Monday, August 29, 2016

Eryuan County Yunnan households experienced Telecom fraud losses of 30 000 yuan

Shandong Xu Yuyu is Telecom fraud amid much public attention, Dali, Yunnan reproduce similar telecoms fraud. Victims of liantie Township, eryuan County village of Niu Guidan Kang Mei Ciping group firm, fraud losses 29897 Yuan. On August 29, the ER led to Kahn's real home, sent to 5000 Yuan relief funds. Twice a woman three months pregnant and found

Eryuan County, Yunnan households experienced Telecom fraud losses of 30,000 yuan, similar to Xu Yuyu

Kang's real family income. Spring city evening news

Surging real daughter Kang Kang Yumei told news, tests this year, his brother to pass the technician College of Dali. August 20, at 10 o'clock, the father received a strange telephone (displays the number as "17188023013"), the telephone that the woman claiming to be in eryuan County, Department of education staff, accurately identify her brother's name and home address. "She says there is a grant to allow us to receive notifications a month why not go, back to a 17188022241 call, said County Department of finance, so contact us to get the money."

Kang Yumei memories, no one will, the so-called County Department of finance calls over, urging them to get the money, "says is the last 1 day, today do not receive, do not receive."

Subsequently, father Kang Yumei and fellow Bank automatic teller machine to get the money.

Kang Yumei says, 20th 11:30, she and partner at liantie Township to find automatic teller machines, phone, claiming to be County Department of finance staff who asked if her bank card, requiring that their bank card number and asked how much money is in the bank card, her bank card number when you are finished, the other asking for "9879." "Enter the number I asked why, he says it's a number on the computer system, to activate my bank card to get money to me, after I entered into according to the requirements, the money in the bank card was gone."

"After four or five minutes, I think is wrong with your partner, then call each other not to answer, and queries to the Bank Business Hall, bank guard said we were cheated. "Kang Yumei said.

Bank documents showed 29879 inside out. Kang Yumei says this money is borrowed from his uncle, set aside as a brother and sister's tuition and living expenses.

Then, Kang Yumei liantie Township and his companions rushed to the police station alarm, "our police, and others have reported being cheated, just like we were cheated. "

Kang Yumei said villagers in village has three or four graduates, received a similar phone call, someone can say exactly information, home address.

According to Yunnan and the times reported that Kang's real family of 8 people, wife, 1 son and 4 daughters and father of the deaf. Their eldest daughter had married, two daughters and three daughters didn't go to school, three daughter sick in body, and four daughters at once first, the younger son to a technical school. Families usually living growing potatoes, corn, white beans, walnuts for a living, low income. Liantie Township, eryuan County Niu Guidan Secretary Lu Buqing confirmed that Kang's real poor, is the village's poor, low policy holders.

On August 29, surging eryuan County party Committee propaganda Department staff to the news that, after the incident, eryuan County, the County Government to entrust liantie Township Party Committee, Township and District Civil Affairs Bureau and other relevant departments to Kang's real home, know what is happening in a timely manner, send relief funds; liantie Township Police station for the first time to initiate an investigation.

Surging News learned that Deputy Secretary Yang Wenze with publicity in eryuan County, district offices, Education Department staff, representative of eryuan County, the County Government to visit Kang's real family, send them to 5000 Yuan in relief funds, and 30,000 pieces of red brick, as archived State of poor households to rebuild the House.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kindergarten teachers are not beaten by Secretary of Hunan residents over a

On August 24, the microblogging that Twitter users @ Yueyang, zhanqian road blocks in Yueyang city of Hunan province Wang Cheng ling, Secretary of the neighborhood Yi Shenglin the subdistrict office due to contract dispute beating jianxing road kindergarten teacher in the community. 25th, zhanqian Street Party General Office Director surnamed Chen told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), Secretary of the neighborhood had been suspended, was being investigated.

NET video show, in a small car, a woman wearing a pink t-shirt and a man wearing a grey t-shirt down, then women picking up water bottles smashed on the ground man for them, shoving, kicking the woman after the man jumped the car back and chest, the woman fell to the ground after being kicked again. Woman stood up when with men, then men kicked at the ground after abdominal and leg.

