Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Media visits Lei Yang foot bath street Police anxious to remove 16 pedicures

Media visits

Changping District, Beijing Lei Yang foot reflexology shops in the case in question. Network information

Media visits

Lei Yang caught community. Network information

Lei Yang case has been rife. May 11 at 6 o'clock in the morning, Changping District, Beijing Changping police Lei Yang covered the 16 foot long Brocade SAN Street shop sign torn. Nearby residents described the foot reflexology shops in this street roughly in the last 4 years, "rampant". Whether there is a special regulation for the police, residents ask: "have a special regulation to Lei Yang? "

In fact, according to media reports, on June 23, 2005, the Changping Public Security Bureau dispatched hundreds of police, East Beach Street in the small area of the police station to combat prostitution illegal. Total of 22 foot reflexology shops on this street, the day's action, police have arrested 20 people involved, including prostitutes has 17 people and seized unlicensed hair salon 22; collection of Harpoon, chains and knives 7.

Puzzling is that after removal of foot massage shop signs in the police, is still open for business, and during the interview, constantly wearing a red armband Boyle stepped forward to stop residents, not an interview.

Street 500 m 16 foot reflexology shops this morning emergency is removed eventually

Dragon Brocade SAN Jie in Beijing's huilongguan, Changping District, if it is not a case of Lei Yang, this is not a spacious suburban streets are hard to be known.

This street of about 1.5 km, cut split in the Middle, light popular in the West, about 500 metres in the East. Because there are several nearby residential district, the community shop downstairs, so it looks a little more lively in the East, opened on the first floor with all sorts of hardware stores, auto repair shops and supermarkets. Of course, is the largest foot reflexology shops.

Journalists from the middle of the traffic lights on the cover forward, can see it on the door "foot massage, welcome to" shop will have 16, but strangely, signboards that each shop door beams were ripped to pieces. 

Media visits

There are a few health store brand is gone, but the curtains in. Network information

"Behind closed doors during the day, you can't see anything, was more lively in the evening, those massage girls sitting at the door to say hello. "Long a mother surnamed Qin, Jin Yuan dong Wu district see journalists taking pictures on the cover, came up:" are you a reporter? You can see how lively come a few days earlier, police closed now. " She said this two to community media in many, Lei Yang, we have also learned through various channels, "would have had a good regulation".

"Today at 6 in the morning after an emergency is removed eventually, several police cars, all in uniform, has been pulled down for more than an hour, pedicures every specialty has been pulled down. "She added.

Journalists look on the cover, found foot reflexology shops scratch on the door and sure enough there, but posting long, these scratches did not affect Word identification, advertising light boxes around there are fresh signs of destruction were on.

Media visits

Health Center was demolished, but the words also can identify. Network information

Media visits

Health Center was demolished, there was one "kin". Network information

Foot reflexology shops in existence 4 years that "regulation can have a Lei Yang? "

In 2007, Dragon Brocade Long Jinyuan district near third street were housing, a barren landscape where there has been a gradual popularity, area residents come from all directions, downtown, also from Tongzhou and Hebei.

Moved here from Hebei's uncle Liu, 69, was one of the first live Long Jinyuan households. "The 2007 year when very clean here, no foot massage parlors. "He remembers, when Street opened up stores, hardware stores and restaurants. Later, because of smoke, after residents complained, restaurant was closed, only beginning to massage parlors.

"Is the last three or four years, have sprung up, as a series of companies to open up. "Uncle Liu seems annoyed of these massage parlors, tone of resentment," is a look at the problem, real foot reflexology, massage, why are you pulling a curtain? Sitting at the door of those women, wear that exposes why? "

Thanks Uncle sitting next to Uncle Liu simply said: "you said is crap, who do not know they have a problem? "

Since there is a problem, and opened so many, why police treatment? On this issue, Liu ye laugh and ask: "If there is regulation, Lei Yang? "

Being said, several tea with Mark Boyle stepped forward, blocked Uncle Liao, "I don't know don't talk nonsense". Since then, reporters chatted with residents, Boyle came word, don't let residents interviewed.

Residents are wondering: why good clients, not to ban foot reflexology shops?

In fact, as early as 2005, Changping District, Beijing police in a small town in the East carried out regulation of prostitution.

According to media reports, on June 23, 2005, the Changping Public Security Bureau dispatched hundreds of police, East Beach Street in the small area of the police station to combat prostitution illegal. Total of 22 foot reflexology shops on this street, the day's action, police have arrested 20 people involved, including prostitutes has 17 people and seized unlicensed hair salon 22; collection of Harpoon, chains and knives 7.

