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Follow spot animation founder Wang the xiaomenshen can open the door to

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In 2012, Wang founded Tudou was left. After spent a year traveling around, he and the company of his partner Yu Zhou set up a light animation. Now dormant for three years, Wang returned to the public eye, the two worked together to bring an animated movie of the xiaomenshen, will be screened next year on new year's day.

Announced concept trailer and aliying after the industry's participation in investment, follow spot animation finally unveiled for the xiaomenshen. Long trailer for 2 and a half minutes, God came to Earth the story emerged. Story takes place in contemporary southern town in the world and the spirit world, Shen Yu Lei (white voice) and TU (GAO dub) spirit world recession, faced with unemployment, they met lone parents on earth mother Xiaoying and rain, then something unexpected happened.

The theme of xiaomenshen is about change and the courage to face changes, inspiration came from Director and screenwriter Wang in Thailand met with the gods. Three years ago, Wang to collect folk songs around the world, until a stone statue outside the temples of Bangkok, lured him to stay. "Isn't that what Fujian Sprint? It is not in China without it, crossing the ocean came to Thailand? "After he and Yu Zhou, and several friends described his experiences, attempted to modelled on his script.

Wang started the video-sharing site Tudou, also with John Hopkins University's master's degree in computer, but he prefers to show his artistic side to the public. In 2011, the potatoes before you merge with cool, Wang created a background of the transformation of the old city of Beijing drama script of the compound. He also revealed that, in the year after leaving the company, he started brewing wine, also thought about studying Fuzhou lacquer technique.

"I think the interesting aspect of animated films is completely is a combination of art and technology. "Wang reporters on the interface. In the press conference of the xiaomenshen, 80 million hours of rendering time, 102,000 version changes, 1940 lenses, these figures seem to have argued vehemently that produced the fine.

But Wang most proud of is that the xiaomenshen physically light rendering. So-called light rendering, which is equivalent to animated scenes and roles to play in Polish, however again through the computer-generated rendering. Because will produce a beam of light hits objects, reflection and refraction, but the advantage of style lies, "very high degree of detail. "Light up the animation process designer Liu Lu answered in the know about animation film costs, said. Meanwhile, "the asset model and material requirements are also higher. "In the past, Pixar has rendered only by chemical way, until" recently several tend to physical reality. "

However, in the first effects subsidiary of Sony Pictures image works company (Imageworks) senior technical 陞 Hu Zhong, made animated films has been doing very well, really difficult is "lack of respect for special effects system and guidance". 陞 Zhong Hu participated in the Beowulf and Spiderman and other special effects and the effects of development, technology media Pingwest he said: domestic movies because the budget does not give special effects all the time, and planning and respect is important.

Meanwhile, the spotlight animation animated short of the small tour launched last year suffered a reputation as anticipated dilemma. Double score of 6.4 points, plus users widely seen film roles than Daisy lovely in image design, inadequate aware chasing light animation. Has served as Co-Director of the toy story series, animation division, is now the xiaomenshen animation Director Colin Brady argued in the know: the speed of light is amazing, target completed the first animated feature film in two years. However, the speed does not mean sloppy, every day, people are looking for more efficient manufacturing methods and ways of working.

After two years of exploration, Wang has set the animation creative speed of light. Is the creation of scripts and story boards for the first year, second year is post-production. According to this schedule, in late July this year while fixing the xiaomenshen, second movie, little Miss tea favors and has entered the next phase of the robot, while the third animated feature film is also underway.

Fortunately, Wang personal experience is enough to make the xiaomenshen become the focus of the market. Including joint production, released shortly before the release party pictures, Ali, Ali new Penguin Pictures Entertainment treasure, Tencent, Baidu and glutinous rice are invested in the film, while the film shares like traditional film and television companies are joining the xiaomenshen issue. Aliying CEO Zhang Qiang said at the scene: of the xiaomenshen after the test screening, the film left him a deep impression, this is a good faith works.

In recent years, on the return journey to the Church of St, 100,000 jokes and other domestic animation frequently contrast of success at the box office, studios have stepped up investment in animation production. Not long ago, Enlight to declare the return of the great sage 20% stake in Beijing, bodyguards and the digital production team, as well as investment in future projects and distribution rights.

Animation market's growth in recent years, Yu Zhou, producer of the xiaomenshen is confident. On one hand, more than 10 times the return of the greater return, "I'm off to a good start" on the other, of the xiaomenshen was held a month ago in Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu and other screenings, "the response was good, children comedy laughs in the film, the story is not too obscure to them. "Yu Zhou said. Next, the xiaomenshen also want to start a three-month, 36-City Roadshow.

But for the expectations of the xiaomenshen, both Wang Yu Zhou, are reluctant to talk about. When it comes to the experience of how to replicate the return of the Holy, Yu Zhou said: "the return of the great Sage is to create a miracle in the cartoon, but you can't expect miracles happen all the time. "

Interface: you always say that chasing light animation to tell the story of China, the China story is in your eyes?

Wang: it has to happen in China, is essentially to move our things. When you open the New York times when the 30% is entitled to race, gender, presidential elections, these are the things that Americans care about, will also show in the cartoon. But I don't care for China, is undergoing tremendous change, and what to do, with economies in transition, where our roots and traditions in which, these are my concerns. I have no interest in the return of the Holy that repeat the story of the Monkey King, I hope we can do original stories, so as to attract me. JMedia post media era 1 the media of time

Interface: what is your assessment on China's animation industry? Short Board where?

Wang Wei: China's animation industry is not short. The company was first established, who I interviewed thousands of people exposed to tens of thousands of people in the industry.

However lacks right now is it? Missing in previous years a large market, animated film needs a large amount of support at the box office, you have to play. From 2013, our animation takes three years to make, volume is not big enough, definitely losing money, the company did not, the team will fall apart, of course, can't do without the team. Pleasing is that the last two or three years finally came to support the animation quality of the market capacity. I think the return of the great Sage is very good, for domestic animation was a surprise. When we do this three years ago, are concerned about the film's scale. At that time, we may want to go to the end of 2015, 1 Department, even 2-3 animated film in a row to reach 250 million Yuan at the box office level, cost estimation, too.

Another is rigorous assembly lines and production processes, up to 200 people working together, where animated films.

Interface: how to reach 250 million Yuan number?

Wang Wei: 3 years ago, when average annual growth 40% at the box office, at the end of last year, nearly 30 billion yuan. Then United States animated films, occupy a total box office of 10%-15%. And so on, China's animation market accounted for 3 billion per year, and animation movie worth seeing about 15 of each year, including good will be able to reach 250 million Yuan at the box office. In General, in such a scale at the box office, film can't earn any money. But on the other hand cannot be lost, the company collapsed. According to the estimated level of box office, some space away from the actual box office, reflects on the rest is up to the market.

Interface: the tendency of younger Chinese animation has been previously mentioned, Quebec pull in nearly two years, and the Valley of the Dragons, and the 100,000 jokes tend to adult tastes, the industry is not all wanted to escape the label of young?

Wang: we both read a lot of animated films: 1960 's Nezha NAO Hai, until now felt quite touched me, as well as the Disney animated film in 20 years ago. I haven't thought adults with heart problems, short key is the child's attention, to shake a few burdens to him, in order to attract him. Big screen saturation high, he can sense that adults won't be the same, the essence and the core of the story is very important.

Interface: When did your personal interest in animation started?

Wang: I am older. I watched the first 3D animated film, is the toy story at the age of 21, my shock was huge. For me at the time, completely alien technology. Computer science point of view, and breakthrough achievements. The toy story, was too great. Of course when I was young, I liked the Nezha NAO Hai and the big sky. For me, the computer is the most touched me, if you can appear in the animation, is a particularly interesting things.

Interface: what is your favorite animated films?

Wang Wei: very much. From Pixar, I like the food story. Reputation, but ticket sales in General, I like little mouse in the movie to stir action and fun. Technology, is a near-perfect film.

Interface: why didn't went to direct live-action movie?

Wang: it's a live-action movie, because I was interested in science fiction, if you like the avatar movie. We prefer in front of the computer, 180, 190 people, each of two computers, with Internet company before the same strain, daily meetings, modify, iteration, these are what I like to do.

Interface: you have previously created a drama script and animation writers at work what is the difference?

Wang Wei: entirely different; a form of drama is based on the story. It needs to dialogue roles, and space is limited; animation with live-action movies are not the same. Animation movies, seasons change, the roles will change, so quantity was enormous. For a dress, is to do a new role, is a very hard thing.

Drama stage with montage art is not the same. Writing a novel, you can construct a sentence in his mind, the paragraphs, the film is shot in writing the script for lens design. Drama is a curtain, actors go, go, every time you change different give you visually. Ballet is not the same. Dance writing is not the same, write more, rule where known.

When I'm in the creation of the xiaomenshen script, really don't understand, some very complex things, absolutely no need to use animation effects to do it. So I did not do the next play, and a movie all year round, for countless suits; second scene, a piece of clothing need not change.

Interface: before you experience at Internet companies, help on the cartoons, the operating company now?

Wang: I think the interesting aspect of animated films is completely is a combination of art, science and technology, science and technology for many people, this, one thing that can be done. Internet company is very particular about collaboration, sharing, sharing of knowledge and skills. Teams have to respect everyone.

Tailor made holiday 7 days exercise tourism is home to crouch there is always

National Day holidays approaching, friends calling friends, schedule, irregular patterns of short-term activities will also be hit.

"Fat n kg during the festive season," most of us are no strangers to the rhythm of. Rare holiday, is not eating and drinking, no couch potato, do not lie, do not stay up late.

The point is, how this holiday season, use of leisure time to do some simple exercises.

Here we have designed for you a simple holiday table, no more than 20 minutes a day, simple and effective physical activity.

The October 1

First day of the holiday, don't want to go to all the major tourist attractions to see head you may wish to have a long sleep in the morning, help home and do some simple housework this afternoon, don't always sit on the sofa.

So, taking part time evening physical activity most suitable.

Specific methods: 40 seconds flat support X2; jogging 10 minutes; 10 push ups X3

The October 2

Maybe from this day forward, you have to go into party mode, then you may wish to leave the House for taking exercise.

Specific methods: If you can go out to walk as much as possible if air can run a 3 km or climbing stairs in 10 minutes.

The October 3

Our body is still in a State of excitement, party and drink is inevitable, but without prejudice to a small amount of exercise.

Specific methods: arm jumping jacks 40 seconds; jogging 10 minutes, 5 minutes of static stretching (running static movements to warm up).

The October 4

Leave the fourth day, it is time to wake up your body, if you rest, you can try this at home a 10 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training).