Zhanqian Street wangcheng Ridge neighborhood of the network according to a letter addressed to parents, community jianxing wangcheng Ling Road site where bilingual kindergartens to community assets, and kindergarten and Community signed space rental contract expires on July 31, 2016, then does not deliver the site, the community will take legal proceedings to recover.

Letters displayed, for community currently of Office set building North Road No. 431, 5 floor, to accurate found location, coupled with floors high, residents do is inconvenience, and area within has 22 a residents community, and population more, only by series factory community on has 970 households residents, no a leisure site, community all activities are is loan site, residents heart participate in also find not to location. By two Board meetings, and be recognized by superior departments, rental income are willing to give up the high level of kindergarten, and kindergarten contract is about to expire, and decided to move to kindergarten, and knitting factory within 1 km around 15 kindergartens, can accept the student's child.

Letter said in view of this, communities will be held on July 31, 2016 was removed after the kindergarten of leasing contracts, will no longer renew their lease, and recover the jianxing road kindergarten field, "Please get change of address school readiness, such as fee disputes, the community is not responsible for." Reticulocyte Agency CEO network anchors a monthly

Zhanqian Street Party General Office Director surnamed Chen confirmed to the surging news referred to in the content of the letter, said the kindergarten is a private kindergarten. Community inform parents of kindergarten contracts expire the message multiple times, and has advised officials suspended enrollment in kindergarten, but fruitless negotiations, which are continuing enrollment in kindergarten, also raised the high compensation of 800,000 yuan.

Surging Director surnamed Chen told news network video is only part of the event, Secretary of the residents concerned Yi Shenglin also was wounded in the neck and waist, the current and the second female teachers in Yueyang city people's Hospital for treatment. After the incident, the street Working Committee, people's political consultative conference, the survey working group composed of judicial investigations, has now entered the judicial process. Wang Cheng ling, Secretary of the neighborhood suspected of battering Yi Shenglin had been suspended for investigation.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The three elders Wei qiuyue if not Lang ping I retired three years ago

In 2004, Wei qiuyue is women's volleyball reserve talent 16 years old one of the youngest. Network information

In 2004, when the Chinese women's volleyball team won in Athens, Wei qiuyue has just become a row center in the reserve list of the Beijing Olympics is the youngest player that year, she was 16 years old.

In 2016, the Chinese women's volleyball team won Olympic gold again, Wei qiuyue smile like flower stand in the podium, she has is the age's second-largest player in the team, this year, she was 28 years old.

In traditional Chinese culture, 12 is a reincarnation. For the Olympic Games "the three elders" Wei qiuyue, she entered the national team also used 12 years to complete his dream.

Missed the "lang issue" alone looking after the youth caused by tears

In London in 2012, when Chinese women's volleyball team lost in the final in 1/4 Japan team, Wei qiuyue cry crying on the bench.

Chinese women's volleyball team of broken dreams after the Olympic Games in London, Wei qiuyue find the Tianjin women's volleyball team, said after persist after 2013 National Games in Liaoning province, by way of going abroad to learn the game, gradually disappear from everyone's life.

The year after the London Olympics, Lang ping took over the Chinese women's volleyball team back pointer that turn the Wei qiuyue retirement ideas.

"Every volleyball player want lang to be his coach. Hear her message as a coach, I feel like all of a sudden see hope. "Wei qiuyue changed his mind because of the return of Lang ping, beat four years to fulfill their dreams," from the moment to hear Lang Dao Office, I wanted a fresh start. "

However, Lang ping's new squad, Wei qiuyue his name could not be found. According to the Titan sports newspaper said, she sees the list, a man went to the cinema to see the ongoing youth caused by, watch and cry, she doesn't know if her team career to an end.

