Thursday, September 1, 2016

Editorial of school anxiety

September 1 is the first day of school, friends on a variety of information on kindergartens, primary schools in the brushes Panel. The exploration and debate special yesterday was

First day of school was destined to be "anxious", and it is not only parents and their children "separation anxiety", is more of a status anxiety.

There was a very cruel reality, the first day of school for many children, is the first "stream". Usually playing in the garden with a street children to school that day, to differ: some went to exemplary public schools, went to the famous private school, and some went to the overseas international school and others for a variety of reasons, had to return to their hometown, even the trajectory of a family changed because of the child's school.

Children may not be able to feel the "differentiation of identity", but parents feel this anxiety.

Differentiation of identity, becomes a hot topic now, followed by bottom up narrow, spell dad and other social justice issues. In a "sandwich" of middle-class, was the impact of double-line. They desire for upward mobility, and hope that their children can continue to relay, finished higher socio-economic status transitions; they also want children at least can "Save" their social status. To this end, cities spared, make their kids to classes, learning a variety of gifts and etiquette, being more kids fight; school district heat and "chicken blood mother", is the embodiment of their status anxiety.

In fact, China is entering a more mature society, a mature society is destined to be "relatively stable": poor children long for social mobility, he looks forward to continuing and both are reasonable. Key line is how society provides fair, how to ease the impact of identity flow.

There is a big problem. In the first day of school, at least we can face the anxiety of many topics, this is the first step to solve the problem.