Jumping jacks is a good form of exercise at home.

Specific methods:

I. 2-minute warm-up (jogging for 30 seconds and then stand up straight, arms forward and alternated between freestyle and backstroke arm action 30 seconds; 1 minute static stretching of the body)

II. 3-minute boxing moves: foot open, horizontal forward JAB, then punch down and then horizontally forward JAB, powerful recurring cycles.

III. 3-minute hand jumping jacks

IV. Sumo squat jumps 4 minutes: two foot opening, over the shoulders, feet facing outwards and then squats thigh parallel to the ground, then jump up, and then repeat the action. This action requires high flexibility and doing their best. Action can be slowed, but insisting on it. A frog can evoke nerd fight it

Volume abdominal exercises.

The October 5

After a HIIT workout days ago, today you can enjoy a lazy, body weight training.

Specific methods: jogging for 3 km or 40 seconds at home plate to support X2, 10 push ups X3.

The October 6

Watching holiday is fleeting, so many days more leisurely life, let you accumulate in the abdomen and buttocks fat burning down.

Specific methods: 50 day roll, 1 minute flat; the night 60 squats.

The October 7

Last day of the holiday, you can choose to have a good rest, you can also choose to light exercise.

Specific methods: jogged 2 kilometers, or jogging in place for 10 minutes.

Remember to bring a pair of running shoes when traveling.

National tourism is also on the way out?

Many people now travel habits on a pair of running shoes, used measure landscape and nature.

In General, needs 40 minutes before and after jogging, a 10-minute warm-up, 15-20-minute jog, 10 minute walk. If you think jogging a bit boring, you can also try riding my bike enjoying the scenery.

In the period, you can try to do some sports that don't require specific equipment, swimming and underwater sports is a very appropriate choice. But in fact, you can carry the most simple fitness "equipment" is their weight.

Can be a number of exercises using their own body weight, such as left and right legs to jump, hold high the banner of knee, frog jump and mimic the skating action.

Regardless of where the hotels, there are stairs, back to the room and walk the stairs, step by step, then referred to a two-level, which can fully exercise the gluteal muscle.

If you want to, 20 minutes is a good choice in the hotel gym.

Climbing the stairs is very good exercise.

Report: national day holiday campaign attention

1. reduce the amount of exercise. Because of the national day holiday period, our lifestyle will be disrupted, so it is not recommended to increase the amount of exercise in order to consume their body heat to keep the body.

2. fill water. Drinks may be inevitable, but apart from sports drink right.

3. the recommended schedule can adjust according to their own time, but suggested body HIIT training in the best of times.

More professionally run Fitness Watch weak signal of this column: sijiabenpao or search the public: private run.

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Another good homemade movie

Looking back, the rescue of Mr Wu was a surprise 11. Type, the Mainland has for many years in a film or TV series are rare on the market that truly reflect the theme of public security detection works, and without exaggeration, deified in the cases described, down-to-Earth characters, promoting the progress of the case.

Is also a tough wind play movie, the Sun burning heart to man a foot addict, save my Esquire has the same unyielding, although the characters ' inner tangle on the play wasn't enough to match, but the real kidnapping case base and compact less than 24-hour rescue effort, looks quite catch hits the spot.

Rescue I Mr of views shadow experience, is special of is is, it different Yu General Hong Kong cops of number, those dazzling of Kung Fu fights, and chase car jumped, and blasting shootout all are is not exists of, title series Beijing daily feasting of empty lens told you this is we life of city, more than 10 a empty lens in ghosts of music Middle lining out city of not security, however all game are only in quietly of for in the. Zhang Jiawei Qi Zhou can you go to the NBA To

Even Liu ye and their old rivals to stalemate for several years to escape, eventually to be captured carrying hand grenades key moments of grace Wang, which is utmost restraint follows Liu ye, walks up behind them, hold, press down, other man under arms. Is a field so deadpan mannerisms that set out the great unseen dangers and courage, crane had the audience could not help but also emotional stress. This is not a friendly attitude to the audience, a solid, simple to make people a little bit embarrassed genre it comes down to.

The Sun burning in the heart of what makes Dan breakthrough performed a passion play, the man who rescued Mr Wu is through play, is probably the most peach kidnappers set of grace Wang, and prostitutes have little passion play, and when the police drama against the crotch for the key stimulus. But without a little tenderness, are relentless wicked mood.

Secondly, the rescue of Mr Wu makes no suspense from the outcome of the case down. From time to time out of soy sauce prototype-actor Wu Ruofu reminders at any time that, he was rescued unharmed, still can return to the big screen acting. So the audience watching the film is still in the process of breath-hold your breath to see which is effected the changes in detail and character. In this connection, the Director is done, especially in the depiction of the hostages and kidnappers two uniform, the kidnapper's accomplice also appeared in the small fry has its own personality and cowardice, and this timidity is quite human, not little brother on the General type of profiling. Explosion while another counsels small fans, comparable to mother hostage the last sentence "the man" so that the whole people of color now, also became a stamp where the heart of the film.

From the relationships view, saved my Esquire looks very happy and solid is compact, this film breaks the usual gangster characters of binary oppositions, and established a police, kidnappers, hostage for three full foot more stable and abundant plot. Hostages are no longer being exploited fish, but key figures which is bloody, wisdom and aura.

In this show playing a Hong Kong star Andy Lau, workaholic efforts for many years, played the police, God of gamblers also opened the concert, fans are very friendly, and most importantly, hidden marriage for many years. Huo tuotuo is yourself, and others. Such two character sets highly unified in Andy's performances, a strong sense of substitution, as if he had been kidnapped was Liu Tianwang himself.

Many story lines and characters are flashbacks to Syria in medias flashback, narrative cross in hand, directing guests to mark the point in time, crossed several lines from different points in time open hung is burning parts of the brain. Itself is criminal reconnaissance case, to series have understand, and not appeared logic vulnerability need is to Kung Fu, side to restore facts, also needed have both concentrated contradictions conflict of plays rhythm, also have account party of feel, certainly involved police theme, to special note highlight police of glory image, several party balance zhixia, rescue I Mr in more than 100 more minutes in to out has quite high of completed degrees.

In the process of kidnapping, hostage the entire rope bondage, almost no wasted motion, the so-called full "face", is a really meaty moments. This once Andy Lau do have is good, short time within, characters external of tough, inner of kind, soldier experience of effect traces, and and kidnappers are of psychological game, and cinephiles of playing treasure and humor, in crisis coming moments will dew not dew of panic to despair, this series of heat handle really not easy, may this Department movie not like departed road as produced enough big of concern and influence, or Andy Lau the of performances actually quite winner competitiveness.

Wind play such a thing must have an opponent and pick each other up. Is dramatic tension necessary to close this hotbed, good villains are rare, how many movies are defeated "big BOSS weak explosion" on this article. Grace Wang met one of his roles, he has good acting, but a variety of supporting roles set never gave him the full interpretation of.

The kidnappers of an antisocial personality, Devils, while his performances with self-evident history behind, jail does not give him what injustice is increasing, "different" is his view of the world and let their behavior guidelines. Offenders also have the real-life prototype, killed his mother in the film was converted to grace Wang a cold "should kill mother before, so I die she will not be sorry." Final prison meeting, representations of the mother, seems deliberately provocative on the play, and grace Wang's performance did conform to, is from the heart of sadness with unruly tangle of rebellion already deep in his face screwed up into a ball of pain. Anti-hero of the spring and autumn big dream will die in reality, he was not the least bit dispirited, unyielding and soft and full of tension in the face at that moment. It is said that there are unwritten rules that made "bad guys can't do lead", otherwise the film performances of grace Wang biliudehua a winner.

When it comes to actors, scenes in this play is not important but have to mention one, that is, Wu Ruofu. The 90 's of the last century it was in the city, actor on a middle-aged actor, experienced a real kidnapping almost immediately after the entertainment industry disappeared. He said, though not because of kidnappings out of show business, but in fact, 42, married, gravity completely turned to the family, and the experience are not unrelated.

Now look at the old actor's performance, and the film other people's performance and rhythm even "disjointed", pure lines, upright body, staring resolute eyes, were revealed at the end of police drama actor in the air. Relaxation nature with others, Wu Ruofu performances seem more or less makeup and tight, and some sad times. In his film, however, is "essential" use, it is a moment to remind viewers realize that this really happened, and produce a staring eye with a party.

However realistic this thing ends said, the rescue of Mr Wu is of course regrettable. Director in addition to solid depicting a policeman hostage, also wanted to give the film into commercial entertainment elements, this is reflected not only in our various King features, Liu ye plays the police even called snow a son name appearing in the phone, and black by grace Wang sentence "I thought you were migrant workers." These too entertaining information was raised in the theater laughing frequently. Is not to say that such intense subject matter must not have jokes, but the laugh belongs to the humor of the story itself, and create a sense of the whole story is out, the audience laughed, abruptly out of the play. Between in and out, compact strict narrative for this film caused some harm. Of course this harmless.

Baidu is a drop down box how to play out

Search a keyword if your brand terms show up in two issues, first you may brush the keyword, the second your brand was influential in the industry, so what if was able to play out of the drop down box, today I will collect some information on my Baidu games share out of the dropdown box.

First of all, we think, why Baidu has a drop down box, of course, is for the convenience of users search, when you search for a keyword, direct drop down box appears, the user not to fight redundant words, but the search by dropdown box must be user, or even a dropdown box appears, may not be the user wants, after all is user demand. So user needs in the following areas is now out.

Search volume

Dang user search has first a Word, then and search has second word, this data directly sent to Baidu of server for analysis has, and big data processing, obtained Xia pulled box of results, like Figure Shang of, first times search heard so much about network, second times search heard so much about network column, this description has this user search heard so much about network of needs is column, dang needs more has, on show in Xia pulled box in the, in search of process in the, can obviously of found, first times of URL and second times of URL has obviously of changes, Baidu is used in order to record data. At this time many businesses take this profit to help brush drop down box, or brush search volume, but my blog also provides the tools, with a focus on free, big words on the brush, because the server refreshes, 502 appears, refresh the number will be limited. Big brush up.

Baidu know

Baidu know is led to appeared Baidu Xia pulled box of focus reasons, why, is because family from page in the find not to answers, then Shang Baidu know, so relatively, Baidu know Shang of needs more heavy is, addition a Baidu know is through Aladdin channel ranking of, so in Xia pulled box in the basic on has advantage, like Shang figure of heard so much about network how, and heard so much about network how added thumbnail figure, needs basic from Baidu know of question-and-answer.

