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31 in Beijing Tianjin and Hebei and its surrounding area sustained heavy pollution

31 in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and its surrounding area sustained heavy pollution of air

On November 29, 2015 at 10 o'clock, of Beijing's air pollution emergency department was launched on 27th yellow alert raised to Orange alert. Photo: vision China

Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei province and surrounding areas since the beginning of November 26 air pollution process continues.

On November 29 to inform the media of the Ministry of environmental protection, to November 28, the haze in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei province and the surrounding area has been expanded to 530,000 square kilometers, heavily polluted cities to expand that number to 23 degrees and above. As of 29th at 8 o'clock in the morning, 31 have been heavily polluted cities of the region.

The report stated that, compared with the 27th, 28th, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei heavily polluted cities in and around number 10, heavily polluted cities increased 4. On November 28, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and its surrounding areas, there are more than 23 cities, air quality and pollution.

Among them, linfen, yangquan, Xinzhou city, hengshui, Texas, Zhengzhou, Jincheng, Handan, Hebei, Taiyuan, Hohhot, baotou, chifeng, Anyang, yuncheng, liaocheng, Jinan and Hebi all 18 urban air quality pollution Beijing, Shijiazhuang, xingtai, Langfang, Baoding, and a total of 5 air quality for the serious pollution of the city.

In 23 cities, as the most polluted city in the region of xingtai city, AQI values (API) to 370. AQI values in Beijing as 308, air quality for pollution.

To 29th, in the Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and its surrounding areas, Shijiazhuang, Baoding, hengshui, xingtai, yangquan, Xinzhou city, Texas, liaocheng, heze and all 10 urban air quality of Shangqiu is badly polluted, Beijing, Tianjin, Handan, Hebei Cangzhou and Langfang 21 severe pollution of urban air quality. Heavily polluted urban development in the region is 31.

It is reported that Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei province and the surrounding area a total of 70 and above city included in the statistics. This means that, on the morning of 29th, nearly half of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and its neighboring cities was heavily polluted.

Monitoring the Department of environmental protection Secretary Luo Yi is expected on November 30 to 1st, atmospheric dispersion conditions, and Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei in the southern and Western Shandong to severe to severe pollution, dominated by moderate to severe pollution in Northern Henan. On December 2, under the influence of the strong cold air, atmospheric dispersion condition gradually improved, the fouling process will end.

At present, the Group has sent inspectors to relevant areas of the Department of environmental protection supervision, and Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and surrounding areas to strengthen analysis on heavy pollution weather forecasting and analysis, and take timely measures to minimize pollution. Asia Week Tianjin explosion features exterior

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His case involved a mysterious businessman Ni Ritao appeared had bribed former

His case involved a mysterious businessman Ni Ritao appeared, had bribed former Mayor of Qiqihar prison

Zheshang Ni Ritao

National development and Reform Commission, former Deputy Director, former Director General of national energy administration Liu tienan, a key figure in the case--who the mysterious businessman Ni Ritao, Zhejiang, after a lapse of nearly three years back in the public eye. Two earlier reports involving Canada acquisition disputes, will in turn generate waves again.

Recently, Canada Media published a statement Ni Ritao letter unilaterally announced 2013 Canada British Columbia Prince Rupert City New Skeena pulp mill dispute lawsuit settlement agreement is not valid, and reserves the right to and access to justice through the media accountable prosecution. Ni Ritao also disclosed that in order to deal with the matter, it had in May this year to fly to Canada, but were denied entry into Canada.

This is Ni Ritao's first public appearance after their release from prison. Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) journalist was informed that on January 20, 2015, Ni Ritao found guilty of bribery and two counts of the crime of altering official documents was sentenced for two years. Previously, the Hebei authorities under residential surveillance and detention for six months and 19 months. Credit terms on March 18 this year, Ni Ritao was released from prison.

Surging journalists have the relevant judgments, on December 20, 2012, Luo Changping, Caijing magazine associate editor Twitter real-name to the Central Commission for discipline inspection two weeks after reporting his reported another protagonist in Ni Ritao on suspicion of bribery was assigned residence residential surveillance by hejian city, Hebei province, the people's Procuratorate.

Less than 5 months, Liu tienan was found. Out of the public expectation is that after charges against his alleged bribery, Ni Ritao name does not appear. Ni Ritao after having been checked, take the initiative to explain to the authorities which handle their cases to the original Mayor Lin Xiushan, Qiqihar City (Heilongjiang province, he served as Deputy Minister of the Organization Department and the Director of the Office of human resources and social) bribery crimes.

This judgement shows that hejian city, Hebei province, the people's procuratorates handling instructions confirmed that Ni Ritao active account handling bodies of the accused have not yet mastered their bribes to Lin Xiushan $ 110,000 criminal facts and take the initiative to explain the crime of altering official documents. Hejian city, Hebei province people's Court determines that Ni Ritao of surrender, be given a lighter or mitigated punishment according to law.

In July 2013, Lin Xiushan was taken in for questioning by authorities, detained in Hebei. There is no message to indicate whether the case has been transferred to the prosecution.

Three years ago, was reported to be checked

Ni Ritao are bamboo Holdings Limited (renamed, formerly known as "paper co") Chairman of the Board. On December 6, 2012, Luo Changping, Deputy Editor of Caijing magazine bursts of 3 micro-blog, real name report says Ni Ritao with the national development and Reform Commission, the Deputy Director, national energy administration Liu tienan formed collaboration between the Alliance and his wife Guo Jinghua, son Liu Decheng at its holdings and a Director of the company, his son of three bank accounts many times received huge remittance from its control.

As early as a year ago, the magazine has published reports, questioning Ni Ritao buy Canada Business New Skeena pulp mill process, suspected of serious fraud, "their acquired its own" way of obtaining huge foreign exchange loans. Participation in the acquisition of Canada Green resources limited (CGR Investments Inc., hereinafter "CGR") that his wife shares.