For these operations, as well as recent years East third street, SIP stations for Dragon scales nylon combat of prostitution and whoring, other residents of the community does not agree with Uncle Liu "regulation Lei Yang thing" argument.

Also since 2007 and moved into Long Jinyuan residential Lin said, work has been carried out against the police, often you can see a police cruiser in longjin Street, also heard the news of prostitutes was caught, but makes her wonder is why prostitutes caught was fined, foot massage parlors are still open for business?

"Take the Lei Yang is concerned, the accident happened to him on May 7, the night of May 8, massage shops on this street. "She said.

Cover journalists to verify the Lin said, and sure enough, this 16 foot reflexology shops have closed, signs have been removed, but approaching "longjin Street East" sign near the foot store still.

These foot massage shop doors locked, sitting at the door. Near longjin Street in the massage shop at 18th, 38th, 3 persons, two men and a woman, aged around 40 years old. Woman exposes in the Emei mountain by a monkey

Media visits

Some foot massage shop while there is no "great care" message, but it's still open. Network information

Journalists came through the door and asked on the cover is open, the woman answered wearing a black "closed today". About 30 meters away from her shop and the other a massage shop with the door open, women dressed in red told reporters "only ordinary massage, no health care."

"What do you want that, health care? "The woman looked up and looked through the glass door to the street and said:" no, no, what you see this street, which still have health care. "

Media visits

Lei Yang foot massage shop in the case in question. Network information

Friday, May 6, 2016

CCTV surveys Sichuan Yunnan cheap tours tourist spending 85 at the travel agent

In recent days, CCTV financial reporter of the consumer advocates in Sichuan, Yunnan tour of the lower price found that tourists spend thousands of Yuan and tens of thousands of Yuan to buy jade, had 85% money kickbacks to travel agents! 28 grams of silver, 70% was taken by travel agents when the rebate, which is 20 Yuan for every 1 gram into travel agencies and tour guides pocket ... ... Oil rebates up to 85% in Yunnan province, special tea and crafts and local rebates up to 20%! Guides the Kickback is as high as 18%.

CCTV surveys, Sichuan, Yunnan cheap tours: tourist spending, 85% at the travel agent rebates

Picture shows CCTV for financial consumer advocates, investigative journalism, Sichuan, Yunnan cheap screenshot tour.

Boutique tour shopping 2 increased from 6 3/zero shopping up blacklisting

Recently, a travel agency near the train station in Kunming, reporter for the consumer advocates signed up for the list price of 600 Yuan Dali Lijiang railway two-bedroom four nights and five days of quality tours. Itinerary shows that four nights and five days of tourism in the process of with only two shopping malls. Real situation?

"Take your credibility out......" Dali's big Jubilee gem city is the first stop for shopping. As tourists more, buying less. After getting on the bus, tour guides angry!

In Lijiang of a huanglong jade purchase field, guide again encouraged visitors are to more shopping, or, "you each a times consumption it are has records, so hope you to I signed a Word, put you consumption of amount wrote in above, because this is specials mission, if you continuous 3 times to Yunnan participate in specials mission, each a times shopping are for zero, will Shang blacklist. "The guide said.

CCTV surveys, Sichuan, Yunnan cheap tours: tourist spending, 85% at the travel agent rebates CCTV surveys, Sichuan, Yunnan cheap tours: tourist spending, 85% at the travel agent rebates

Five-day, four-night tour of Dali, Lijiang, journalists are at 600 Yuan in tours, itineraries are only 2 shopping, is actually 6, an increase of 3 tea shopping, huanglong jade shopping stores, Tibetan medicine and Spirulina shopping 4 shopping shop shopping.

Reporter previously and travel agency signed of tourism contract on shopping matters has such of terms agreed: without party signed confirmed agreed, or b violation agreed increased shopping times, and extended shopping time, and forced or disguised forced party shopping or participate in at their own expense project of, party can in tourism trip end Hou 30th within, requirements b for its handle return and first advance return paragraph or returned separately paid of tourism project of costs, and each to party paid tourism costs total 20% of penalty.