Drop down box here if you want to do, Baidu to promote and make the drop down box lets you, the advantage of this method is that the costs are very low, but featured Word is relatively difficult, because the industry was doing Baidu, different acceptance Baidu dropdown box, mostly to Baidu know brand terms in the title. Declared war on the Telecom Hubei broadcasting

News source

Through news source reported appeared Xia pulled box of cost than high, but effect very good, many large of industry Word will appeared Xia pulled box, but news source has timeliness, so appeared Xia pulled box of time not is long, so most not with news source to reported Xia pulled box, and news source not because one or two a reported on appeared Xia pulled box of, so not recommends using this form to do Xia pulled box, everyone clear this is can, like hot information, most is news source effect Xia pulled box of.

Search judgments

Search engine through participle of technology, analysis out user of needs has which then show Xia pulled box, this situation currently rarely with using made Xia pulled box of, but facts proved has part Xia pulled box is through participle technology do out of, simple of like you lost wrong has a Word, search engine will automatically recognition out you lost wrong has, and Xia pulled box in the appeared right of keywords.

Summary: most of the brush drop down box is according to impersonate a user search behavior, modifying the parameters of each search result, cheat engine.

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Cat going northward to gangshan Su Ning Wei Jing dong 3C left East of Beijing

Due to 11 national is travel season, in previous years of 11 line Shang electric business market relative compared calm, are is line Xia Mall compared active, and with mobile electric business of mature, this year 11 also became electric business big promoting of key node, just marriage of days cat electrical city and suning prepared let this year 11 into for double 11 of front online Xia cooperation promotions of preview, while with with Ali Beijing Hangzhou double home strategy of message, Beijing East seems to sat not has prepared 11 full engaged cat Ning.

Cats in Beijing, 11 joint Su Ning Jing dong prepared a gift

Ali Announces "Beijing, Hangzhou" dual strategy at home, ready to Rumble in the North, centered in Beijing. Move of purpose General was interpretation for for Beijing East and to, but Ali official to out of claims is its business of three points a are has in Beijing, including Ali music, and aliyun, and UC excellent depending on, and gold map, and aliying industry, and Ali health, and excellent cool potatoes, and SINA micro-Bo, since built, and acquisition and investment of more than company, days cat in Beijing raises chips just once normal of business gravity adjustment. However, you must pay attention to, before Ali, the company is a dealer in Beijing, Ali, this dual strategy at home is very thoughtful, was interpreted as a direct crackdown on East Beijing too much. Robotics 10 robot company changed its playing

Official version is no easy rival down the objective to put on the table said, like when alisuning before the marriage, the official story is "cooperation instead of competition", but it is clear this level of cooperation will certainly impact on East Beijing. Ali cat moved north the subtext has been very clear, is to inject the business strong Beijing market aimed directly down its East base camp in Beijing market 3C home appliance business. Prior to this marriage of close relationships with suning also began to play a role at this time.

11 years during the national day holiday is 3C appliance big-name promoting suning offline play, and suning and cat appliances work together to jointly promote for national day, from September 25 until October 9, Beijing area will receive 100 Yuan for consumer users have the opportunity to participate in a red envelope, envelopes will total over 1 billion yuan. CAT has just announced in Beijing Jingdong specially prepared such a generous gift, it is surely no coincidence, including with suning before marriage, moved the capital to Beijing, as well as during the national day of 3C appliances, these initiatives are specially prepared for the East.

Said Jingdong logistics has the advantage, that Ali was going to market challenge in Beijing Jingdong logistics advantages. Investment day day Shun and integration suning logistics zhihou, days cat enhanced has large logistics of distribution capacity, for the 11 national for Beijing East tailored prepared of 3C appliances big promoting activities, days cat electrical city will to Beijing area consumers provides everyone electric appointment delivery day up, service, rookie and suning logistics full through Hou, even can achieved day sent loaded one, this logistics service efficiency to caught up with Beijing East. Ali around the ring found several important helper is for through the advantages of electric city East business collapse Beijing 3C household appliance, and scored goal is first East headquarters located in Beijing market.

Cat set, Jingdong, engaged, East of bloodletting poaching dilemma

Cat break Jingdong how in the world is good? Bellicose Beijing Dong will face the back of the good off leash, Jingdong can tolerate cats in Beijing market 1 billion promoting cat Super supermarket developers e-commerce, commercial business, after all, is not the Foundation of Jingdong, under the continued losses also had to bear. Support electric city to seize the day cat 3C home appliances market in Beijing for 1 billion subsidy, Jingdong can't stand it any longer, because the 3C appliance is East of Beijing to settle down once Beijing took the lead in the fall, the national market and will hold a. Jingdong capital markets can tolerate temporary loss, but cannot accept the Beijing-East defeat in 3C home appliances market, so cat suning jointly launched a price war provocation, Jingdong only respond to this kind of choice.

Seems to days CAT are waiting for Beijing East response does, days cat into Beijing market is long-term strategy action, future will on North market not set ceiling input, in other words days cat has prepared but 3C appliances market and Beijing East spell what has, as long as electrical city into can collapse Beijing East 3C appliances of advantage, Ali on days cat burn money not set lines, Ali single quarter net profit on has Shang billion, and shares also has fell into bottom, so also no too more of funds pressure and capital pressure, this when is burn money collapse Beijing East 3C appliances advantage of best timing.

Cat price war in electric city-sponsored 3C appliances, Jingdong need to weigh carefully not blindly against, after all, Ali is profitable and have money to burn, and Jing dong has been in a State of continued losses, Q2 net loss 510.4 million Yuan this year, further widening of losses throughout 2015, how to explain to the capital market? Jingdong itself on the lack of profitability, if 3C by CAT electric city appliance market bloodletting, Jingdong profits more elusive. East of Beijing was short of money, moved after the Zhuang, was in arrears by construction vehicles contain the JD new building, now to fight for cat and suning besieged by barrage of price shocks?

Perhaps the cat wants to let Beijing East dilemmas, Jingdong retreated without a fight, cat Circuit City will be able to seize the East Beijing 3C household appliance market share, Jingdong fight without retreat, day cats accompany Jingdong burn down until Jingdong bear capital pressures. Ali Jingdong set a difficult innings, let Beijing Dong Jin is not, nor back, Jingdong selection for a cat is in retreat, you can achieve different strategic goals.

Satisfaction only on the strategy the cat does not seem to deter Jingdong, tactics also intends to let Beijing East uncomfortable. After Beijing East moved to the remote town, CAT has to fight in Beijing, which many do not want to go with the East Beijing yizhuang older workers began to stir on the day of the cat. This fear causes the Jingdong serious brain drain problem. Jingdong want to retain more talents, wage increases are inevitable, however with the Beijing East is unlikely that funding capacity under a large pay rise.

Cat North together on the one hand suning heavy subsidies to promote upgrading logistics and Circuit City collapse Jingdong 3C advantage, on the other hand cat overweight recruit incorporated Jingdong of Beijing people, forced the Beijing East personnel crisis. Cats a combination punch down, Jingdong internal and external troubles, caught in the middle.

Maryland dairy farm building wall collapses has caused 5 dead 5 injured

@ China exclusive official Micro-Blog messages, according to the local work safety supervision Department, September 26, 17:30, safe family dairy farm under construction in honggu district, Lanzhou city wall collapse accident, buried below 10 workers of the job hit. Currently 5 people have been killed, 5 wounded. Injured persons have been rushed to the hospital for medical treatment, the cause of the accident is under investigation. Women writers frozen body awaiting resurrection

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Pre sale 43 8 709 000 Lexus brand new RX sale price

A few days ago, Lexus officials announced the next-generation RX sale price of three models-new RX 200T Elite Edition, the new RX 200T elegant version and new RX 450h elegant Edition presale price is 438,000, 518,000 RMB yuan and 709,000, new cars have now formally accepted the reservation, full listing is expected in November this year.

New generation RX sale price models sale price (RMB yuan) RX elite 43.80RX 200T 200T drive AWD elegant 51.80RX 450h AWD elegant editions 70.90

"Illustrations for RX 450h"

New RX 200T Elite Edition presale price is 438,000 RMB, the vehicle uses front-wheel drive. Configuration, the vehicles come standard with LED light (popular, daytime running lights, fog lights and high mounted stop lamp), rain sensor wipers, heated power folding outside mirrors, aluminum rack, keyless entry, start, smart welcome automatic lighting system and 8-direction power adjustable front seats with 2-way lumbar support.

Also the car also equipped with has electric skylights, and with pollen filter function and Nanoe moisture ion generator of double regional independent control automatically air conditioning, and cruise control system, and multiple driving mode select, and automatically anti-dazzling within rearview mirror, and 10 a SRS balloon, and uphill auxiliary control system HAC, and traction control system TRC, and body stable control system VSC, and brake keep and electric standing car EPB, and tire pressure monitoring, configuration, configuration also is very rich of.

New RX 200T elegant Edition presale price is 518,000 RMB, the car with all-wheel drive. On top of the elite, elegant upgrade to open panoramic sunroof, l-matrix LED popular illumination lights (with automatic level adjustment), LED water-type turn signals, privacy glass, with memory/anti-glare feature electrically adjustable outside rearview mirrors. Interior of the car is equipped with upgraded leather seats, driver's seat memory and automatic return, front seat heating and ventilation, Lexus navigation modules, such as comfort and technology. Fox RS 4 7 seconds to break hundreds of new sales

New RX 450h elegant Edition presale price of 709,000 this vehicle with all-wheel drive, powered by 3.5-liter V6 Atkinson cycle engine and hybrid system consisting of motor, transmission system matches the CVT gearbox. Comfort and safety technology, the car is equipped with intelligent security system (including pre-crash safety system PCS, remote automatic control system for light AHB, adaptive cruise control ACC, lane departure warning system LDA), blind spot monitoring and BSM and line side rear blind spot warning system, reversing RCTA VDIM, vehicle dynamics integrated management system, and so on. (Compilation/qichezhijia WY)

Shares the real implementation of the registration system will take two or three

Pass in the first half of 2015 for Shanghai and Hong Kong contributed revenue of HK $ 115 million of the stock exchange of Hong Kong. CFP information

Registration extended, new share suspension not hair, still queue up in the IPO of listed company go from here?

On September 25, 2015 in Shanghai, China's financial innovation Forum, HKEx's Chief China Economist BA shusong gives an idea. Fix 2014 GDP of China grew 7.3%, and 0.1%

BA recommends, you can pass mechanism with Hong Kong and Shanghai, and allow overseas investors to participate in the release, "this will give channel a sustainable financing of listed companies. "

BA believes that there is a need to study the pass extends from the secondary market to expand to Shanghai and Hong Kong market. In addition extends through to Shenzhen from Shanghai and Hong Kong, or commodities, derivatives.