Reports said this was related to reports of two bank loans letters of intent issued by the relevant loans have not issued. As the funds are not in place, pulp mill production reconstruction projects could not be started, Canada Prince Rupert British Columbia Government recover the original promised property tax relief failed, decided to confiscate New Skeena Watson Island land auctions again, Ni Ritao to court.

In his report, Ni Ritao has an interview with first financial daily said reports of "of course is libel". He explained that although his acquaintance, and his son in their work, but "me and him (his) no business, he did not reply any of my projects, Bank loan I have no credit, credit is normal legitimate loans." Ni Ritao also denied a reported official account money that "there is no such a thing".

He also said that companies with registered capital of 100,000 Canadian dollars, and his son Liu Decheng just small shareholders accounted for 10% unit and actual disbursements of funds, not a doer, "now already give up shares, it doesn't matter now. "

However, Luo Changping, Twitter real name reports, merchant Ni Ritao and Liu tienan has been involved authorities to initiate an investigation.

Surging journalists have the relevant judgments, on December 20, 2012, Ni Ritao on suspicion of bribery committed by procuratorial organs in Hebei province assigned residence residential surveillance; under criminal detention June 19, 2013, were arrested on July 6 of the same year.

On May 12, 2013, the Central discipline Inspection Commission announced that Deputy Liu tienan, Director of the national development and Reform Commission for a serious disciplinary offence, is currently under investigation. On September 24, 2014, the intermediate people's Court of the first instance court of Langfang city, Hebei province, his corruption case, prosecutors accused Liu tienan, alone or together with his son Liu Decheng illegally accepting goods amounted to RMB more than 35.58 million Yuan.

Out of the public expectation is that in his indictment for bribery allegations, did not involve merchant Ni Ritao.

The 21st century business Herald reported, citing people familiar with the evidence in his case materials, Liu tienan, in the investigation, said: had sent Liu Decheng to Canada to study, because shareholders the convenience in obtaining visas, so do Ni Gong Division "phantom shareholders", but not really holding back in shareholder return. "Neither capital, no dividend, there is no input or output. Did not receive Ni Ritao companies a lot of money. "

On December 10, 2014, the intermediate people's Court of Langfang city, Hebei province, the national development and Reform Commission Vice Director Liu tienan bribery case trial, his bribes and sentenced to life imprisonment, deprived of political rights for life and confiscated all his personal property.

With two persons in prison, above Canada acquisition projects are also out of the public eye. Until October 28 this year, Ni Ritao, issued a statement to local media, in Prince Rupert, reigniting the related land dispute.

Said August 2013, the company representative, Liu without its authorization, agreement signed with the city of Prince Rupert, shall be null and void, the local court also made the Agreement invalid. It reserves the right to and access to justice through the media accountable prosecution.

He also disclosed that in order to deal with the matter, it had in May this year, arrived in Canada, but was denied entry into Canada.

But Prince Rupert the official response of the Government then denied this saying, says corporate lawyer provided a copy of the Ni Ritao Ni Ritao signature file, full authority Liu and publish any signed with settlement agreement related documents and in case further action they deem necessary. 2013 settlement agreement fully legally binding.

In the settlement agreement, Ni Ritao commitment to revoke all litigation against the city.

His case involved a mysterious businessman Ni Ritao appeared, had bribed former Mayor of Qiqihar prison

Liu tienan

Heilong shares restructuring, bribing the Mayor

Although Ni Ritao denied bribing Liu tienan, but in the course of investigation, its initiative to explain the authorities which handle their cases have not yet mastered their bribes to former Mayor Lin Xiushan, Qiqihar city $ 110,000 criminal facts and take the initiative to explain the crime of altering official documents. Hejian city prosecutors a case statement proves it.

Surging journalists have the relevant judgement shows that Heilongjiang Black Dragon paper co in participation in company limited (hereinafter "Black Dragon shares") in the process of restructuring, profit for the smooth progress of restructuring and reorganization, Ni Ritao in 2005, December 2006 to bribing former Mayor Lin Xiushan, Qiqihar city, Heilongjiang province, 110,000 dollars, equivalent to 859917 Yuan.

Earlier reports said the China News weekly, July 17, 2013, Lin Xiushan, Heilongjiang province Party Committee meeting to be held by the Central Commission for discipline inspection of the Office team and prosecutorial staff, Hebei province, taken in for questioning. According to the journalists about the surging, Lin Xiushan has now been dealt with. ang i on r s visit to merica looking forward to

In 2004, the Qiqihar heilong shares of State-controlled listed companies due to high costs, capital chain rupture but was forced to stop production, heilong shares had to face restructuring situations. Is, Lin Xiushan as Mayor of Qiqihar city, heilong shares Black Dragon group is the largest shareholder.

Public information, in October 2004, when he was Deputy Mayor of Qiqihar Zhao Moujia led the persons concerned, have intention to acquire stakes in the Black Dragon was investigated in the Sankei investments limited (hereinafter "Sankei") and Shandong chenming paper holdings co., Ltd.

Ni Ritao was also Chairman of Sankei. According to the Caijing magazine reported in 2000, before entering the paper industry, Sankei's main business has been in the electrical and mechanical systems. In 2000, Ni Ritao platform on Shanghai, tenancy by the entirety discontinued State-owned pulp and paper mill in yaan of Sichuan. After a few short years, he went to Fujian, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi, Jilin, the number of black and other provinces, to lease or restructuring of local control of the struggling paper industry in State-owned enterprises, including the black stake, Jilin paper and shixian paper, the number of listed companies.

On July 23, 2005, *ST Black Dragon reported, Qiqihar city, the State-owned assets Commission, the largest shareholder of the company Black Dragon Group intends to paper the introduction of limited (September 29, 2005 changed to bamboo Holdings Limited) as a strategic investor, to restructure the company. Who actually controlled the paper co Ni Ritao.

Judgement showed that Ni Ritao testimony that, in 2005, the relationship to closer to Lin Xiushan, help in restructuring to Lin Xiushan, which gave Lin Xiushan 10,000 dollars. In 2006, in support of Lin Xiushan, Ni Ritao successfully bid to heilong shares 40% per cent. Thanks to Lin Xiushan support, Ni Ritao his nephew through bank transfers $ 100,000 to Lin Xiushan daughter.

