Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Keep falls well boys the scene for three days and two nights 17 years old volunteer

November 10 at 10 o'clock, a male rescue worker just came out from the rescue scene collapsed to the ground. Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from the County party Committee propaganda Department, Li learned that faint group volunteer rescuers be local love Ye Wang, fainted due to fatigue, exhaustion, Li now hospital, heart rate, blood pressure, everything is normal.

Keep falls well boys the scene for three days and two nights, 17 years old volunteer exhaustion fainting

Volunteer Wang Ye body discomfort. Surging journalists rights

Materials from County party Committee propaganda Department, Li, Wang Ye, 17, is a wild Mr CHAN JOR-kin, Li village, father deceased, living with Grandma and Grandpa. From the night of November 9 start at 12 o'clock at the rescue scene, shift job cleaning up the tunnel, due to fatigue, exhaustion fainting. Currently loving group of volunteer teams of volunteers, accompanied by Wang Ye Li in the hospital for treatment.

Surging loving group of volunteer teams volunteer Liu Zhenfang, Li told the news, Wang Ye has been awake due to exhaustion, "the only dry mouth, temporarily unable to speak. " Grand Canyon Skywalk closures after nearly a month

He explained that the team is loving in the local civil organizations, has set up more than two years, Cong well after the incident, loving group of volunteers started to arrived on the scene to help. Wang Ye in front of the collapsed, has been on the scene for three days and two nights.

Said Liu Zhenfang, mainly responsible for rescue personnel at the scene, the team room and shift to fill the field to rescue personnel, many volunteers did not go home these days.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Henan Nanyang spat out in a junior high school student fights one student seriously

Henan Nanyang spat out in a junior high school student fights, one student seriously injured died Henan Nanyang spat out in a junior high school student fights, one student seriously injured died Henan Nanyang spat out in a junior high school student fights, one student seriously injured died Henan Nanyang spat out in a junior high school student fights, one student seriously injured died

November 6 @ Beijing times, news, recently, some netizens claimed, on November 3 at about 6 o'clock in the afternoon, first junior high school of the town of Wolong district, Nanyang city, Henan province, liaohe fights event occurs. On November 6, the Wolong district, Nanyang city propaganda Department reported, Liao he, Wolong district town, the first junior high school student Cho spat with a conflict and several other students, resulting in a serious injury. After the event, the school immediately dialed 120 and alarm, and quickly rushed to hospital, died after. Local police rushed to the school, and control students such as Cho. Local authorities, education into the school in a timely manner, setting up disposal working group. At present, the investigation of the event because police are dealing with related agencies do a good job handling. A residential building to be opened within the

(This article was originally entitled Henan Nanyang middle school students fight to death)

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Toothache pulled up under the man sued hospital response confirmed single wrong

Toothache pulled up under the man sued hospital response: confirmed single

On October 28, Mr Jiang to seek explanation of Raphael stomatological hospital.

Toothache ginger for a year, went to a Dental Hospital extractions. Anesthesia, enough tooth, Xiao Jiang Cai became, doctors pulled out a healthy tooth.

Toothache pulled up under the man sued hospital response: confirmed single

Oral treatment is written in the book "extraction of teeth on the right".

More makes small ginger angry of is, this hospital from diagnosis, and charges to surgery, are errors constantly--he bad of teeth clearly is "left Xia teeth", but in confirmed single Shang, doctor is wrote with "right Shang teeth"; and charges single Shang, and wrong wrote has "left Shang teeth", eventually led to small ginger a star good of "left Shang teeth" was pulled out has. Please find the hospital, the hospital has only promised compensation of 500 Yuan, so the young ginger and her family filed a lawsuit to the Court.

On October 28, the hospital head to huaxi City newspaper reporter in response to this matter, he believed that a small ginger in the wrong diagnosis was signed in the book, so there is a certain responsibility.

"Black Dragon" dentist

Pain is lower on the tooth is pulled out teeth

26 years old ginger work in Chengdu, lived in the House. A tooth at the end close to the bottom left of the tooth ginger tortured for nearly a year, he is just the "combat against". On October 27, ginger decided to "cure". 1 o'clock in the afternoon of the day before, he asked my sister to 300 bucks later, arrived at the high-tech city in front of the Raphael hospital.

Xiaojiang said, sat in the exam room, the "three look relatively young" female doctor asked him to take the cash. Ginger felt the purse, only 400 Yuan. Subsequently, a doctor in the case of no photos, tell ginger, that tooth is broken, need to be pulled out.

"Because of a bad hurts sad", ginger took confirmed orders, does not read, then quickly signed. Then, ginger lay on the operating table. A doctor of anesthetic, took the pliers, pulled up in their mouth after a few minutes, ginger suddenly "feels right", and a look in the mirror, only to find the doctor is a good tooth.

"How do you remove the upper teeth Ah? "Ginger and cry.

"Wrote teeth on. "The doctor confirmed to take out only.

Xiaojiang hurriedly took the list at list reads: removed "on the upper right teeth".

At that time, operations have been conducted more than half, "that good teeth hanging suspended, almost slipping off." Helpless, Ginger had to let the doctor pulled up the "healthy teeth".

Negotiations fail

Dissatisfied with hospital patients willing to pay 500 Yuan

Pulled out the wrong tooth, small ginger angrily toward the checkout counter, a list type: integrated charging 10 Yuan and mouth treatment in 198, the drug costs 120 Yuan, a total of 328. After a complaint, he also was listing, pay the fee, then hurried home.

Ginger's sister Jiang Hongjuan (not his real name), often hear ginger say had a toothache before, he went to the hospital that day came home after tooth extraction, with a cotton, covering her mouth, meet, they muttered: "teeth are wrong, it is upper and lower teeth ache. "

After learning of the situation, Jiang Hongjuan took ginger back to hospital to beg. A man claiming to be the Manager received them, made the hospital would pay for 500 Yuan. But not satisfied with Jiang Hongjuan, thinks hospital rather than treat good ginger dental disease, healthy teeth were also pulled out, was "major errors". In addition, the Institute without prior film, "how found teeth pulled? Even if the patient did not have enough money or checks should be done, even teeth will do next time. "Jiang Hongjuan said doctor Xiao Jiang Ba teeth not professional, she also questioned whether the doctor has made medical qualification.

Doctors and patients both parties fail to reach a settlement, the morning of October 28, Jiang Hongjuan filed a lawsuit to the Chengdu high-tech Court.

Hospital response

Bookmark confirmed the patient's own responsibility

On October 28, head of the Hospital told this huaxi City newspaper reporter, ginger confirmed signed off on the book, so he is also responsible. Institute for spiritual comfort, offered to pay 500 Yuan, but did not accept. "At the moment, now have a legal program, hospitals will respect the Court's decision. "

Ginger in a hospital certificate of treatment programmes, this huaxi City newspaper reporter in "complaint" column, writing: removed "right on 8", and Ginger was pulled out of the teeth, but was left on the direction of the teeth. In this regard, the hospital official said: "in the field of oral, distinguish between left and right is subject to the mirror like. "When a reporter pointed out that little ginger on the charges but said" left on 8 ", the official paused for a few seconds after saying:" may be wrong. " Zhengzhou official response to 650 million to

No ginger in film, the official said: "this is because the small ginger didn't have enough cash to pay photos and cleaning fee. "

When journalists look at qualification of doctor, the official refused, saying, "will provide to the Court." The official said the Raphael hospital were operating for five or six years.

(Formerly titled bad is obviously inferior doctors pulled out teeth on the hospital response: confirmed single "wrong", was signed but also of responsibility)