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46 death of garbage time buyers 500 000 home buyers facing termination of debt

46 death of garbage-time buyers: 500,000 home buyers facing termination of debt, plunged to

Community of the incident. Network information

Hefei, people's daily online news on June 28, a property dispute, Hefei garbage man Ying WONG, aged 46 (not his real name) suffers. Borrow 500,000 buyers, fruitless consultations with the homeowners face to check out ... ... After a series of defeat, seeing prices today, buy Ying Wong from the 1.5 years of hopelessness, delay transfer of "home" in the jump off.

Another 100,000, transfer to me!

"I talked to the owner about? "The morning of June 19, before show Mei Jun (a pseudonym) specifically asked his wife Ying Wong. Laid Mei Jun with the welder's Foundation to live, things at home he seldom intervene. Today is the day and homeowners negotiate, his wife still makes him feel uneasy.

"Home" in baohe district, Hefei yunhui Kok Community here with Hefei Gao Tienan station is less than 1 km, was asked what, Ying Wong was proud to say: "Gao Tienan built just east of the station. "

"You work hard, my colleagues will come. "The wife answered was reassuring by Mei Jun, he thought, this was the last dialog between couples.

Afternoon meeting with homeowners, Ying WONG took a man and a woman, two colleagues, two people were from different units. Ying WONG for House, outside at least two jobs.

Fell out at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, consultation turned into repetitive and hysteria, Liu Ying Wong colleagues embarrassment aside to persuade her dialogue is a most impressive, the owner said: "I give you 100,000, how you moved out? "Ying Wong immediately responded:" then I add 100,000 to transfer you gave me! "

Male colleagues into the bathroom to wash cups, intended to break the ice tea for everyone, homeowner avoidance aside Ms Wu. Without any warning, Ying Wong Chao Yang Tai ran, a group of people trying to pull her back, Ying WONG has dug out railing, jump down.

Ying Wong died.

Area police conduct preliminary investigations into the incident, and thought it was an accident fatalities, excluding cases.

46 death of garbage-time buyers: 500,000 home buyers facing termination of debt, plunged to

Ying Wong buy contract with the owner. Network information

Sold the old House to borrow money to buy a new House

Mei Jun can best realize what means this House for his wife.

Their old houses in the old city of Hefei, a family of three "snail House" 38 square metres of space, my son is 22 years old, couples trying for a big house for his son to get married.

The end of 2014, house prices have not soared in Hefei, you have the option of housing lots, both considered settled South of Hefei, where it is Ying Wong grew up, familiar and easy to care for elderly parents.

"To find out! Meet your requirements. "After 1.5 years, Mei Jun remembered when his wife took him to the House for the first time look exciting. That is located in yunhui, baohe District Court district, 138 sqm junior bedroom sales, South transparent. Layer of high ideals, but also avoiding the noise of the street.

In early 2015, the two signed a formal contract with owner Wu, agreed to purchase 1 million price of the House.

Mei Jun a little concern, the wife is the sanitation workers, together with other part-time job, only more than 2000 Yuan a month income, own on site welder, earns two hundred or three hundred Yuan a day when good can be busy for a week is not even one time, 1 million is a significant cost to them.

Couple both to life for more than 20 years old decided to sell the House, is a school district, total price sold more than 300,000, which gave Mei Jun confidence, sell extra savings will help put 500,000, then borrow from relatives and friends, and House almost enough.

In accordance with the contract, Ying Wong paid a down payment of 270,000 yuan, then successfully moved into the no transfer ownership of "new home", according to local rules in Hefei, moved to dinner for family and friends, Mr Ling Ying WONG's brother-in-law recalled: "four children (Ying Wong ranking Lao SI) members to the new House, busy busy, happy as anything. " Media another intern said were alleged seduction

Exit is no longer much of a choice

First feel to disturbed is Ying Wong sister husband, he deliberately Advisory had lawyer, usually buy room pay has first payment on do transfer, at most not over half, but Ying Wong of House is to drag 1.5 years of long, "buy room so big of thing, best find home intermediary institutions, if late out what problem......" sister husband and Ying Wong mention has down 3 again, she total smiling to said not of.

In April, the questions came. Ying Wong dejectedly told her husband, she and owners signed a termination agreement, that means going from "home" to move out.

Ying Wong said under repeated questioning from truth, agreed to the contract, after the down payment paid, shall be paid on March 20, 2015 phase II 630,000 yuan, after June 1, 2016 to pay 100,000 yuan, can handle transfer procedures. Due to economic difficulties, the couple put second-stage housing homeowners to delay payment, which risks which may trigger future breach of contract.

