Sunday, January 29, 2017

Google urgently recruit foreign staff back to the United States Silicon Valley

Integrated foreign media reports, the alphabet (Alphabet) subordinate to the company being recalled is not United States territory of expatriate employees, hoping they can before the ban came into force back to the United States. Meanwhile, the United States Silicon Valley technology sector chiefs have expressed dissatisfaction with this ban.

According to Xinhua, Donald Trump United States local time on January 27 signed an executive order to freeze United States refugee resettlement project, ordinary citizens temporarily ban seven Islamic countries United States, Syria indefinitely suspended visas of citizens and stopping refugee asylum processing. National development and Reform Commission met

Trump when the Pentagon signed the Decree on the day said: "we want to make sure the soldiers abroad against those who threatened not to come into our country. We only want those who support our country, someone who loves our people came in. "

In accordance with the Executive order, all refugees within the next 120 days will be prohibited from entering United States, within the next 90 days from Iraq, and Syria, and Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen seven "terrorist risk" country ordinary citizens will be prohibited from entering United States, United States State Department indefinitely for Syria citizens suspended visa and stop processing all Syria refugee asylum.

Reuters reported among refugees, affected by this Decree, also including the States United States green card citizens, look for students, physicians, visitors and other staff.

United Kingdom Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported on January 29, in the United States after Trump signed the ban, President, Google will require overseas foreign workers quickly return to United States.

Google CEO sangda·pichayi (Sundar Pichai) mentioned in a memorandum to employees, about 187 Google employees will be Trump immigration deal affected. He said to Trump's latest signing is disturbed by the Executive order and related proposals, which would limit the Google employees and their families, it also creates obstacles to talent into the United States.

Pi Chayi said in a memo: "executive order had a personal impact on our colleagues, and we regret this. Over the years, we let the public know Google's views on immigration issues, we will do so in the future. "

He said that an employee has already interrupted New Zealand holiday is back to the United States.

Bloomberg said in a report, one source said on condition of anonymity, the company fears from the seven State employees even if they have a valid visa, and may also be unable to return to the United States.

According to reports, United States Department of Homeland Security issued a directive on Friday afternoon, demanding implementation of the provisions on Customs and border patrol.

BBC said, some passengers are prohibited from visiting the United States this Saturday, several Iraq passengers and Yemen citizens boarded the plane at Cairo airport barred to travel to New York, these people are in possession of a valid visa.

In fact, Trump's ban caused the dissatisfaction of the whole industry, in Silicon Valley tech giants have expressed this attitude of the new deal.

Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) wrote a letter to all employees, "said Apple firmly believes that the importance of immigration, both for our company and for our country's future. Apple not to emigrate cannot survive, let alone our current prosperity and innovation. "

Microsoft CEO sadiya·Nadela (Satya Nadella) on his LinkedIn page, issued a statement: "as an immigrant and a CEO, I went and saw immigration to our company, our country, and a positive impact throughout the world. We will continue to support this important issue. "

Sadiya·Nadela is the India-American, and Google CEO sangda·pichayi the same was born in India.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg), "said Trump recently signed an executive order of the President expressed concern about the effects of", especially related to immigration restrictions executive order.

On January 28, the Facebook spokesman said in a statement: "we are assessing the impact on our workforce, and to determine how best to protect our employees and their families, and avoid their adverse effects. "

Tesla CEO Yilong·masike (Elon Musk) said on Twitter: "indiscriminate entry ban on citizens of certain Muslim countries is not the United States challenges the best way. "

Uber CEO telaweisi·kalannike (Travis Kalanick) also published the full faith, the ban affects many innocent people. Uber was reaching out to immigrant drivers may be affected. And give them free help in the next 3 months, to help relieve the financial pressure on them.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Super budget by 600 billion deficit last year where the money went

Photo: vision China

According to the Treasury's latest, 2016-national public budget revenues of 15.9552 trillion yuan, up 4.5% over the previous year.

Worth noting is that when the annual national public budget expenditure reached 18.7841 trillion yuan, up 6.4% from a year earlier, in March last year, the national people's Congress meeting budget deficit targets by 2.18 trillion yuan out of more than 600 billion yuan.

Over the years, increase the deficit ratio are considered supply side structural reform can provide a more relaxed fiscal policy environment, so as to ensure the social and economic order are not problems because of fiscal reduction.

Indeed, in 2016, China's 2.18 trillion yuan fiscal deficit has 560 billion yuan more than 2015, the deficit ratio increased to 3%. Deficit of more than 2 trillion Yuan will create the highest record since the founding of new China in 1949 and the international deficit line.

There is no doubt that the money where the focus of attention.

