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Loud Giuliano indigenously in the age of Liaoning after level II nuclear power

Loud Giuliano | indigenously in the age of Liaoning after level II: nuclear power is a gas turbine?

Exposed on the network of so-called "first domestic carrier installed flight deck" photos. This picture from the network

March 25, 2016, in CCTV international channel today concern column in the, for a group network Shang exposure out of so-called "first ship domestic carrier has laying flight deck" of photos, famous Navy equipment experts, and Navy senior Cao Weidong said: "in accordance with tablets view, China new a ship domestic carrier of deck has laying completed, description hull basic built completed, away from water of days on not is far has. "

Limited steam turbines

Loud Giuliano | indigenously in the age of Liaoning after level II: nuclear power is a gas turbine?

Electromagnetic catapult.

Electromagnetic catapult required strong power protection, especially when the ejection of instantaneous high voltage power supply, which is offered by Chinese carriers to existing power systems.

"Admiral kuziniezuofuhaijun" 4 TB-12 steam turbine and 8 pressurized boiler. TB-12, formerly known as TB-8, and TB-8 is made the type 051 destroyer hosts domestic model 453-steam turbine. TB-8 36,000 horsepower is the power, when the type 051 destroyer with 2 TB-8 steam turbine speed of 38 knots. TB-12 's power increased to 45,000 horsepower. In addition, China imported GTZA-674 steam turbine installed on destroyer TB-12 improved.

From TB-8 to TB-12 to GTZA-674, on this series of steam turbines in China has accumulated a wealth of technology, operation and maintenance experience. If used steam turbines for its localization on the Liaoning province-level model, I believe that can at least reach the level of GTZA-674, 4 steam turbine of total power output of about 200,000 HP. The power system without a catapult of Liaoning province-level high speed no problem, but if you are using electromagnetic launch new aircraft carrier was a bit stretched.

United States "Ford", carrier only 4 Department electromagnetic ejection device while charging on needed about 22,000 horse horsepower, if next generation domestic carrier installation 3 Taiwan also power of electromagnetic ejection device, by needed power that over 16,000 horse horsepower, consider to steam turbine in power process in the 50% around of energy loss, only 3 Taiwan ejection device maximum by needed power on accounted for to has full ship total power of about 16%, this must will serious effect carrier speed and other electricity equipment of using.

More need to guard against is, whether it is "Admiral kuziniezuofuhaijun", was India's "weikelamadiya", its installation of TB-12 steam turbine and auxiliary boiler use multiple times during a major accident. Russia has rich experience in the development and use of marine steam turbine like this, TB-12 made in China based on the first generation of large marine steam turbine reliability will continue to be further tested.

"Nuclear power" to promote the dream and the reality

Loud Giuliano | indigenously in the age of Liaoning after level II: nuclear power is a gas turbine?

France "Charles de Gaulle" nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

There is no doubt that using electromagnetic catapult aircraft carrier's best power will surely be like "Ford"-class nuclear-powered + all-electric propulsion system.

Nuclear power can provide inexhaustible energy to catapult and all-electric propulsion system, eliminating the need for mechanical transmission, after the reactor's power into electricity directly to catapult, propeller propulsion motors, and other terminals and carriers on the grid, arranged without large drive mechanism is inside the carrier structure design, handling and maintenance is convenient.

Of course, different from what many people imagine, all-electric propulsion systems for energy conversion efficiency is far better than the mechanical transmission, so infinite nuclear reactors and energy partner, is clearly the most appropriate.

Loud Giuliano | indigenously in the age of Liaoning after level II: nuclear power is a gas turbine?

Has just launched the United States Ford-class aircraft carrier ship "Ford" (CVN-78).

But in reality, the next generation of Chinese-made aircraft carrier "nuclear" power is unlikely.

China currently has no readily available high performance pressurized water reactors for use by carriers, 094-type strategic nuclear submarine of the new reactors is rumored performance good, but we should not forget that the boat with marine reactors modified risk.

United States nuclear aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines never shared any of the reactors. France has world Shang most top of nuclear technology, in built "Charles de Gaulle", Shi assumed to directly will triumph level strategy nuclear submarines Shang of reactor with in "Charles de Gaulle", Shang, this sets K15 natural cycle integration pressure water heap technology very advanced, in triumph level Shang of performance also is excellent, but loaded in "Charles de Gaulle", Shang is acclimatized, led to "Charles de Gaulle", duration drag long, added loaded pressure class died heavy Hou only barely input using, but also is in sea try and the follow-up served process in the times exposed problem. Knight Island after listening to the Secretary

Loud Giuliano | indigenously in the age of Liaoning after level II: nuclear power is a gas turbine?

Ford-class carrier of electromagnetic catapult.

Of course, if the next generation domestic carriers still using conventional power, does not select only steam catapults. Traditionally, the displacement of more than 30,000 tons of large surface ships were steam turbines as a main power system, a displacement of 20,000 tons of ships more diesel engines and gas turbines. Advantages of diesel engines is fuel efficient, economical; gas turbines are low noise, small vibration, compact structure, fast response, can be more effective in avoiding underwater threats. Large marine gas turbine developed very fast in recent years, with natural circulation ability of highly efficient gas turbines have come out. Displacement and a considerable level in Liaoning province of the United Kingdom, "Queen Elizabeth" aircraft carrier has already broken gas turbines not equipped area for large carriers.

China was from the United States introduced the famous LM-2500 marine gas turbine, also from Ukraine to introduce the DN-80 marine gas turbine. According to foreign media reports, China is now capable of producing DN-80 improved, according to Wu publicly available its output power is about 40,000 horsepower. If the next generation domestic carrier fitted with electromagnetic catapults, sufficient power-reserve needs at least 240,000 horsepower, which requires 4 single power gas turbines up to 60,000 horsepower--is very difficult, but not impossible. "Queen Elizabeth" the MT30 gas turbine on the maximum output power up to 55,000 HP, if the next 10 years to develop its current level MT30 gas turbines, and further improving the conversion efficiency of, the next generation of domestic carrier TRANS 4 gas turbines are not impossible.

Double construction base

Loud Giuliano | indigenously in the age of Liaoning after level II: nuclear power is a gas turbine?

MT30 gas turbines.

After the first domestic carrier to determine constructed in Dalian, the second generation of domestic carrier born where became a popular topic.