Due to shortage of heilong shares resumed production for three months and shut down. "Black Dragon shares stake in applications for seizure by creditors, Heilongjiang province High Court organize auctions, the city decided to only paper Ni Ritao to participate in the auction. "Then, Qiqihar city environmental protection Bureau Director Zhao Mouyi testimony said.

Recombinant heilong shares after failing in the coordination and support of Lin Xiushan, Ni Ritao it into the heilong shares of total withdrawal of money.

"In Black Dragon shares restructuring process in the, Mayor Lin Xiushan made had three a compared important of decided: a is agreed Ni Ritao of in the produced by participation restructuring; II is Ni Ritao in cannot continues to perform agreed of situation Xia, forest still agreed approved province high hospital auction Black Dragon shares of State-owned unit, agreed Ni Ritao buy Xia Black Dragon shares of State-owned unit; three is Ni Ritao exit restructuring Shi, Lin Xiushan decided from financial in the took out a billion compensation Ni Ritao in participate in restructuring during of loss. "Testimony of somebody called Zhao.

Lin Xiushan support Ni Ritao, one of the factors or the daughter Lynne to Ni Ritao "partners". Judicial materials show in late 2004, Linna, Heilongjiang Black Dragon Group Chairman Zhang Ni Ritao in Canada the CGR company.

Caijing magazine reported that Ni Ritao in Canada established CGR, Shan-Wei and many other companies, in addition to his son Liu Decheng, a young staff of CGR also includes surnamed Lin and Wei, last name, and children of officials surnamed Fu. Lin (Linna), daughter of former Mayor Lin Xiushan, Qiqihar city. Lin in 2004 to study in Canada, she followed in November 2006 with Wei Ni Ritao 4:6 and maintainable mountain real estate co., Ltd.

His case involved a mysterious businessman Ni Ritao appeared, had bribed former Mayor of Qiqihar prison

Real name Luo Changping, whistleblower

Altering official documents "leased" to "buy"

Judgment, on September 1, 2000, letter of Sichuan provincial people's Government for the Chuan Government to a symbol (2000) No. 264 of document on Shanghai, namely energy engineering limited lease management issues related to pulp and paper mill in ya reply, agreed that the Shanghai Energy Engineering Limited (Ni Ritao of the legal representative) operating lease ya pulp and paper mill, a lease term of 20 years. Through a series of capital by means of replacement of company establishment, acquisition, management of pulp and paper factory in ya go to ya-bamboo paper industry limited (legal representative Ni Ritao, incorporated on March 27, 2000, the registered capital of 120 million yuan).

In 2001, the proposed ya Ni Ritao pulp and paper mill as a contribution in kind of assets, in the Shanghai industry investment company limited, by the then Assistant General Manager of Shanghai energy engineering limited fan (convicted) in charge of preparatory work. Leased assets are not available for physical capital, Ni Ritao, demonstration and energy engineering, finance manager in Shanghai when Chen (convicted) agreed to the Sichuan provincial people's Government House letters (2000), No. 264, approval documents related to "rental" is changed to "purchase" to ya as ya-bamboo paper in pulp and paper plant assets the company physical capital.

The end of 2001, Chen bamboo-paper industry, finance manager assignment then ya Qiu (convicted) altered document, Qiu altering the content according to the request for "Shanghai energy acquired in yaan, Sichuan Provincial Government agreed to pulp and paper mill" false document. Shanghai Zhonghua asset evaluation as a false document as the basis of property right of the company, on November 5, 2001 issued by the Shanghai audience assessment (2001) evaluation report, No. 328, will lease the yaan pulp and paper factory machinery and equipment, as ya-bamboo paper industry limited company take possession of the assets to assess the net asset value of more than 450 million Yuan.

On March 12, 2002, produced by investment company registered in Shanghai, registered capital of 500 million Yuan, the legal representative human Ni Ritao.

Hejian Court believes that defendant Chen Ni Ritao, fan, who altered the Sichuan provincial people's Government approved documents, making false registered capital of 500 million yuan in investment company to successfully enter the market, disrupting the order of social administration, if the circumstances are serious, their behavior constituted the crime of altering official documents.

Surrender plot

During the trial, prosecutors in court the prosecution opinion believes that defendant Ni Ritao initiative to account for their crimes, surrender may be given a lighter or mitigated punishment.

Defendant organization paper co and Ni Ritao crime against the indictment of the accused confessed. Ni Ritao of Defender views, on prosecution organ allegations accused Ni Ritao constitute units bribe crime, and variable made state documents crime of charges no objections, but given accused Ni Ritao has surrendered plot; and accused Ni Ritao to Black Dragon shares input 100 million more Yuan funds, on Black Dragon shares of running up has must of active role; variable made state documents crime no caused damage consequences, plot relative more light, so recommends on accused Ni Ritao lighter, and reduce punishment.

Hejian Court think, accused units in the paper limited to seek company not due interests, give Shi any Heilongjiang province, Qiqihar city, Mayor Lin Xiushan 110,000 dollars, equivalent Yuan 859917 Yuan, accused Ni Ritao for the company directly is responsible for of competent personnel, its behavior are constitute units bribe crime; accused Ni Ritao directed Chen xxx, and fan xxx, people variable made Sichuan Province Government reply documents, makes false registered capital up 500 million yuan of in the produced by investment limited smooth into market, Disrupting the order of social administration, if the circumstances are serious, their behavior constituted the crime of altering official documents. Prosecutor accused convicted of our support. Ni Ritao of the accused taken compulsory measures, truthfully not master of the judiciary crime, based on his surrender, be given a lighter or mitigated punishment according to law. Counsel recommends that the defendant Ni Ritao views adoption of light.

In his being sentenced for more than a month later, on January 20, 2015, hejian city, Hebei province people's Court judgement on the Ni Ritao case, defendant committed bribery Unit paper limited, be sentenced to a fine of 800,000 yuan; Ni Ritao the defendant is guilty of bribery and sentenced to six months; make the crime of altering official documents and sentenced to one year and ten months, decides that the Executive shall be sentenced to two years.