Social security and employment has been one of the main spending livelihood field, query interface journalists report found that the Central Government budget, in this regard, 2016, the central finance urban and rural low per capita assistance levels were increased by 5%, 8% on the local benefits.

In the areas of health, basic medical insurance, Government subsidies for urban and rural residents increased from 380 Yuan per person per year to 420 Yuan, individual payment standards increased from 120 Yuan per person per year to 150 Yuan, basic public health service items in annual Government subsidies per capita increased from 40 to 45. CIC Qi bin overseas mergers and acquisitions on

As a senior key part of promoting structural reform on the supply side, the Central Government allocated 100 billion yuan last year awards and subsidies, used to promote the local administration and the central enterprise using mergers, debt restructuring and bankruptcy liquidation mode, speed up dissolving iron and steel, the coal industry overcapacity.

Human Social Affairs Minister Yin Weimin said the money is mainly used for the placement of workers, issues of transfer of workers, skills training and other issues.

In addition, in 2016, the central financial aid funds increased by 20.1 billion yuan, an increase of up to 43.4%, which will facilitate the completion of more than 10 million rural poor out of poverty. Budget reporting requirements these funds not only for the promotion of asset poverty alleviation pilot also supports integration financial-related funds and manpower in poor counties, focus on highlighting the problems of poverty.

Worth noting is that innovation spending way also may be emphasized in the budget report. For example to promote PPP mode to speed up legislative work, making good use of 180 billion yuan Fund to stimulate participation of social capital.

In the expert's view, expanding the fiscal deficit, and does not significantly increase the risk of China's debt.

Director of the Research Institute of fiscal science, Liu Shangxi, China said in an interview with the China Business Journal, China's debt costs have fallen sharply, including local government debt interest payments would not necessarily increase full aperture, on the other, fiscal stimulus to reverse the cyclical economic downturn, increase tax revenues, the Government's expected future cash flows are expected to improve, will relieve the pressure of debt.

However, in the outside world, budget by the national people's Congress examined and adopted to guide Government annual expenditure, should be rigid, not random change. Deficit exceed previous estimates by as much as 600 billion yuan has highlighted China's budget still lack a rigid constraint.

In China, the issue of financial transparency has been the focus of attention. 2016 China promulgated by the finance and Economics Finance report showed that among 31 provinces, there are only two provinces in the pass level, many government departments and local financial accounts or secret, or false reporting with incorrect identification, or too thick.

There is no doubt that fiscal deficits from public funds should be subject to procedures and public scrutiny, only to further improve rigidity of strict accountability mechanisms, effects of eliminating all uncertainty can help departments in its financial information public duties, produces greater pressure and motivation to promote transparent financial comprehensive in-depth.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

When air pollution in Beijing during the Spring Festival the weather and prohibit

Xinhua Beijing January 19, in case of air pollution by heavy weather during the Spring Festival, Beijing city-wide ban on sales, distribution and discharge of fireworks, this reporter from the 19th meeting of Beijing in 2017 fireworks safety management learned at a press conference.

Beijing Municipal Bureau of public security corps Deputy Chief Ma Heng said, if air pollution during the Spring Festival Orange, red alert, the relevant departments will carry out inspections and checks and found that illegal discharge of fireworks in time to dissuade, deter, not listen to discourage, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the punishment; safety, business, and environmental protection departments will strengthen the supervision and inspection efforts on selling enterprise.

To reduce the amount of fireworks sales, reduce air pollutants, 2017 during the Spring Festival, Beijing approved Fireworks temporary sales 511, 208 lower than last year, three-ring within the city centre area without setting up retail outlets, provisional sales outlets allowed to sell fireworks from last 20 days to 10 days.

Meanwhile, the District Government of Beijing Fireworks Office Organization of fireworks, considering the actual situation over the discharge of fireworks during the Spring Festival and urban development need to further refine the ban working locale.

According to statistics, since October 2016, the law enforcement departments in Beijing have seized illegal fireworks-181, seizures of illicit Fireworks box 9081, rose 198.7%, in yanqing district idle factories on seized illegal fireworks-2918. Sichuan schools focused on the destruction of

(Formerly titled Beijing: heavy pollution weather ban of fireworks during the Spring Festival)

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Media secrets cosmetic crash course mutual enlargement of on the job training

The Beijing Youth daily reported on January 15, 0 trainees, three days to learn the basis double eyelid surgery, five days learning to play beauty-acupuncture ... ... Online crash course in plastic surgery training ads everywhere, their claims do not have any medical experience of ordinary people after three days of training, to do the double eyelid surgery. And these quick cosmetic Division to hide the beauty salon, secretly to provide consumers with double eyelid surgery, injection, plastic surgery services. Beijing Youth daily reporter found that to improve facial muscle protein bar, and wholesale prices each 10 million, however in the salon can sell for 10,000 yuan a piece. Driven by huge profits, "" black plastic from the recruitment, training, promotion, services to pharmaceutical sales, had become a chaos of jungle and rampant underground network.