Dalian shipbuilding heavy industries (Dalian shipyard for short) was founded in 1898, has experienced Russian construction rule, Japan expanded invasion, Soviet liberation took over, Sino-Soviet joint ventures in different periods. Since the founding of the Dalian shipyard has built a total of 44 models, 820 boats, is the largest building ships for the Navy shipyard. China gunboats, the first missile submarines, the first guided-missile destroyer, the first oil supply ships were built by the factory, known as the "cradle of China's Navy".

Shanghai Jiangnan shipbuilding Group (referred to as Jiangnan shipyard, Shanghai shipyard or), formerly known as Jiangnan manufacturing Bureau, founded in 1865, is the Westernization movement in the late Qing earliest and biggest modern industrial enterprises, has created the first rifle, the first steel gun, the first million-ton hydraulic press, the first generation space tracking ship ... ...

Loud Giuliano | indigenously in the age of Liaoning after level II: nuclear power is a gas turbine?

A 7-MW gas turbine developed by China for 726-type air cushion landing craft.

Jiangnan Changxing shipbuilding base, built in 2005, on June 3, 2008, from Huangpu shipyard moved to Shanghai Chongming, Changxing island is located in the South-Eastern part of the new home. Changxing Island shipbuilding Base covers an area of 560 hectares, 3.8 km coastline shipbuilding base in accordance with the "100 years behind" requirements planning, divided into 3 lines, and 4 large dock and slipway with track a number of indoor and outdoor. Among them, the largest dock is 580 meters long, 120 meters wide, an area the equivalent of 10 standard football field. In addition is also equipped with more than 7 600-ton gantry crane, a total investment of about 16 billion yuan, it is the largest and most advanced, the most internationally competitive shipbuilding base, annual production capacity of 4.5 million tons, second only to Korea Ulsan shipbuilding yards, second highest in the world.

Official information is not difficult to see from the above, Shanghai Jiangnan shipbuilding group and Dalian shipbuilding industry group with an extremely strong army civilian shipbuilding capacity. But in contrast, Dalian shipbuilding heavy industry focusing on military tasks, and closer long-term cooperation with the military tradition. If there is competition on construction projects in Shanghai and Dalian, Dalian "Liaoning", settled in the moment of advantage. Through the system of China's first aircraft carrier, Dalian shipyard in aircraft carrier hull structures, materials technology and complete outfitting, shore and sea tests, project management and related personnel have been the accumulation of more profound, and become China's only aircraft carrier currently under construction experience in shipbuilding enterprise.

Worth note of is, can built modern carrier of shipyard in world numbered, even is like United States such of carrier superpower, active of 10 ship Nepal meters is hereby level and is built of "Ford", also are from Newport News shipyard a Home; France post-war built of 3 ship carrier (not is helicopter carrier) in the of two ship--"Charles de Gaulle", and "Clermont shuttle", are in Brest Navy shipyard built, addition a ship "Fu Foch", although in shengnaze, Atlantic shipyard starts, Finally was towed to Brest to completion.

Loud Giuliano | indigenously in the age of Liaoning after level II: nuclear power is a gas turbine?

United Kingdom "Queen Elizabeth" class using the MT30 gas turbine power 36 MW.

Russia's carrier is more embarrassing, in the heyday of the Soviet Union only in Ukraine within the Nikolayev shipyards able to build aircraft carriers, which led to Russia actually lost the aircraft carrier built after the establishment of the new State. And similar to the Dalian shipyard, Russia through India "weikelamadiya" aircraft carrier conversion works, St Petersburg North mechanical construction of the shipyard into a new base. But the twists of the project proved that building with a construction capacity of large shipyards in difficulty how hard it is.

Place the first indigenously-built in Dalian, off-the-shelf technology and can take full advantage of shipyard experience, risk-averse as possible and easier to control on construction time and cost. If the work undertaken by Shanghai, overseas experience has shown that shortly a new carrier shipyard difficulty with relevant inputs is extremely high. Changxing Island shipbuilding base despite the large-scale, technologically advanced, but that doesn't mean you can have construction skills in the short term (which can be partly responsible for the cabin). It's like Korea Hyundai Ulsan shipbuilding base is the world's largest shipbuilding base, but not aircraft carriers.

Therefore, the Jiangnan shipyard to build only carrier hopes upon domestic next-generation aircraft carrier. As early as in 2011, Shanghai Oriental TV broadcast of the look East programme, South Daqing, General Manager of the Jiangnan shipyard group, declared: "from our facilities, our production capacity, we have met a variety of contractor for the Navy what it needs water on the launching of naval ships include the strategic projects. Now, we are very concerned about the aircraft carrier project, I told you today is: Jiangnan shipyard for the construction of an aircraft carrier ready, it has had the capacity, we hope that the construction of the first of our own design, with independent intellectual property rights of the carrier. "

"The first US aircraft carrier design, with independent intellectual property rights. "South unveiled an answer maybe 5 years ago.

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Hangzhou a woman jumped from the 6 f collected via Uncle die hand injuries

Hangzhou, a woman jumped from the 6/f, collected via Uncle die hand injuries

Hangzhou, a woman jumped from the 6/f, suicide, collected via Uncle die hand.

The morning of March 30, a young woman Park in Hangzhou, Gen 1, danyuanlou, 6/f, building jumped, with the intention to end his life.

Lucky is that tragedy for rag along the uncle die reaches phase reversal ... ...

According to a witnesses told the surging community news (www.thepaper.CN), 30th at 10 o'clock, he found a woman from Spain Park District residents building 6 floor building jump, downstairs a brother-in-law at that moment into the recycling forward, hands wants to catch the jumping woman, followed by 2 people, both fell. Later residential alarm, 2 people were rushed to nearby hospitals for treatment.

News from the surging receive suicide girls and pick someone uncle, Hangzhou City Red Cross hospital that diagnosed by jumping from a woman in person was in the process of being caught in the middle of buffer, not life-threatening, but patella fractures. Saving Uncle for pickup of the brunt of the fall, jumped to his most woman in shock, injuries more severe, causing head trauma, loss of teeth, the left shoulder and a broken leg, and may be associated with a slight concussion, but not life-threatening. 2 people currently detained in the hospital for further treatment.

Surging News learned that saving Uncle named Jiang Chengren, 55 years old this year, Anhui Province, lived in Hangzhou for many years, who had 1 son and 1 daughter, Ferial master Jiang both husband and wife have been collected in the area around the family.