Mei Jun said that the October 2015, charging them of 530,000 yuan House, and drove 800,000 yuan together down payment receipt. When homeowners pay the balance for the year, however, terminate the contract with each other, not only rejected by the tail section, also received 800,000 yuan before returning, "said the family has relatives she wanted to buy the House, to compensate us 100,000, let us move out. "

Ying WONG in the cell phone and the owner of Madam Wu: "Wu, I respect you are a culture, a law to protect themselves. We are rough, but save money, no formal channels ... ... Blame it on I couldn't see the contract. "

On June 23, the people's daily online channels to contact the owner Wu family in Anhui Province, said that she experienced this stress, has been admitted to the hospital. Terminate the contract is Ying Wong is not paid on time, in default. "If they (Ying WONG family members) still have questions, you can take the legal way. "

Anhui Luzhou lawyer Zhang ya think, buyer exist in the event of late repayment, according to the contract, seller is entitled to rescind the contract, so legally, Ms Wu's criticism.

Termination of contract agreement, Mei Jun refused to sign, but Ying Wong shook, exit means taking 100,000 yuan, borrowed money from relatives can also, "don't toss, then look elsewhere. "

Ying Wong is not clear at this time, the end of 2015, surging House prices in Hefei, March 2016, Hefei second-hand house prices from the gains of the first, the next 2 months, housing gains continue to lead the country, with 7000 Yuan/square meters of similar houses can be bought, has up to 12000 Yuan/square meter.

During that time, Mei Jun his wife up all night, she always sell phones, browse the latest price information, send information to homeowners despair. Around a lot of people are talking about the House, the wife began to panic, time and time again and discuss the property market.

A week before the incident, Ying Wong picked up small ads in the corridor downstairs in a blank room hung a 12000 Yuan/square meter price, "only more than 7,000 last year, rising fast. "She whispered. Mei Jun threw ad on sight, he comforted his wife: "I'm not signed to terminate the agreement was invalid, it is not our lawsuit. "At the moment he realized that, if you exit, the rest of the money want to buy a house in Hefei, is no longer much of a choice.

With this year's surge in house prices in Hefei, the sale and purchase contract disputes was significantly higher, Shushan district, Hefei city, according to court statistics, Chartered property 1 to March this year compared with trade dispute cases increased sharply last year, including sale and purchase contract disputes from 19 last year skyrocketed to 80 this year, an increase of more than 300%.

Housing disputes, many people choose to go the legal way, Ying Wong chose suicide. She ended her life, did not end the dispute.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Primary school students in Hunan province jumped to his death because of dissatisfaction

Primary school students in Hunan province jumped to his death because of dissatisfaction with seats placed? Before the monitor screen exposure

Xiao Wu was 12 years old in loudi experimental primary school students, Xinhua, is about to finish primary school. Is the class's graduation ceremony yesterday, Wu is the facilitator. Who, however, did not think, in this day, Xiao Wu jumped to his death at school.

Primary school students in Hunan province jumped to his death because of dissatisfaction with seats placed? Before the monitor screen exposure

In the eyes of parents and students, Wu is a lively and cheerful child. The day out of school, because the graduation code, Wu also asked parents to wear what clothes look good, the mood is very good.

Primary school students in Hunan province jumped to his death because of dissatisfaction with seats placed? Before the monitor screen exposure Primary school students in Hunan province jumped to his death because of dissatisfaction with seats placed? Before the monitor screen exposure

Is such a child, why did he suddenly jumped to commit suicide? Monitoring reduction of the prevailing situation in the classroom.

Primary school students in Hunan province jumped to his death because of dissatisfaction with seats placed? Before the monitor screen exposure

8:20, school class, classroom seating is "back" shape. Graduation ceremony to be held in the afternoon, so the previous day, Xiao Wu and several students actively into the seat. But one day on the course, the teacher is not convenient, then asked the students to recover.

Primary school students in Hunan province jumped to his death because of dissatisfaction with seats placed? Before the monitor screen exposure Primary school students in Hunan province jumped to his death because of dissatisfaction with seats placed? Before the monitor screen exposure Primary school students in Hunan province jumped to his death because of dissatisfaction with seats placed? Before the monitor screen exposure Primary school students in Hunan province jumped to his death because of dissatisfaction with seats placed? Before the monitor screen exposure

Perhaps think of yesterday putting the seat hard, Wu recovery under seat, never move, seats still remain the same.