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Chengdu bangs or associated with aircraft fly planes broke the sound barrier

Users reflect as much on November 26 in Chengdu in the afternoon to hear about the loud unknown, 8:21, the Chengdu municipal government information Office released official Twitter @ Chengdu forwarding, local media said, flew the plane at noon the same day flight when Sonic from the sonic boom, noise may be associated with this. National security comprehensive upgrading Shanghai

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) previously reported, November 26, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, included in wenjiang district of Chengdu, shuangliu airport, DaYi County, Southwest Jiaotong University xipu campus, and many netizens said, heard a loud noise and housing vibration. Some netizens speculate, loud Sonic related with the supersonic aircraft.

After the incident, the Chengdu Public Security Bureau and other official micro-blog comment said, bang and explosion, earthquake or not. NET crash caused by f-20 Sonic, the Chengdu company departments such as the Department of safety and security staff interview with the Chengdu commercial daily client, denied, said the exact cause is not known.

Nearly 7 hours after the incident, @ transmitted Chengdu search news articles in Chengdu said: this afternoon, reflected some Chengdu residents heard a huge noise, triggering heated-Internet, Chengdu-search news from CAC Corporation understands that at noon today, the Chengdu aircraft company, Chengdu city, when normal flight over the Northwest, breaking the sound barrier pronounced explosion. Experts have said the crash may be related to Sonic.

Public information, when when the object approaches the speed of sound, there will be a strong resistance, causes an object to produce a strong oscillation of velocity, this phenomenon is commonly known as the sound barrier. While breaking the sound barrier, due to the spread of air compression quickly objects themselves, object gradually accumulate and eventually form a shock wave in the wind, high concentration of acoustic energy in the shock. When these energies reached people's ears, will people feel short but very strong explosions, known as Sonic.

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Communication University of China internal communication understanding the situation

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Communication University of China, 8 leaders were "troops '" punishment incident caused a social debate.

On November 24, the ccdi forwarded messages in discipline inspection and the Ministry of education groups said, communication University of China 3 school leaders: Party Secretary Chen wenshen, heads Su Zhiwu, Vice President of Lv Zhisheng, for violating eight provided notice of criticism, dismissal and other disciplinary action. Su Zhiwu was removed from the President of communication University of China post.

According to the communication University of China News reported yesterday led to the communication University of China will hold a school leadership to expand the Ministry of education, announced Chen wenshen, Su Zhiwu, Lv Zhisheng disciplinary decisions. After the meeting, party cadres above the plenary level, read out a school party for Jiang Naxin, Zhou Zhe, Chen Ying feng, flocked and tiejun Liu of five cadres disciplinary decisions.

Ranked lists of the disposition of the College Party Committee Secretary Chen wenshen said in his speech, to clearly understand the situation, adapt to the normal, effectively enhancing the responsibility and mission of implementing the requirements of the Central, politically wise.

He pointed out that the Central eight regulations for almost three years, there are still misunderstandings we have some party cadres, cannot adapt, actively lead this new normal. Being a party member must be from the point of view of political discipline to a profound understanding of the central inspection work of the seriousness and importance. And implement the eight provisions against "the four winds" will not wind on the past, we should profoundly understand the CPC continued to promote culture building, wind the anti-corruption commitment.

Interface news 25th morning notes, lists of school leaders in communication University of China, deposed Su Zhiwu and Lv Zhisheng's name had been taken down, but successors who, the official did not say.

Early on October 15 last year, the Ministry of education inspection group stationed in communication University of China, opened a two-month tour. In January this year, inspection teams back to school inspections, said that "school leadership office space, cars, equipped with the Secretariat so far no corrective action in place. "Stressed" current school-level leading cadres of Office floor space exceeding "," school leaders quit the leadership post are standard equipped with Office space. "

According to the report, reflect issues related to leading cadres leads found during an inspection, inspection teams have been handed over to relevant departments as required. In April this year, CUC reported to the Ministry of education said during a visit to the rectification, previously noted that illegal use of the buses and the excessive use of office space problems, corrective action is completed.

However this year the central inspection group in the third round of special inspections of Central eighth inspection group on October 31 since the Ministry of education, College of communication University of China has so far only been briefings. Inform the reason remains the leading office premises, car issues, specific circumstances are:

Communication University of China, Party Secretary Chen wenshen, after the Central eight regulations, violations exceeded the use of official vehicles, illegal structures from subordinate units of vehicles.

Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the communication University of China, heads Su Zhiwu, illegal overweight using official cars, long irregular possession of subordinate units of vehicles and office space for excessive violations outside the dining public banquets, registered assets will give the school a gift not long term display in your own Office. This was removed from his Chancellor post.

Communication University of China Communist Party Committee Standing Committee, Vice President of Lv Zhisheng, long-term illegal excessive use of official vehicles, Office space for excessive, separated from the illegal use by the original Office storage and meeting rooms. Which was removed from the post of Vice-President.

In addition, the Party Committee of communication University of China, Director of the Office of the Chancellor Jiang Naxin, flocked to the Director of finance, Director of logistics Zhou Zhe, principal Chief of the administrative section of the Office of the Party Committee tiejun, Secretary section chief Chen Ying feng, 5 examined by organizations in question, providing false information and materials to cope with issues of inspection and investigation. Prior to this offence is extremely "rare." Zhou qiren information cost and system reform

In recent years, the corruption problem has become the focus of the discipline inspection and supervision organs to deal with the case, but because eight States that "Secretary principal afternoon" campus leaders "landslide" is the first.

University officials released by the Central Commission for discipline inspection inspection site in 2014, "Lok" messages involving officials, scholars, 24. News in May, according to a data from the Chinese Communist Party, this year involved corruption related rot "Lok" leading cadres in colleges and universities of at least 25, the Department or Bureau level cadres more than 10 employees. Including 211 College of Zhejiang University leadership.

