judges discussed cases accounted for only 1%, it is 1% by his aides singled out. This process is in my opinion very opaque.

Ye Fan: Yes, you can say it is a place for improvement, of course, they are clearly not recognized.

Listener c: I want to say is, instead of the nine justices decided to for the future, rather than their aides.

Ye Fan: (laughter) this is obviously very difficult to give a definitive answer, but I can further explain specific implementation details. Lost people in the Court of appeal to apply for certiorari, the case to the Supreme Court. Nine judges each have four assistants, of which 32-bit reading Assistant is responsible for seven thousand or eight thousand applications annually, will mark that they think it's worth to try--aides for what case does have a lot of influence. It is worth mentioning that, Justice Alito's four assistants need to read all the cases again. This is a good thing, and is equivalent to two groups of people in check. Indeed, the Assistant in the selection of cases is simply too big, but under existing funds and personnel, perhaps this kind of arrangement can be to both fairness and efficiency.

C the audience: my concern was not fair and efficiency problems, but would like to, we can now read lots of stories translated into Chinese by the justices, but may actually aides the story more interesting. Is it possible to have such a book authored and translated ... ...

Ye Fan: I can tell you almost impossible (laughs). Such as Rehnquist in the 50 's when another judge Assistant, Roberts is Rehnquist as the assistant judges, they were three generations of tradition. However, when he is writing a book from his assistant's time over 40 years. Assistant leaked very taboo of the Supreme Court case, as far as I know, almost no leak without the owner's authorization of the example. If Assistant dare without permitting, to reveal the boss, the people didn't want to go into the administration of Justice and lakes. United States law no law firm would hire him. I also want to know the story of aides, my biggest dream was to live in there.

Cao Mianzhi: leaves the teacher speaks very well, let me give you an interesting example. The pledge: Barack Obama and Supreme Court Jeffrey Toobin, the author of the first book of the opening statements (Opening Arguments, the Chinese version translated by Cao Mianzhi, Shanghai: Sanlian Bookstore in January 2016), that book was his at the United States Office of the independent counsel when doing the Assistant wrote, he took notes and diaries recording the Office something in the process. Later in New York after the Assistant Prosecutor, Tubin's book was published, then he'll eat your case, was his then-boss, laolunsi·woershi prosecution he leaked important information. This matter became a public event, shortly after the end of the case, Tubin chose to do the media. It should be said that claims of confidentiality on the one hand the process of this work is based on the work of the Office of the independent counsel consider cheap, on the other hand, this may also reflect their legal person within the community is a close contact, a kind of mutual trust.

Ye Fan: also there is money in it. If you are a judge's Assistant, seventy thousand or eighty thousand dollars a year salary, but to work in law, signing on fees alone have as much as $ 300,000. Who will ruin your prospects?

United States Supreme Court this decade: dark room, judges and their assistants

United States the current nine justices of the Supreme Court.

Cao Mianzhi: so, precisely what we think of the rule of law, its legal team, unwritten rule, or within the rules of the game often appears to be so strong, so tough.

D the audience: usually when watching TV, I from the perspective of non-professional, including the example you just by, judges are from a different perspective, the thing itself, lawyers in the case when there is subjectivity in the interpretation of a thing. Some things, in one case is legal, in other cases it is not legal. When the lawyer on behalf of a party to file a lawsuit, have positions, representative of him to make sure he was the last win.

Ye Fan: it's inevitable. In the case law of the State, each case is control, but no two cases are exactly alike. So each defence counsel for guests to avoid the most serious charges and punishment.

Yu Xiao: litigation is of course the customer give you the money you are talking to him. This sounds strange, but this is our lawyers as professionals must abide by the rules. In the United States, between lawyer and client is very, very strong legal protection, apart from the requirements of Justice, lawyers must be customer information strictly confidential. Is a lawyer explain the facts to their own way of working. I could talk about how lawyers work, help you understand. For example, a large company has come to me, as a lawyer, I would say, well, you describe your situation, I usually take notes, but this note is of no use. I would say that you make a copy of all your evidence to me. Make sure you give me all of the material is real, I'm not going to review it for authenticity. After you give me the material, you tell me your request, that is, claims. I can trial out the files according to your requirements, which are good for your request, which is bad. For negative points I would like to go to the screening, which is fatal, which is not life-threatening. The classification of these materials, to consider the question of legal provisions favourable or unfavourable. For lawyers in China, there's a very good thing, China is statutory law, all laws, whether administrative regulations, departmental rules, or legal provisions are expressly provided for, you can view and associated Word to Word with your evidence. Are much more complex but common law precedents, any difference between the two cases is very important for the lawyers. Their lawyers than our workload is much greater.