Missed the "lang issue", she travelled to Azerbaijan, to experiences outside the Volleyball World. Even so, Wei qiuyue also specially ordered when signing up brokers indicated in the agreement, "once again the national team, a conflict if the Club and national team matches, Wei qiuyue will give priority to participate in the national team. "

In Azerbaijan, Wei qiuyue did not go well, and she returned to China.

Wei qiuyue and Lang ping. Network information

Fear of slump had refused surgery healing

Wei qiuyue missed the national team's time, there were rumors, she lost one of the major reasons is the treatment of injuries, had not been agreed and country.

Wei qiuyue hoping conservative treatment to a knee injury, because she was afraid of surgery, rediscover themselves can no longer, "now I can maintain a higher form, not a last resort I is not surgery. "

From Azerbaijan to return to Tianjin, Wei qiuyue lang sent a text, this is since she lost the team, Lang ping expressed hope for the first time for the national team's wishes.

In the League, and Wei qiuyue help Tianjin women's volleyball team played a good game. Her efforts and the desire to play for the national team, Lang ping's attention.

In March 2014, Wei qiuyue national team again, team 2014 Italy women's Volleyball World Championships, at that game, Wei qiuyue's injury has repeatedly, and finally the Chinese women's volleyball team missed the gold medal.

According to the Titan sports newspaper said upon receiving the silver medal the next morning, Lang ping recommended Wei qiuyue to United States underwent surgery.

This time, Wei qiuyue promised, "I did not hesitate at all, with Lang Dao said at that time, I will! "

However, in the United States, University of Chicago Hospital after you make knee minimally invasive cleanup operations, Wei qiuyue recovery has emerged repeatedly, postpone the comeback.

Wei qiuyue like humming in the rehabilitation process, she often sings the song of the first dream--the first dream to hold in the hand.

In their social network, Wei qiuyue wrote, "If you bloom, butterflies come, you wonderful day arrangements. "

Wei qiuyue in 2015, at the annual CCTV sports man of the year award. Network information

From the "Xiao Yue Yue" to "month sister"

Until earlier this year, Wei qiuyue can finally stand on the Rio arena, also is the biggest suspense of the Chinese women's volleyball team in the list of Olympic.

In early June, beilun, Ningbo, returned to the national team training center be closed to prepare for; while assistant coach An Jiajie with Wei qiuyue, Hui Ruoqi, Yang šĆ║jing of the three back in not a long time veteran, and Gong Xiangyu, and Annabelle Lau, Zhang Xiaoya, national teams of people collectively war Switzerland classic.

Eventually, the tournament Championship for the sixth time in team history, is also excellent play in this competition, Wei qiuyue an Olympic seat is locked.

Once again embark on the Olympic journey, Wei qiuyue from that year's "Xiao Yue Yue" becomes today's "Moon sister." 34 Terri shot Silver success or failure has been

"Xiao Li (Xu yunli), she is the biggest, I'm not! "Wei qiuyue often ridicule in the national team.

However, a change in status, the national team's "old captain" is clear.

"I found that people age, would have become nagging! This year I always asked the kid, leave something, to tell people he was going through things, I worry about the kids alone. "

Off the floor, Wei qiuyue don't like to say too much about the past young people success stories, but share difficult experiences. "I think at a certain stage, tell them about how bad we were, less help them rebuff, detours are also of great significance. "

On the field, Wei qiuyue despite not playing a full game, but her presence, everyone was relieved. She will constantly remind teammates, also called his teammates to the side, so that their emotional stability.

This is lang's most wanted to see, "Wei qiuyue is not necessarily the absolute first, but hopes her game and can teach new people more experienced in training. "

Wei qiuyue on the Court. Network information

"I love Lotus! Bitter and sweet! "

In front of the war for the Rio, 28 year old Wei qiuyue said, she hoped that in the Olympic Games to achieve their goals and dreams.

But the Group's first, which overshadowed the road to dream of being.

She was in the first game against Netherlands was accidentally injured in the game, a calf after the game appears to be more serious. Thus, Lang ping can no longer arrange Wei qiuyue starts.

"The team does not trust Wei qiuyue", in the opening loss to Netherlands team, this challenge is magnified.