CCTV surveys, Sichuan, Yunnan cheap tours: tourist spending, 85% at the travel agent rebates

Travel agents can perform the contract to the visitor return it? After completion of travel, the reporters came to travel. Travel agency staff, said: "I can't return here, I want to post this to him, he wanted his money to your card, is on you not me! "

CCTV surveys, Sichuan, Yunnan cheap tours: tourist spending, 85% at the travel agent rebates CCTV surveys, Sichuan, Yunnan cheap tours: tourist spending, 85% at the travel agent rebates

Price 1000 Yuan jade Jadeite cost only 100 Yuan rebate up to 85%

Yunnan tourism industry reporter undercover for months, a lot of guides, travel agencies and shops, know they cheat all visitors inside and grasp how they carve up the dark industry chain of shopping money.

Kunming Fukun building a jade store boss told reporters that in the industry, Emerald into is a relatively high percentage of the proceeds of sales in travel agencies. Fukun jewelry Manager Yoon, is generally divided into two blocks, regular price, special price, regular price 85%, special 70%, 75%. But they rarely discounts, only specials below 1000 Yuan.

CCTV surveys, Sichuan, Yunnan cheap tours: tourist spending, 85% at the travel agent rebates CCTV surveys, Sichuan, Yunnan cheap tours: tourist spending, 85% at the travel agent rebates CCTV surveys, Sichuan, Yunnan cheap tours: tourist spending, 85% at the travel agent rebates CCTV surveys, Sichuan, Yunnan cheap tours: tourist spending, 85% at the travel agent rebates

While shopping for travel rebates is an open secret, but such high commissions still surprised reporters expected, visitors spent thousands of Yuan and tens of thousands of Yuan to buy jade, that 85% is shopping money secretly paid to travel agent rebates.

According to yin, Manager, "sell 1000 Yuan yu, purchase price is about 100 Yuan! "Count down, such a shop selling jade, doubled its price at least 10 times.

Everything from coffee to chocolate products have rebates

In addition to jade, jade, and other tourist points what is the rebate? Reporters came to the White House silverware shop located in the Marketing Department of Kunming.

White House silverware Manager Zhao said: "the silver now we have special, it should be said Kunming market, silver was what a special, currently on the market (kickbacks) policy is 70%. "

"70% travel agency? "". "Zhao answered.

Calculated in accordance with the Manager Zhao said, priced at 28 Yuan/g silver, 70% was taken by travel agents when the rebate, that is 20 Yuan per gram, into the pockets of travel agencies and tour guides.

Kunming integrated shopping mall-the flower market, the product range price is relatively low, here also to travel agents Commission. Flowers in spring City Manager said the General is 60%.

Near the old airport in Kunming spring city flower market manager for reporters to print a list detailing the rebate for each product within the market, and mysteriously, told reporters that these rebate rates generally are kept secret to the outside world. Through this form we can see that market sales of oil, silver, huanglong jade, chocolate, coffee and other 16 items every rebate, essential oil kickbacks from the same 85%, special tea and handicrafts and souvenirs with the lowest commissions reached 20%.

Guided shopping rebates of up to 18%

Survey of some industry insiders told reporters, in order to allow visitors shopping, tour inbound tour operators generally use commissions to settle wage, tourist spending higher, guides the Commission rate will increase accordingly, so that was supposed to visit the tourist attractions of the time, most have been turned into shopping, professional tour guide, suddenly became a shopping guide.

Guide Ms Sun says, the guide if a single well, income is relatively high. For example, your group out of 100,000 yuan, you see the corporate system, some companies guide minimum 11%, according to the different per capita, reference points are not the same, can get up to 17% to 18%.

Shopping return difficult lies in the black chain

It's hard to imagine a piece of Jadeite jade, shopping for travel rebates as high as 85%, if planing to go shopping the store's rent, salaries of sales personnel and store profit, this jade the real value or how much is left? 1%? 5%?

According to press reports in Yunnan province, the tourism industry, not only is the Emerald, huanglong jade, silver, chocolate, coffee and rebates. Rebate rate is normally 60% or 70%, and less 20%. Because there is such a huge black interests behind chain, Yunnan tourism industry insiders say, visitors want to return is difficult because return means that the relevant chain of all beneficiaries to spit into his mouth and flesh eating out, they would find other reasons to block. Of the new tourism law has been implemented for two years, but tourist return difficult problem can not be resolved, the reason this is important.