According to the legal evening news reported that this year informed the Central Commission for discipline inspection were arrested for violation of University leaders, 32. 12 of them were arrested for a disciplinary offence, and 20 were arrested for violating. Already dealing with the disclosure of results, disciplinary officials have been expelled from the party, dismissed from disciplinary action.

In fact, since its November 2012 18th Party Congress convened, the Ministry of education has drafted University of honest and anti-corruption system files over more than 10, including the Chinese Communist Party leadership group of the Ministry of education on promoting College punishment and prevention system against corruption and so on. However, there are still many University leaders against the crime. From the published cases, infrastructure and procurement has always been corruption in colleges and universities in the area hardest hit.

From August 2014 "Lok" linyi, former Vice Chancellor of the University of Osaka, original Zhu Yuncai, Secretary of linyi University School of architecture, who, in January this year, "Lok" Zhou Wenbin, President of Nanchang University, the College leader was checked and disciplinary violations in the infrastructural projects are implicated. Party member and Vice Minister of education Lu Xin 2014 revealed that infrastructure projects case 2012-national education system of job-related crimes account for 24%. Bidding, Contracting, construction, inspection, budget and schedule in advance, every part of the field of College capital construction projects may involve "unspoken rules".

In addition, from the purchase of textbooks, laboratory equipment to the procurement of logistical supplies and College materials procurement corruption cases, nothing less. According to the China discipline inspection and supervision newspaper reports, studies have shown that, in addition to infrastructure projects and procurement, enrollment, financial management, scientific research, academic integrity, and enterprises, but also the areas of relative concentration of corruption. Analysis of the clean government research center, Zhuang Deshui, Deputy Director of Peking University, the seven most evident characteristics of education in the field of educational resources is most concentrated.

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Chinese entrepreneurs ants moving mountains

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1 seconds what can I do?

Cheetahs can run 28 m on the grasslands, sailfish can swim in the sea 30 meters, people can blink, 3 eyes, Hummingbird wings 55 times, bamboo can grow 10 micron, fast computer operations of nearly 600 million, and the Earth moves around the Sun 29.8 km, running within the solar system in the Galaxy 220 km.

Or, which produced 85,900 deal, this will impact many young Chinese women--it is "double 11" at the beginning of this made-up holiday, Ant peak gold suit that supported its PayPal transactions, is double 11 peak of 38,500 last year/s of 2.23 times times, PayPal beyond the VISA, as the world's most powerful payment platform.

"The last 11, cat turnover was 57.1 billion yuan a day, many people feel that this figure will fall down, do you think it will? "

Face questioning, MA beat a metaphor with the farmers, "outsiders ask farmers always said when the pumpkin grows and grows as much? Farmers only care about their own seed there is no pick, water has poured well. People do not always think of the results, but did people want to process. "He said," the figures for this year, maybe not so much, or maybe even higher. Do something, naturally good. "

Zen-like chicken soup for the horse, such small attacks may be easily resolved, but Ant-gold suit but it cannot so easily within, every double 11 is a test of their technical capacity, it is said, business sector and Ant-gold suit even bet, bet the latter ability to withstand traffic impact on the former. "Set a goal this year is much higher than last year! "On November 4, the gold suit, Chief Architect of ants Hu Xi, with dark circles stay up all night told this newspaper said. At the time, "double 11" events during the promotion system has just completed a final round of tests early this morning (1-4).

After 2014, Ant clothing technology systems to support the entire financial business in transition, paying, wealth and credit business together, Ant-gold suit daily trading level in 2011 from tens up to billion, and the volume of business in two lines of business also rising exponentially.

This year's "double 11", Ali launched the "superstate", 39 States envoy collective endorsement, promotion of their goods. During the global logistics covering 224 countries, 16 across the territories, 74 cross-border warehouse. And at home, with roots in the city 6 years later, Ali, to reach to the end of the market, over more than 6,000 villages, hundreds of thousands of farmers participated in the Carnival for the first time.

Although some say double 11 downturn fading, but Ali has built a business on the "global ecology" of human history can almost be called "the sun never sets" for organizations, businesses are just starting, most of their paths of development are: business-payment-credit-financial services. In 17th century, is irreplaceable in the World Trade Center Amsterdam. In order to meet the huge demand for business and trade, the world's first multilateral settlement and payment centers in the Netherlands was set up. This Center only one thing, and do it for more than 70 years. Then precipitated a large amount of money in Amsterdam, they started to provide customers with credit. So here in 17th century the world's largest financial center.

Can Ali completed "the sun never sets" mission is Ant-gold suit. "More than 300 years later, there was a company called Alibaba, which is the world's largest e-commerce platform. In order to make the ' heaven ' (online) trade finance and support it in the sky, so we got to pay Bao. Just like Amsterdam, slowly will make all kinds of credit, investment products, and commercial and financial logic is the same. "Ant-gold suit Jackie Chan, Chief Strategy Officer explains origin of ants gold suit.

"It is unique in the world. None of the countries, to any point in time, there have been payment and liquidation products together, payments and settling accounts, wealth management, credit to the company. Many foreign schools are willing to study ants gold suit, because its development, no reference signs are coming out of their own. "Assistant Yang Tao, Director of the finance Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of social sciences, told the China entrepreneur.

Because there are no road signs, Ant-gold clothing has always stressed its position: "ideas and technologies based on the Internet, to create an open ecosystem, along with the financial institutions, to create the future finance. "5 months ago, Jing Xiandong was named ants gold suit, President. Before joining, he told only three words to him: control risk, legitimate and transparent.

Ant golden suit is a "old" and "new" company, born from the PayPal, Ali financial has more than 11 years, but in October 2014, ant the financial services was formally proclaimed. It will be after the group, one of the most exciting stories of the capital market. According to the information we obtained, if there are no accidents, Ant-gold service in 2016 in the domestic a-share listing. And according to the year 2015, its latest round of funding projections, market value of close to 300 billion yuan.