Until the match against host Brazil's second game, Lang ping replaced the young Ding Xia, "on the old setter" Wei qiuyue. Her appearance also became a turning point in the game, Wei qiuyue stability ball and flowering attack organization to reverse the situation.

"In fact, I never say, Netherlands match, Wei qiuyue calf muscle injury and has not. "Lang ping after defeating Brazil responded to the outside world after the question," she recovered very well these days, we also consider this match as the last game, not just didn't stand a chance. "

Indeed, Wei qiuyue, this Olympic cycle, spirit and body are sinking under huge pressure, pain and even tears. Gold Medal for bitter sweet end.

Just as she was in her microblog wrote, "I love Lotus! Bitter and sweet! "

Friday, August 12, 2016

Taiwan tour bus were landslides in Fujian 1 dead 22 people escaped from the

Taiwan tour bus were landslides in Fujian 1 dead, 22 people escaped from the Louvre

The scene. Jiangxi Yanshan judicial autopsy report evidence

August 13, at 10 o'clock, hukeng town, yongding district near Xin Nan Cun in LongYan city, Fujian province, landslides, is provincial highway 309 to a bus was buried here, fire and 3 fire trucks to rescue of LongYan.

According to rescue officers, on the bus for the Taiwan tour. Car 23, 22 people off the hook and 1 death. Deceased was a middle-aged female compatriots. 22 survivors through the bus roof to escape. When local is the storm, first arrived at the scene to rescue the local villagers. The injured have been shifted to local hospitals for treatment.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Vice President of Heilongjiang County Court were found open room with an attractive

Vice President of Heilongjiang County Court were found open room with an attractive woman to respond to: nothing to do pure chat

Screenshot of report material.

An entitled fen Court Vice President Wang and beauty lovers room Internet post of Heilongjiang lanxi County, suihua city people's Court Vice President Wang pointed style. Surging Wang August 6 told the news of the source (www.thepaper.CN), open room just chatting, everything wet.

On August 4, a titled fen Court Vice President Wang and beauty lovers room NET post raised concerns, the poster claims to be Feng Guang, and.

Internet post reported there were three items: first fen, Deputy President of the Court and the women's room. Time respectively for: March 21, 2014 (Friday), Wang in Harbin Crystal Xin seven water months high-end bath hotel and Zhao a Mei open room, 19:28 staying, March 22 17:35 points check out; March 23, 2015 (Monday) 3 o'clock in the afternoon Xu, Wang open bus pulled with Zhao Moumei to Harbin Hulan district College Road is guest Hotel open room, next day noon 12 o'clock check out, room, for 201; June 6, 2015 afternoon, Wang in zhaodong Fu and hotel and Zhao a Mei open room, Room 712, the afternoon of June 6, 2015, working hours and women room.

Report is the second of April 20 this year at about 6 o'clock in the evening, dinner at the auspicious GE Wang, who disputed fights with people, and taken to patrol.

Third is Wang Lu a commute, wife of the bus is often used, and the Office for personal affairs, buying grain and oil, pull the zhaodong eating and drinking with her friends, to eat breakfast, and companies often take the bus parked at the door, his wife in front of.

Vice President of Heilongjiang County Court were found open room with an attractive woman to respond to: nothing to do pure chat

Dean was reported and lovers room hotel.

Poster News confirmed that the surging Feng Guang, and on August 5, reported Internet post is his real name, reported evidence of content. May have been the real-name reporting of materials presenting the Heilongjiang provincial Commission for discipline inspection. Feng Guang, and said he was a retired worker, nothing to do with Wang. "You can come at any time to investigate. "

Whistle-blower was Wang Xu on August 6 in a surging news interview saying: "he (Feng Guanghe) said is true, I was at work, the city discipline Inspection Commission in the investigation. "Wang admitted one by one Internet post the contents of the report, and asked a reporter," I'll give you money, you can help me fix it? "

Vice President of Heilongjiang County Court were found open room with an attractive woman to respond to: nothing to do pure chat

Vice President accused of cars for private purposes.