"Black plastic" the seven industry turmoil

"Black plastic" underground network of what? North Green newspaper reporter found in a survey of all the chaos, can be described as shocking.

Messy like a wild school site not found

In a claim with Korea cooperation in medical school website Home Show, the school is located at beiyuan road, Chaoyang District, Beijing city, 88th. Visits but the Beijing Youth daily reporter found, beiyuan road, 88th is actually a hotel Club, which has facilities such as restaurants, meeting rooms, exhibition halls, but simply could not find any traces of medical beauty training schools.

Insider, the black schools are unauthorized, plastic surgery training, in violation of State laws and regulations, so they and formal training schools are very different, not hanging signs, there is no fixed location. Them through the network, the app platform for recruitment and temporary lease site quietly opening days group activity, and then fell apart. "Shot for a place", like a guerrilla. North Green newspaper reporter in the SAIC website can not find any information to the enterprise, they could see online, on-site but you can't touch, seems very mysterious and eerie, seem to have been active in the network the shadow on the school.

Chaos II: application such as the underground connector

Bei Qing reported journalist repeatedly dialed the 400 at the beginning of the training school phone, has been in a State of no answer. This thought visit failed, but after a while, a man who has a strong Northeast China accent called and claimed to be in medical school in the United States and Korea teachers "you exactly where is this school? Can I watch? "Bei Qing reporter asked teacher replied," our headquarters in Korea, usually we are in Korea, Beijing also has training bases, but there's no one, you are useless and want sign up plus I believe. "

Another training school teacher is also similar to the routine, said only two words on the phone to request the North Green Reporter: "the more things I tell you in the app, you first add my app. "Northern green newspaper reporter in the course of unannounced visits to feel everything so mysterious: the address is a virtual training, person's name is virtual, contact is through a virtual space. This "training school" mystique of no less than the ground connector.

Chaos III: three-day learn to double eyelid surgery

According to the teacher, crash course in medical cosmetology courses there are many, including double eyelid training time is 3 days, price 6000 Yuan injection cosmetology training for 5 days, price 7800 Yuan. Then the teacher sent a set of teaching materials, containing part of the plastic and short course videos. In double eyelid training video, you can clearly see that three-day courses of study is arranged in this way: participants with chicken leg exercises before the skin incision and sutures, and then watch the live-action operation, will soon enter a one-to-one live real operation, that is between students have double eyelid surgery practiced hand. Teachers say, can also bring their own models, the school can also provide live model and costs 1000 Yuan a bit. Oral administration of DDVP is not dead Guangzhou

Worth noting is that this quick cosmetic training course is very popular, and you can see in the video, each course students have about twenty or thirty people, are women.

Chaos four: training teachers ' unknown

Survey, many claimed medical beauty training schools, training teachers coming from Korea, learning content is Korea Advanced cosmetic technology. But the Korea teachers of dubious and queries neither the license to practice medicine, never query them coaching certificate. Is more dumbfounding, at a medical beauty training schools website, "premiere" doctor is called "gold", and don't even have a decent names.

Chaos five: industry and commerce do not recognize Korean certificates

"We also give students awarded Korea certificate of completion. "Teachers with special emphasis," which is another school. "Then he will soon send a Korea certificate picture. And is not of the best, the so-called Korea Chinese characters in addition to the student's name on the certificate is, others are Korean. At the request of North Green newspaper reporter, to teacher translation, he said, Korean meaning is probably on the certificate: "learning with good grades. "

Chinese-Korean bilingual schools claim to offer another training certificate "is for guests to see, so that guests can see you, business, health sector does not recognize. "The school teacher said.

Chaos in six schools sell injection drug

Investigations, training school teacher said, can provide students with long-term cooperation of drug dealers, if schools can also help. "Our school every year than larger, so you can ensure genuine low prices. "The teacher said. And a school teacher, said group training can be entered after the students micro-letter, not only can receive follow-up instructions, can also purchase injection drugs, "such as protein line, we have sold here, a pack of 50 pieces, price is 500 pieces."