After 11 years of accumulation, Ant-gold suit was the most full banking licence, third party payment, Fund sales, banking, insurance and the personal credit are still under consideration, the securities licence. In these 11 years, it and regulatory system, and the traditional financial conflicts arise between, and other giants. On the eve of it has the potential to become another monster, but showed more humility and caution. Was first established, it is said, "chose this name, because it is starting from small micro, we are only interested in micro-world. "At the time of the first anniversary of the Ant gold clothing CEO Peng Lei is also particularly stressed: the outside may think, little Ant has a big appetite, but the ants won't elephants, ants clothing always adhere to service small and micro enterprises and entrepreneurs, this direction will not change.

This group in Zhang Yang's style is quite different, and when Ant entered the financial dark forest, even Ma convergence with. Innovation in the age of the mobile Internet will move to harden traditional interests, but rather than travel, health care, education and other fields, the financial rules of the game more complex, need balance between innovation and risk. In the past six months, we repeatedly approached this mysterious Ant and found that it was the classic lines of the practice in the Ant-Man movie: don't cut corners, don't play with the virtual, give it a try. To dissect this Ant, could see the Internet finance in China over the past decade and for the next ten years.

Hidden front

The "tolerant", "attacking the weak" is some Jing Xiandong evaluation, evaluation of such a person, is the President of ants take first gold is responsible for specific business.

Jing Xiandong ranked Alibaba first 27 partners. 27, 2004 into Ali's 11 people, was regarded as Ali introduced the first elite professional managers, dealing with financial, legal and other professional fields. Jing Xiandong in this column, he worked at a Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola. In 2007 he joined Ali at PayPal, Shao Xiaofeng (nick-name Guo Jing) era to the era of Peng Lei, until today.

"Lucy (English name of Peng Lei) elected by the people, it must be reliable, must also be Ma was the right person. Jing Xiandong Bao old man to pay, seniority and foreign background, ' mixed ' feeling, and Ant-gold service team now, and old people + Ali professional managers of financial institutions ' mashup ' style. With a number of strong personality, is never short of business breaks out different known and strong execution, he made better balanced way of management, this is the Ant King clothing today needs most. "An old employee told Shao Xiaofeng Alipay in the age of the entrepreneur in China.

Jing Xiandong current responsibility is "strategy implementation and operational propulsion", after he took office he has done two major events affecting China's financial landscape, one is the completion of a round of financing to another, and Ant gold service "Internet booster" program.

These two things are a reflection, in the face of traditional financial forces, Ant-gold suits no longer direct games, but capital levels penetration, to achieve deeper strategic cooperation. Ant gold served a round of financing, shareholders are wearing bright "prefix" Halo: the national social security fund, State finance, PICC, China's capital in its post office ... ... Compared with mainstream commercial bank shareholders, first Ant gold serving shareholders and their heavy-weight and secondly, these shareholders with many traditional financial institutions are inextricably linked; third, these shareholders for Ant-gold service future business development is essential. To post capital as an example, their brothers the China postal savings bank, current domestic network the largest and most extensive coverage, customer service, the largest number of commercial banks. At the end of September 2015, postal savings bank outlets in more than 40,000 service net across urban and rural areas, customer service, nearly 500 million people. Powerful advantage of the mail system, Ant-gold strategy a necessary complement of business clothing.

The so-called "Internet boosters", is the power 1000 homes in 5 years financial institutions to a new financial restructuring. Ant-gold service will provide financial institutions with cloud computing, data analysis, and other technical services, treasure, treasure and other open payment platform, helps financial institutions to contact up to user.

"Ant-gold suits and depth of integration consists of three financial institutions, cloud services, technical support, data on product innovation and risk control ability, finally is on a user's channel of cooperation. "Jing Xiandong believes that output Ant financial clouds aliyun services the Ant, gold suit with financial institutions" deep integration "of support.

Ant-gold suits hope to dispel the banks fear, it's not easy, its core business, in-depth financial hinterland. PayPal from a line below the cut line, and business at the intersection of China UnionPay. Wealth management business coincides with the banking part of the business. As for consumer credit and corporate credit, are the core business of Banking-Bank "loan sink" three businesses, Ant-gold suit with PayPal and small loans, now only unfulfilled, leaving only "saved," a bank really be without fear?

"Banks fear, some day in the future, users forget the existence of the Bank. "Beijing University Research Center of finance and industry Secretary-General Huang Song that, Internet financial maximum" the killing machine "is closely related with the user. Once a user has thought of payment, financing, loan, didn't think the Bank, how about banks?

Jin serve the financing of financial institutions, a source close to the Ant who told of the Chinese entrepreneurs, after more than 11 years to test and explore the Ant gold suit for the policy bottom line with traditional institutions, have taken more and more. "Ant-gold service financing, want money, it needs help, the traditional financial institutions have endorsed national credit, Ant has no intention of confrontation with them. "

"Ant-gold suits ' encircling the cities ' small bank system is very poor, let them start with the financial cloud services, Ali cloud capabilities, such as validation, ants want to go further and larger agencies. "A traditional financial institution of the Chinese entrepreneurs, practitioners say. In this regard, Jing Xiandong responses, a number of large financial institutions to talk to him, wishing to use Ant financial cloud, but the decision cycle is longer, there is no timetable.

Facing the market and increase market, in the face of traditional financial institutions and Internet friends, ants gold suit to take a different strategy. It integration, development of stock business, and the way of encircling the cities from the countryside, development of incremental businesses.

"Kill" and "love"

Ant gold clothing words today called "fusion", but in the past 11 years, for each of its businesses, grew up in competition with traditional financial institutions and friction.

Back to the starting point, in 2004, the Taobao unable to online payments, which do not favor, he can only do PayPal: PayPal to open a bank account, user payment after your purchase to the account after the arrival of the user to confirm, accounts to businesses, so that users don't have to worry about merchant accounts receivable are not shipped. Both Ma and Peng Lei does not understand finance, Alipay first programmer, University majoring in accounting computerization.