Wang stressed that he and Zhao Moumei three-room, two friends, open room just chatting, not do anything. "At present, suihua City Commission for discipline inspection is investigating the matter, in May of this year I looked for my understanding, I truthfully confessed. Now the survey results did not come up. "

For whistleblowers, Wang said she and he knew, had no grudges. F 10 Chief test pilot seeking Savior crash 29

Sam Rainsy party propaganda Department Director on August 9 to the surging News confirmed that Wang Xuque, Deputy Director of the County Court was reported at present, suihua City Commission for discipline inspection is investigating, and results are not yet out. Surging news called them several times, suihua City Commission for discipline inspection departments, but the phone went unanswered.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Dalian noble middle school male teacher accused of molesting more than more

"In order to give them the best education, we send our children to the so-called noble high school, but didn't think was hand kids into space. "Recently, some parents to a surging News (www.thepaper.CN) reflect, reggae, Dalian high school a teacher was arrested for the more than more than 10 students in the class are different degrees of molestation, beatings, for up to 2.5 years.


Reggae, Dalian high school

A student in the class told the word news, in addition to girls in the class, most had been teacher of molesting the boy.

The matter was disclosed in January 12, 2016, according to the parents, the teachers have been arrested after the incident, the local public Security Bureau has also been filed for investigation, but six months later, the case has been below, "now that tests have ended, results in a complete mess in this class, but has not been punished. "

In this regard, Zhongshan district, Dalian Tiger Beach Street police station recently to the press in response to the surging, the case has been transferred to the Court, is expected to be the trial in August.

Boys class more and more special

On January 3, 2016, reggae, Dalian high school junior (4) class a boys home to tell their parents, teacher Li Chaoyuan touching, kissing him in front of class relations, brought him home after class, "do disgusting things."

This was the humiliation station out of students, Pierce was in hiding for two years in the class's secrets.

"Probably from the first semester, just pawing at the boys in the class. "Xiao Feng (not her real name) is also Li Chaoyuan students in the class, because of strong character, he hurts less.

He told the word news, beginning students for class actions as a joke says, but later found more and more wrong, more and more are out of control.

"We (the injured) more serious students, afraid to stay alone in a classroom, if the teacher would do anything like that to him. "Xiao Feng said that although the students try to avoid class, but the teacher several times for various reasons not to let his physical education classes and put him alone in the classroom.

See Chin, Li Chaoyuan, also becomes worse, "sometimes leave students alone to take home. "According to Xiao Feng introduction, first student to stand up, because when the teacher took him home, let him do some sick things with my mouth, and couldn't help but told his parents.

Xiao Feng said, things were revealed in the two years before, the boy endured not only the head teacher's lewd acts, there is no reason to assault.

"For all sorts of things began to play us. "Xiao Feng said, there is a boy in my class stronger, Li Chaoyuan made some vague resistance to him is very ill," teacher do not move him, but began accelerating to beat him. "

Xiao Feng said his situation is similar to the boy, "I start to not like him (Li Chaoyuan), his behavior is against, so he doesn't move me, but often hit me for no reason, sometimes serious than the student. "

Li Chaoyuan, students have tried to tell the parents, but the parents did not believe, because of all the guys, "we discussed what to do in the dormitory every day, but there's no way, even the parents think we are crazy, this is a very sad thing. "

Xiao Feng said that after the end of the first day, students told parents in their class, school turned him later.

Helpless, Xiao Feng said they often produce very extreme idea two years before, had wanted to kill Li Chaoyuan. Li Chaoyuan after being taken away by police, Xiao feng felt gradually calmed down.

But the whole thing did not impact on the student was caught by Li Chaoyuan immediately dissipated, "exam in our class did poorly this year, says it is because the teacher, not at all. "Xiao Feng said Li Chaoyuan after being caught for the class, but can't be over half term.

Parents said the school was not aware of this alleged crime

According to the parents, many parents spared no expense to send their children to the reggae high school, decisions are its high graduation rates.