Cao Mianzhi: you just of problem involved we today discussion of is core of a points, Yu teacher proposed of is lawyer perspective, is as one representative party party of legal people of perspective, if everyone push to extreme, may will think no what real of, and purely of Justice, a case on both sides of lawyer are is Thomas money for the people elimination disaster, seems whole of legal process are very relative of. In my opinion may not completely like that. Starting from the question today, and we've been ignoring a user-oriented, field in common law courts, the judicial process has a very strong antagonism. Each a we now as principle view of problem, we a species degree Shang are in in a should how sentenced, and should how lane of thought in deduction some we eye in the of "principles", but if we to United States of method College learning, we in judicial of site to operation, we can see, for summoned of witnesses, and party, both lawyer will expand very fierce, and near penny-pinching of asked, completed again and again to retreat defense, and in many national of litigation system in the, Function of such a confrontation is very important. Such as the United States stressed that in criminal proceedings the prosecution and defence of the principle of equality of arms was transplanted to the criminal procedure law in many countries. In such a confrontational court may think this interpretation does not have real value, is a really important skill logos, so-called artificial reason, bred by such law school training technology is the guarantee of survival in such a fierce attack and defense. Many people are fighting but not broken, in this French-made woven out of the world, of course, we will seek to maximize their interests. To return to this, Justice might not be entirely relative, at least in the legal discourse of the knitting world to find a place, and the result is through the intense resistance on both sides to reveal, this provides an acceptable result for both sides. Not just this problem, other issues including question time today, if supplementary on the face, maybe we will get a more comprehensive picture.

D the audience: scads of North America before there is a legalization of gay issues, while fine-tuning but for the enormous social impact, how do you see the problem?

Ye Fan: you know, this is the decisive fifth vote from Justice Kennedy, as he pushes for a contribution for 20 years. His first case law is the Romer v. Evans's case, 90 a case in Colorado, then the 2003 case Lawrence v Texas. Texas, then 2013 Windsor case United States v. Windsor, legalization of gay marriage is in the 20 years through these few cases gradually set up, instead of overnight change.

Audience e: Lord Snowdon, there are two schools of thought: some people think he is a hero to protect individual privacy rights, and some thought he was a traitor, United States on the law and what is the problem? The second is the question of same-sex marriage, it was suggested that United States Supreme Court's decision is beyond the power of this outside the scope of, marriage is limited to specific or can also be of the same sex should be the legislative power. Is that what this is? United States fuzzy boundaries how to distinguish between legislative and judicial?

Ye Fan: I answer the first question first. Snow problems are related to the United States national security problems. I am sure you know, United States national security agency listening at any time every minute and every second of all conversation, it is almost for sure. So why no one really to suit this thing? This is mainly a standing (standing). Anglo-American constitutional prohibition laws in a proposed decision. Litigation is adversarial, the plaintiff must have standing, plaintiffs must prove that their privacy rights were violated, but no one can prove that the United States national security agency wiretapping my phone this second, no one can prove that they were national security agency violated privacy rights. Visited cliff side villages of Gansu province

Yu Xiao: same-sex marriage before has conducted a seminar on this issue, I wish to talk about two things: 1th was last after the end of some of my thinking. The verdict people all over the world are concerned about, but in the United States, this decision is certainly not the point of conclusion and end points. Because even if the Supreme Court made a decision, but the delicate relationship between federal and State still exists. On behalf of the Federal Supreme Court's decision to the State level can perform to what extent is questionable. Therefore, the issue of same-sex marriage is like abortion or gun problems, will be a long period of United States constitutional problems.

Ye Fan: I think litigation is sure to arise, such as a Baker said I had strong religious beliefs, I refuse to give a same-sex couple baking wedding cakes. That is, the Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage rights and the Supreme Court has upheld the right to freedom of religion when the collision, both of who is more important it's hard to tell. Just like the teacher said, you might want to wait until next year to continue to address.

F the audience: If we can predict that one day the Supreme Court will sentence someone and marry your iPhone case. (Laughs)

Ye Fan: I think not, because no such cases before. I support same-sex marriage, not because I'm in the United States need to be politically correct to say so. Because I know something about law, I know that customary law had come this far has been unstoppable. In order to achieve this, Kennedy and Ginsburg made a lot of efforts in customary law. Each are very clear when a judge ruled the case will have any effect. In 2003 Lawrence v Texas case mentioned, legislation of morality cannot be used as standard. But it cannot be denied is that all the legal, moral and historical background on the inside. In the Virginia Military Institute case refuse to admit female students, in order to prohibit this, Justice Ginsburg said, tradition not as a legislative tool. So that two cases later paved the way for same-sex marriage case, but in both cases the far-reaching effects of legal logic in not all of us here can be seen. Customary law in the history of the effect is too strong, now the United States remains at 17, the 18th century even the United Kingdom during the reign of judgement as jurisprudence.