Primary school students in Hunan province jumped to his death because of dissatisfaction with seats placed? Before the monitor screen exposure

Two female students to help him move the table, but Xiao Wu refused to move a Chair, as you can see, his body in the aisles, not behind a desk.

Xiao Wu sobbed next to two female students gave him comfort. Teachers begin classes at this time, none of us would think, 8:55, Xiao Wu suddenly pound the table, stood up and rushed out of the classroom.

In this way, the class and teacher watched Wu climbed over the railing and jumped on the 4 floor. After teachers and students started to go out of the classroom. Courier was beaten to the thinking behind back

After the event, the school quickly called 110, 120 civilian police and doctors rushed to the scene in the first. Unfortunately, Xiao Wu because his injuries died eventually. Families, Xiao Wu without a meltdown, they question the teacher blamed Xiao Wu. In this regard, local police investigated.

Young adolescents why they chose to end their lives in such a manner? Such events reflect. Changsha 179 hospital Psychology Department director Li Yongchao introduced, young people in the face of events such as exams, graduation, etc, will have a great psychological burden. Such pressure is not to release it, would accumulate to a certain extent, in this extreme way.

If the teacher after discovering Xiao Wu mood disorders, can come forward to reassure, Xiao Wu feel attention and concern, then perhaps the tragedy would not have happened. So time to remind parents and schools to focus on the child's psychological state, and grooming.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Shandong hacked to death 11 year old girl suspect caught robbery convictions


11 year old girl killed suspects arrested

Qilu Web on June 22, reporter the morning from jiyang County, Jinan City, Shandong Province Public Security Bureau official micro-blog is aware, jiyang 11 year old girl was brutally murdered in their home was the latest suspect high a ping were arrested.

Jiyang County Public Security Bureau official bulletin: June 18 at 18 o'clock, jiyang Hereford Phoenix, jibei development zone, chengxi district homicide cases happened, the suspects fled. June 21 at 23 o'clock and lasted for three days in the city and county-level public security organs successfully in zouping County, binzhou city hospital high a captured criminal suspects. Now the case is under further investigation.

By Jinan police confirmed: the night of June 21, zouping, heavy rains, suspects have no money or a hotel, run to the hospital to get a bed to sleep. Police dressed as ward rounds, people caught with the help of the masses. It is understood that the suspects in the case high a robbery convictions, recently released from prison.

Monitoring of high standing in the community the crime was committed under the picture Courier was beaten to the thinking behind back

"The case review"

According to the Jinan times report, on June 18, the 11 year old girl who lives in Hereford Phoenix area, jiyang bedrooms were hacked to death in the home, was found on the neck there is a cutter.

On June 20, the monitor took a man in jiyang County, under a photo of the square. Photos, men's clothing and police official photos released similar.

On June 21 at about 11 o'clock in the evening, suspected high in zouping people's Hospital was arrested by jiyang. When caught, suspects topless, wearing light trousers. On June 19, police official micro-blog post offering a reward for information in the "suspect as male, blue t-shirt, wearing light shorts under it. "Match.

At the time of high family in Jinan Shi people's hospital near Hereford Phoenix (jiyang County people's Hospital) hospital, high patient care at the hospital. Highest crime possible through hospital and community connections between small channels from the hospital into the community.

Jiyang police said the case was under further investigation, relevant information will be announced in the near future.

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Game notes The bad in life how many leave

Father's story

He was born in 1941, the war over Bosnia.

When he was a young child, one night, motherland of Yugoslavia army launched a genocide to the village where he lived. His mother and sister were burned to death, his father took him and his brother escaped into the mountains.

Run all the way. In the refugee group, he separated with his father and brother.

Times of civilians, like ants.

Father finally found work at a cafe, but did not settle for a few days, a flying on the streets of stray bullets claimed his life.

Have no way of making a living brother joined the army, never give up looking for his brother.

A few years later, an officer told his brother: I heard that Slovenia had a family, from the Red Cross adopted an orphan of the war.

Brother spent a couple of weeks, finally found the family.

Miracles really are brothers.

While adoptive parents believe that left to better education, but he is determined to take his younger brother.

He started school. Brother meager salaries can't feed him every day, as envious classmates fresh bread to school, he aspired to become a Baker.

He went to Sarajevo, a relative, looking for a trainee job at the bakery. Meanwhile, he began to work in a club as goalkeeper. He followed his brother joined the army, a club goal of the station, on the road to professional players.

He was twice married and had 3 sons. Oldest son later became a football coach, the second is a down's syndrome patient, the youngest son was born in 1982.

