Monday, June 13, 2016

Liaoning more than two years out of black radio more than 300 80 sell drugs

Shenyang Xinhua News on June 13, selling counterfeit drugs, fraudulent money, electromagnetic radiation threat to the population's health and the security of civil aviation ... ... In recent years, private social security cases of the illicit set up radio stations with a high incidence. For this, Liaoning Shenyang multi-sectoral linkage against "black radio" initiative, two years out, "black radio" over more than 300, of which only 4 months before the 2016 out 66.

"Black radio" why relative? What kind of interest chains behind? Experts believe that eradication of "black stations" required to improve the legal system, strengthen technology infrastructure investment, should also strengthen the education of the general public. Hubei guy 11 robbery sentenced to prison writing

A day out over more than 20, "black radio ' is like cut Leek"

"Like the cut leeks, cut the crop, crop coming soon. "Mention" black radio ", Radio City, Shenyang, said Liu Weidong, Director of the Office of the Management Committee," 2014 uncovered 19 cases, 2015 is knock down 225. By the year 2016, 4 months out 66. "

"Black radio" that illegal radio stations, is without the approval of broadcast and television management and radio regulation bodies, unauthorized settings and use of radio frequencies to community broadcasting (advertising) promote "radio stations".

It is understood that the "black radio" transmitter power, installed inside the House, some power of the "black radio" power of 3000 Watts. "Black radio" also poses a threat to aviation security, the night of January 9, 2015, Dalian Airport navigation signal drug advertising by the interference of illegal radio stations, led to the airport that night 4 ILS landing flight signal instability, affects normal operation of flights.

To strengthen the forces against "black radio", on January 21, 2016, the cultural market administrative law enforcement Corps, Radio City, Shenyang, Shenyang City Committee Office, the Shenyang Public Security Bureau and other departments held a joint action, concentration and control of action, a day out over more than 20 dens.

The same day, journalists from tiexi district cultural market administrative enforcement agency haixing tiexi district staff came to the Garden District. Found a tall building roof suddenly spending a long piece about 3 metres from the antenna. According to the investigation, "black radio" on a solar water heater installed in residential buildings in the attic, affecting the District receives normal broadcast.

80% more than selling drugs, "went back to the days of"

According to press reports, apart from Liaoning, and Shaanxi, Tianjin and other places also have large numbers of "black radio" harmful and shows an increasing trend.

In 2015, the Beijing police with using "black radio" cases of illegal profit and 6 in Beijing, 7 district set 10 launch dens to occupy radio broadcast band, pushes ads at a huge profit, involving millions of Yuan. On March 28, 2014, okay Airways 132MHz serious disruptions to the schedule frequency, after surveys found that a "black radio" launches and 132MHz interference signal content, enough to interfere with normal civil aviation take off and landing, taxiing.

"Black radio" two years ago there was a new thing, a set of equipment worth 20,000 yuan. Now a "black radio" equipment, thousands of Yuan can buy. Reporters found, and set up a "black radio" back their expenses tend to be just a few days.

According to the source, Shenyang "black radio" mainly to sell illegal drugs, including so-called STD drugs accounted for more than 80%. A dose of more than 10 Yuan for substandard drugs will be fooled thousands of Yuan. Imitation, pretend to formal radio host, step by step people take the bait and become "black radio" trick.

Reporter called a "black radio" provides telephone selling aphrodisiac, a woman who answered the phone said: "us now this discount, buy two courses take two courses, 4 courses of 680 Yuan altogether can be eaten two months, the effect is certainly notable. Can be delivered to your door, then you make money on the line. "

"Black radio" transmitter allowing you to shop for. Seller, who asked not to be named, said they have a transmitter and antenna, a total of 8800 Yuan, you can configure the remote phone control radio interface, coverage up to 10 km. If you want the remote control can be achieved through to purchase related equipment. "Purchasing the equipment, are used for radio advertising. "

Police officials revealed that the "black radio" the selling of drugs by fixed vendors, cost 50 Yuan will dare to sell to 2000 Yuan. Once after a drug deal, "black radio" people can get a royalty, plus salary, income is considerable. 100,000 devices being confiscated drug money has made.

Increasingly covert means to eradicate "black radio" more measures simultaneously

Found in in an interview with reporters, as the crackdown has intensified, criminals set up "black radio" more and more subtle means, law enforcement agencies have to spend more on personnel and technical strength.

Radio monitoring station in Shenyang County of Chen Zhen told reporters there were "black stations" installed in the empty room, the transmitter is set to automatic timer, and press preset program play illicit advertising. Circulation at midnight every night broadcast signal to cover the entire city. These "black radio" unattended in a room downstairs has been stalking and found, will use mobile phone remote control, cut off the signals being broadcast, makes the enforcement of handheld direction finder can't find signal.

"Black radio" for stealth, the feeder into the flue. Don't put the antenna on the roof, but the antenna collapsed, put in the room during the day, night and unfold.

"On the black radio stations and combat black television needs to have a radio management and technical team. "Lawyers Association said Chen Baolong, Liaoning province, China's radio management institution set up to city level, County General absence of full-time radio managers, while also set up in rural areas, radio, black. With the development and popularization of rural radio applications, and strengthen the management at county level and the following regional radio is increasingly urgent. Meanwhile, radio management technology infrastructure also needs to be strengthened.

In addition, according to our current radio management regulations, penalties for the illegal radio stations up to only 5000 Yuan. Experts say should draw up "false base station" combat behavior of the effective practice, speed up judicial interpretations, and recommended radio management, industry and commerce, public security, culture, radio, TV, food and drug, and other related departments to strengthen coordination and cooperation to combat "black radio", and eliminate hidden dangers.

Liaoning Provincial Academy of social sciences researcher Zhang Sining considers that combating "black radio" while relying on the masses, strengthening public health education on the one hand, lead people to set up scientific concept of health, get rid of "medicine cures" backward ideas, prevent cheated on the other, should also establish a sound masses "black radio" channel for the "black radio" the informers.

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