H the audience: teachers talk about the Clark case, minor children can witness problems, I think actually, in real life there are many cases of violations of the rights of minors. Watched the movie two years before Denmark movie of the Hunts, which impressed me is child no matter how large can, for some particular purpose or fantasy lies. In this case, adults without a third party present, in China and the Court this is how to do it?

Ye Fan: will Clark for the case itself, you're right, the three-year-old children may unwittingly "lying". This is Professor in court to the judge said: I do not believe that this three-year-olds testimony cannot be considered as evidence, but there is no confirmation, is what children say, this is a very dangerous thing. But was ultimately sentenced Clark to abuse, and stated that if more kids or new situations in the future, we leave out later. Judges of the Supreme Court is seen more macro questions, substantial problems rather than to a specific case.

Yu Xiao: that is, they are not people, but to share. Analysis of minors as a matter of law, we have the protection of Minors Act, children who lack capacity, so China is not as a witness. China's laws for a specific age group of children is, if a child says something, is used as one of many evidences of. Taking into account the formation of other evidence evidence chain, if there are no other flaws can be convicted if you have other questions, free letter of evidence of discretion, this is a complex legal process. As a concrete problem, children in China and the United States were not allowed to testify.

United States Supreme Court this decade: dark room, judges and their assistants

Supporters of same-sex marriage in the United States before the Supreme Court March.

Ye Fan: Ohio law is a child of ten years old before he could testify, and this case is a teacher in children and what she said, allows the use of the story of the great court.

G the audience: I would like to ask a question, you as an advanced amateur, how did you get these United States legal knowledge and information?

Ye Fan: first of all, there is a well on the United States Supreme Court website, judgement of each case, and the contents are written on it, such as social commentary, and background will be fully provided. On one hand, I as a lay person to read professional reviews to prove his point is good, but I find most useful is the judge's decision, his diction is really nothing to say, clear and beautiful. In particular, Roberts and Kennedy, whose writing makes me feel beautiful wording transcends race and language. This year, I wrote a blog about trademark law, no more lay people than this boring and confusing, and I is the reading of the judgement of Justice will figure it out. Rehnquist and Roberts said, writing judgments is positioned, well educated intelligent amateurs were able to read. This is my position. (Laughs)

H the audience: I now wish to question it. I also think that judgement is the most crucial, because, after all, was written by the judge in person. But at the same time I think the indictment and the trial Chamber debates are also very exciting and important. I would like to ask the three teachers, when you look at a case, whether to grant the indictment, court debates and judgments in the same attention? Because its contents are many and repeated a lot in itself, so how do you allocate your energy?

Ye Fan: first look at the results of judgment, and content from Western debates, possible indictment: I look at least, because the indictment is very professional and hard to understand.

Yu Xiao: I need to do some research in schools, I see most are brief. Because in the course of doing research for their legal technology is not very much, I did lawyers in China, so United States professional skill does not matter to me. I mainly look at how he uses the legal logic to draw conclusions. In the course of the whole thing, is not a precedent but rather caused many precedents. As a researcher, he needs more cases, and studies of the whole process.

Listener h: so how do you pick out the parts that need it?

Yu Xiao: one is that you can find around the case of a question, will have a variety of software that can help you search, and you want to find problems in the file where it can be clearly marked for you, so the problem is not particularly worried.

Ye Fan: before saying there is no software manual search really is a physical work.

Cao Mianzhi: just thinking of a particular problem, as scholars in different fields, we are with the files they wish to see. Leaf is more concerned about United States law practice this problem is how to expand, so he'll mainly see the judgment and restored the Tribunal process through debates, and edge of the indictments, and related files into a more supplementary materials. If you want to do more research I do, so my observation was mainly focused on United States law legal reasoning methods. On issues related to how you organize these legal documents, we went to the United States the major legal journals such as Law Review, we can find, mature academic achievement is a problem to make a problem, forming a chain of problems, generations of people on different aspects of the problem are deep and rich. When you approach a problem in a person, he is usually chasing the previous question to do. Us as exotic when the Viewer to pay attention to a problem, it is based on their time, to systematically comb the West both of these problems, so as to make their own judgments. This may be in academic research and legal search, distinguishes the different perspectives. Of course, there is another observation of United States law perspective, is the perspective of artistic creation. We know that the United States Supreme Court blog, seems to have the trial record, they take every word of the text match and hearing the recording step, just like Kara OK.

Ye Fan: Yes, I often while running while listening to, time and time again to go to. Know to make a speech this time, I put the Clark case four or five times, dialogue is very interesting, you can't even imagine they are talking about a matter of life and death, sounds as if it is high above the abstract legal question. Dershowitz's last appeal in a death penalty case, Scalia said to him, if this man had a gun and throw them out the window to what will happen. Clearly this matter of life and death, it sounds like two professors in academic exchanges. So Dershowitz says I can't do it justice, so animosities. (Laughs)

Yu Xiao: explanation of a technical problem. I have done some international arbitration in a foreign country, an international arbitration takes a relatively high cost about 7,000 yuan for two hours, I do have two or three people to sit in the records court records. They have a recording device and headphones while recording, keystroke a person, another person selected letter combination. Their limited number of keyboard, each represents a few letters, so very quickly, each recording can be knocked out of synchronization. Each section has a section, the section can match words, so in the end things are very matching. They will record every little detail, so as I, whose native language is Chinese, may be some errors when they speak English, looking over your shoulder when it's embarrassing.