Ali for 9 years, Ant Yuan Leiming 11th gold suit wealth Group Vice President jobs. In 2005, the Yuan Leiming PayPal Bank BD (business development), he shuttled to another bank, begging the Bank to give PayPal a interface-at the time, not a third-party payment agencies and banking on the Internet direct connection, banks filled with distrust of third party payment. "Can't we talk to bank branch for business, only to go on with their business, network. "

Zhao Weixing worked in banking for 20 years, felt that "banks should disappear in the scene." Photographer: Cao Lei

Since 2008, experienced 8 dual-11 Hu Xi, are most worried about is that the user "payment failed". Photo: Golden rain

Alipay and Bank the largest single game, is a 2010 fast payment. Quick pay, MA 2004 wish is realized, no need to open online banking does not need USB, as long as the simple proven link with a binding, can make online payment. This project also Ant gold clothing executives "Whampoa Military Academy": Ant gold suit Fan Zhiming, Vice is a fast project leader, President Yuan Leiming wealth group responsible for banking cooperation, Word of mouth network CEO Wang lijuan is Fan Chi, Senior Director of the project team.

In this year, Taobao cat get bigger volume to 1 billion level, most user online shopping to jump to e-banking payment, requires a password card, USB and other tools is tedious and cat Taobao payment success rate has been hovering between 85% and 80%, and today more than 95%. PayPal hopes open bank interface, Bank speaking for his "financial security", worried about their own online bank no one, his bank card brand are replaced by PayPal--account, after all, gets the world.

Final quick pay made up overnight Alipay bound million bank cards. According to one veteran recalls: "payment card individually and each bank has talked about cooperation, such as charge withhold so that business, Bank and PayPal are always have interfaces. Quick pay, really do not want to, PayPal is a unilateral decision, because too many users were bound, the banks fear user backlash, there is no way. "

Cooperation is the logic behind, with growing third party payment companies, banks can get more deposits, deposits were lifeblood of banks – third-party payment are bank branches to cooperate, they have money pressures, will be paid to a third party to find a cheaper channel. So, despite the Cup or not, third party payment organizations was a success and the bank providing a direct connection.

To many young customers, is known for its credit card business of China Merchants Bank, was initially quick payment of determined opposition, China Merchants Bank but later found that their competitors are not PayPal but at other banks. After cooperation between the two sides, China Merchants Bank by PayPal electronic payment transactions quickly over several big state-owned bank. In 2014, the China Merchants Bank credit card Center, Liu Jialong publicly stated that banks and PayPal is not the enemy, after all, third party payment although there are a large number of users, but the final settlement is still depend on banks.

"Banking service from offline to online in the process, we lack financial counterparts to promote users ' habits change, is a scenario-driven to the change of e-commerce, and Alipay to promote this process. "Jing Xiandong for example, Alipay is line their department stores, Super opened the cash register, bank credit card to do activities such as 100 minus 10. "We opened out flow, to banks to business users. "

Even without the July 2015, the Central Bank of the non-bank institution network payment services regulations draft, between Alipay and Bank e-banking, have also formed some kind of tacit understanding. "Large transactions, transfers, tens of thousands of Yuan financial products purchase, electronic banking is dominated by banks. "Analysys analyst Ma Tao, told the China entrepreneur. Tiger nose Ma s new company to play a new miracle

On the draft, which pays companies to small, large amount to the Bank. Industry generally felt that this is the policy on third-party payment and banking given clear boundaries.

"Countries are worried about social problems. Bank credit national endorsements, and the company may run, too many countries want monetary speculative dealers, you cannot make payment account balance grow. As regards the amount, and did not want to restrict the user from consuming amounts, which pay the company only small, because across the banking system, if too much fragmentation, the burden is too heavy, payment companies can share the best. Large-value transfers involving money-laundering, and so on, it just cannot be done. "Hot cast Gu Chonglun told the China entrepreneur, the founder of everyone.

"Micro-multi-frequency of payment, transfer system pressure is not great for us, now, and this year ' 11 ' objectives, day-to-day business we can also support 60,000 per second. "Hu Xi said.

From 2011 onwards, PayPal has millions of users, has been able to bargain and the banks, which in cooperation with several banks earned very low pay in fees. Meanwhile, Alipay also take the opportunity of selecting reserve depository banks, banks are required to provide additional interfaces. Today, Ant golden suit has reached more than 200 banks and cooperation in May, that number is 187-Ant gold suits ready to show this, and generous Bank "show the love".

As new ones born on the Internet, baochenggong with user support and a lot of money to pay, eventually successfully forced banks to cooperate with it.

Not a vampire

Jing Xiandong only acknowledges the Ant-money clothing collision with financial institutions, is the balance episode, he uses the "so-called competition on both sides," the statement.

After June 2013 launch, 6% Po annualized yields briefly surpassed the balance. Large deposit outflow from the Bank, into balance--balance treasure seekers just 7 months and over 50 times the number of users times the amount. Then, balance Bao had suffered "Bank vampire" criticizing behind treasure--balance is a Monetary Fund and its portfolio, bank deposit and settlement reserve accounted for more than 90%, its higher yields, because banks were "shortage of money".

For the Central Bank's Statistics Department Director Cheng Song "balances the treasure is actually on the edge of financial supervision, it and the banks are in a State unfair competition" remarks, MA to show a strong attitude: "no product life cycles in the world is permanent. In the process of reform and opening up, if there is a history of product can play a catalytic role, even if it's life cycle is short, and will be very honoured. "It is almost the epitaphs of martyrs.

"Bao no bank robbing deposits, balances, balances treasure just released public finance needs. "Jing Xiandong said. Data show that China close to 70% families in addition to deposit no other way, around the world, Chinese people's savings are quite large, which means China's banking market has great potential.

Even if unintentional and bank robbing deposits, balances and balances treasure seekers after treasure platforms do, are equivalent to the financial products trading channels, this will also have an impact on banking.