The woman surnamed Liu jumped, from Henan province, was born in 1987. According to the women's family members, the reason why she jumped and her boyfriend, estranged, before, families have found that she swallowed sleeping pills with intent to commit suicide at home. Unexpectedly the morning of 30th suicide by jumping before our families do not pay attention to her. Commission s Web site investigation on cadres

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Jiang asked Li Lanqing made the world famous songs 45 poems and a preface

Jiang asked Li Lanqing made the world famous songs 45 poems and a preface

Photo: network

Organization tool for selecting tracks by Comrade Li Lanqing books the world famous 45 songs has been recently published by the higher education press. Following is the preface made by Comrade Jiang Zemin as the book full text.

With the deepening of reform and opening up in China and significantly improve the overall national strength, China's international status and influence growing, more and more frequent contacts with the international community, cultural exchange is an important part of it. Telling Chinese stories in various ways, to introduce Chinese culture to the world, but also to learn foreign advanced cultures, and that between China and the peoples of the world exchanges and friendship is of great significance.

Cultural exchange is the heart of communication. Our international dealings, if they can understand each other's culture, can greatly shorten the distance to each other, easier access to mutual recognition, and achieve a multiplier effect. Pavarotti, the three tenors during his visit to China, had played an elaborate Chinese songs, a distance closer to the audience. That brings me, Chinese artists were increasingly on the international stage, to promote and disseminate Chinese culture and arts abroad at the same time, if they are in the proper forum, can explain to each other's culture and art, not only respect for the cultures of other countries, also will make the artist more respect from the other, so as to further improve the effectiveness of cultural exchange. So not only cultural exchanges, and other exchanges, it might have a similar effect.

For this reasons, I asked Li comrade organization selected 45 world famous songs, introduce to the Chinese artists comrades references and other external contacts, hoping to help in their international exchanges can improve the respect for each other's cultures, increasing the cultural heritage of the different to enhance mutual friendship and Exchange results.

Jiang Zemin

The May 23, 2015

Track list:

The May 23, 2015

First, Italy famous songs

1. Serenade

[] Toselli song

The anonymous English lyrics

Jason Wade and distribution

Jiang Zemin recalled finishing

2. Women are fickle--selected from the Opera Rigoletto

[] Boyawei Word

[] Verdi Qu Zhoufeng translation and distribution

3. Drinking song from the opera La Traviata

[] Fulangxisike·piawei Word

[] Verdi songs

Zhou Xiaoyan, Zhu Xiaoqiang translation coordination

4. My dear father--from the Opera of the GUNI·sijiji

[] Fuzhanuo Word

[] Puccini songs

Translate Shang Jiaxiang distribution

5. Sunny day--selected from the Opera Madame Butterfly

[] Luigi Illica, Giacosa words

[] Puccini songs

The highly acclaimed, Shang Jiaxiang, Deng Yingyi translation service

6. Dedicated to the art, dedicated to love--from the Opera Tosca

[] Giacosa and Luigi Illica words

[] Puccini songs

The highly acclaimed, Shang Jiaxiang, Deng Yingyi translation service

7. Nessun Dorma from the Opera Turandot

[] Adami, Simoni words

[] Puccini songs

Chu Fang cold translation with

8. People call me Mimi from ' Opera of the artist's life

[] Giacosa and Luigi Illica words

[] Puccini songs

The highly acclaimed, Shang Jiaxiang, Deng Yingyi translation service

9. What a cold little hand--drawn from the Opera of the artist's life

[] Giacosa and Luigi Illica words

[] Puccini songs

Miorin, Liu Shirong translation coordination

10. My Sun

[Italy] G. Caplot words

[Italy] E. Capua song

Jason Wade and distribution

Second, France famous songs

1. Vie en rose

[Law] Louis. Gugelimi song

[The United States] make·Dawei English lyrics

Jason Wade and distribution

Li Ju in the allocation

2. --Toreador song from the Opera Carmen

[Law] Mellac, Halevy words

[Law] song

Li Weibo translation coordination

3. Habaniela – selected from the Opera Carmen

[Law] Mellac, Halevy words

[Law] song

Zeng Yuran translation

Deng Ying match song

Three, German and Austrian famous songs

1. Serenade

[De] leiersitabu Word

[O] Schubert song

Deng Yingyi translation coordination

2. The Bodhi tree

[De] weilian·miule Word

[O] Schubert song

Deng Yingyi translation coordination

3. Riding on wings of song

[De] Heine words

[De] Mendelssohn tune

Translate Shang Jiaxiang distribution

4. When we were young

[O] Johann Strauss II song

[The United States] hanmosidun lyrics

Jason Wade and distribution

5. Waltz--selected from the operetta the Merry Widow

[O] weikeduo·laiang, laiao·shitai Word

[Hungarian] fulangci·laihaer song

Zhou Feng, Wang Zhiqiang translation and distribution

6. Little boy--selected from Germany film of the handsome boy

Anonymous lyrics

Xiaozhang translation

Li Qinghui match song

Zhang Ying in the allocation

Four, Russia famous songs

1. Troika

Russia folk songs

[Russian] lieangnide·teruifuliefu lyrics

Zhang Ning translation coordination

2. Outside Moscow at night People s daily Zhang Suzhou corruption case purchase

[Su] madusuofusiji Word

[Su] suoluoweiyuefu·xieduoyi song

Xue Fan translation and distribution

Li Ju in the allocation

3. Mountain tree planting

[Su] Mu·bilibinke Word

[Su] skin keep a song

Chang Shihua translation

Thousand lines of matching songs

4. Path

[Su] Xie·bojieerkefu Word

[Su] NI·yifannuofu song

Fu Fu translation coordination

5. Katyusha

[Su] m-Isakovski words

[Su] matewei·bolanqieer song

Zhao feng, Han Bai translation and distribution

6. Lighting

[Su] mi·yisakefusiji Word

Lost songs

Yuan Zhichao translation coordination

7. Road

[Su] lie·aoshaning Word

[Su] a·nuoweikefu song

Jason Wade and distribution

8. Black eyes

[Russian] ye·geruibiangka Word

Lost songs

Xue Fan translation and distribution

9. Volga trackers song

[Russian] ye·gesibiangka Word

[Russian] yalishandaluofu song

[Russian] Fei·kainieman allocation

Jason Wade and distribution

10. My Moscow

[Su] m • Li Xiang his word

[Su] Yi·dunayefusiji song

Cao Yongsheng translation coordination

11. Faraway places

[Su] a·qiuerjin Word

[Su] GE·nuosuofu song

Xue Fan translation and distribution

Zhang Ying in the allocation

Five Anglo-famous songs

1. The sound of music--from the musical the sound of music

[The United States] Oscar Hammerstein wrote the second word

[The United States] Richard Rodgers song

Xue Fan translation and distribution

2. --Memory from musical cats

[E], Qu Rui Fu • en Word

[E] Andrew Lloyd Webber song

Xue Fan translation and distribution

3. Think of me-from the musical of the Phantom of the Opera

[E] Charles. Hart's original words

[E] lichade·sidierge into Word

[E] Andrew Lloyd Webber song

Xue Fan translation and distribution

4. Tonight--from the musical West side story

[The United States] sidifen·sangdihanmu Word

[The United States] laiaonade·boensitan song

Jason Wade and distribution

5. Take him home--from the musical Les Miserables

[Method] keluodeyimixieer Schoenberg song

[E] hebote·keruicimo lyrics

Shen Chengzhou translation coordination

6. Of stars--from the musical Les Miserables

[Method] keluodeyimixieer Schoenberg song

[E] hebote·keruicimo lyrics

Shen Chengzhou translation coordination

7. In the summer--from ' Opera Porgy and Bess

[The United States] Hayward words

[The United States] Gershwin song

Cheng Yin translation coordination

8. Sikaboluo market

[The United States] Paul Simon, [the United States] • gamma-fen Ritter lyrics

Jason Wade and distribution

Zhu Hui allocation

9. Moonlight and shadows

Anonymous lyrics

Jiang Zemin recalled singing recordings

World music

Lee yo won the allocation

10. Read Home

[Czech] Dvorak song

[The United States] Fischer meant English lyrics

Pillow, Li Ping Zheng for translation and distribution

Zhu Hui allocation

11. Auld Lang Syne

Scottish poetry

[E] Robert friend records

Lost songs

Deng Yingyi translation coordination

12. True love--from the United States of the movie gone with

[The United States] Maike·Dawei Word

[O] makesi·shitingna song

Translate Shang Jiaxiang distribution

Zhang Ying in the allocation

13. My heart will go on--from the United States, film Titanic

[The United States] William Martin Cannin words

[The United States] James Horner music

Jason Wade and distribution

Zhu Hui allocation

14. Take care bye

Unknown songwriter Jason Wade distribution


Six, Spain famous songs

Source: Guangming daily

Original title: comrade Jiang Zemin's preface for the world famous song of the 45

Last updated: 03/28 13:22

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The overseas edition of people s daily published an article if excessive real

The overseas edition of people's daily published an article: if excessive real estate speculation, to the detriment of China's economic competitiveness

China's economy is in "old new" critical period. Oriental IC data

For some time now, China's rapidly warming caused widespread concern of the property market in some areas. On March 25, the city announced a number of initiatives to promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market, including second home down payment not less than 50%, rounds and the intermediary hype prices, to cover property hoarding down payment loan, bridge loan, as well as violations, non-Hukou households purchase paid personal income tax or social security age, and so on.

Experts pointed out that China's economy is in "old new" critical period, steady, balanced and healthy development of the real estate market, either in transition and create a favorable environment and share in the development of meaning. Instead, through all kinds of speculative financial instruments will not only bring huge risks to the speculators themselves, are conducive to sustained and sound economic development in China.

"Inventory" booster "steady growth"

At the end of 2015, the central economic work Conference, "resolving real estate inventory" and "productivity", "deleveraging", "cost reduction" and "complementarity", together were identified as 2016-economic needs to seize the key points. Subsequently, the authorities promulgated a "drop down", "reduce the transactions of real estate taxes, business tax" and a series of incentives, with housing inventory.

Seen from the overall effect of, at present, the market appeared to pick up, demand a certain release, but differentiation is growing in different regions. National Bureau of statistics data showed February 70 cities of newly-built commercial housing price rose city, 47, from January 9, which expanded from the previous month, the city has 33 per cent, from January 10. From various cities in February, one, two or three lines per cent average rise in new urban residential prices and expanded 0.5, 0.1 and 0.1% per cent respectively over the previous month, further price increase among the cities, cities and individual hot second-tier cities have risen much faster than any other city.

Deputy Dean of the school of Finance of Renmin University Zhao xijun, a professor in an interview with this reporter, said that real estate of upstream and downstream industries are involved in promoting housing inventory will no doubt be downside pressure to "steady growth" effect.

"Inventory of the fundamental aim is to solve the problem of unbalanced development. On one hand, China's economy is now in a stable growth, adjusting the structure and promote transformation of an important period on the other, in the development of real estate industry and the future of many resources and factors directly related to the configuration and, therefore, how reasonable allocation of land resources, and to balance with other elements, and work together to promote economic development, and is an issue that is very worthwhile. "Zhao xijun said.

"Eye;" also "cool"

Side is a Ministry with "inventory", the other side is the largest city to "overheating in the property market," war, what is this mystery? Answers to look for from the causes of the recent housing market heating up.

According to the Shanghai construction Committee Director Gu Jinshan introduced investment resurgence of speculative demand, follow the "buy up", the lack of supply is an important factor leading to local property market overheating in the near future. "Some irregularities, some developers, agencies, through P2P platform such as down-payment loans beyond distribution finance business, make some people who do not have conditions to buy a second House, through down-payment loans, bridge loans into the market or the market in advance. This operation on the market plays a very big push, and encourages investment and speculation, increased financial risks. "Gu Jinshan" new deal "Conference said. Division of zongyang story say goodbye to Tongcheng

A number of experts pointed out that housing is with this dual nature of commodity and investment, living in this society when necessary requirements have not been meet, excessive investment and even speculation demand, is not conducive to the development of the real estate industry and damaging the competitiveness of the Chinese economy.

"The irrational industrial structure, we can just through market forces and market differentiation reflects the unbalanced development of regional space, it is difficult to fully realized by the hand of market adjustments, this will need policies to follow up and guide. "Zhao xijun said, although intuitively determine home demand and speculative demand is not easy, but if we can allow extra housing costs increased substantially, is obviously helpful to curb the demand for this part of the hype.

"The long con" to "big fish"

Hype too hard for the main theme, health development with confidence. As an important part of the national economy, the real estate industry influences the economy, trends in economic development for the country as a whole and of the decision. From this point of view, "the long, catch a big fish" is a clever strategy. Short term investments in real estate speculation, obviously does not have power for the long-term development of the Chinese economy, China's economy needs is more visionary innovation.