On the same occasion, Li Xunlei, haitong securities Vice President and Chief Economist, said Tong after the Shanghai and Hong Kong should have the Shenzhen Tong, Shenzhen Tong should be followed and more countries to establish such a mechanism, so there's capital markets.

"China, as an emerging market, whether it is India, and Korea, their openness far exceed our capital markets, we QFII's market value is now 1.5% to 2% throughout the market, they had reached 20% and 30%, but our market is already the world's second-largest. "

Li Xunlei said the openness of the Chinese market is so low, it is clearly unreasonable.

Watched a share registration system, two experts also gave some advice.

"Late registration launch than we expected. "Li Xunlei, to realize the true meaning of a registered business, estimated to be two to three years, market pricing, distribution at that time.

Li Xunlei believes that a very abnormal phenomenon, once before the IPO, there are trillions of Yuan new shares purchase Fund, even the central banks to provide liquidity, which is the need to reflect on.

BA shusong said the current limit orders issued to the secondary market and retail have some system of bonuses: "especially in 2012, through artificially low price, large proportion on the call-back mechanism, the interests of investors transferring to secondary market investors. "

Li Xunlei believes that registration system launch, should not limit limits, hopes combining registration system introduced with the reform of the Exchange.

BA shusong said the registration system under the condition of IPOs from sponsors, accountants, lawyers, these agencies are not eligible, published by the Agency.

"Exchange is the Agency's opinion of the audit, to verify the program, repeated questions, reasonable doubts, it is to think the investors. "BA shusong said, for example, in the Hong Kong stock exchange, was rejected can also have complaints mechanisms, complementary mechanisms of material, is not met because of a company's life and death.

BA shusong said the story here: Chairman of domestic listed companies is a woman, read out at Porc votes, cry, because the pressure is too great. After Defense Committee vote, have the conditions to apply through an IPO, began to cry, the second is exciting.

BA concluded that, under the registration system, the whole process depends on the adequacy of the information provided by you, an intermediary responsible, if the exchanges and regulators question wrong, you can correct, you can discuss with it.

Lawyer said Guo had no calmer for 5 years in prison

Photo: Beijing dongcheng district people's Court Twitter Guo mother in the courtroom, declined to be interviewed:

According to the network news, September 25, Guo Mei Mei, is gambling-related case last term, Guo's lawyer Beijing lawyer Wu Junqiang smell said on September 24, was last seen before the appeal period Guo, Guo himself accepts the judgment of first instance, without appeal.

Wu Junqiang, said Guo currently relatively calm, has accepted the verdict, the message on his side is not to appeal. Other boys found another defendant said that they would not appeal, accept the verdict.

On September 10, Guo and Zhao Xiaolai connection casinos-at the Beijing dongcheng district people's Court in a public hearing. Finally, the Court made Guo Casino crimes, sentenced to 5 years ' imprisonment and fined 50,000 yuan and Zhao Xiaolai Casino crimes, sentenced to 2 years and fined 20,000 yuan.

Xinhuanet, Beijing dongcheng district people's Procuratorate for prosecution, accused of colluding with Guo Kang Naide (foreign, dealt with), the Lv Mou (dealt with), in the evening of March 13, 2013 to 14th, casinos in the Beijing Chaoyang District international apartments, Zhu and others, organized by "Texas poker" gambling, gambling amounted to 400,000 yuan.

It is reported that the defendant Guo, Zhao Xiaolai colluding with Chen (dealt with), Lu, in the evening of June 26, 2013 to 27th, July 1, 2013, and as late as 2nd, twice and opened a casino in the apartment's rooms, organizing Lee and others to "Texas poker" gambling, gambling amounted to 1.739 million Yuan. In above two bets, the defendant Zhao Xiaolai, knowing she Casino still to provide settlement services, POS machines for CANDU personnel settle gambling amounted to 1.03 million Yuan.

Guo on July 9, 2014, the public security organs seized Zhao Xiaolai on September 27, 2014, the public security organs seized in connection with zangzheng has been detained by the public security organs according to law. On August 20, 2014, Guo Beijing dongcheng district people's Procuratorate on suspicion of gambling crimes according to law for approval of arrest, the case into the criminal justice process.

In June 2011, Guo had on Twitter to "Red Cross Society of China's commercial Director" who wantonly conspicuous concern, and China Red Cross reputation suffered.

The person in charge of the Court, case of Guo, Zhao Xiaolai accused Casino crimes, regardless of the set bet or gamble, personnel are not involved in the network hyped Guo Mei Mei "Godfather". Another defendant Zhao Xiaolai through friends and met Guo, game provides POS machine and opened her settlement and transfer payment services.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Or released in October found BlackBerry Venice official name Priv

Many users may find recent news about BlackBerry Venice started up, which indicates that this long-rumored BlackBerry Android phone not far from release. However, we also noted that this special model since out of date, has been dubbed the Venice of the internal code, so did its official name is Venice? from the latest exposure of the message, the machine seems to another name. Recently, the foreign fire God called the Venice of the BlackBerry will be formally changed its name to Priv. Listen to hungry market day and Baidu how come

Recently, Twitter abroad fact God said, BlackBerry Venice's official name for the Priv. Foreign media speculation that Priv is short for privacy seem to mean "Privacy", this speculation is also respected safety philosophy is consistent with the machine, credibility is very high.

Earlier, BlackBerry trust CEO John s. Chen said in an interview, the BlackBerry will not easily using Android system, unless it can be confirmed that it is safe enough. Subsequently, there is news on BlackBerry have started to launch Smartphone powered by Android system and deep integration of BlackBerry family of software services. Venice is considered to be the BlackBerry BlackBerry's first powered high-end Smartphone Android system.

Configurations, BlackBerry and Venice will probably be dual surface with a 5.4-inch 2K screen, while carrying Gao Tongxiao 808 processor. In addition, photographed parts of the machine are very likely to lead to 8 million and 18 million pixels camera with rear combination, rear camera could also join the optical image stabilization, and fast focusing. As for product positioning, thanks to a sliding full keyboard design, and carry a high cost of double surface lateral screen BlackBerry Venice is believed to be a high-end Smartphone that cost more than 5000 Yuan.

Sponsors the fulfilment of China open may be profitable for the first time

Beijing Benz Nineth straight year become the Chief sponsor of the network. (Source: network)

In October, before the race started, first released the good news of the China open.

On September 21, the network officially announced that games signed final Platinum Sponsor – God bless Germany barley wine company and the network reached a 3-year sponsorship agreements. At this point, the network in 2015 the total number of sponsors to 12, and the "1+3+8" commercial sponsorship squares, namely 1 sponsor, 3 and 8 Platinum Sponsor diamond sponsors. This was the first tournament since 2004, fulfilment of the sponsors for the first time in network history.

In the network marketing and brand management Center Director said He Huali interface journalists unable to disclose the specific amount of sponsorship, but this year compared with last year, an increase of approximately 5%, is the record high of sponsorship in the history of the China open.

China open was founded in 2004 and held annually in October in Beijing. Events also have international men's Association of tennis professionals (ATP), women's Professional Tennis Association (WTA) and the International Tennis Federation (ITF) three major international tennis organizations, such as the right to host the tournament, is one of the most influential international tennis tournaments in Asia.

Previously, network game modes determine the sponsors as "1+3+8", that is, 1 Chief sponsor, 3 and 8 Platinum Sponsor diamond sponsors. But before this year, net has never been quite as it sponsors the fulfilment of conditions. Among them, the games had produced the best results only "1+2+8" and "1+3+7" are sponsored a total of 11 of the squad.

In its 12th year, Wang was finally implemented on the scale of the sponsors of the "slam".

Since 2007, Beijing Benz will become the Chief sponsor of the event. In August, Beijing Benz announced the game's renewal, continuing as chief sponsor of the network sponsored the largest share. This is the Nineth straight year Beijing Benz-sponsored tennis tournament in China. Under the new contract, Beijing Benz and network cooperation will be starting this year and continuing until 2017. Milk is too difficult to make Synbiotics spent

In addition, 3 diamond sponsor respectively for China life, Rolex and CITIC Bank, as these brands and network cooperation for many years. Kunlun mountain, IBM, Corona, Paula Hong, harvest Fund, e rent card, China UnionPay expected Germany 8 companies, is a Platinum sponsor of the network in this year.

He Huali, said Chief sponsor's sponsorship of the network of minimum standards of 30 million Yuan, diamond sponsor of more than 15 million Yuan, platinum sponsor 8 million Yuan starting. In addition, the network also has 11 exclusive partners suppliers and 19, they provide video broadcasts for games, ticket sales and other events at the same time, partners and suppliers also provide a minimum of 3 million and 800,000 yuan in sponsorship. If above the minimum sponsorship criteria to count, net sponsorship revenue this year by at least 180 million Yuan.

In 2009, the overall upgrade of the China Open--women's event is upgraded to the WTA crown jewel event after the four grand slam tournaments, only 4 stops, the top players in the world were asked to force entry; while the mens tournament upgrades at the ATP500 tournament, ranked after the four grand slam tournaments and ATP1000 competition, the global total of 11 points. Despite the relatively high level of men, but as Asia's only Coed tournament of the season high level events, networks have strong appeal to sponsors.

In addition, the bonus network has improved this year. 2014 Games bonus total about US $ 8.1 million, WTA prize money of US $ 5.58 million, ATP prize money of us $ 2.52 million. For the year, net in tournament prize money will reach a record high of US $ 8.46 million.

In the event context, network competition lineup is not the lack of big-name players this year, and stars is exactly what sponsors flock to important bargaining chip. Due to the high ranking women's Crown level is mandatory to participate in WTA events, including Serena Williams, Sharapova and newly crowned US Open champion Flavia pennetta for the top players, will be appearing at this year's nets game. The men, other than Djokovic and Nadal, also laaoniqi, Tomas BERDYCH, David Ferrer and other top ten players in the world. Stars many become sponsors flock to chip. But NET is not without regret that diamonds never got the pitch in Switzerland's Roger Federer's shadow.

Although there was no Federer hold, doing "business" network also is there a way to please the fans and major sponsors. On September 23, the network announced this year in the first doubles wild card of belonging--world number Novak Djokovic's younger brother deyueli·deyuekeweiqi will play wild card, the brothers will partner in the men's doubles contest. This is the first time Djokovic brothers to doubles partner appear in the net, no doubt for the event this year to add a lot to watch. Previously, to make stunt jump game gave Djokovic on the Court "Southern style", also arranged the Druids and Li Na's offer of a "battle of the sexes".