From an early age, the third showed exceptional talent.

Game notes | The bad in life, how many leave

In order to develop the third, he worked as a part-time truck driver and take usury, even selling off their boats.

Sensible third in order to support their family, training will be truck porters.

Finally, the third at the age of 17 to become a professional player.

The age of 21, the third move Ukraine Club Shakhtar Donetsk when, signing for he and his wife bought a luxury car: Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

That was in 2003, and since then, the third in the Club, the city still lives today.

In 13 years, the third for the team won a total of 8 League Championships, 6 cups, as well as the last UEFA Cup. Third in 492 appearances to keep up the history records, called "rings of Donetsk miners".

There is a life, so go very well.

Its excellent performance in Europe, and third received an invitation from super clubs such as Bayern Munich, Chelsea. But the third has been left on the brink of European football, not moved. Because loyalty, because I like this kind of life.

Game notes | The bad in life, how many leave

Third heart lines the line: the Igor. That is the name of two elder brothers. Third brother often go to the ball, go to restaurants and even help brother started his own Facebook. Every time you see old TV to dedicate himself, Igor would be boffo.

Second, the third long-term financing of APAE, a foundation to help people with down's syndrome.

Because the father, the third years funded orphanages, paid them the ball, take them around the stadium, and play with them. The end of 2014, the third bought 20 tons of citrus, 23,000 pupils to the theatre.

Starting from 2004, the third for the national team played all 6 competitions, 132 appearances.

On June 12, 2016, three as captain, led the national team once again, set foot on the European Cup campaign. On that day, they beat 1:0.

Aged 76, he displaced lives, misery, hunger, war, struggle, separation, death of a man, at the end of the day you come to life.

He left to the youngest's orders: don't come back and play.

The youngest hurried, as he helped the spirit. To be buried, the third suddenly hold the coffin, wailing loudly.

Game notes | The bad in life, how many leave

The bad life, how many leave.

Then, in accordance with his last words, the third to return fire.

Yesterday, when the national anthem, the third burst into tears.

Is explosiveness galore and tried my best to still hold a 34 years of sorrow, the world at the moment sadly.

God can change a lot of things, his father's fate of being hit by a stray bullet, he twists and turns life fate, and the fate of that game yesterday.

Game notes | The bad in life, how many leave

Croatia Captain Srna Darijo on the funeral home and then go back to the national team, when the national anthem rang out, he broke down in tears.

But no matter how domineering God, a thing can do.

The man who is in front of the world tears, is his son.

He is in heaven smiling, watching his father's day gift.

Not winning, not praise, even extraordinary wealth and success.

34 years ago, God brought his children, is the perfect gift.

Barry half 90

Dead past bury its dead brothers, don't believe that two or three actors movies, don't believe a telephone pole and Baidu, the latest a continent-wide survey showed that human Pa Pa Pa average time is 5 minutes and 24 seconds.

Given the researchers sampled must be exaggerating, should also have a discount at this time. When even after 50 years the Soviet version of

5 minutes and 24 seconds, can change the fate of a man in bed, on the pitch can change the fate of a man.

Of this year's European Championship is over 21 games, 12 goals in the final 5 minutes and 24 seconds!

Game notes | The bad in life, how many leave

If all the game 5 minutes 24 seconds left, France may not qualify, England was still struggling, Czech Republic have returned home, Italy Spain last had to fight, many men have no chance at all this section tomorrow.

Shake it like a football match. Maybe a minute to get to room, maybe 90 minutes to no avail. Inspiring stories tell us of the European Cup, for 5 minutes and 24 seconds, must be good with 5 minutes 24 seconds, maybe miracles in 5 minutes and 24 seconds?

Embarrassing cancer

If IBOS are honest, he said of the Postgame thoughts will be: thanks to the linesman, your banner highlight a law enforcement officer of sharp, decisive and wise.

At 40 cm from the door where Ibrahimovic knock one into an empty net.

Game notes | The bad in life, how many leave

Stephen Hawking in that position, also better than the arrogant.

Referee's offside, like the goddess is staring at you when you forget to pull the pants chain, next to suddenly come out naked.

Italy team for 33 years old midfielder Daniele de Rossi, can only save one who is Francesco Totti.

Exactly 11 years ago, Francesco Totti 21, luomaxiaowangzideluoxi, 28, said, when I retired, is your captain.

It repeated 11 years after the end of the season, Totti said heat can also contribute to a year.