France Thales Group China President and Chief Executive Officer Lauren about believes that economic growth in China has a bright future. United States the Wall Street Journal recently reported that despite the economic slowdown, but Chinese enterprises did not slow down, but to the high-tech field, promoting economic transformation from low-end manufacturing to high-tech, they also get a higher profit.

Meanwhile, basic public services in the allocation of resources more balance and optimize the industrial layout will also give highlights the potential of the medium and small cities. "Development of higher quality more equitable education", "knit-count cotton solid social safety net", "to guide more foreign investment in the Central and Western regions" ... ... In fact, this year's Government work report detail many of the tasks that contribute to the potential of "realization".

"The excessive concentration of population in some cities, would affect the efficiency and quality of life of the city. By contrast, cities still have much room for development. "Zhao xijun, recommendations, promoting the sustained and healthy development of the real estate industry in the future will also need three lessons: one is to continue to optimize the development of spatial layout; Secondly, actively supports a number of smaller cities, reduce population pressure in big cities; the third is increasing supervision of intermediaries such as property construction, sale.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

FTA disclosure program has been reported in Hainan setting up multiple areas

FTA disclosure program has been reported in Hainan: setting up multiple areas, planned to include three sand

According to reports, infrastructure construction, Hainan Province has formed a "field" shaped Highway framework. Port construction "four-five Hong Kong" pattern. Oriental IC data

Hainan has also joined the Grand Army of the third instalment of the regional free trade area declared.

The morning of March 23, Government press conference held in Boao, Hainan Province, Hainan Provincial Committee, Deputy Governor Mao Chaofeng introduced Hainan in accordance with the "one" management mode, particularly relying on existing Pudong integrated bonded port area, a comprehensive free trade zone in Haikou and Sanya, three sand as the main body, has been declared to the national free trade zone.

"Especially after the Spring Festival this year, a State Council Executive meeting has been clearly established in Hainan Province as a pilot province for trade in services, which accelerate with us open, accelerating the development of modern service industry has brought a rare opportunity. "Mao Chaofeng said.

One expert involved in the pre-FTA study in Hainan surging on news (www.thepaper.CN) analysis, FTA Declaration of major areas in Hainan in Hainan Island, sand can contain three parts of regions, may be expanded in the future. The expert said, free trade zone in Hainan Islands duty-free shopping, main, Ocean industry development (resources, energy, seafood) industry. Deficit rate is 3 in Lou Jiwei guarantee key expenditures

According to the information coming out of Hainan declared an area of about 100 square kilometers of the FTA. Four mentioned Mao Chaofeng declared in the body integrated Yangpu bonded Harbor area is China's first port in South China, high degree of Haikou comprehensive conservation area are open under special customs supervision zones. It is not clear what areas will be included in Sanya and the three sand.

Three sand is one of the 4 cities in Hainan, set up in 2012. This year's "two sessions", CPPCC members proposed that sansha capital, yongxing island of the Xisha Islands to create the global registration of offshore companies.

Hainan's bid for one of the advantages of free trade, is the marine economy.

Mao Chaofeng presented at the press conference, in terms of industrial development, "Thirteen-Five" will highlight the marine strategy to vigorously develop marine economy and fostering the growth of marine tourism, marine fishery, marine, oil and gas industry, improve the ability of control and rights protection of ocean resources, towards 2020 marine production value reaching 180 billion yuan in the province.

This year's "two sessions" during the meeting, Liu Cigui, Governor of Hainan Province told the China economic weekly said, "the next 5 years, adhere to speed up economic development, Hainan province into ' along the way ' national strategy for the key. Seize strategic opportunities and comparative advantages, highlighting development priorities, to the sea quality, efficiency, growth, Hainan Province, is to start ' blue engine ' to the new dynamics of marine strong province. "

The end of 2014, it is in the State Oceanic Administration Chief Liu Cigui transferred to Hainan.

Apart from the FTA, China economic weekly report also mentions, also intends to actively strive for the establishment of State-level zone in Hainan Province, to build Hainan's opening up to new heights.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Department of Anhui Province lock suspected students who cheat QQ Group organization

March 21 late, for previously more name candidates exposure 2016 Anhui Province high career college classification exam appeared papers answer information leaked, situation, Anhui Province Education Office released 2016 high vocational college classification exam culture quality test situation informed: police organ has lock suspected using QQ Group organization cheat behavior of in school middle school students, while on privately will papers with out examination room and related test works personnel for serious processing.

Department of Anhui Province: lock suspected students who cheat QQ Group organization, strict exams officers Department of Anhui Province: lock suspected students who cheat QQ Group organization, strict exams officers

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) reported that early in the examination (March 20) a week or so before, candidates Tweet said: examinations haven't even started it was flagrant in stick and QQ groups to sell the answer. Screenshot network exposure, "Anhui exam answers group" (founded on March 14, 2016, the purpose of building group for high school students admitted to a good University) exams announced QQ Group of part of the answer, at present, the Group has been unable to search.

Department of Anhui Province: lock suspected students who cheat QQ Group organization, strict exams officers

Briefing responded: exams, related to harmful information through the Internet to monitor suspected cheating using QQ Group to organize, commitment in half an hour before the end of QQ test group and mobile phones to send test answers, group personnel and required payment in advance booking. In this regard, provincial examinations start emergency response optimization of examination regulations, strengthen entry screening, comprehensive prevention and control to eliminate hidden dangers and immediately start provincial education system the joint examination mechanism, the public security organs timely landing check, and have locked the students in a middle school, Xiao Li. QQ Group has been dissolved before the exam. Entrance examination institution is working with a number of local public security organs for further processing.

March 20 on test day "candidates ahead of time the papers privately out of the exam room and disseminated the answer" reflected briefing Re: once the test was over, users reflect some of the exam questions volume uploaded to the Internet. The investigation, susong County, a vocational high school students in Europe, after the end of the examination, while Proctor teachers unprepared, papers folded in his pocket, out of the examination room. The night of 8:40, taking pictures with mobile phones has spread to the Anhui vocational college freshmen 2016 group home school group and the three Amigos. Other members of the Group and their friends each other forward, gradually spread. Susong County, Anqing city, and entrance examination bodies in a timely manner to find Europe so I. The student recognizes the seriousness of the problem, has returned to the paper, take the initiative to delete post online and make a deep review. According to the actual situation of provincial examinations in accordance with regulations on Europe and related examination staff seriously.