H the audience: I ask the teacher, your personal view, the United States of the four liberal justices, which is the most radical, which is relatively conservative?

Ye Fan: Kennedy is the Middle, now most certainly is in the Liberal Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Breyer and Kagan are middle, the most conservative of conservatives Thomas and Scalia, Alito and moderate a little bit. But I also think it is not fair to describe a spectrum, in the combination of different criminal proceedings are not the same, at least we don't care about this issue, I think is always 5:4. 2013-2014-two-thirds of the Supreme Court case is 9:0,.

The audience I: I would like to ask a question of entry level, since the judge is for life, he served longer, his successor, is also his assistant, legal direction control for a long time with nine justices, and less bound by the, so how do you ensure the institution reasonable long-term running?

Ye Fan: this is a very good question, United States founding fathers was set up when justices life tenure in order to prevent them from being subjected to political influence. But when everybody's average life expectancy is only 50 years old, so long now. United States there are many calls for reform, such as limits on each judges for a period of 18 years, this constitutional amendment, I personally think that is unlikely. I think judges ' background diversity, now among the nine justices, 6 Harvard 3, Yale, New York City out of the 4, the entire East out of the 7, other than Kagan, all judges of the appeal judges. Famous 1954 Brown v Board of education case, the Supreme Court, Warren is the former Governor of California, Blake was a Senator, Jackson used to be the Minister of Justice, Douglas was previously United States Chairman of the SFC, these people have very different life experiences, this diversity, I believe that the Court is very good. A few days ago to see a photo of the card prior to being sworn in, in my Twitter also quipped: "Kagan and Roberts senior before being sworn in and Obama cordial conversation."

The audience I: the increasingly close ties between the nine people, are you a judgment before the idea with each other with a degree of certainty, so long into a game with each other.

Ye Fan: I believe they are with each other, they get more and more familiar with each other's position. But there are some legal issues are too complex, and we can't think of a better common solutions. Of course this is my guess, their Assistant will not tell me, where are they, after all, 300,000 of the signing bonus. (Laughs)

J the audience: teacher, I've seen you write on Twitter Chinese immigrants in Chen's case, and interested in, is, is on trial in the Supreme Court when the case, result in publicity Chen could not be found, because beyond the public notice period, the judges refused to accept the case. My question is, why now that Chen has filed a lawsuit, but will be missing? And the Supreme Court is likely to accept cases beyond publicity right?

Ye Fan: very good question. The first issue, Chen was written by his lawsuit, did not hire the judges, he was obviously copied from elsewhere, even the format is wrong. Write like this lawsuit to the Supreme Court the possibility of less than 1 per thousand. He may have felt the case there, because it is the 2000-dollar House he bought was demolished. As to why my hopes will know how the Supreme Court accepted the case, because when he surpassed the public wished to continue litigation, he invited the United States jurisprudence top litigators baoluo·kelaimen (Paul Clement), so I hold out the hope that Clementine wrote him a letter. Clemencia is the former Assistant to the judge of Justice Scalia, I personally think that maybe a shot, but finally decided not to accept that I have no idea.

H the audience: the last thing I wanted to ask a question of gossip, bin he wrote a lot about United States Supreme Court, because of his record case is a lot on the maintenance of the rights of the individual, so I could appreciate him. I read a few months before snow's book written in the nowhere mentioned, Tubin called snow "a traitor", so I was disappointed. Written in Tubin my little book, so what kind of man I am good qitubin is, what do people think of the judiciary of his?

Cao Mianzhi: thank you for the interesting question. Snowdon is the eye of the media storm center at the time. After the Snowdon comes, Lord Snowdon was not a hero issue created a huge controversy, United States public media and the media almost a stand-like, which is divided into separate factions. Tubin was clear snow, not a hero, he's a coward, Tubin's basic theory is similar to "civil disobedience". I'm George tubin's announcement was not unexpected, in Tubin's works of a book on his own experiences growing up in the opening statements, he has described his upbringing, he was a liberal family of children, grew up in a liberal environment. When he was young, United States history, a very important thing, which is known as "Watergate", Nixon eventually sadly left. Nixon was a demon in the eyes of Liberals at the time, small Tubin memories of this thing is they break out the champagne, they were happy to celebrate this freedom in the eyes of the bad guy finally hung up. They left for them, a person in the course of defending their moral rights, if accidentally broke the injustice of the laws in force, he should accept the consequences of the offence would give him, and thereby to advance in line with constitutional principles of legislative amendments. He feels that Snowe now that have done such a thing, he should stay in the United States accept the United States sanctions, leading to reflection on the media and the public to promote issues related to improving, so he is a hero; he runs to the United States to seek asylum in rival countries, he is a coward. In fact, there was a lot of criticism of his article, make a tit-for-tat criticism to this logic, he also touches on parts of the politically correct liberal media obsessed, but that's another topic.