According to data for the first two years, net operating cost of about 150 million Yuan, with bonuses this year rose to a record US $ 8.46 million (about 54 million Chinese Yuan), tournament expenses will also rise. But sponsorship revenue hit a record high this year, along with ticket sales, networks in estimates can break even or even profitable.

From October 3 to 11th, China open will be held at the National Tennis Centre. Web part data in this year, will be announced on the final match day outside.

Crooked nuts about what Justin Bieber losing pupils in foreign wars

TwitterMTV Music Awards launched primary vs #MTVFANWARS5SOSFam

When pushed up brush in the morning found that the homepage be crowding the screen by a label called #MTVFANWARS5SOSFam. Netizens have scraped the topic again said, "I was supposed to get up to go to school, but too warm and the bed I have to brush the subject #MTV fan wars 5 Seconds of Summer. "

Smart as I realized it must be pupils in Twitter vote for OU PA. Turns out to be a "CCTV of pop music," said MTV has launched an online fan vote contest, United Kingdom pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) fans and Ding Ri Justin Bieber fans to compete for the final promotion place. This is tippy fruit version of "EXO and TFboys primary school students of a war!"

Counting is: OU PA head, click the vote button below, you can send a support 5SOS #MTVFANWARS5SOSFam or support Ding Ri #MTVFANWARSBeliebers label Twitter, Twitter is the number of votes with that topic. So I tried a handful of successful capitalists brothers Ding Ri cast their sacred votes! (And no

Why also has a United Kingdom known as the TFboys One Direction there is no war? Fans of the original 1D was busy voting for MTV Europe Music Awards, but opponents still Ding Ri! Organizers also are MTV!

Eventually, the beleaguered Ding Ri lost the battle of Kings mountain in 5SOS, Rest in peace my pal.

Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr #Eid Mubarak

Is a traditional Muslim festival of Eid al-Fitr today, due to the current international situation and lift Muslims always caused a lot of panic, but in world football, a lot of good players also has a Muslim background, they use their superb skills and physical break down discrimination and stereotypes.

Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri is a Muslim, he lifts the shirt after scoring show signs, wish people a happy holiday.

Chelsea Defender Jacob Zuma is also a Muslim, known as desailiershi, he would kiss the turf after the goal.

As the arsenal midfielder Mesut ozil a Muslim background, Arsenal fans today to wish all Muslim football fans a happy holiday. "Chinese wealth" from waitress to spy, until they

I wish today, sporting spirit could let us put aside prejudices.

Tumblr's cute handbags steal the Emmy Awards

Star dress match is always the fashion focus on social media. Game of Thrones to dominate this year's Emmy Awards, starred in maiqian·weilianmusi attended the awards carry a handbag-a chaps, cute little penguins (? ) Steal the success.

Friends in a similar style found on eBay, for $ 175 (about 1116). And be grass _ (´ ཀ ' "∠) _

But the feeling did not look original

Imgur first experience Moon walking turtle

Turtle knows that stocking can enjoy at your feet walking on image of Meng State, but one does not notice, and then to find it may be next year ... ... A user came up with a good idea, when turtle-for-washing tank, when he will be a hydrogen balloon in a turtle's back, so that no matter where on the statue go at a glance.

Netizens expressed:

"Lying trough, this is a first experience the Lunar gravity amphibious turtle. "

"Climbing a bit faster? "" Do you think that water turtles balloons tied up =,= "

"Energy show! Master roshi – make up!!! "

"Land and air amphibious animal, dominating martial arts and self-centered. "

Reddit why I ate my shovel shit

Try fancy to die has been humanity's relentless pursuit. One bought a dress for pet dog at home, results showed clothes too small dog can't wear them, in order not to waste it on the cat.

Netizens said, "if I were you, tonight I will sleep with their eyes open, even though it's probably never going to see tomorrow morning sun......"

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Athletes arrested for bribery ccdi entered into a League with interference

Photo: network

The morning of September 24, according to the Central Commission for discipline inspection Ministry of supervision's Web site, former Vice Director of State Sport General Administration and party member athletes are for serious discipline violations, has been expelled from the party and administrative expulsion. In June this year, athletes were arrested for a serious violation, the receiving organization survey.

According to the Supreme People's Procuratorate, today news, recently reviewed, the Supreme People's Procuratorate decided, in accordance with the State General Administration of sport the original party member and Deputy Director of athletes filed for investigation on charges of bribery and arrested under the law. Investigation is in progress.

Central discipline wing informed said, by check found, athletes serious violation political discipline and political rules, interference, and hamper Organization review, made Alliance, transfer money booty; serious violation organization personnel discipline, violations arrangements its wife work and from stocking any positions, abroad during unauthorized change route and extended in abroad term; serious violation clean self-discipline provides, received gift, by subordinates units claims should by personal paid of costs, using positions Shang of convenience for relatives business activities seek interests.

In addition, athletes are serious breaches of the Central eight spirit, many accept the public banquets, and access to a private club, to accept arrangements of private entrepreneurs to play golf using his position in the cadre selection and appointment, event approval, management of sports industry for the benefit of others, receiving the property. Among them, the use of bribes to seek benefits for others, accepting property problems suspected crimes.

See from the resume, athletes are the original fencing team in Anhui Province famous athletes in 1981 from the Beijing physical education Institute (now Beijing physical education University) work after graduation was assigned to the National Sports Commission. Subsequently, the Director of athletes in sports administration of fencing in the past, laoshan cycling and fencing Center Director, Director of the winter sports administration Center, the sports Secretary, Assistant Director.

In August 2005, the athletes are served as Deputy Director of the State General Administration of sport, which belongs to the Vice-ministerial officials and provincial heads. Since then, the athletes are mainly in charge of sports, athletes have served 10 years on the job, Deputy Director, participated in and is responsible for the Organization of a series of major events such as Olympic Games and national games. Protection of lawyers rights in China to ensure

In recent years, Chinese football, as well as national games continued exposure of corruption scandals, to point the finger at the State General Administration of sport. The Football Association corruption nest case, athletes said that "a lot of times is considering business interests and local sports authorities didn't start, so there has been a lot of problems. "

From July to September last year, the central inspection group visited the General Administration of sport, after the end of the central inspection group pointed out that State General Administration of sport competitions against equitable principles, falsification, destruction saifeng racing discipline is quite severe, cadre of part-time universal, complex issues such as conflicts of interests. And sports industry abuses as well as tournament referee approval and athletes selection selected is not standard, closed, opaque and other issues is also reflected.

Central inspection group found problems in the State General Administration of sport, athletes as head of the main sports field, after all, is difficult to escape. In June this year, athletes were arrested for a serious violation, the receiving organization survey.

On September 24, the Central Commission for discipline inspection reported that approval by the consideration of the Standing Committee of the Central Commission for discipline inspection and the CPC Central Committee, and decided to give athletes expelled from disciplinary actions approved by the Ministry to the State Council, its Executive expelled. Athletes discipline proceeds was seized, the judiciary is waiting for him.

Athletes was sporting a series of anti-corruption campaigns in the State General Administration of sport are the investigation of officials at the highest level, three administration officials had been investigating, Deputy Director of the State General Administration of sport of Tae kwon do Center Zhao Lei was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Ministry of housing issued a document promoting provident funds different loan

Photo: network

For a long time, national housing fund due to "extract" and "robbing the rich" issues such as suffering from media criticism Provident Fund reform has become the most urgent topic. Published recently by the housing and urban-rural construction of the housing provident fund housing loans to individuals in different places about operational issues notice ("notice"), which focuses on promoting off-site lending of housing accumulation Fund, support paid staff off-site housing demand.

This policy, which comply with the aspirations of the actual effect? Home buyers how to do? Interface news a few days ago to the buyers identity, to Beijing and Hebei two off-site housing more areas were consulted.

"Need to be prepared offsite Provident Fund Centre issued and sealed by three documents: Provident Fund deposit certificates, payment details, not in the local loan certificates. If there are accounts, Shijiazhuang, buying real estate, has signed a deal with sales center can. "Shijiazhuang, Hebei Housing Fund Management Center staff to interface this reporter, who very recently in Beijing to pay Provident Fund Advisory offsite purchase details.

According to the Beijing Housing Fund Management Center staff, Beijing Housing Fund Management Center issued a circular on 17th, Beijing's housing Provident Fund deposit employees to provincial and municipal buyers or apply for a loan can be obtained from the provident funds management to issue relevant in Beijing proved. Earlier, Beijing and other cities to carry out Provident Fund loans to each other. However, sounds relatively simple procedures show that staff said: "the procedure quite a lot, it's hard. "

In accordance with the circular of the Ministry of housing, paid into the Fund Center of the city (including the Center, the same below) is responsible for vetting employees of deposit and loan, written proof to the loan fund of the city centre, and in line with the loan fund of the city center to verify information. Loan Fund of the city center and was entrusted with the Bank are responsible for different loan business consulting, receive, review, distribution, collection, alteration and post-loan management, and assume the credit risk.

In addition to the clear housing provident fund housing loans to individuals in different places handling process, the circular also suggested that the Provident Fund management should pay close attention to introduce different loan business rules. Housing Department will also build national housing Provident Fund different loan business information exchange system.

"(The move) will no doubt accelerate the advance of different mutual credit", the Chinese Academy of social sciences researcher, Institute of Economics Wang Lina interface news that, but she also pointed out that housing fund loans will face various obstacles have a policy to implement "mutual credit in different places", but implementation remains difficult.

On October 9 last year, Ministry of housing, finance ministries, central banks from three ministries jointly issued a Housing Fund nine major reforms, "Provident Fund loans in different places", "mutual recognition of different" rules as the biggest highlight, and for the first time explicitly raising the Provident Fund scheme to achieve mutual recognition of different.

Subsequently, propose a number of cities "offsite mutual credits" policy. In February this year, Wuhan, Changsha, Nanchang, Hefei of the four capital cities signed contracts, implementation of the mutual recognition of paid offsite housing accumulation Fund and transferred. Hunan, Hubei, Gansu, Shandong and other places also will be introduced in the province, "mutual credit in different places."