Chaos: the beauty salon to do surgery

At the he ping Li Fengli market gate, guarded by four or five people there every day, distributed to customer ads: eyebrow, hundreds of double-fold, low prices are attractive. They aimed at middle-aged women are more than 50 years old, cheap, he followed them into a nearby beauty salon. This beauty salons generally play under cover of a Wen Mei, embroider eyebrows, and secretly carry out cosmetic surgery. Medical beauty service provided for in the regulations, however, life beauty salons may not be carrying out the cosmetic double eyelid surgery.

The reasons of

Quick cosmetic Division to hide the beauty parlor to earn a lot of money

Crash course in medical beauty why so hot? 35 days where have all the trained plastic surgeon? It is understood that they are lurking in the salon to earn a lot of money! Although our life is strictly forbidden salons in the medical beauty services, but medical beauty profits makes them willing to take the risk. It is understood that the protein lines wholesale price for each 10 Yuan, but in the beauty salon beauticians can sell for 10,000 yuan a profit up to 1000 times more than doubled.

Public Lady Lou is a private owner, who is almost 50 years old is very aware of his image regularly to do facial skin care beauty salon near my house, was where the old members, but years of tireless persistence, cosmetic results are not very satisfactory. Beautician said recently, added a new beauty salon beauty treatments, cheeks implants protein lines. According to information provided by beauticians and wonderful is this protein line can release the collagen in the skin, promote relaxation, sagging facial muscles, can also play a role in addition to wrinkles, "10,000 yuan a piece, effect can be significantly more than massage, implant, one can keep 3-5 and effective." Hairdresser Lady Lou can't help but move, although the price is a bit expensive, but as long as the effect is good, I was willing to take, and calculation, and own the good skin care costs tens of thousands of years, by contrast, implant line of protein value is more appropriate. So, Lady Lou cheeks buried two protein line, spent a total of 40,000 yuan. But after the swelling, beautician said lifting effect is not obvious, should implant two protein bars. The beautician said to give her a discount, each only 5000 Yuan. That Lady Lou feels very comfortable, make it!

Lady Lou does not know is this beautician flickers to 10,000 yuan 1 protein line, the actual purchase price only 10 Yuan, but her implants beautician is a protein line passes through only a few days of training, "Jack of all trades and master of none".

Plastic surgery experts point out that community micro-plastic surgery training and micro plastic rampant illegal practice can be said, the biggest problem is profit-driven, as a micro-surgical treatment can produce high profits. Micro plastic looks relatively low technical threshold, actually wants to do well, guarantee security, the technical content is very high.


Beauty salons don't "treatment"

In the eyes of most consumers, and beauty is a general broad statement. From the daily skin care needs "the knife" breast augmentation, liposuction, are beauty needs. However, belongs to the beauty of life, some belonging to the medical beauty, there is a fundamental difference between them. Consumers must be seen to carry out various beauty services and beauty items must have the qualifications, it will be very gullible.

Article 16th in the medical beauty service management measures: implementation of aesthetic and medical services must be in the appropriate cosmetic medical institutions or creation of aesthetic and medical departments of medical institutions. 24th article: any entity or individual without having a medical institution and approved by the registration authority of the license to practice medical medical subjects, shall develop medical and cosmetic services. Only holders of the issued by the administrative departments of public health of the practising certificate for medical institution and cosmetic medical subjects of medical institutions are registered to carry out medical beauty treatments, to ensure the safety of cosmetic plastic surgery. Living beauty institutions do not have the medical qualifications and conditions to carry out medical and beauty treatments. Without the practising certificate for medical institution has carried out medical beauty services beauty salons, beauty centers, companies and so on, belonging to the illegal practice.

It is understood that the medical beauty and the beauty of life is a strict distinction. Medical cosmetology, refers to the use of surgery, drugs, medical devices, and other traumatic or invasive medical technology of human face and repair and remodeling parts of the human body shape. Currently, the clinical practice of medical cosmetic Rhinoplasty are the main projects, to remove the bags under surgery, face lift surgery, breast augmentation, liposuction, blepharoplasty etc, are issued by the Chinese Medical Association of the medical cosmetic items (medical academic (2002) the 102th) of medical institutions in medical care.

Beauty of life includes skin care, cosmetic modifications, body toning and other services, is a regular contact with consumers more frequently. Its characteristics are non-invasive and invasive.

Health oversight agencies pointed out that today, medical hairdressing market in our country is not standard, various institutions varies greatly, do not have medical qualifications of medical institutions and personnel unauthorized to carry out medical beauty service, which constitutes an illegal practice, risks the safety of beauty.


Injections are not simple beauty project

Beijing municipal health authority reminds beauty, whether enlarged or a micro plastic injections should find a reliable doctor. National Express, the doctor should have the doctor qualification certificate, the doctors practising certificate and the beauty certificate of the attending physician, three micro-plastic cards are complete before they are qualified to provide services.