Yu Xiao: I said good, United States Liberals and Conservatives are actually more liberal for us. George tubin is a very liberal person, his view on this issue is to follow the conduct of a legal person's heart. But we Chinese people stand outside and watch the natives regarded this matter with them wider.

(Full text end. )

Thursday, October 15, 2015

China poverty alleviation Commission Director Zhang jindong innovative Internet

On October 16, to "work together to eliminate poverty and realize common development" as the theme of the 2015 poverty reduction and Development Forum held in Beijing, as a good representative of poverty, Zhang jindong, Chairman of suning, was invited to attend the Forum.

Zhang jindong, demonstrated to the outside for the first time, he rarely took a business card, China Director of the poverty alleviation Commission, he served as the earliest of this social responsibility beginning in 2008. However invited to participate in the Forum, and not only because of the identity, and more importantly, his usual insistence on poverty alleviation, to undergo continuous innovation and mode of thinking on poverty reduction, "the Internet brings huge upgrade to cause change, so that more vulnerable groups and areas of social concern, we force everyone to play good, shaping the new ecological poverty alleviation under the Internet environment. "

China poverty alleviation Commission Director Zhang jindong: innovative Internet + poverty alleviation model

Not just on a personal level, Zhang jindong, has been working to promote the public welfare to poverty alleviation work in 2010, become China's only "third China poverty eradication award" entrepreneur. + Access to the Internet after a new era of development, Zhang jindong led the enterprise to create a further "Internet + poverty" of the new public service model.

Pushing the suning development "Internet + poverty alleviation"

On September 12, SUNY and national rural poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation Office under the State Council signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement;

On October 11, the Lenovo store opened the first bridge clouds in Beijing suning "poverty-suning model shop";

On October 17, Su Ning and the poverty alleviation Office under the State Council to build the "10·17 Shopping Festival for poverty alleviation" will cloud platforms online and offline store synchronization started.

In recent times, suning gradually into the Internet fast implementation of poverty alleviation, Zhang jindong is in less than a month, twice traveling to Beijing to implement advance Internet poor.

Successful transformation from traditional retailing to online retailing, Zhang jindong, dividends on the development of the Internet feel more deeply than others, on the business development and suning in supply chain, logistics and retail CPU O2O services core competence has been formed, and into the open era.

Zhang jindong believes that Su Ning at the core of Internet retailing, open not only to the retail industry, but also open to the whole industry, including public areas for poverty alleviation, for the poor areas build "blood-poor" public action for poverty alleviation.

This year, suning, Jiangsu, Yunnan, Hunan and other provinces has been testing the water blood "blood-poor" retail CPU capacity is used in poverty alleviation projects. Siyang County in Jiangsu Province fall e-business incubator to help local shrimp base built to promote shrimp sales, build brand image, Yunnan red rice, bacon and other characteristics of Western Hunan agricultural products to national markets.

Suning to Internet scale, industrialization for poverty alleviation, sustainable China reserve September drop of 43 2 billion dollars

Accompanied by Su Ningyun signed with the poverty alleviation Office under the State Council of the "double hundred demonstration action for poverty alleviation" fast landing, there will be more and more of the rural rich case emerged. It is understood that the action will benefit approximately 104 poor counties, more than more than 10,000 poor villages, more than 2.34 million poor rural families, 7.61 million people living in poverty.

In fact, the "double hundred demonstration action for poverty alleviation" suning is only practicing public service for more than 20 years poor corner of Zhang jindong of active part in public welfare, public interest has been poor as a cause of long-term development, annual Division day is the company's charity birthday, up to now, Su Ning has been contributing to the social poverty of 1.1 billion yuan.

In development Internet retail of while, Zhang jindong always will on Internet poverty of thinking and construction column in enterprise of strategy planning in the, and clear said, Internet poverty to scale, and industrialization, and sustainable development, this including five years within in national construction led agricultural town of 10,000 home suning easy purchased station, for full promoted rural electric business development opened of suning easy purchased Chinese features Museum, focuses on support agricultural industry development of suning all raised channel, And relying on the Internet under suningyi public service channels of the new building and a series of initiatives.