In theory, paid into the Fund in Beijing, you can go to Shanghai or other cities to apply for Fund buyers. However, implementation still meets many realistic constraints. According to many home buyers reaction, when the housing provident fund housing loans in different places, are experiencing real estate denied policies of this kind. Developer for reasons of withdrawal of funds will refuse to use a provident fund, in some cases, real estate offers to the buyers more than one or two points, to "convince" the buyers gave up provident funds. Officials informed farmers were burned to death

Buyers respond, another obstacle is the negative attitude of the banks, house prices are still at high levels, commercial bank lending. But it seems to Wang Lina, and Fund Management Center is what determines the key link of Provident Fund loans can be successfully implemented in different places: "commercial banks at interest obstacles, is not large, it just assist Fund Management Center, as the entrusted Bank of deposits and granting loans, to whom it loans will charge a handling fee. "

"Have provident fund management centres provide loans to those willing to offsite, subject to size restrictions, funds willing to lend, money less reluctant to lend. "Wang Lina said, local funding level of abundance is important:" Midwest regional funds, and loans to people in different places there is no shortage of funds. Many parts of Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provident Fund loans are all on edge, a rate exceeded 100%, had no spare capacity to expand the scale of loans. "

In fact, as early as 2009, belong to the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhuhai, Zhaoqing in 8 cities signed an agreement started the Provident Fund "offsite mutual credits", 2012 increase mutual credit city Maoming. During this period, however, the lack of settlement between the city and there was crowding out local problems. And in the case of quota is not high, operations and complex procedures. The service faces heavy resistance, so that after the expiration of the original agreement in May last year, has not yet been renewed.

In an interview with Xinhua, Chen Jie, Deputy Director of the Institute of finance and Economics real estate, said under the current system, no connection between Fund centres of the cities, provident fund liquidity when the real estate market well enough, and when the excess liquidity in the market, but all over the Provident Fund is "droughts and uneven" and cannot transfer, formation of "drought" and "flood" needed force.

On the other hand, long reviled for housing accumulation Fund "robbing the rich" on the issue, different loan fund loans will be new rules that seemed to lead to another is not fair. Wang Lina said currently of offsite mutual recognize on has across regional scheduling of trend: "Jiangsu and Zhejiang Guangdong these most rich of area purchase capacity strong, Provident Fund using volume big so make" money shortage ", but many Central and Western economic owes developed area Provident Fund funds precipitation, put owes developed area this rat Lee of of Provident Fund again adjustable to in the East to, obviously deepened has area between of housing well-being distribution injustice of problem. "

Now, in the regional economic development in China is not balanced, residential markets are quite different cases, circulation of the transfer of funds, taking into account many factors and the different loan at this stage is mainly carried out in the provinces. "The economic development in the province is relatively balanced, and is implemented throughout the country, differentiation, inequality will deepen, your loan to push toward the East, in less developed areas of the Midwest market develop? "Wang Lina said.

Many experts, the Provident Fund loans in different places should be graduated. Liu Hongyu, Director of the Institute of real estate Tsinghua University said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency: "the first in the city to coordinate the use, should in the future on the basis of further provincial, national co-ordination, you can greatly increase the efficiency of housing accumulation Fund, effective management of liquidity risk. "

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Li keqiang was questioning the posterity Department quickly called off nail

Photo: CFP

According to the Department of human resources and social security Web site, a few days ago, who issued a Declaration on cessation of the nail, the Department for professional qualification test for identification of issuing the notice ("notice"), and demands the immediate cessation of nail technician professional qualifications examination authentication activities and stop issuing professional qualifications certificates. "Xinxiang municipal party Committee Secretary

The September 19 issued the notice clearly, do not set the level type of vocational qualification violation to the Chief licensing and linked to employment, entrepreneurship, 211 of the State Council decided to cancel professional qualifications and the region and Department (industry) to set all kinds of vocational qualifications, should firmly stop the relevant professional qualification exams and testing certification activities, and do a proper follow-up.

In the notification issued three days ago, Premier Li keqiang has just publicly questioned whether the manicurist also needs the Government "permission".

The State Council Executive meeting held on September 16, Premier Li keqiang pointed out that "the manicurist also need Government qualified certificate? Even subdivided into five levels! "。

On "promoting decentralization, drop pipe, optimization services" assessment report implementation of policy measures that, in some places nail practitioners also have qualified, and is divided into five levels, he laments, "this aptitude evaluation, which should be recognized by the market. Government regulation should focus on health and beauty, really discipline those murderous ' beauty ' case. "

"Problems such as five nail there. Some of our items, looks like an approval, but after the open layers a lot of earlier approval. "He said," this has seriously hindered the market hands, binding the creativity of the people! "

Interface queries of journalists found that the nail professional qualification certificate examination do not accept individuals need training school registration. Many training schools only accept the school enrolment. Training fee and application fee, at least more than 1000 Yuan, for advanced nail technician professional qualifications, or even reach more than 2000 Yuan.

Beijing News said a nail shop staff to interface, special attention is not vocational qualifications, but fancy techniques or learning ability. "Even if there are qualifications, or will let the other painted nails look at," she said.

Give manicurist license, it can't help but bring to mind dental group. Established in 1988, the National Dental Group, were arrested for charges for toothpaste companies issue certificates have been complaints, finally abolished in 2007 by the Ministry of health.

There is no doubt that decentralization is naturally work the top priority of this Government. National School of public administration department Zhu lijia, a professor in an interface for journalists interview makes it clear that, for a long time, China's opaque power structure, in the approval of the Government on the issue of "filth" is very serious.

2013, the State Department delegation of more than 800 have been abolished a number of administrative examination and approval matters, on May 6 and the total elimination of "non-administrative approval" category. In accordance with the deployment, this year China will continue to eliminate "gold content" high administrative approval items, total elimination of the non-approval of administrative licensing categories, and strongly simplified investment approval, to achieve "three certificates", "take a yard."

Zhu lijia, it seems that Central Government spared no effort to implement decentralization, strengthen accountability and "sunshine" approval can be a good reflection of 18 and 18 in the plenary of the Conference.

But he also stressed that the Government cancel vocational qualification license and recognized by no means let it to the, for considerations of public interest, the departments concerned should still be to moderate management related industries. In management, government departments must change difficult, ugly face problems.

The Federal Reserve postpone raising interest rates affect fermentation Europe

Local time on September 22, 2015, the United States, New York, United States stock exchange. CFP

Impact of the Fed rate hike put off a decision on fermentation.

On September 22, the three major indexes in New York fell overall. As of the end of the day, the Dow Jones industrial average index fell 179.72 points in the prior session, closing at 16330.47 points, down to 1.09%. Standard and poor's 500-stock index fell 24.23 points, to close at 1942.74 points, down to 1.23%. The Nasdaq composite index fell 72.23 points, closing at 4756.72 points, down to 1.5%.

The same day, European stock markets were all down. Among them, the United Kingdom's FTSE 100 index fell 2.83%, Germany DAX index fell 3.8%, France the CAC40 index was down to 3.42%.

Some analysts believe that the Federal Reserve postpone raising interest rates decisions, increased market volatility.

ING's Chief currency strategist Chris Turner believes that different members of the Federal Reserve's comments after the meeting of the Federal Reserve showed that the market interpretation of the Fed's statement too mild, "Although there is still a considerable degree of uncertainty, we expect the Fed will raise interest rates this year. " Patterns of global markets suffering continues

In addition to the impact of Fed rate hikes postponed, Volkswagen's emissions testing scandal during the fermentation.

On September 22, Germany's Volkswagen said in a statement, the company allegedly involved in illegal emissions of diesel vehicles could reach 11 million units, the company will inform the public about the progress of the investigation and has 6.5 billion euros to deal with the illegal emission events. VW's share price the day decreases near 20%.

Weighed down by this, European automobile and auto part stocks 7.9%. The entire Germany DAX index also fell sharply.

Fed rate hike put off decisions affect fermentation, also in the commodity markets.

On September 22, the COMEX gold futures market is the most active December gold futures fell 8 cents in the previous session, to close at $ 1124.8 an ounce, or 0.71%.

Market analysts say, made by some officials of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates triggered a new round of interest rate hikes expected for the year, and continued to push up the dollar and weigh on the dollar-denominated gold futures.

As of September 22, closed, prices of light sweet crude oil futures for October delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell 0.85 cents, to close at 45.83 dollars a barrel, down 1.82%. London Brent crude oil futures for November delivery rose 0.16 cents to close at US $ 49.08 a barrel, or at 0.33%.

According to Xinhua, United States energy information administration, 23rd last week crude oil data, market expectations last week United States crude inventories fell, but the United States crude oil inventories remain high.

On September 22, the Chicago Board of trade on 22nd of corn, wheat and soybeans all fell. The same day, Chicago Board of trade corn contracts in December 2015 the market closed at $ 3.805 a bushel, compared with the previous trading day down 4 cents, or 1.04% in wheat contracts in December 2015 or 0.25% soybean contracts in November 2015 or 1.43%.

Today know about doctors teach man xueba poses

1, "IQ-so far! "-The xueba is how to efficiently learn, work and life?

Cosmic xueba Sheldon

Answers to this question which is what actually do ... ... You know when they look at the paper, when you play the game, somebody else in the fitness, people get up back words while you sleep, you finally decided to open the app to read going to rush this week's standings with a force, people have started to learn four foreign languages ... ... And eggs! The world itself is up to you and others, their people, and so on so many different groups, and there is no need to envy. Of course, if you genuinely want to change the status quo, that original post is still very dry, in addition to talent, but the most important thing is self-control, perseverance and time management. Learn xueba never mind, hope you can be recognized by their own every day.


I get the feeling, efficient learning and life, has no relationship with xueba are Standard Chartered, associated with their time, attitudes towards learning.

Like myself, I don't like dung walls, like playing games side stove reading books seeing the movie the ball game played in a daze lie countless leisure activities. However, I do not have nothing to do entertainment, but I do it for fun and entertainment, all the entertainment activities are an important part of life, need overall planning and efficient one by one. From this point of view, time does have a cost, everything must be planned right.


First straighten out.

Sun Tzu once said: Temple winner many temple be small, extra WINS, little is lost.

Before the war do not know want to do today, which is unacceptable to me.

I used to keep in mind before, old is not used, only writing. Cloud notes, things get much easier, what comes to mind with notes on the phone, to the PC-side Pack.

Check off to-do items all in one breath, who with who knows what.

My normal day is like this:


Anonymous users:

Most people, when he is working at the time, he did not study.

Xueba, when he was studying, he has really serious learning.

Xueba, when he failed to learn when he is learning.

Use your brain,not ur pose.


What I am not xueba, just so-so, share their experiences, laugh _ (: з "∠) _

Spend less time on things that don't matter, thing have to do finish, and always be aware of their pursuit of the goal.

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2, No Zuo No Die Why You Try--as a doctor, what are your "most people I have told him, but he would not listen to" advice?