Situation informed response "part examination room candidates will phone with into and spread answers" of questioned Shi stressed: exam all arrangements in standardization test centers for, do video monitoring full cover, and for each examination room equipped with handheld metal detector, and phone signal shield instrument, anti-cheat equipment; the exam total registration candidates 98700 people, province 16 a city and the belongs County total set test centers 97 a, and examination room 3,333 a, exam during arrangements provincial visits personnel more than 100 over went around site check guide. Hunan village the villagers working collective

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hunan miluo section of a Beijing Macao high speed tank car explosion has caused

Hunan miluo section of a Beijing-Macao high-speed tank car explosion has caused two people were killed and two others injured

Hunan traffic channel micro

Xinhua News on March 19, reporters learned from the emergency office in Yueyang city, Hunan province, the same evening, about 8:30, Beijing-Macao Expressway, miluo Gu Lun on the Ridge with car bombings, casualties is currently unknown. CCTV's news release said the accident has resulted in 2 dead and 2 injured.

Fire protection, safety and medical rescue team have rushed to the rescue. Xinhua reporters are urgently rushed to the scene.

Hunan traffic channels according to the official Twitter News, G4 high-speed long 1414 km in Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao, tanker explosion at present two-way impassable.

Netizen News says in the vicinity and, after tanker explosion, one kilometer outside of the House Windows shattered, East of the town of Changle and nearby tremors in miluo city.

Freeway traffic, China Central People's broadcasting station Radio FM905 confirmed that accident happened today around 8:50, location G4 Beijing Hong Kong Macau South to North 1413+800 kilometers, one with a petrol tanker in the bombings occurred during 5 vehicles, at present, the highways, the traffic police, the fire services have already rushed to the scene for rescue, this section of bi-directional controls have been carried out. Boy rescued undercover marketing parents wash

According to another new client messages in Hunan province, reporters from the Executive Council Office in Yueyang, Hunan province, was informed that the explosion affected 2 lorry and 3 cars, does not affect buses, casualty and the cause of the accident is understood.

Hunan miluo section of a Beijing-Macao high-speed tank car explosion has caused two people were killed and two others injured

@ Hunan communication channel official micro-blog

Hunan miluo section of a Beijing-Macao high-speed tank car explosion has caused two people were killed and two others injured

Earlier, Hunan miluo municipal party Committee propaganda Department official micro-blog news, Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao Jing road, miluo, a tank car explosion occurred at high speed, casualties unknown for the time being. Traffic police, fire rescue. Specific situations will continue to publish news, and reminded not to take the current version information is circulating on the Internet.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

It not too cool This Batmobile is a computer chassis

  See this big beautiful Batmobile, there are paint marks left by background, you might say it's a perfect model. But the fact is, this guy is a computer chassis! Moschino for Note 4

Moschino for Note 4

It not too cool! This Batmobile is a computer chassis

  Every popular upcoming blockbusters will bring up a DIY frenzy, Batman vs Superman, of course, is also true. In order to participate in the challenge on MSI's official Forum, user Thechoozen and his friends make this chassis.

  You don't find this computer case, because the shell is completely Batmobile looks like in the movies. Black shape had a cold feeling, even if there was no hardware, you're willing to put it on at home.

  When it comes to hardware, then take a look at the configuration of this computer: 16GB RAM, GTX 960 video card. Most amazing is how he is not low configuration is placed into the small space inside the chassis, surprising space utilization efficiency. Moschino for Note 4

  Batmobile chassis is really cool, but only the author can have it.

It not too cool! This Batmobile is a computer chassis It not too cool! This Batmobile is a computer chassis It not too cool! This Batmobile is a computer chassis It not too cool! This Batmobile is a computer chassis It not too cool! This Batmobile is a computer chassis It not too cool! This Batmobile is a computer chassis It not too cool! This Batmobile is a computer chassis

[Article correction]

Collection is the collection of 1542

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Vice Minister Cao Weixing transferred to the Ministry of land and resources

Vice Minister Cao Weixing transferred to the Ministry of land and resources, Jiangsu Deputy Governor posts, or five people to be completed

Cao Weixing China Visual information

On March 15, the website notice of appointment and removal of the Department of human resources and social security, appointed Cao Weixing, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of land and resources.

Public information, Cao Weixing was born in 1958 in Nantong, Jiangsu, Nanjing Agricultural University, a doctorate in education, majoring in crop cultivation, and after graduation taught at Nanjing Agricultural University Department of Agronomy jobs, for a long time.

In 1994, the Cao Weixing was promoted to Professor and doctoral tutor. In 2001, the Cao Weixing served as Vice President of Nanjing Agricultural University. Prior to that, he served as Assistant principal for four years.

While serving as Vice President at the same time, Cao Weixing, who is also Vice Chairman of the provincial Committee of the NLD. Since then, he served as Zanu-PF provincial Chairman, NLD Central Standing Committee, Jiangsu provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman.

In January 2009, Cao Weixing served as Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, and worked ever since. Became Vice Governor after six months, he unloaded to the identity, Vice President of Nanjing Agricultural University.

Along the way, Cao Weixing went from Assistant to Professor, Deputy Director of the Department into a school vice principal, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, into transformation of Vice-Minister of land and resources, was a typical "xueba officer", and has won several national and provincial science and technology progress award.

In the present Ministry of land and resources in leadership, Cao Weixing is the only one in the college officials who work and teach for a long time.

Surging News (www.thepaepr.CN), reporters noted that Cao Weixing trip to Beijing since taking office, Vice Governor of Jiangsu provincial government leadership or appear five vacancies.

People's Government of Jiangsu Province, according to the official, at present, six Deputy Governor of Jiangsu Province, respectively provide Li Yunfeng, Xu Ming, Cao Weixing, Xu Jinrong, Zhang Lei and Wang Like.

However, in addition to having been Cao Weixing, Vice Minister of land and resources, Xu Jinrong and Xu Ming of the fellow was born in 1956, at the end of January this year, Jiangsu provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman-elect.

Surging journalists noted that in recent years, Jiangsu provincial leading group for "eight" configuration.

End of February 2013, the General pace of collectively agreed with the provincial government, Jiangsu province's 12th people's Congress elected the new provincial government leadership, including Vice Governor of Governor of 1, 8.

Analysts believe that, as Cao Weixing, Xu Jinrong and Xu Ming has been appointed or elected to the new post, for some period in the future, or will have 5 cadres "vacancy" Jiangsu Deputy Governor posts.