One of the three North green plastic surgery experts told reporters, micro plastic compared to other plastic surgeries, has not required surgery, wound and short recovery period of no advantage. Busy white-collar workers, micro-plastic injection is most welcome. Micro plastic injections, while relatively simple, but not free to "play".

In recent years came on the market a lot, "seven-day training course on" graduate apprenticeship, also gave guests an injection. The experts often can see the occurred because of the injection of the patient, like blind eyes, nose broken, facial palsy. He reminded the beauty, micro plastic injection class at risk: first, is careful not to inject. Eyes on a major blood supply, at the time of injection of hyaluronic acid, if slightly off, it is likely to be injected into the veins, causing blockages, eyes ischemia 90 minutes will cause irreversible damage. When using hyaluronic acid rhinoplasty, if hit veins, nose not blood and necrosis. In addition to hyaluronic acid translocation, drug allergies, wound infection, drug side effects, and so on.

Secondly, beware of false hyaluronic acid. Qualified medical institutions using injection of class is dedicated to beauty products, has its own number in the market doesn't buy it. Those available in the market of injection products or efficacy maintained will not be long, or hurt the consumer for their own safety. Currently on the market there are three types of irregular injection products, namely, smuggling, counterfeit products and by the national prohibition of illegal drugs.

In addition, the wrinkles a lot of complications, surgery can cause eyebrows, mouth, eye one side higher than the other, or in hair leave obvious scars, leading to hair loss, the worst can lead to paralysis of facial nerve injury. Liposuction is the most extensive operation, generally considered liposuction surgery is relatively simple, safe and effective procedure, but even this kind of surgery, there are also bad, and once done, it will result in rough parts of liposuction, as "lane ditch" or "washboard". Easily lead to jaw and Chin surgery fails to turn aside, move up or move down on the prosthesis.

Plastic surgery experts, the injection is not a simple cosmetic item, but a health programs, you must select a formal beauty institutions, by hands-on clinical experience specialists, to ensure injection safety and effectiveness. Micro-plastic surgeon to understand human anatomy, familiar with the distribution of the nerves and muscles of the face, before the injection would also like to know whether consumers are allergic to this drug and injection of hyaluronic acid which taboos crowd, selecting the correct injection site, the manipulation of dose, these are generally beauty salons and ordinary people unable to do so. A case study of injection cosmetic level, there is the dermis, subcutaneous tissue, muscle tissue, muscle layer, the layer of the periosteum, beauty injections of different goals require different drugs injected at different levels to achieve.

Reporter's notes

Beauty salons do plastic surgeries why repeated

I remember about 10 years ago, an art school girls for the sake of cheap, fake Botox injections in illegal clinics skinny legs, causing temporary paralysis of both lower extremities. North Green newspaper reporter following the Beijing health supervision and law enforcement personnel, into the illegal clinics in the investigation. That's opened in a residential building in the small salon, law enforcement officers found a variety of injection cosmetic medicine in the refrigerator, and administrative penalties.

For years, government supervision of illegal practice of medicine beauty salons has been stopped. Last year, the Beijing municipal health inspection carried out by the "beautiful shield" special rectification action and rectify the phenomenon of illicit micro plastic beauty salon. But this does not appear to deter such violations.

It is understood that, in addition to industry profits is the root cause of beauty salons in droves, but another reason the investigation difficult. Because the activities are very subtle, difficult to catch the existing, and there is no case, pay bills, and evidence. North Green a many years of health supervision staff told reporters they had been informers, a beauty salon give guests thin face shot, buried protein lines. But when they rushed to the scene, found syringes, medicines and medical equipment, but the boss insisted that the thing that people register at the store. The staff member said, in this case, if there is a dispute or a plastic surgery fails, even disfigured, or personal injury to identification difficulties, responsibility and the plot finds very complex.

Experts advise beauty who must find the formal medical qualifications of medical institutions or medical beauty clinic, clinic medical cosmetic micro-plastic operator, must have qualifications injection of cosmetic products must be obtained from the regular channels. Beauty, should have the basic ability to identify false propaganda and to reduce risks to a minimum.

(Formerly entitled cosmetic crash course, mutual double-fold of on-the-job training of trainees)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Beijing selling newspapers at a kiosk does not sell the shroud has been powered

"It is meant to allow people to buy local newspapers and magazines, now used for private profit. "Recently, some public tiantong Yuan Qing Hua Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, a nearby kiosks selling shrouds, urns. Reporters learned that the newsstand has existed for more than two years, selling food, drinks in the summer, this winter began selling funeral supplies, has never sold newspapers. Business person will start the sale of newspapers in spring. Beijing newspaper and periodical retailing company yesterday said the site after viewing it loses power and order corrective action.