Under the implementation of the law has not been strictly, and journalists with a jade expert warns tourists traveling in Yunnan, tourist shopping must be rational prudence, value precious commodity it is best not in tourist shops to buy, buy buy products in such places and probability of winning the lottery. Harbin sky high fish released CCTV recording of

Here is to remind you, if you are a tour, careful travel agent no reason to return the 30 days as promised by provisions, some travel agencies directly depend on are not admitted, visitors may not have so much energy and travel agencies to file a lawsuit.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Army newspaper Wei Zexi incident police hospital scolded avenge not unjust

The last few days, "Wei Zexi events" deeply affects users of nerves, pushed to the forefront in military hospitals. Time, online and offline Chinese armed police forces Beijing city Corps Hospital of the parties considerable criticisms from the bio-medical center, other troops and armed police hospital was also hit, have been severely criticized. 315 Shanghai Xujiahui today to buy a computer

Saw many military hospitals, "lying", the author was not the taste, calling Hu Jiale, Director of the Nursing Department of Nanjing General Hospital. The Wenchuan earthquake of 2008, he and other quake relief medical teams with players of Nanjing military area, braving the dangers of aftershocks, gravel flying, Xiang Yingxiu on foot from dujiangyan with first-aid supplies, water mill, March, first rushed to the epicenter for the hardest-hit areas, to injured victims were taken to a lifeline.

Water mill town in Wenchuan, Hu Jiale led after medical teams stationed in a vegetable market, will start work in a hurry. Selling pork in a cement pad, he underwent emergency surgery at great risk, and successfully saved because of high voltage electric shock breathing and heartbeat have stopped victims lives, created a miracle. After a general inspection of the disaster relief command to ask Hu Jiale: "you dare to do surgery on the cement bench, afraid if a problem bear responsibility? "Hu Jiale replied:" indeed no other way! At that time neither the optional medical conditions, patient transport does not go out, if I'm afraid of responsibility can't save, possibly some patients can only wait for death. As long as they can save, even out of the operative risk, I will resign myself! "The General did not speak after the hearing, raised his right hand to Hu Jiale solemnly saluted a military salute. Author standing near tears.

Wenchuan, and shifang, mianzhu, pingwu County, ... ... From May to August, 3 months of fighting in Sichuan, I traveled to almost all the worst-hit areas, witnessed the Nanjing military medical team players regardless of their own safety, life-saving human love, recorded their parent's emotional state of mind of the masses in the disaster areas.

"Over the years, so did you do in service to the people, to pay so much, eat so much now because of possible problems with individual counterparts were scolded, wronged you? "I ask Hu Jiale phone. Almost no silence, Hu Jiale quickly replied: "say wronged wronged, but does not compromise. No matter how much previous military hospital for the people, but if there is a problem, catch it is as it should be. Work is work and is not cancel each other out. You cannot say that because military hospitals have State power for the people, now the masses cannot scold the individual issues. "But mistakes of other units and individuals is not for you. You, as a member of the army medical staff also scolded, do not cause? "No cause! Military hospital before what's typical, what honor, I followed pride; now that peers have a problem, I can't catch it, so what? Moreover, I believe that people's eyes are discerning and they will distinguish between the mainstream and tributaries, the last problem is a problem of individual units to see individual units, individual issues will not reject the entire military hospital. Some Internet users now see a problem for individual hospitals, emotional words take much abuse, it is understandable, it should be inclusive. "

Hung up the phone, I lost in deep thought.

Oh, Yes! A problem is a problem of individual units of individual units, not a pole knocked over boat people, seized the opportunity to reject the entire military hospital. But the problem really is an issue of individual units, we need to address and correct, to withstand criticism. As Mr XI said: "those well-intentioned criticisms on the Internet, Internet monitor, both the party and Government work or individuals for leaders, whether it is gentle or ear, we will not only welcome, but serious studies and lessons learned. "

Have problem will dare to acknowledge the problem, there is something wrong with the careful work to correct problems, and who is wrong and who is responsible. This is not, as the country's Ministry of health and family planning, CMC logistics Health Bureau and armed police stationed in Beijing, armed police corps II hospital the morning of May 4, Tingzhen the hospital put up notice declaring a moratorium on all foreign service armed forces leaders directly, "said problems according to law and according to Jamie Stern found, will not accommodate. "

Subject to regulation will in no way is this an army and the armed police hospital. Believes that military departments will face these problems, by analogy, specimens and cure, in inventory of the strong measures within the context of the whole army regulation, institutional mechanisms and come up with the solution, cure problems in cooperation with local medical. Army and the armed police force hospitals that as long as there are problems in this unit and individual, once verified will be dealt with by the law.

One hundred various, any job, anywhere in the world would not be in the pure land. An army of 2.3 million people, there are undesirable or even individual irregularities of units and individuals are normal, the key is to find the bad stuff on the strict rule of law, to pay a due price to warn future generations.

A problem is not terrible, the key is attitude and measures.