Commission Director Zhang jindong, who is also the National Federation of poverty reduction, in terms of Internet development to alleviate poverty, to businesses and entrepreneurs to play a leading and exemplary role, but also because the job, Su Ning Road to poverty reduction at the national forefront of the Internet.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Yunnan police found betting on by hundreds of people blocked 15 injuries caused

The scene

Reporters learned from in luliang County, in Qujing, Yunnan province people's Government Information Office, the evening of October 12, luliang police teahouse when searching betting, by mass "obstruction", police cars were smashed and 15 people were injured. Shaanxi was the President of the Court reported

Reported that the night of October 12, the Public Security Bureau in luliang County patrol special police brigades poured community, according to reports to the central street gambling investigation, sent out police and police a total of 22 people. Police arrived after tea, in accordance with the law when summoned 19 offenders suspected of CANDU, hundreds of thousands of people at the scene were obstructed the civilian police and the police. In this process, 12 police, police and 3 people were injured and two police vehicles were hit, 1 of which were overturned, the presence of police and all police siege.

After the incident in luliang County, the Government immediately launched emergency social linkage mechanism, medical services to the injured. Offering the people of the right to education, rational treatment of public security organ to the gambling investigation, ensuring that law and regulations for disposal.

As of October 13, 4:30 A.M., people have been ordered to evacuate trapped Police evacuated the scene, injured persons admitted to observe the extent of the injury is stable, mass work is in order.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Open Government data portal built in three years is not hard to see small

Photo: Oriental IC

As recently issued by the State Council of the platform for action and promoting the development of large data, open data work become the focus of the Government. The national development and Reform Commission official recently said that by 2018, China built the national open government data portal, Government and public sector data resources unified convergence and open to the public, community-oriented one-stop service of government data resources. Red Octopus fugitive Qu Feng evaporated a decade

The official noted that China will strengthen the management of data resources and Manpower, and open the data in related fields. Speed up the establishment of government data resources directory listing, find out the Government data resources on the basis of, and in accordance with the "incremental" approach to strengthen State management of data on various departments.

He also said China will promote the development of open government data plans, responsibility for establishing security mechanisms, implementing open data and the responsibilities, clear data open the timing and routes of various departments.

In addition, it will give priority to promoting human security services-related credit, transportation, medical, health, employment, social security, geography, culture, education, science and technology, environment, finance, statistics, weather and other government data open to the public.

Open Government data portal is not "new" things.

In fact, promote data development, issued in September this year was in the form of objectives in the platform for action put forward by 2017, form the pattern of cross-sectoral sharing of data resources; by 2018 national open government data platform built.

Obviously, this position is above the platform they are reiterated.

National School of public administration Department, Zhu lijia, a professor in interface news interview, said overall, the total amount of open government data is low.

In his view, open data can become the Government's ' hand ', an effective platform for intergovernmental information sharing, it can be said that if the Government wanted to improve performance, it is necessary to open information more detailed, specific.

Worth noting is that the platform even though the data of specific development objectives, but has no clear plan to subject departments.

The NDRC official told reporters a few days ago, "to amend the Bill to improve the disclosure of Government information, analysing the rights and obligations of data, defining the scope and responsibilities of open data. "

Ministry of information and Software Services Division Mr Albert CHAN earlier in public that, according to the Division of the State Council, Ministry of industry and information technology, is mainly responsible for data development and demonstration work. Economic and information Commission for the corresponding functions of the Government institutions at the provincial level by the Ministry. In practice, Governments and large data-related work led by the information Commission.

However, Lv Yanbin, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Law Institute, told the 21st century business Herald expressed his concerns in an interview.

She pointed out that now the crux of the problem is the gap between China's East and West is so big, level of Government awareness, attention to is not the same all over.

Ali the data center for economic research (ADEC) reported that current open government data from large urban extensions to different regions, different places, but remains concentrated in one or two areas along the coast, is usually more economically developed, relatively well the basis of Government information, the IT industry has a certain potential of cities.

"Big data there are many technical issues technological base is not the same all over. In such a limited period of time, the Government is unified and open data resources, difficulty of small, "she said.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

According to the "Thirteen-Five" planning are focused on industry and five major themes

Photo: network

18 plenary meeting will be held in late October, "Thirteen-Five plan" important issues will be discussed in this plenary, CICC, China International Capital Corp, a strategist, managing director Wang Hanfeng, CICC analysts search summary is concerned about Lee's four major industry, five major themes, allowing you to step back to seize the investment opportunities: Have put words to build Nicaragua Canal of China

The upcoming plenary session will focus on the "Thirteen-Five" plan

18 plenary meeting will be held in late October, "Thirteen-Five plan" important issues will be discussed in this plenary. This will be the Government taking over after the first five-year plan, and also implements the first hundred years of the party's objectives (complete the building of well-off society goal) the last five-year plan. Combined currently of progress and previously times five years planning of experience, planning recommends draft by v plenary discussion Hou about half months around announced; 2015 late held of central economic workshop, may also will involved discussion Thirteen-Five planning of direction and implementation; March 2016 two during, Thirteen-Five planning master (draft) will submitted to national two, by national people's Congress considered Hou, may by Xinhua, officer media official released; 2016 also will is ministries, and industry, and Intensive introduction of local Thirteen-Five planning of the time. Capital market's concern on the five-year plan which lasted from October to at least around the second year of the two sessions.