Beijing selling newspapers at a kiosk does not sell the shroud has been powered down, and ordered corrective action

Public kiosk is missing a piece

The "tiantongyuan East Second Street, East of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital of Tsinghua University, the newsstand turned shroud shroud shop, the Department to pipe? "Recently some people broke the news-stand turned into a shroud, an online shop, accessible facilities changed into a private profit-making tool.

Beijing morning news reporters came to the Tian Tong Yuan the day before yesterday, two in taipingzhuang Jie and Li Shui Qiao North Road intersection to see has "turned" the newsstand. Newsstand covers an area of 5 square meters, surrounded by a blue metal wall, at the northwest side of a door only. Door plastered with huge ads that read "shroud" Word, beside the small print says "24 hour service" and attach a phone number. On the other side, you have a black screen rotation play engaged in the project, including all kinds of shroud repair, urns, cemeteries, appearance, body returned, the mourning Hall and other funeral-related goods and services. Open newsstand, shroud, lay funeral supplies such as blankets, no newspapers, magazines, but not people.

Nearby residents told reporters that the newsstand has existed for as long as two years, vacant for a long period of time. "Opened last summer before selling snack foods and beverages, sold for some time, this winter began to sell the shroud. "Residents told reporters that since its opening from the newsstand, never saw someone selling newspapers or magazines. "The Government gave him the place selling newspapers, he occupies a public site to sell something else, is simply not appropriate! "People living near Mr Wang told reporters that he occasionally buys a newspaper, a magazine, but now can only be purchased in a subway station. "Convenient service not only to vote, now occupy the sidewalks or blocking it. "

Operators explained the Shroud is just a sideline

Subsequently, the reporter called the shroud of shop operators Richard call. He says he runs the newsstand and before long, "this just right, not long after it opened." He explained that because of the cold weather, no heating in the kiosk, so he does not defend resolutely the newsstand. "People sit cold, so it can't sell newspapers. "

Chose to sell the shroud because newspapers are difficult to sell, little profit, "so we all got a little side business to support, you look at the other kiosk also sells a lot of other things in addition to selling newspapers. "Mr Cui said, he was not selling newspapers, when warmer temperatures will be officially selling newspapers," such as spring warms up, here will sell newspapers and magazines. "

Newspaper retail company will interview operator

Journalists contact the Changping branch of Beijing newspaper and periodical retailing company. Officials said Mr Yang, had received a mass of related reports, check also interviewed several times after the newsstand operators, and may cease to operate. After investigation, the newsstand is a Super scope, nor engaged in the shroud and other funeral supplies business licenses. Yesterday again Mr Yang, he said the company had several kiosks near Union Street to check belonging to newsstand occupied for other uses three of the newsstand power, requires corrective action, several newspaper kiosks will be cleaned up and return to normal operation. A webcast funeral home cremation funeral business

(Formerly entitled selling newspapers at the kiosk does not sell the Shroud ')

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Experts views on the Beijing Tianjin Hebei haze 70 pollution rolling by weather

Experts ' views on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei haze: 70% pollution rolling by weather conditions, terrain is bad

On January 4, the Tianjin yujiapu roof of buildings under construction through the haze, sunny over about 400 meters from the ground, ground, fog and haze. Dongfang IC

On January 7, 2017, the China Meteorological Administration, based in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region prone to smog, causes haze weather held media briefing, introduces the effects of meteorological causes of haze.

Participating meteorologists said low atmospheric environmental capacity and atmospheric self-purification ability, such as adverse weather conditions, was led to the recent haze in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area prone to repeat the main inducement; in the next few years, haze is still a main trend in winter.

According to the China Meteorological Administration, November 2016, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region of China in a total of 7 times and heavy haze weather. December 16 – 21st and from December 30 to January 7, 2017 at the time, a wide range of long duration, the degree of pollution.

Experts ' views on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei haze: 70% pollution rolling by weather conditions, terrain is bad

14:10 January 2, 2017 FY third satellite monitoring PM2.5 concentrations on the ground and the 14:00 monitor, showing haze in the Middle East area of more than 700,000 square kilometers in China. China Meteorological Administration image self-purification capacity low atmospheric environmental capacity and atmospheric weak

Associate researcher at the Chinese Academy of meteorological Sciences Liu hongli introduced determines the average pollution levels of air pollution emissions, smog event is driven by weather conditions.