In fact, this topic has been rain, Yan yan talked for a month, and not a "today" the freshest, but the content of the material, a case of typical so I frequently praise the table. Circle of friends the rumor + health shows flood + tense doctor-patient relationship, so that the "doctor" this most basic of the three characters become difficult to implement large long case and important knowledge in the original question and answer, it is worth understanding. The following collection of the best parts of ridicule, mostly will not die without dead series, doctors from all departments ... ... Well, you have worked hard ... ...

He Rongrong:

A psychiatrist, said the drugs don't stop don't stop, how they live in the

Zhang Yuhan:

1, water fasting before surgery, don't eat, don't drink, full operation this is dumb, don't drink the water.

2, the majority of prostatitis is a self-limited disease, don't drink, don't smoke, don't eat spicy, more exercise, warm water baths, himself just fine. You spend the big bucks to buy the odd keeper drug, a cup of pot, it'll be fine.

3, hospital doctor, TM wants to be one, especially take yourself the whole drug driving.

4 and let you into the intensive care unit, or ICU or CCU that is felt necessary, anxious to die faster.

5, urinary drainage tube of stomach tube, this will give you out, anxious to pull pull pull, pull out fever too TM.

6, the big masters of the prostate increased, don't drink so much, living made the urine die.

7, beating is illegal, doctors are human beings.

Crazy front heater peak:

Please line up behind

Employers have the money, give me a epic surgeon! (Manual Doge face

Han Xuan: Today know about Kochi franchise show brush three

Listen to me, hitting against the law, no, no, no, you know the Secretary too. Ouch.

Dean would not do surgery, really, Vice President can't do it, how much money is ~

Hello, I'm general surgeons, no, no, no, no senior surgeon, not looks down on you, and not money.

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3, is the materialization of your is again--why gender imbalance is not caused by the rise of women's social status?

Is important to be clear that, "what makes you no House no car no money to marry my daughter" is not the rise of women's status, but the rise in women. "Wu Yi XI Wei GUI", women are not "real" Ah, question the Lord would have such a reference, which itself is the role played by women as a society have not been sufficient recognition of performance. And in fact is not just men objectifying women, parents in physico-daughter, even many women in physical chemistry in yourself, either affirmative road a long way to go yet. See what friends say:

The pawn:

Price and status are two different things. Pet cat you are also objects, say Geld Geld;

Internet access prices dropped significantly, instead of opening the network era.

Bao Heyang:

Women's social status does not depend on (up) in women in love and marriage market bargaining power--in fact, women in the marriage market, the so-called "scarcity", it is the product of objectifying women thinking, and "women's rising social status" is completely contrary to.

Wait until society most people, including most of the women who think that "marriage and family just love lives of women (value) part of the optional" when gender equality is possible.

No Knight:

On women's status is low, now began to reverse the balance.

But raised a social question, they were never equal, and don't know how to get along with men in this position

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4, have no money, don't go out (mistakenly)-poor tour is not something to be proud of?

"Poor tour fever" created out of "fake ass friends"

Qiongjiafulu is an old proverb, hot in recent years widely criticized in previous years "poverty tour" was sarcasm, not just because of some dumb young people, more, is the fear that the value-oriented and personal safety. Poor tour itself is not a disgrace, not to be proud of, being poor or rich, tour stop, only an act of ordinary life, itself there is superior or inferior to the other do? Travel is to experience first, safety first.

European pig:

Poor tour focused on tour, poor but form. Form no basis for judging the value.

Fox sang:

Rational saving dig money pit and dead people are two different things.

Poor poor themselves, don't hang people, parents.

Keng pedestrians because they aren't stupid, cheap enough stupid things shall not be calculated do not need to add, or make claims claims eating meat is poor.

Don't pit parents are afraid of your heroic sky go out without my mind having an affair is not unscathed and even send back white hair sent hair not filial piety in the box against human.

Out the risks and invest within their means, money.

Alex waker:

First conclusion: I think people who think poor tour is pretty proud of myself, really not proud at all.

Money-rich tour, no money, poor tour, this is the normal logic, I'm curious about these poor tour of the party's superiority and contempt of the other chain is to have a strong heart? said to cheek dancing feet proud of?

Poverty tours, and tours, or simply stay at home, are a way of life, a neutral Act, there's nothing to be proud of.

Really to be proud of is, whether you are rich or poor tour tour, every penny you spend, is from your hands.

Really proud of is that you have the opportunity to ease, enjoy, whether it is eating MOM and dad, still near the Godfather, but you can't afford to lose that person choose to use their own hands to pay the way they want good views.

Really proud of is that even if you have been able to cool on its own strength, going so far, but you still don't feel like I have nothing, because in your heart, this is your life, nothing can be taken out and others bragged about.

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5, late-day snow, can drink a cup of non--when are people most comfortable?

Show discovery ♂ Hyatt, such a terrible expression, just because a drink favorite Cola is!

See this question think of one of my favorite poems: "the Green new-baked wine, there's a stir of red in the quiet stove. There's a feeling of snow in the dusk outside, what about a cup of wine inside. "How to read look at it, this is the most comfortable State ... ... Last topic, relaxed and happy, it's not early, good night.

Small Xu:

Done want to do things. Start doing things most want to do.

Zhang Yu:

Paving new sheets, when bare legs rubbing against


Air conditioning plus quilt


You're all too literary:


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Monday, September 21, 2015

Cars have big and small the most intuitive auto classification analysis

Road vehicles of different sizes, different width, and we often hear when buying a car a-, b-, c-and d-level models like this term.

So, exactly how the car classification?

In fact, in the world, and no standard car category, the car's level of standards in various major automobile-producing countries are not the same.

As far as our daily contact with the most cars, United States car classified according to wheelbase, divided into categories a, b, c, d, is the a-class, b-class mentioned above ... ... China national standard GB/T3730.1-1988 provides car according to the volume of classification.

In practical operation, the general classification for the major manufacturers in China for these standards were comprehensively, General classified wheelbase length, body and engine. Or 2017 unveiled exposes new Audi RS 4 more

We will adopt a set of pictures below to detailed understanding of the automobile classification standard:

AT T charges against former employee contracts illegal to unlock

According to foreign media reports, few days ago, the United States telecommunications operator AT&T 3 former employees sued the Court because they are illegal to unlock hundreds of thousands of contracts. The 3 defendants respectively was Marc Sapatin, Nguyen Lam, Kyra Evans, during 2013, they work in a call center in AT&T. It is understood that the Sapatin uses a malicious fraud, such as the availability of applications without going through the official transfer unlock request.

AT&T said the 3 suspects joined Swift in Anaheim, California Unlocks the criminal actions of the company. The company paid unlocking services provided to fraud people. Swift is said to have Unlocks Prashant Vira holders and operators of the company paid $ 20,000 to Evans at least malicious software instrumentation. Sapatin gets more than 10,500 US dollars reward, Lam has already accepted the money is not yet known.

According to AT&T introduction, the malware uses an unauthorized remote server instructions, processing and consumer services with a valid identification code requests are resolved automatically. AT&T added that they believed that about 50 suspects involved in malware development.

AT&T will seek economic loss in this case and prohibited the defendants continued such activities. miu miu iPhone case

First choice of XI Jinping visit Seattle highlights importance of Sino US economic

Photo: network

On September 22, Chinese President XI will take a special plane from Beijing to the United States, after which he became President for the first time on the United States for a State visit. The first leg of his visit to the United States Seattle, and why he chose Seattle as the first cause of concern.

Seattle is known as "the Emerald City" local film for love of the Seattle known by Chinese people of the sleepless, for nearly two years and starring Tang Wei, the Beijing was caught in Seattle were widely discussed.

As the United States important coastal cities in the Northwest, "Beijing" and "Seattle" between story began long ago. Early 19th century United States ship bound for China's first steamship from Seattle departure. Today, 200 years later, in which it is the State of Washington, one-fourth of goods exported to China.

Leaders of China and the city has some sort of "bond". Starting from Deng Xiaoping, the Chinese leader visited Seattle, and this seems to be the unwritten rules or traditions.

"Seattle is a 1979 top leave footprints when you first visit the city 36 years Pronto, it's not just coincidence, also means a new generation of Chinese leadership with the older generation thought the same in the development of Sino-US relations and cooperation. "Researcher at the Chinese Academy of international trade and economic cooperation of Bai Ming interface news.

Chinese Ambassador CUI Tiankai also said that because many want Mr XI to go to them, but it does give us schedule has caused a great deal of difficulty, because access to Mr XI may not have that much time, where all invited him to go to, this is a very difficult choice.

Choice for the Chinese side, Seattle has given a positive response.

"XI Jinping, with a red necktie sits in the Middle, from left to right, first Governor of Washington State, behind JIEYI·yingsili gave him a bottle of wine called from Washington, the Golden-haired Governor herself a very fashionable name Jay. "This is the Seattle Times newspaper on Sunday published an article on the front page of illustrations. Title says "friendly Washington has paved a welcoming carpet."

There is no doubt that this illustration very vividly illustrates the expectations of local communities access to XI Jinping.

So, first stop of XI Jinping, visit why Seattle?

The Chinese Academy of social sciences, United States Tao Wenzhao, a researcher at the Institute said in an interview with People's Daily Online, geographically speaking, from this side of the Pacific, flew first to arrive at the United States West Coast.

In addition, due to the good business environment and education environment, Seattle is more favored by many Chinese students. Assistant Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang said, nearly one-third number number of Chinese students to the State of Washington.

Chen Bo, a professor at Shanghai University of finance, the senior "Laozi" Seattle's decision lies in the word trade.

United States big business has always been Sino-US relations, especially economic and trade relations between China and the "lubricant" and "ballast." Representatives of these big companies are giants such as Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, and these multinational headquarters set in Seattle.

"They invest a lot of money every year lobbying the United States Congress and the White House to ' unblock ' trade channels with China, XI Jinping, the first visit of selected Seattle, highlighted its focus on the development of bilateral economic and trade relations. "Chen Bo interfaces journal, said in an interview. In his view, this is the feedback to these big companies.

Publicly disclosed information, the night of 22nd, XI Jinping will attend a dinner party attended by many business leaders and deliver a major policy speech. According to the New York Times reports, hosted this dinner party is the National Committee on us-China relations (the National Committee on United States-China Relations) and the National Committee on us-China trade (the U.S.-China Business Council).

Schedule also shows that XI Jinping visits Seattle during visits to local enterprises. And equally impressive, is a high-level visit exchanges among enterprises led.

Information that has been disclosed shows that BAT in the Chinese Internet industry (Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba) head, MA, Li, MA this will follow Mr XI to visit Seattle and, in addition, also from the chemical, manufacturing, finance and other business leaders.