Thirteen-Five planning prospects: conforming to the trend of China's most basic

Government's five-year plan ultimately must strictly follow China's own practice and conform to the trend. Given China's current social and economic characteristics and problems, we believe that the Thirteen-Five plan will be adhering to the basic spirit of 18 since the previous plenary session, may embody the following principles and areas of focus:

(1) development of "quality" and "quantity", change the mode of development, promote economic restructuring;

(2) to promote comprehensive reform is the core, established and adapted to the modern economic governance system and management skills;

(3) to foster industrial competitiveness, and encouraging independent innovation;

(4) the point of advancing novel town, promote balanced regional development;

(5) building a eco-friendly society, strengthen environmental protection and resources conservation;

(6) the establishment of more open and flexible economy.

Is worthy of note, the previous five-year plan just about direction and generally just "soft restraints", quantitative indicators normally have some leeway, rather than quantitative indicators to monitor (such as institutional reform, etc), so planning effectiveness ultimately depends on the specific implementation and follow-up.

Review Twelve-Five plans and compare and ultimately achieve results, Twelve-Five planning emphasized the transformation of development mode, more emphasis on Science and technology education, resources and environment and people's livelihood, pay special attention to the development of emerging industries of strategic; promoting cultural industry has become a pillar industry of the national economy. Twelve-Five planning quantitative core index as GDP growth, and services increased value share, and town of rate, and town rural residents per capita income, in 2014 years will has reached; but part education, and environmental and livelihood index yet reached planning target, and some lack quantitative index of field, as change government functions, and State-owned enterprises reform, and tax reform and financial markets open,, actual results and planning direction may has must of gap. Differentiation of the stock market is basically reflect the economic trend of the last five years, with Twelve-Five plan also show some consistency.

Thirteen-Five planning: focus on industry, five major themes

Thirteen-Five programming covers a wide range of aspects, and involves almost every aspect of the economy. Based on current market conditions and the spirit of Thirteen-Five planning may focus, we propose to focus on industries and five major themes:

(1) four sectors: the media and the Internet, medicine, military, environmental protection and new energy;

(2) five major themes: State-owned enterprise reform, population policy adjustments, 2025, civil-military integration, deepening opening made in China. Some of these topics may overlap, is reflected in the Thirteen-Five programming as a whole during China's economic structural adjustment, new and old economy transition, reform continued to deepen the background.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Endorse Jiang Xu jinglei mushroom group monkey biscuit advertisements are being

Xu jinglei, Jiang group monkey mushroom cookies in advertising endorsements infringement complained a new wrinkle: rivers group believes that Beijing's Haidian District, food and Drug Administration found that monkeys mushroom cookie advertising illegal is wrong, then to the Court of administrative proceedings, which finds consumers suing monkey advertising illegal mushroom cookies one of the reasons.

On October 9, the surge in news from the Group was informed by the relevant personnel, due to the administrative litigation case, Beijing Haidian District Court recently ruled that the civil tort case originally scheduled for October 27 suspension.

Xu jinglei origin speak monkey mushroom cookie advertising the infringement complained against consumers in Beijing Li Mangui experiences and encounters. Li Mangui said in the indictment in early 2014, his CCTV 8 sets, Tencent video platforms such as the times ' endorsement of the "River monkey biscuits with mushrooms" stomach, treatment of Portal hypertensive gastropathy in advertising due to stomach discomfort, advertising for this product produce a good impression.

Li Mangui also said that on June 6, 2014, when he was shopping in a supermarket, supermarket big screen publicity "new monkey mushroom Flaky biscuits, cookies of a stomach, designed for portal hypertensive gastropathy crowd design to meet the core needs of Portal hypertensive gastropathy groups, quantitative food packaging", while spot sales, learned that the biscuit is the river group. After buying and eating, he found it with the cookie is no different, and because of their dependence on "monkey biscuits with mushrooms" delay timely drug and seek medical advice.

Therefore, Li Mangui think monkey mushroom cookies are not health products are not medicines, information belonging to mislead consumers, and sued the seller Beijing chaoshifa chain Corporation, Jiangxi food party food producer Fang Chinese medicine company (River Group), spokesman Xu and other defendants for compensation, and a public apology on the original advertising carrier.