Liu hongli said, 2016 in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area PM2.5 per hour and weather conditions in which the contribution of, and relationship to 71.3%. "That is the past year, 70% ups and downs of the pollution is mainly decided by the weather conditions."

National climate Centre shows that November 2016, the cold air in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area less, average wind speed, small number of days.

Specific performance, fewer cold air, the strength is weak in General. Since November, the East Asian winter monsoon weak, appears only 6 times a cold process, than the same period of normal years (8.2 times) less. Overall weak cold air, North-active path. In the case of the lack of cold air, static stability in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area weather, poor weather conditions of atmospheric diffusion. Meanwhile, average wind speed, small number of days. November 2016, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei wind than the same period of normal years (annual mean that 30 years of 1981-2010, the same below) average is small, small November over a year earlier to 8%, December 19% smaller; small wind is more than the annual average over the same period, November 7%, December 18%. Is more pronounced in Beijing November average wind speed decreased to 20%, decrease December 27% November small wind days in 27%, December 35%.

Chief Ai Wanxiu think the meteorological conditions of the national climate Center, led to the recent low atmospheric environmental capacity in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei area, atmosphere of self-purification capacity is weak, more smog days.

Ai Wanxiu introduced, reflecting the atmosphere of atmospheric environmental capacity of pollutant air diffusion and precipitation scavenging ability of integrated indicators, volume low self-purification ability of pollutants in the atmosphere. Since 1961, Jing-Jin-JI fell 42% atmospheric environmental capacity in November-December. Compared with the same period of normal years, since November 2016 low atmospheric environmental capacity of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei 6%, atmosphere of self-purification capacity of low 15%, static stability than that days of 63%. December 2016 16-21st and December 30, average of self-purification capacity of the atmosphere in Beijing area lower than the average annual value of more than 50%.

In addition, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region topographical conditions are not conducive to the spread of pollutants. Western and Northern "arc mountains" surrounded, haze is often prone to southerly, dirty air blowing in the South to the North China plain and stagnation, exacerbated the gathering of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei pollutants and water vapor.

Experts ' views on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei haze: 70% pollution rolling by weather conditions, terrain is bad

Atmospheric motion paths in and around Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei area (red, blue) the "arc of mountains" (black) terrain map. China Meteorological Administration photograph

"Is good for all year round, winter trends or worse"

Ai Wanxiu surging on news from winter trends of climate change in the future, especially in the context of climate change, "the haze in the winter will show trends".

Deputy Director of the Meteorological Center of China Meteorological Administration environment Zhang Hengde surging on news that: "in fact, is good for all year round, but in November and December are the phase difference, winter trends were poor."

Liu hongli introduces weather up often because weather conditions also improved. 2013 Liu hongli said the weather in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei areas is very bad, worse 2014, 2015 and further worse, but 2016 is getting better as a whole. "The 2016 in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area average pollutant levels are declining, there is no official, our preliminary estimates would decline about 9%-10%, about half of which are caused by meteorological conditions improve".

Frequent cold air activities next week, enabling pollutants diffusion

The Central Meteorological Station forecast, cold air in North January 8, 2017 14th activity and overall weather conditions conducive to the spread of pollutants, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area non-persistent fog and haze, but 11th in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area had mild to moderate haze in the South.

The China Meteorological Administration said Meteorological Department will promptly organize relevant experts to strengthen meteorological conditions, strengthen the popularization of the public concentrate on doing a haze of response and service. Release news TPP sadly China will lead Asia Pacific

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

China insurance regulatory Commission to rein in property insurance product

Speculative class of insurance, and like "smog risks", "Moon risks" such wonderful insurance will officially quit the stage of history.

On January 3, the China insurance regulatory Commission issued the guidelines on property insurance product premium (hereinafter referred to as the rating guidelines) and the guidelines on the development of property insurance products (hereinafter referred to as the Guide to product development), from both ends of the product development and ratemaking standard insurance products.

From the aspect of product development, from 2017, the insurance companies would be barred from developing underwriting losses and profit opportunities of speculative risk insurance products, substance-free meaning, hype gimmick products, the concept of "zero premium" "no danger return premiums" return or other improper benefits insurance products. From a premium view, file specifications the ratemaking process, and the specific requirements to the contents and methods of calculating rate.

According to the surging news Combs, 2016, the CIRC said in its official website announced 16 regulatory letters, 8 are concerning the regulation of property insurance products. 6 regulatory functions associated with automobile insurance ratemaking, 1 telephone sales, return and settlement-related, 1 agricultural insurance claim-related.