In September 2013, liangmin who lives in Dalian City, Liaoning province (a pseudonym) send their children into the "Dalian's most famous private school."

As she said, Regal school is advertised as "Dalian facility is one of the best schools" in 2008, the school focuses on high school graduation, reached 89.7%.

"Tuition and accommodation fees will be more than 30,000 a year, plus holiday makeup, travel abroad these other costs each year to spend 100,000 yuan. "Said liangmin, reggae middle school parents are called" school ", in order to give them the best education, they were spared, but unexpectedly, three years of junior secondary to his son Chen Chen (not his real name), it was a nightmare.

"When other parents told me, I didn't know such a thing has happened. I asked early in the morning, he started to say, and later said he also was violated, is disgusted with the teacher contact time for the first time and later have been suppressed. "Said liangmin, according to statistics from parents, Li Chaoyuan class a total of 18 men, only two said no Li Chaoyuan indecency.

On January 12, 2016, liangmin together with other parents to schools beg, ask to see the surveillance video from the classroom, but informed by the school, monitor is broken, Li Chaoyuan has been dismissed, "seemed completely unaware of the school, not dismissed as simple, indecent assault is an offence. "

Angry parents are immediately reported to the police, the police informed, Li Chaoyuan captured in less than 1 hour, and found to be violations of students ' recorded confessions. Until the statements are when parents really know their children at school what was experiencing.

"From the first day began, started hitting them, slapped a trifle is more than 10, then started doing some students a dubious move, in the later development is to touch the body of students in the classroom. "One parent quoted students as saying.

Liangmin said that in addition to the school, teacher suffered molestation of students per semester study tour is at times, "every summer school will organize study tours, such as Australia, ten thousand or twenty thousand Yuan, led by the teacher. Now think about it, we pay teachers of his own children. "

According to liangmin introduced, Li Chaoyuan, a 43-year old married male teachers, wife is Ziggy middle school faculty members, and two children were in elementary school, "3 years, we don't have much contact with him, he is strictly prohibited us chatting in the group, saying he does not speak, we are not allowed to talk, meet now and don't look at us. "

Out of trust and respect for teachers, kids all sorts of erratic behavior did not arouse the suspicion of liangmin, "teacher to the children home sometimes say to me, I said to him, the teacher hit you is for your own good, don't hate teachers. "

But liangmin knew that kids call "the teacher hit me", refers to more than 10 per cent or more in a row on the ear, "both in the classroom and the corridors, pulled over. "

Li Chaoyuan after being caught, the school had offered compensation, "injured pay tens of thousands of Yuan, one of the other 20,000 yuan. "In this regard, many students and parents have said it could not accept.

"We hope Li Chaoyuan gets punished, let the child know, the bad guys do wrong will be punished. "Said liangmin, rather than compensation, she is more afraid of shadows it child psychology, long-term depression child of vengeance.

Proposed compensation for school, Xiao Feng said: "I think it is very dirty. "

Bureau of personnel: the autonomy of private schools, we worry so much


Inform the Dalian Zhongshan branch of the municipal Public Security Bureau incorporated

On January 15, 2016, after Li Chaoyuan, was detained for 3 days, Dalian Zhongshan branch issue filing notice of municipal Public Security Bureau, said the review, that Li Chaoyuan criminal facts the case of molesting a student, according to the People's Republic of China provisions of the code of criminal procedure article 110th, decided to file for investigation.

Has been in the past six months, Li Chaoyuan case is not in session, it makes some students and parents are worried.

"School (Ziggy secondary school) is an educational group, the powerful. There were not willing to pay (compensation) parents find the school, the principal said, you want to tell what he told. "Xiao Feng said it was his understanding that, now, many students in the class and their parents are waiting when you can sit.

On July 29, Zhongshan district, Dalian Tiger Beach Street police station Deputy Director of a surname (and Ren Ruige method in middle school vice principal) surging on news that Li Chaoyuan indecency case has been referred to the Court, trial is expected in August, "will begin the trial last month, but he made a change of counsel, the trial would be postponed. "

Deputy Director, said schools in compensation prior to proceedings, are reluctant to charge parents, through legal means to assert their rights, but the specific compensation to be judged according to the severity of the injury.