As glory on Francesco Totti's captaincy has been permanently stitched on the shirt. Vice Captain Daniele de Rossi to ball pants hidden in a captain's armband?

Prince Charles: Mum, Mum, come and listen, Mr Rossi's story has direct access to the power of the human heart!

Game notes • daily tardy gossip Guide to cheat and look back

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Kunming University sang with the male dormitory roommate spat has been killed

Kunming University sang with the male dormitory roommate spat has been killed, suspects have been brought under control

Photos show families of suspected men sitting on the ground, beside a pool of blood. Veterinary professional beauty college students

Beijing, Kunming, June 16, is a "Jin Qiao, Kunming University School boys were killed by the roommate" message in the network cause for concern. 16th from the Kunming police was informed that suspects have been brought under control at present, the case is under further investigation.

Yunnan multiple micro-blog said Jin Qiao, Kunming University College murders in 13th, after a dispute with the quarters for the boys, one of the boys was killed by another boy to death. Microblogging with map display, one of the boys dressed in dark clothes, each student help, sat slumped on the ground, blood on the floor.

16th, Xinhua called Jin Qiao, Kunming University Party Committee Office and the Home Office, answering the officers said they didn't know it, there are news reporters will be notified.

Subsequently, the Kunming police confirmed the incident to the press. Following a preliminary investigation, around 18 o'clock in the afternoon, students singing in the dormitory, and roommate led quarrel, victims ' stools to the suspects, suspects after folding knife stabbed it, injured student was taken to hospital died. Suspects that day had been controlled by police, the case is under further investigation.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Liaoning more than two years out of black radio more than 300 80 sell drugs

Shenyang Xinhua News on June 13, selling counterfeit drugs, fraudulent money, electromagnetic radiation threat to the population's health and the security of civil aviation ... ... In recent years, private social security cases of the illicit set up radio stations with a high incidence. For this, Liaoning Shenyang multi-sectoral linkage against "black radio" initiative, two years out, "black radio" over more than 300, of which only 4 months before the 2016 out 66.

"Black radio" why relative? What kind of interest chains behind? Experts believe that eradication of "black stations" required to improve the legal system, strengthen technology infrastructure investment, should also strengthen the education of the general public. Hubei guy 11 robbery sentenced to prison writing

A day out over more than 20, "black radio ' is like cut Leek"

"Like the cut leeks, cut the crop, crop coming soon. "Mention" black radio ", Radio City, Shenyang, said Liu Weidong, Director of the Office of the Management Committee," 2014 uncovered 19 cases, 2015 is knock down 225. By the year 2016, 4 months out 66. "

"Black radio" that illegal radio stations, is without the approval of broadcast and television management and radio regulation bodies, unauthorized settings and use of radio frequencies to community broadcasting (advertising) promote "radio stations".

It is understood that the "black radio" transmitter power, installed inside the House, some power of the "black radio" power of 3000 Watts. "Black radio" also poses a threat to aviation security, the night of January 9, 2015, Dalian Airport navigation signal drug advertising by the interference of illegal radio stations, led to the airport that night 4 ILS landing flight signal instability, affects normal operation of flights.

To strengthen the forces against "black radio", on January 21, 2016, the cultural market administrative law enforcement Corps, Radio City, Shenyang, Shenyang City Committee Office, the Shenyang Public Security Bureau and other departments held a joint action, concentration and control of action, a day out over more than 20 dens.

The same day, journalists from tiexi district cultural market administrative enforcement agency haixing tiexi district staff came to the Garden District. Found a tall building roof suddenly spending a long piece about 3 metres from the antenna. According to the investigation, "black radio" on a solar water heater installed in residential buildings in the attic, affecting the District receives normal broadcast.

80% more than selling drugs, "went back to the days of"

According to press reports, apart from Liaoning, and Shaanxi, Tianjin and other places also have large numbers of "black radio" harmful and shows an increasing trend.

In 2015, the Beijing police with using "black radio" cases of illegal profit and 6 in Beijing, 7 district set 10 launch dens to occupy radio broadcast band, pushes ads at a huge profit, involving millions of Yuan. On March 28, 2014, okay Airways 132MHz serious disruptions to the schedule frequency, after surveys found that a "black radio" launches and 132MHz interference signal content, enough to interfere with normal civil aviation take off and landing, taxiing.

"Black radio" two years ago there was a new thing, a set of equipment worth 20,000 yuan. Now a "black radio" equipment, thousands of Yuan can buy. Reporters found, and set up a "black radio" back their expenses tend to be just a few days.