Speculative risk insurance products to say "no" China Unicom or modified programmes had been finalized

According to this times released of products development guidelines, insurance company shall not development following eight class insurance products: (a) on insurance standard of not has legal Shang admitted of legal interests; (ii) agreed of insurance accident not caused was insurer actual loss of insurance products; (three) bearing insurance of risk is determine of, as risk loss not actual occurred or risk loss determine of insurance produced; (four) bearing insurance both loss may and has profit opportunities of speculation risk of insurance products; (five) no real content meaning, and Hype concept gimmick products; (vi) no actual coverage, only the price (fee), price (free of charge) for the purpose of insurance products; (g) "zero premium" "no danger return premiums" return or other improper benefits insurance products; (VIII) other violations, breach of the principle of insurance and social insurance of public order and good custom products.

Insurance, property insurance product development at the same time, some companies there is quantity over quality, focusing on development of light management problems. Tendency of individual concept of product hype and gimmicks, prejudice the legitimate interests of insurance consumers. A few institutional mechanisms are not perfect, and extensive product management, product control are not in place. This product development guidelines detailed for the first time defined the product development principles and prohibitive provisions, such as negative lists may not develop eight types of insurance products. At the company level, provided the company's product development organizations and institutions. In addition, a few company issues such as system is not perfect, the controls are not in place, the company established to develop guidelines on product development guidance to quit the whole process of product management system.

As early as 2014, China people's property insurance company (hereinafter "PICC") has published a section named "air pollution health insurance" (also known as "smog risks") products, premium ranges from 78 to 154 for a period of one year. According to clause 10-50 of the people in Beijing, if 5 consecutive days 12 Beijing monitoring the AQI is greater than 300, one-time payment "pollution allowances" 200-300 yuan. In addition, due to smog-causing (such as respiratory and cardiovascular disease) in hospital, hospitalization subsidies awarded, 50 Yuan-100 Yuan/day, maximum 1500 Yuan. In September of that year, the China insurance regulatory Commission said "smog risks" have contravened the relevant provisions of the Insurance Act, and contrary to the nature of insurance, no longer is an insurance product, more like gambling. In this regard, the insurance of PICC out administrative punishment and fined it 500,000 yuan, higher than that of the total insurance premiums by nearly 200 times.

In June 2014, the China insurance regulatory Commission had issued on standard insurance product development and sales of property insurance companies issued an emergency notice on the relevant issues. As some of the property insurance company at that time contrary to the principle of insurance, development and sales of insurance products of a gambling nature, the China insurance regulatory Commission issued a notice prohibiting this insurance product, and the product naming and marketing tools are clearly defined.

Regulatory focus on property insurance premium

Property insurance at present pricing problems in the process, the China insurance regulatory Commission was issued on the basis of the guidelines on the development of the rating guide, as lead insurance companies to establish reasonable pricing processes and control mechanisms.

So-called premium rate refers to the ratio of premiums payable and the amount of insurance. In determining a reasonable and fair in product design, adequate rates for protecting insurance consumers ' legitimate rights, maintenance of stable and sustainable development of the industry is important.

This times products development guidelines specific content can is divided into three a aspects: a is on rates of constitute and rates determined of principles, for has normative description; II is specification has rates determined of specific process, including early prepared, and determined process, and monitoring and adjustment; three is on products rates determined of supervision management approach made provides, including on rates fine is report, and rates determined work papers of requirements and the Chase accountability provides, for products rates determined regulatory provides guarantees.

According to the surging news Combs, 2016, the CIRC said in its official website announced 16 regulatory letters, 8 are concerning the regulation of property insurance products. 6 regulatory functions associated with automobile insurance ratemaking, 1 telephone sales, return and settlement-related, 1 agricultural insurance claim-related. In terms of auto insurance rates, receive regulatory functions of insurance companies mostly because a comprehensive car insurance costs compared to submit material in the area of automobile insurance combined ratio is expected in major deviations from supervision to fine insurance companies usually stop and modify the relevant insurance premium rate, conduct a comprehensive self-examination and rectification and other regulatory requirements in a timely manner.

The China insurance regulatory Commission said, the next step would promote the construction of long-term mechanism of rate regulation: a framework for building a premium and process, supervise market premium monitoring and adjustment processes, form a complete loop of internal control mechanisms to ensure that the results of rate of rationality, equity and adequacy, to adjust the rates continue. Second is to actively build a monitoring force, strengthen risk control responsibility, guide the insurance industry associations to strengthen self-discipline self-control, self-discipline, the association management methods such as ex-post checks, continues to urge companies to strengthen management product rating. Three is to strengthen the tracking and summary. Regulators will be tracking the implementation of the rating guide, lessons learned, refined and effective practices into departmental rules.