Cao Weixing curriculum vitae

Cao Weixing, male, born in August 1958, the Han nationality, Tongzhou, Jiangsu Province person, master's degree, doctorate degree, Professor, NLD members to work in March 1985. The incumbent Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, ZANU-PF Central Committee member, organizing Committee of the provincial party Committee.

In February 1978, Jiangsu agricultural college (now University of Yangzhou), Department of Agronomy, Agronomy study;

In February 1982 graduate of Nanjing College of Agronomy crop cultivation;

In March 1985, the Nanjing agriculture Agronomy Department;

September 1985 United States Oregon State University crop science professional PhD, Research Assistant;

March 1989 United States University of Wisconsin plant eco-physiological postdoctoral research associate, research scientist;

In March 1994, Nanjing Agricultural University, Associate Professor, Agronomy Department; Halt nu River hydropower development in Yunnan

In April 1994, Nanjing Agricultural University, Professor of Agronomy (November 1994-pH);

In March 1996, Nanjing Agricultural University, Deputy Director of the Department of Agronomy;

In December 1997, Nanjing Agricultural University, Assistant principal, Deputy Director of the Department of Agronomy;

In April 1998, Nanjing Agricultural University, Assistant principal, Director of the Department of Agronomy;

In January 2001, Nanjing Agricultural University, Assistant principal, Dean of Faculty of agriculture, Vice Chairman of the provincial Committee of the NLD;

In November 2001, Vice President of Nanjing Agricultural University, Vice Chairman of the provincial Committee of the NLD;

In June 2002, ZANU-PF provincial Chairman, Vice President of Nanjing Agricultural University;

In December 2002, NLD Central Standing Committee, Party Chairman and Vice President of Nanjing Agricultural University;

February 2003 the NLD Central Committee member, organizing Committee of the provincial party Committee, Deputy Chairman of the people's political consultative conference, and Vice President of Nanjing Agricultural University;

In January 2009, Vice Governor of the NLD's Central Standing Committee, Party Chairman.

(According to the Jiangsu provincial people's Government website)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Galactic underground garage in SOHO Beijing car party police raids

Galactic underground garage in SOHO, Beijing car party, police raids

Investigate the scene. 4 4 magnitude quake in yuncheng Shanxi Province

The night of March 11, Galaxy SOHO in Beijing on the gathering of modified car underground parking lot, the sudden appearance of a number of police, the police investigate the modified car in a car park. This is scrutiny after loading the modified year Nanjing, Xiamen, police actions against modified cars once again. Another Netizen claimed police occurs in the underground parking lot, is investigating the deck vehicles, dating back to the car park, but at that time coincided with the modified car party.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Complex the first man machine war staged surprise comeback why did Li Shishi

Complex: the first man-machine war staged surprise comeback, why did Li Shishi lost!

Alpha game won and Korea professional go player Li Shishi section first game victory. China Visual

Historic moment has come! First man-machine war staged surprise reversal, triumphs over human on the artificial intelligence in the game.

15:31 on March 9, Beijing time, Google its DeepMInd artificial intelligence companies to develop intelligent systems AlphaGo (Alpha-go) and the Korea professional go player Li Shishi section of the official end of the first game. Surprised most people judge Li Shishi is going to win before the game prediction, Li Shishi, in fighting after 3 hours the towel, human intelligence last field has not been kept.

Worth noting is that "Chinese Professional go first" Ke Jie in nine matches to reverse his prediction before the game. After Ke Jie said Li Shishi 5:0 bulls win AlphaGo, Ke Jie now think AlphaGo may 5:0 WINS Li Shishi. Ke Jie is the leader of a new generation of Chinese go players, had defeated Li Shishi on eight occasions.

First man-machine war officially began at 12 o'clock Beijing time sharp and Li Shishi observed during practice, Google AlphaGo white child.

This remarkable man-machine war in addition to the world's largest video Web site YouTube will broadcast live outside Chinese Web sites, which was broadcast live, and various video sites also invited numerous professional chess players to understand the game.

AlphaGo start unexpectedly badly, 12:30, in fighting on both sides. Ke Jie said, can be seen by AlphaGo Zi, than it does in October 2015 and European champion, professional Weiqi fan Dan of the second game a lot stronger.

13 o'clock, black 4th hand, under Li Shishi was more anxious, a big mistake. Ke Jie while watching the game from time to time, but under Li Shishi so.

Two hours after the game started, Li Shishi holds sooty has obvious advantages, short Board of AlphaGo at this time, there is a clear, professional go player Gu Li nine, "said AlphaGo have obvious advantages and weaknesses, rarely makes mistakes on the AlphaGo in step, but in chess to determine fault or is obvious. "

At a time when Li Shishi we decided that this game will win, AlphaGo staged surprise reversal, successful Sally. 14:29, AlphaGo the practice of white to play catch-up.

Both sides deadlocked after half an hour, AlphaGo advantage more and more obvious. Ke Jie said, have abandoned Li Shishi. Ke Jie said: "as to the back, the computer is, the smaller the probability of error, but humans are just the opposite, so once the computer leader, it's hard to bounce back. "

Gu Li, said: "Li Shishi also appears when the obvious psychological swings for several shocks AlphaGo, Li Shishi chose to back down. "

Final 15:31, announced Li Shishi throw in the towel. The first game of the man-machine war, culminating in the human failure, both sides again tomorrow.

After the competitions came to an end, Gu Li said: "compared to AlphaGo no emotion, still wanted to win and afraid to lose inside of Li Shishi, which has some influence on the game. Li Shishi has been some small mistakes in a row, Li Shishi has not seized the opportunity when the AlphaGo error. Available from the game, AlphaGo's clearly much slower than Li Shishi, Li Shishi has not adjusted its own rhythm, so in the end even if he was still left plenty of time, and Li Shishi was also unable to bounce back. "

Complex: the first man-machine war staged surprise comeback, why did Li Shishi lost!

Last game

According to the schedule, the man-machine war 5 game of chess will be on March 9, 10th, 12th, 13th and 15th, even though a party first to 3 WINS, also below 5. Game rules in China, black side post 7 and a half, unavailable for the two-hour, 3 times 60 seconds the seconds.