According to the source, Shenyang "black radio" mainly to sell illegal drugs, including so-called STD drugs accounted for more than 80%. A dose of more than 10 Yuan for substandard drugs will be fooled thousands of Yuan. Imitation, pretend to formal radio host, step by step people take the bait and become "black radio" trick.

Reporter called a "black radio" provides telephone selling aphrodisiac, a woman who answered the phone said: "us now this discount, buy two courses take two courses, 4 courses of 680 Yuan altogether can be eaten two months, the effect is certainly notable. Can be delivered to your door, then you make money on the line. "

"Black radio" transmitter allowing you to shop for. Seller, who asked not to be named, said they have a transmitter and antenna, a total of 8800 Yuan, you can configure the remote phone control radio interface, coverage up to 10 km. If you want the remote control can be achieved through to purchase related equipment. "Purchasing the equipment, are used for radio advertising. "

Police officials revealed that the "black radio" the selling of drugs by fixed vendors, cost 50 Yuan will dare to sell to 2000 Yuan. Once after a drug deal, "black radio" people can get a royalty, plus salary, income is considerable. 100,000 devices being confiscated drug money has made.

Increasingly covert means to eradicate "black radio" more measures simultaneously

Found in in an interview with reporters, as the crackdown has intensified, criminals set up "black radio" more and more subtle means, law enforcement agencies have to spend more on personnel and technical strength.

Radio monitoring station in Shenyang County of Chen Zhen told reporters there were "black stations" installed in the empty room, the transmitter is set to automatic timer, and press preset program play illicit advertising. Circulation at midnight every night broadcast signal to cover the entire city. These "black radio" unattended in a room downstairs has been stalking and found, will use mobile phone remote control, cut off the signals being broadcast, makes the enforcement of handheld direction finder can't find signal.

"Black radio" for stealth, the feeder into the flue. Don't put the antenna on the roof, but the antenna collapsed, put in the room during the day, night and unfold.

"On the black radio stations and combat black television needs to have a radio management and technical team. "Lawyers Association said Chen Baolong, Liaoning province, China's radio management institution set up to city level, County General absence of full-time radio managers, while also set up in rural areas, radio, black. With the development and popularization of rural radio applications, and strengthen the management at county level and the following regional radio is increasingly urgent. Meanwhile, radio management technology infrastructure also needs to be strengthened.

In addition, according to our current radio management regulations, penalties for the illegal radio stations up to only 5000 Yuan. Experts say should draw up "false base station" combat behavior of the effective practice, speed up judicial interpretations, and recommended radio management, industry and commerce, public security, culture, radio, TV, food and drug, and other related departments to strengthen coordination and cooperation to combat "black radio", and eliminate hidden dangers.

Liaoning Provincial Academy of social sciences researcher Zhang Sining considers that combating "black radio" while relying on the masses, strengthening public health education on the one hand, lead people to set up scientific concept of health, get rid of "medicine cures" backward ideas, prevent cheated on the other, should also establish a sound masses "black radio" channel for the "black radio" the informers.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Chongqing women drivers were wonderful pence the men had blood stains on the

Chongqing morning post-upstream news on June 11, "you are driving too fast, hit me, you see, head bleeding, losing money! "The evening of June 10, Ms private car owners in Chongqing shapingba shuangbei suffered the least technical content" pence ". A more than 50-year old man in her car a few meters, are said to be hurt, insists Ms loses money.

A few yards away started asking for money

Lady who lives in Nan ' an district, the afternoon of June 10, she drove the family to play in the shapingba district. At about 7 o'clock in the evening, Zhang drove from the wellhead in the direction of open, just to shuangbei turntable lights, well look at a man wearing a pink shirt standing at the crosswalk.

"I saw him standing, so he stopped. "Zhang said, when her car speed unhappy, where there are four or five meters away from person stopped. But who knows, the man was swearing to stepped in front and touched his head, and then touched the hood of the car, will not go directly to the.

Ladies get off asking, listening to each other and shouted: "you hit me, blood is in your car, lose money." Faced with such a shuapo person, Zhang was speechless.

Soon, the road was full of spectators crowd, many passers-by followed "pence" man cross the road, know Zhang's car did not meet the person at all. "This man even met the car, again fell to the ground, said he was hit by car, is the least technical content of ' pence '! "

Chongqing women drivers were wonderful

Slightly bloodied man being hit in the head, stopped car request the owners losing money.

Met police men cheat

After receiving Zhang's alarm, shapingba 110 police arrived at the scene. Onlookers No. 450 people have, half of the three-lane road is blocked, Police directing traffic in monitoring the situation.