"Children are innocent, and we are determined to be protected. "The operations Deputy Director said, certainly not harboring Li Chaoyuan.

On August 4, Zhongshan district, Dalian City Bureau of education a office worker who asked not to be named told the word news, Education Act clearly stipulates that the autonomy of private schools, "we worry so much." The staff also said: "this matter involves adolescent privacy, now that things have settled, we don't say anything. "

Legal experts: If true arrested for indecency

CUPL surging Xu Jiusheng, a Professor of criminal law on August 5 to the news that the criminal law amendment (I) "the crime of compulsory indecency women" with the words "crime of indecency", filled the County has been unable to determine acts of indecent assault male legal gaps, expanding the range of indecency.

He said that if students and parents the above conditions are true, you can determine the male teachers suspected of having committed the offence of indecent assault. He faces a penalty of 5 years ' imprisonment if aggravated, could face up to 5 years in prison. Aggravated or not, it was obscene to see the number, age, length, without being molester spiritual problems, and so on.

Xu Jiusheng think schools need to bear civil liability. Shanghai the highest temperature reached 40 degrees

Shanghai surging building Pan Shuhong law to news analysis, by students and parents, the male teacher was arrested for duty offence be held legally liable, but the penalties are required on the students ' injuries and spirit of accreditation can only be judged after the extent of the damage. In addition, the age of the children is also key, for smaller children to commit such acts, and the deeper.

Pan Shuhong also said that if the male teacher was threatened in teaching the students during the beating, schools should also assume civil liability, compensation for damage identification of how much still needs to be.

Monday, August 1, 2016

A town official in Guangxi was cut off by his wife prick and official no style

The morning of July 25, guigang, pingnan, Guangxi due to style a man was stabbed by his wife, his wife committed suicide, and multiple sources of men be cut off "prick (penis)." On August 1, pingnan County party Committee propaganda Department staff to the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN) confirmed that an injured man was the county town of NPC Lv Mou, Vice-President, privacy involving the parties, disclose the staff said Lu was cut parts. Lu is suffering wife assault for a style issue? The County discipline inspection staff indicated, had not received reports on Lu on a life style issue.

Pingnan County people's hospital emergency department duty officer confirmed to the surging news, July 25, 120 medical personnel sent to a middle-aged man who mutilated genitals, then was sent to the hospital by emergency surgery of Urology.

Pingnan County people's hospital workers to a surging news, after Lu's medical history record was posted online, the Hospital launched a survey on the disclosure of patient information. The afternoon of August 1, surging party General Branch Office of one staff member at the Hospital told news, investigations by the hospital, Lu's medical history record in urology at the hospital patients are not hospital employees leaking. But who the hell is leaked, it is not clear.

A town official in Guangxi was cut off by his wife prick and official: no style reports, his wife committed suicide


Why Lu met his wife cut off the genitals? Ping nan County party Committee propaganda Department official letter "today South" released on July 27 briefing display: (July) 25th at 1 o'clock in the morning, pingnan City homes, a case of intentional injury occurred. Due to family disputes, Lu the owner asleep at home were his wife, Li with a machete and chopped. Lu I dialed 120 call upon County people's Hospital for treatment, are not life-threatening. After the attack, Li oral pesticides suicide in the room.

Pingnan County party Committee propaganda Department staff to the surging news confirm that these communications in "Lu" is the county town, Deputy Chairman of the national people's Congress. But where Lu was cut by his wife, the staff member said, it involved personal privacy, not be released. As to whether Lu had style problems and violations, pingnan County Commission for discipline inspection officials said, had not received reports on Lu on a life style issue. Tallest building in Shaanxi xingping going bust

On July 28, the surging news call An Huai town Government Office, a staff member said, not know about "Vice President Lu" this person, then hung up the phone.

At present, pingnan County Police have investigated the case.