Li Shishi also had the opportunity, but AlphaGo will give humans a chance? Live Zhou xiaochuan housing loans to individuals

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Xinhua News Agency read record national deficit ratio 3 necessity feasibility

In the Government work report Premier Li keqiang 5th disclosure in 2016, should substantially increase China's proactive fiscal policy, proposed fiscal deficit of 2.18 trillion yuan, an increase of 560 billion yuan over last year, the deficit ratio increased to 3%.

This highest since new China was founded in 1949, the size of the deficit, deficit rate touched for the first time the EU's so-called "3% of the international warning line".

Why the current is amplified the deficit? Financial risk? How to make good the deficit? Reporters interviewed about authority figures.

Afterburner amplification deficit of active fiscal policy

According to the Government work report, 2016 deficit of 1.4 trillion yuan in the central budget, local government deficit of 780 billion yuan. Where the arrangement is not included in the deficit 400 billion yuan of special bonds, replacement continues to issue local government bonds.

"This year the huge increases in fiscal deficits, is the essence of active fiscal policy efforts. "CPPCC Member Zhang Lianqi said. He noted that 8 years of international financial crisis, China faces greater challenges of economic growth, the economic downturn under a lot of pressure. In this case, need to be incremental and expanded the deficit through tax cuts to stimulate the economy within the power.

Active fiscal policy to expand further, and hallmark is greater tax cuts reduced fees. According to the Government work report, May 1, 2016, will change from full implementation of camp increased, the scope expanded to construction, real estate, finance, service industries, new real estate and all enterprises included into the scope of deduction of VAT, tax reduction does not only ensure that all industries increased.

Meanwhile, establishment of Government funds will be canceled, stop sign and merge a number of Government funds, expanding the scope of water conservancy construction funds are exempt from. 18 administrative fees up from small micro-enterprise extends to all businesses and individuals.

According to the report, a series of tax reduction initiatives, to reduce burdens for enterprises and individuals this year of more than 500 billion yuan.

Tax reduction at the same time, active fiscal policies will also be more effective. Director of the Research Institute of fiscal science, said Liu Shangxi, China, a clear sign is appropriate to increase the necessary government expenditure and government investment, increase the vulnerability of people's livelihood support.

The size of the deficit of 2.18 trillion yuan this year, meant the Government paid out much higher than the income of money, businesses and individuals will get more government funding, and stimulating market vitality, enhance the development of power. Wang Sicong dialogue a lot of rich followed me

Deficit and the Government debt ratio in the world, China still relatively low

3% has been the EU economy as a measure of a country's financial risk warning line. China's budget deficit this year of up to 3%, touching the EU line, means that the financial risk?

"China's fiscal deficit and the Government debt ratio is relatively low in the major economies of the world, such an arrangement is necessary, feasible and safe. "Prime Minister Li keqiang said in the report.

Press queries over the data revealed, China's budget deficit has been kept low. Since reform and opening up, China's deficit ratio is always maintained at 3%, after the outbreak of the Asian financial crisis of 1998 budget deficit of 96 billion yuan, deficit ratio exceeded 1%. Following years budget deficit has been high, 2000 deficit ratio had reached 2.9%.

After 2005, with the implementation of prudent fiscal policy, China's deficit reduced. 2008 reset active fiscal policy, deficits have been expanding, active fiscal policy Afterburner effect. From 2012 to 2015, China's fiscal deficit, 2.1%, 1.5% and 2.4%, respectively.

And in recent years from the effects of cyclical fluctuations of the world economy, deficits in major developed countries often exceeded 3%, such as the 2014 United States deficit rate of 4.1%, United Kingdom 5.7%, France 4%, Japan 8.8%.

Said Liu Shangxi, many people are concerned that China's fiscal deficit reached 3% of the so-called "international line" risks, such worries are unnecessary. Standard is the EU Maastricht Treaty 3% the original financial discipline, not scientific standards, in order to measure the level of deficit, China is not. Cordon of States in determining deficits should be based on the country's economic development, and domestic prices, debt, fiscal policy and other considerations.

Additional deficits will make up for the fiscal reduction and spending

How to use for the issuance of deficit, Assistant Finance Minister Xu Hongcai introduced, expanding the deficit, increased financial expenditures at the same time, mainly used to compensate for the tax cut reduced fees financial reduction protects the Government should bear the responsibility.

The national people's Congress, Finance Minister Yu Guoan, Shandong province, said that 2016 year strengthening the supply side of structural reform needs clear fee policies through more tax cuts to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation potential of the whole society and strive to dissolve excess capacity and reducing cost and increasing efficiency, and efforts to improve the supply of products and services, and promote a series of reforms behind these needs the financial sector to provide financial support.

As the Government work report, the Central Government will arrange for special awards and subsidies of 100 billion yuan to support steel, coal and other difficult industry capacity, focus on employee shunt placement; make up the fields of infrastructure and livelihood of many short Board, 2016 will also launch a number of railways, electricity, nuclear power, urban transit and other "Thirteen-Five" planned major projects, investment increased to 500 billion yuan in the central budget.

Xu Hongcai said in 2016, further expanding the scale of fiscal deficits and debt, from the level of economic development, the Government debt situation and the relationship between assets and liabilities, overall government debt risk control of China. Judging from the debt balance in 2015, Chinese local government debt outstanding at the end of 16 trillion yuan, plus the Central balance 10.66 trillion yuan, accounting for about 39.4% of GDP.

Said Liu Shangxi, China's government debt is mainly used for urban construction, land purchase, transportation, affordable housing, educational, health, forestry, water conservancy, ecological construction and other infrastructure, public project, forming a massive debt as debt guarantees corresponding of the assets, thereby reducing the risk of debt.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Men at the airport terminal T2 set off firecrackers was taken away by police

On March 2, the capital airport T2 Terminal, there was a man who set off firecrackers. It is reported that the men had been taken away by the police. The last steam train in Hami China curtain call

Men at the airport terminal T2 set off firecrackers was taken away by police

On March 2, the capital airport T2 Terminal, there was a man who set off firecrackers. It is reported that the men had been taken away by the police.

Men at the airport terminal T2 set off firecrackers was taken away by police

On March 2, the capital airport T2 Terminal, there was a man who set off firecrackers. It is reported that the men had been taken away by the police.

Men at the airport terminal T2 set off firecrackers was taken away by police

On March 2, the capital airport T2 Terminal, there was a man who set off firecrackers. It is reported that the men had been taken away by the police.

Men at the airport terminal T2 set off firecrackers was taken away by police

On March 2, the capital airport T2 Terminal, there was a man who set off firecrackers. It is reported that the men had been taken away by the police.