"He is not the first time such a scam! "Walking a woman told police in the neighborhood, men stopped cars and most recently in this fresh, also see him in the afternoon to an owner for 50 Yuan. Encounter young lad he would fear, of Ms but with young children, his racetrack, hard to get money.

"The car a few metres far away, hit it! Of his own blood and put it on someone's car on purpose, this is a fraud, the up! "People are willing to give the woman to testify.

Seeing crowds cursed himself, the man refused to admit its "pence", but to show the police "knocked" the blood Pack. When the police asked him if he was hit by how head injuries in other parts of the body when nothing, the men's hedged.

Chongqing women drivers were wonderful

Man drinking himself broke his head.

He falls and have car for money Media visits Lei Yang foot bath street Police

The intention of the men leaving the scene, police on the determined men brought under control of the police. This time Zhang also told police her car driving recorder with full video, so police took both to shuangbei police station.

At the station house, the police out of a ladies car driving recorder. They stand before us: this is a car in the distance the men had stopped a few meters, while men see stopped, swearing, blood wiped his head with his hands.

In fact, "pence" man was taken to the police station, police spotted him. Police said that this man is more than 50 years old, a local resident, used to drink to make trouble.

Finally, the man, the day after he drank a fall and broke his head. Due to this period of time is close at hand, and take the opportunity to stop on the road to money. According to onlookers introduced, before the man meets woman, had succeeded in "pence", correct to one owner money.

At present, the case was transferred to the local police station. Miss Cheung also thanked the crowd helped her to give evidence: "through this incident, I feel that the community is more than good! "

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ministry stabilization measures in a timely manner to prevent resolve land market

Recently emerged around "abnormal trading block" phenomenon has aroused the attention of the Ministry of land and resources.

On June 8, the Ministry of land and resources Web site announcements, calls for unusual trading blocks of city and County land and resources departments should conscientiously sum up the analysis, interpretation of positive publicity, in time to take measures to stabilize the market working, develop a detailed work plan, efforts to prevent unusual transactions that may occur and the resolution of the land market.

Time in recent King's race, abnormal conspicuous figure of Central State-owned enterprises.

The monitoring data in accordance with the research center of the Central Group, active in the deal in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hefei, Hangzhou, Xiamen and other major cities, in January-May this year amounted to 159 cases of transfer the Homestead, in which State-owned enterprises had 67 pieces of land, up to 42% per cent. Among them, a plot that only sold by State-owned enterprises to win in Xiamen, State-owned enterprises in Beijing to buy up to 86% per cent in Shanghai land purchases accounted for 47%; 70% for the proportion of State-owned enterprises in Nanjing to buy.

By the end of May this year, calculated according to the price in the top 50 of land, State-owned enterprise significantly at historic highs. Overall, 50 plots total turnover amounting to 201.329 billion, of which 27 were State-owned enterprises to obtain total turnover reached 109.49 billion.

Land resources Department of announcement said, 2010 land Department issued on strictly implementation real estate with to regulation policy promote land market health development about problem of notification, requirements around strengthening premium dynamic monitoring, timely master premium exception changes, on enrollment took hanging transfer in the premium rate over 50%, and sold price or price innovation high of real estate with to, city, and County land resources competent sector to in sold confirmed book signed (bid notice issued) Hou 2 a days within, reported land Department and province (district, and city) Department of land and resources.

After 2011, the Ministry documents unusual trading block filing system was further improved, clarified the reporting of unusual transactions block scope, approach, conditions, duration and require careful analysis of abnormal high prices cause in the remarks column. Provincial departments of land and resources urged the city to cope with abnormal high price plots and interviews.

After entering the 2015, local reporting exception block has reduced enthusiasm.

Under abnormal trading land records database, 2015, the media reports of unusual transactions block record of only 18%. Moreover, in the China land surveying and Planning Institute, released in April in the 2016 a quarter of the nation's major urban land price monitoring report, not even an exception block. Allow the housing reconstruction by the Department

This, the Ministry requested that the unusual transaction block filing system as the basis for an important long-term adherence. Provincial land and resources department to assume regulatory responsibility, urged the implementation of the administrative anomalies within transaction records, timely detection and suppression is not required to report behavior. City and County land and resources departments to perfect the system, accountability, implementation and ensure the exception record system for the effective implementation of the transaction. Abnormal trading blocks of city and County land and resources departments should conscientiously sum up the analysis, interpretation of positive publicity, in time to take measures to stabilize the market working, develop a detailed work plan, efforts to prevent unusual transactions that may occur and the resolution of the land market.