"United States West, including Seattle, and Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, is an important city for science and technology innovation". At the China Institute of contemporary international relations, world economy, Director Chen Fengying, Seattle is not only a symbol of Sino-US cooperation in science and technology, the Chinese Government and United States symbol of local government cooperation.

The heads of mission to visit three major Internet companies in China, their first stop of global Internet companies such as Microsoft headquarters in Seattle will play an important role. No accidents, 23rd, they will with XI Jinping, Microsoft and China Internet Association in Seattle organized by the United States in the Internet Forum, in accordance with the arrangements, Apple, Facebook, Google, IMB and Uber, United States Internet company executives will attend the Forum.

In addition, in the context of China's economic slowdown and sluggish manufacturing, XI Jinping first choice Seattle also had other plans. The overseas edition of people's daily: "foreign

United Kingdom, Reuters cited in a report in the September 16 United States Washington State and company officials as saying, XI arrived in the first leg of his us visit Seattle Shi, will visit the Boeing and Microsoft.

Reports that XI will visit the Microsoft Redmond campus, and large factories at Boeing in Everett, Boeing is built in the factory of the Boeing 787, the Boeing 777 and the other jets.

According to the United States report in the St Louis Business Journal, September 14, mulunboge, Boeing Chief Executive likely to be XI Jinping visits Seattle announced during the opening factories in China, production of Boeing 737 aircraft. This will be Boeing's first in the United States operates a commercial airliner outside lines and delivered aircraft.

In China's economic transformation and upgrading of the shutdown period of the moment, XI Jinping visited two representative of the United States is considered to be high-tech enterprises want to make its economy "shifting" of pushing power.

"China is moving from low-cost manufacturing economy to innovation to drive new economic growth mode transformation, Washington and Seattle about some of the challenges facing China in the process of transition can be helpful. "Bai says.

China and the new normal noise before the US election XI Jinping to grasp the

XI's visit is not avoidance of deeper problems in the long-term development of Sino-US relations on the nettle, showed the country style.

On September 22, President XI Jinping of China to the United States launched a landmark State visit, while the United States has entered the political scene in 2016 United States presidential election run-up. China issues rose in the past few weeks as candidates compete to hype the campaign focus of both parties, especially in the more extreme comments one after another in the Republican camp. Donald Trump has attacked the Obama administration reception, claiming to please China's leaders eat McDonald's ravings of just fell, Scott Walker, blatantly asking Obama to show the so-called "backbone", cancel invitations.

As a State Governor, Walker's rude comments only for the candidates for United States politicians to shame. And hoping to take power save polling decline, China made all the difference is Walker to spare no effort in promoting economic and trade cooperation with China in the past on the. According to media reports in April 2013, Walker and his wife, leading a 30-Member high profile Wisconsin business delegation to visit China. In order to sell specialty Wisconsin ginseng, he visited in Beijing Tong ren Tang, in order to promote the mechanism of Chinese trade, he was in Shanghai to attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony of the China Center of Wisconsin; Iowa Governor Terry E. Branstad's referral, Walker also got his interview. Hard to imagine that such a diligent "salesman" Governor ignores the State interest to face erratic and in Foreign Affairs. Walker's words and actions inconsistent only to state a fact: the United States political figures are concerned, hype, no costs whatsoever for China.

No cost, the first explanation is that a negative smear the image of China in the United States in the eyes of people see everyday, but there is a certain identity. According to the latest Pew bodies in September's figures, as of spring of 2015, 54% of the United States General respondents hold negative views on China, positive views of only 38%. This set of figures in the Republican respondents is worse 63% than 27%. In the United States among people worried about Sino-US issues, holdings United States debt by the 67% of respondents identified extremely serious, which ranks.

What's interesting is, in more than 5 months ago China back to the United States's largest creditor position of Japan in the United States people are enjoying a distinct friendly evaluation. According to public opinion research between China and the United States scholar Ge Xiaowei (Peter h. Gries) 2011 research, United States public attitude to the County, "" temperature is 35 degrees, to China's Taiwan is 49 degrees, Korea is 50 degrees, while Japan is 60 degrees. Promulgated in April this year, according to the Pew data, United States respondents only 30% trust in China, which Japan is 68%. United States popular in China and Japan, we found the fully mapped out in the choice of power game between potential adversaries and allies. But a deeper look, left scars of war with Japan friendly and does not trust China, all for ideological values on the "other" prejudice, China also is thrown into the "politically correct" zone.

If Walker's comments to cater to public prejudices, in the establishment of free and pluralistic country there will be no other groups make different sounds? On the China issue is, of course, ethnic Chinese have the final word, the logic seems to have with Jews about long-term United States policy in the Middle East. But today's reality is that Jews can complain at least protest even aobamali pushing the Iran nuclear deal, but ethnic Chinese but disunity on the policy toward China.

Occupied 2.6% Jewish involvement in the American population policy at the elite level of closely related to distribution, although smaller Chinese education and the beginning of class on the comparative advantages, but concern and participation in political affairs tend to be indifferent. At least from elected officials on the federal level and State level observations, the cumulative number of Chinese members of Congress as a 2-bit and 6-bit, of Japanese descent, but were 4-and 12-bit; United States has so far only Gary Locke, a Chinese-American Governor, but the India-born Governor has two. And Chinese-occupied United States population compared to the level of 1.2%, Japanese-and India-American there is only 0.4% and 1%.

Of course, even ethnic Chinese groups showed high political enthusiasm, its attitude toward China is not necessarily clear-cut. Growing from ethnic dimension, United States-Chinese one after another in 1860, 1960 and 1990 usher growth peak. In other words, the Chinese-American groups in the United States constituted like sedimentary rock, the echoes of history doomed their different "the nostalgic feelling in" suck more of years shaped their views on mainland China differences. United States political figures denounced the Chinese mainland, general reaction is likely to be ethnic Chinese population there, much less able to come back.

So, has long been regarded as Sino-US relations, "Ballast" and "pump" effect of economic and trade links are lost now? Bilateral trade across the Pacific is, after all, the interests of real gold and silver, are not sufficient to drive public opinion formation on United States politicians ' pressure? For now, while the most realistic on this dimension, but the situation is still unsatisfactory.

To promote economic and trade exchanges of the National Committee on us-China trade in recent years, the continuing publication of the annual United States exports to China, the data, the data is the mainstream media as an important index to verify that the strong trend of Sino-US economic and trade relations. According to the latest figures, United States exports to China increased by 198% in the past decade. Second only to the North American free trade area covering Canada, Mexico the two neighbouring countries, China jumped to United States's third largest exporter, although the total of US $ 120.8 billion probably only second in Mexico's top one-second.

However, actually directly profit from exports to China are United States companies, general public has little chance to immediate benefit of the somatosensory and exports to China's large enterprises can not be endorsed in China, even if they would normally not be to tarnish the image of China's political contributions led China to cancel contracts in retaliation. What's more, transportation equipment, computer electronic equipment top of United States exports to China, the industry itself also holds a great competitive advantage.

Another set of data may be more political influence in close proximity, and US-China relations National Committee and Rong Ding consulting firm in May this year, jointly published a very thoughtful report, entitled ' new neighbors: China United States investment in each congressional district. The reported statistical dimensions down to the constituency in the House of Congress, is clear that is the representative of Chinese investment could save you want to measure political influence. According to the report, Chinese investment has been in 44 States across the United States, but its scope is obviously stronger than depth.

Select create jobs that can make people feel directly that the practical benefits of indicators to measure, the largest number for the seventh Congressional District of North Carolina 7,640 jobs, while the deep South constituency of North Carolina's population up to 746,000 people. Projections, due to Chinese investments and employment of the population in his district is about 1.02%, even into such employment may spread to family members, the Chinese can benefit the most optimistic public opinion scale to more than 5%. This low proportion of potential pressure of public opinion, of significance in a traditionally conservative constituency may be minimal. Even in last year's elections the Republican candidate daiwei·laoze (David Rouzer) ended the moderate democratic party control of the constituency for more than a century, which is rocking the party politics of the dust has settled, and the potential mobilization of 1% or 5% is not nothing. Is also because Chinese without the pressure of public opinion, of MTV, Landi·fubusi (Randy Forbes) IV of the Virginia District was also ranked number of job creation ranks fourth, the co-Chair of the China connection claims China tough, getting involved in the Affairs of outright military hawks.

Stick to the ideology of bias thinking, separated and conflicting Chinese groups and the lack of effective economic and trade achievements translate into political pressure and allowed the United States political figures in Chinese Affairs, unbridled. From the medium and long term, to respond effectively to them, in order to get their hands on China issues increase the cost of the necessary political, can really provide a solid foundation of Sino-US relations.

From an ideological perspective, the past 30 years successful experience in reform and opening, China attracted worldwide attention, and adhere to the peaceful development of market economy and the determination will not be shaken. Though different in systems and road in the West, but of course, the rapid development of China would comply with international law and order, and more to the world offers a wide range of public goods and income. These expectations for national development and international position, also the Chinese President's visit to America to communicate to United States politicians and the public "increasing doubts" a positive signal.

Chinese-American groups, a stable and healthy development of the Sino-US relationship is obviously on the well-being of the Group's largest, also determines the population rise in social status in the United States. Chinese consulates need continued through more effective community services liaison, integrating all the potential Chinese public opinion, promote Sino-US relations and outspoken "positive energy". During this visit to the United States and participated in the United Nations General Assembly, XI Jinping will be across the ocean to spend the Festival, given to all overseas Chinese in the United States from the nation's thoughts and expectations.

Conversion to political influence on trade practices, development depends on the maturity of Sino-US economic and trade cooperation. For investment of China's enterprises in the United States, in addition to outside profitable markets, technologies, you want to expand, but also to focus on United States domestic operations, United States local communities, who shared a "cake", or even meeting for United States domestic industry an important part of the chain. Only this "embedded" instead of "intrusive" type of investment can be really long, will also eventually forming positive public opinion demands of a certain size to China. XI Jinping is looking forward to this visit on "bilateral investment agreements", "surprise", it is in the key to create a favorable environment for bilateral economic and trade development breakthrough.

As a distance United States election cycle's last State visit, the Chinese President's visit could face some negative campaigning and political cause noise, but this does not shy away from deeper problems in the long-term development of Sino-US relations on the difficulties of underlines take concrete actions to enrich the connotation of the new type of relations between China and country style. In contrast, the competition to be the next United States presidential candidates from both parties should stop grandstanding, level and responsible discussion about the common interests of both countries, China-US relations, or where there is power to speak of it again? Shanghai Federation of trade unions the codes

(The author for the Chinese Academy of social sciences United States Assistant researcher at the Institute)