Surging News note to, in indictment in the, Li Mangui prosecution monkey mushroom cookies advertising illegal of a article reason is: November 18, 2014, Beijing, Haidian District food drug supervision authority finds "River in the monkey mushroom cookies" of advertising behavior not meet circulation link food security supervision management approach 20th article second paragraph provides: "food of label, and manual, shall not contains false exaggerated of content, shall not involved disease prevention, and treatment function", accordingly "ordered corrected, give warning. "

On July 6, 2015, Beijing Haidian District Court accepted Li Mangui prosecutions.

Three days after the prosecution in court, though Li Mangui, Jiang Li Mangui group that is made in the prosecution were false. River group, monkey mushroom cookie advertising is "a bad stomach, always uncomfortable, monkey biscuits with mushrooms, stomach", and "stomach" is not a clinical term, is a civil claim. Propaganda "stomach", and no violation.

Jiang also said, monkey head mushroom is edible raw materials, is delicious food made from cookies, very safe and Hedgehog mushrooms and medicinal herbs, according to the People's Republic of China Ministry of health pharmaceutical standards, monkey made of hericium mushroom slices, in the stomach and for the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers and chronic gastritis, hericium says stomach is based on science. River development hericium biscuits, the design is based on consumption of hericium.

Beijing Haidian District, food and Drug Administration found that the group involved in the river surging news that, they concluded that the identification is wrong. "Before we advertise, relevant departments have been consulted and if product is not advertising, nor do we advertise. "So, after Li Mangui bring a civil action to court Jiang group will in Haidian District, food and Drug Administration to court. Kunming dismount village impasse Qiu he initiated

"Now only administrative litigation results, Haidian Court retrial prosecution of Xu jinglei and civil infringement of our group of consumers at present is to abort the trial. "River people in the group, said.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Japan stock a lot of sensitive nuclear materials imbalance caused three risks

Japan once their acquisition by terrorists of nuclear material, will have a serious threat of nuclear terrorism.

9th Chinese academic institutions, according to a report on the Japan issue of nuclear materials research report shows that Japan long-term storage of sensitive nuclear materials, far beyond their actual needs, will give Japan itself and the surrounding countries and even the world nuclear security, nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism, three areas of risk.

In this copies by China arms control and disarmament Association and China nuclear technology information and economic Institute joint released of report in the, detailed listed has Japan on plutonium, and uranium, sensitive nuclear material of storage situation, and production capacity and actual needs, pointed out that Japan plutonium material supply and demand long-term serious imbalance, has 47.8 tons sensitive degrees very high of separation plutonium, which has 10.8 tons save Yu Japan domestic, enough manufacturing about 1350 gold nuclear weapons.

"Early 90 's of the last century, Japan had announced ' remaining plutonium-free ' policy, but more than 20 years Japan but an increase of the amount of separated plutonium 1 time. "The China arms control and disarmament Association Secretary-General Chen said at the press conference.

Japan nuclear fuel reprocessing plant by the subsidiary of the six scheduled to be launched in March next year and achieve full-scale operation in 2019. Reports indicate that this treatment plant operation, to produce 8 tons of separated plutonium. Huge inventory of plutonium and may continue to increase, making Japan once declared "surplus plutonium-free" policy ring hollow.

Reports also show that Japan has about 1.2 tons of highly enriched uranium for scientific research.

"Uranium enrichment in Japan of civilian nuclear power utility, is not high. Looking at Japan for more than 40 years of nuclear power operation, all enriched uranium nuclear fuel is only provided by 9%. But Japan for which the Government pays a lot of money, had to cast doubt on Japan are other attempts. "Arms control Association senior consultant, senior expert in the nuclear field, China Zhu Xuhui said.

Chen said that every country has the right to peaceful use of nuclear energy, Japan's situation is unique. In the non-nuclear-weapon States under the Treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, Japan is the only country with commercial-scale reprocessing capability.

Ensure that the separated plutonium supply and demand balance, minimizing the use of highly enriched uranium is increasingly becoming an international consensus. Chen said that Japan Government have been very positive about this, also encourage other countries to make that commitment. In this context, Japan why no actual use of nuclear material stored so much? How to ensure the safety of these materials? Event of a tragedy similar to the Fukushima and neighboring countries would be affected? Shandong gold South Korea free trade agreement

"Many international experts generally agreed that Japan's nuclear capability, which once made a political decision, will be able to build nuclear weapons in a short time. "The report said.

Report noted that Japan's harsh natural conditions, earthquake-prone, poorly managed nuclear facilities, storage of sensitive nuclear materials, the more, the greater risks of accidents, may have serious implications on their own and surrounding national security. Japan once their acquisition by terrorists of nuclear material, will have a serious threat of nuclear terrorism.

"Hope Japan can treat seriously the Government nuclear material imbalances, international responsibility, serious implementation of its commitment, first use reproduction inventory, timely, accurate and comprehensive public information of nuclear materials in order to obtain the international community to help improve nuclear security capacity. "Zhu Xuhui said.