Monday, June 6, 2016

A male body was found near the wreck in Sichuan the identity information is

A male body was found near the wreck in Sichuan, the identity information is confirmed in the

On June 5, 2016, Guangyuan, Sichuan, Li Bai long terminal State, rescue teams near the wreck and salvage. China Visual

Beijing, June 6 in Guangyuan, 6th from the wreck accident in Guangyuan, Sichuan headquarters was informed that 11:45, rescue teams in 5th remains of a man found near the wreck, and current information about the bodies in the further confirmation. Anhui man thoracic surgery right after missing

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Shaanxi binxian Kang Li Jianmin Deputy Mayor thousands of people spontaneously

The morning of June 2, binxian County, rain falling, new century rare to see figures on the square. Under rain and fog, stands 963 years towards the Tower adds a solemn Majesty. Placed wreaths and flowers three days ago has not only ancient pagoda following stained candle traces, vaguely reminiscent of the evening also thousands mourn mourning scenes.

Shaanxi binxian Kang Li Jianmin, Deputy Mayor, thousands of people spontaneously mourn, a former Secretary of bin ten years

People rushed to the town from all directions-new century square, gather herself following a memorial to Li Jianmin.

In 10 years, Bin bin message Max's friends

At this point, miles away in zhidan country, is to bid farewell to a man, a bin left for over a year, but let the people say from time to time, Bin – Li Jianmin, zhidan, and worked in the bin for 10 years.

The night of May 28, Li Jianmin, Deputy Mayor of Ankang city while on a business trip in XI ' an, unfortunately passed away sudden illness, at the age of 54. At this point, the distance up from binxian County to Ankang Li Jianmin, had passed more than a year, but the bad news is that night to the bin. That night, in binxian County, "River City", many people my eyes filled with tears, a sleepless night. In July 2006, Li Jianmin in wuqi County to serve in the bin until leaving in February 2015, worked for 10 years, bin.

The next day, more people are informed, but people still don't want to believe my ears, "the rumor must be a rumor. "Starting from the morning of May 29, person in my circle of friends would be crowding the screen by Li Jianmin, bin, sadness, regret, nostalgia, thanks to such atmosphere moments filled bin of the phone's screen.

Shaanxi binxian Kang Li Jianmin, Deputy Mayor, thousands of people spontaneously mourn, a former Secretary of bin ten years

People rushed to the town from all directions-new century square, gather herself following a memorial to Li Jianmin.

Thousands of people gathered to herself under the Tower tribute to former Secretary of County party Committee Grasslands road Zhangjiakou Hebei cancellation

Grief culminated on the evening of May 30. Starting in the afternoon, thousands of people rushed to the town from all directions-new century square, gather herself following a memorial to Li Jianmin. People hang in the Tower, "Secretary of Wang go well" holding account, express their mourning candles lit on the ground.

Old Liu Bin people attended the memorial service remembers, laid a wreath at the scene that at least hundreds, are ordinary people who buy their own. One of cadres carried wreaths came, walked to cry. Took her two daughters to a selling rabbit boss, he remembers his small restaurant after Li Jianmin for his money. Three girls with flowers in his hands, a look of reverence. A group of sanitation workers came, crying, their gratitude to Li Jianmin and they have a thing to do. An 80-year old veteran lit a Joss stick leave quietly. A villager riding a motorcycle on the plateau to the North, laden with wreaths also come ... ...

Night black, people get more and more in the square. Mourning will continue until 10 o'clock, until the campaign was over, a lot of people for a long time reluctant to leave. Witnessing this scene, an old man with emotion, he had never seen such a scene for years.

"Urban environment changes dramatically after Li Jianmin, bin"

Yesterday morning, the more than 40 years old, Zhu said: "since Bin Li Jianmin, the city has undergone tremendous change in the environment, especially in North Beach the biggest changes. "More than 60, a retired cadre said that Li Jianmin is good, look at what he does know, new century Plaza and jinghe River is a real example. Zhu and Zhang referred to North Beach and jinghe River is the same place the same thing, many people mention it, bin, said Li Jianmin's good.

A cadre said, Li Jianmin cadre has a bad temper, especially those who do not make good officers. While in zhidan country funeral home, old father Li Jianmin sobbed in public, "my temperament is not good, you forgive an injury. "

"Ten years, in this city, and in the hearts of the people. This city is best remember for you! "After the death of Li Jianmin, these words were made by someone in your circle of friends.