Balance Po for PayPal huge reserve risk, while Taobao selling the Fund's user experience has been good enough, this is the Golden ants clothing wealth group shape. PayPal reserve size, doing things like deposit-taking, the outside world inevitably there is some risk of challenge. In June 2013, the Central Bank introduced the paying customers reserve deposit methods: payment institutions paid in cash reserve proportion of average daily balance with customer, shall not be less than 10%. In PayPal, for example, if calculated based on the daily precipitation of about 10 billion yuan of funds, PayPal for the security deposit required more than 1 billion yuan will be required. Teams have designed balance of tianhong Fund treasures. On June 13, Bao released with balance, especially the "shortage of money" up to 7% after the yield, pay a lot of deposit reserve to balance the valuable account. "These problems are solved. "Yuan Leiming recalled, he and his team are relieved.

With the "shortage of money" over balance Po receipts plummet by November 2015, balance Po receipts had already "broken 3", but the scale has been around 600 billion yuan. Although the other major Internet companies later launched "baby" financial products support redeem, but balance treasure behind the series of scenes such as Alipay, embedded consumer financial products. In 2014, the balances, pay in the Department as a whole to pay a 10% ratio in, in the event of payment risk, Ali, will affect e-commerce platform. In this case, Ali holding tianhong, Bao control, strengthening the balance, making it "a tool for cash management."

In 2013, the little gold suit (Ant-gold service formerly known as) was established, today's wealth group at that time also called the Ministry of finance, is derived from Alipay's first business. In the balance after the treasure, Ant gold treasure known as serving a 2014 launch of the capital market, "cat", can also be understood as an intermediary, P2P platform for direct financing: is not involved in the transaction, will not be guaranteed without pools to help ordinary users with traditional financial institutions (banking, insurance, Fund, securities companies) traded financial products. Risk control by the traditional financial institutions, businesses are charged per transaction fee of 1 per thousand of the platform. Today, the Treasury financial products ranging from debt, the transfer of rights in proceeds, financing plans and Fund. Treasury products, yield between 3%-7%, higher than the balance of the treasure, balance of liquidity rather than treasure. Ant system, in addition to the network operators, banks, Treasury is also a platform that can help direct financing of small and medium enterprises, but risk is placed in financial institutions.

"Treasures have paid, balances, treasure seekers flow advantage, launched more than a year, deal size was more than 300 billion, and 10 total turnover but billions of many veteran P2P platform. "Gu Chonglun Chinese entrepreneur said.

Facing the Treasury, banks fear that control at the hands of their outlets and sales staff and other resources, Internet one day away. Also, for Internet companies, Internet marketing is the all. For the banks, how the online channel investment involves performance assessment-the original sales, online sales now, sales performance how much? Points below the original line and how to dispose of so many people?

"In 2015, the scale of China's financial markets to 20 trillion, Internet channel has a maximum of 2 trillion. Internet impact forces banks out because it can sell limited. "Gu Chonglun said. Today, the Treasury can sell the product are mainly public funds and fixed-income assets. Direct deposit-taking banks, pools, in addition you can create a wide range of financial products and a high net product sales channels, such as private-equity sales main channel banks, third-party sales goals such as wealth trust are bank customers.

In addition to selling financial products, would not have a financial background of P2P companies want to own assets-side, tremendous pressure--in order to flow funds offered customers more than 10% of the proceeds, while asset-side find could provide at least 18% above rates on mortgages. Business customers, but they finally have to bite the bullet and wind control system, in the consumer, businesses looking for opportunities in the supply chain.

Ant gold upstream service flow downstream can do on your own assets, net loans of commercial banks, "flower" personal credit loans, sold on the treasure, forming a loop. But Yuan Leiming have long said: treasure is not formed from the circulation, but to build a platform, millions of small and micro enterprises and individual users, allowing them to direct financing.

"Internet platform to compete with balance, treasure, treasure, only Tencent ECR. "Lazy money Tao Weijie, the founder believes that have rich user data, to each user's full portrait of this ability, other than Ali, only Tencent. Tencent social genes, can operate a financial community that can aggregate traffic, then there is a data model, can be according to each user's speciality, make intelligent banking services.

Alipay from the day they are born, face is that have survived 100 years of banking in China, and after 10 years, both from PK to "show the love". Internet power finance, moving away from Internet "chauvinism", to respect the commercial nature, fear of risk, fear of the professional capacity of financial institutions, chose to support to support. Internet power from their torches shouting kill feather boy, through his bar mitzvah.

Dark war Cup

Not all friction turns to fusion.

By October 2015, Alipay has more than 200 banks and direct connect. It changed the line under single market chain, China UnionPay's cake.

Lines under a single chain of the three parties: bank card issuers, acquirers, provides clearing services of China UnionPay. Brush each time the user card, different proportions of different business sectors have to pay fees, and three stakeholder share fees in 7:2:1. Due to PayPal direct bank, the industrial chain from three into two side: each merchant, PayPal both liquidation, and acquiring, bypassing a cup as a transfer clearing house, and the issuing bank directly acquiring profit-sharing.

He don't want to cooperate and China UnionPay. Early in 2004, after he had entered the China UnionPay headquarters is located in Shanghai Pudong, hope that the UnionPay online payment service, PayPal does not have to go to a Bank and direct. The China UnionPay was established less than two years he was not opened with the Bank on the Internet, but can't help Ma. As mentioned earlier, the end of 2004, Ali made a PayPal, talk to the Bank directly.

2011 online, PayPal Bank resources and acquiring market leader China UnionPay close – as a whole at the end of May 2011, PayPal fast pay on-line cooperation banks has reached 83, and in June of that year access "China UnionPay card payment-free" Bank but 73.

The mobile Internet era roared in, PayPal assume Department in offline trade system the burden of entrance, at all costs want to cut each consumer scenario. In March 2012, PayPal introduced a logistics POS payment solutions. However, by August 2013, paid baoweibo suddenly announced: "because of reasons known to" PayPal ready to stop POS machines. Market speculation "mainly UnionPay obstruction", to date, the event remains a mystery.

UnionPay does sit. People's Bank of China has approved the 250 third party payment institutions, the top 20 accounted for 90% per cent of the market share, but this transferred the 20 try to bypass the Union settlement, China UnionPay volumes divert very clearly. Moreover, in 2013, the Central Bank's bank card acquiring business management approach, said that line in the acquiring business, third party payment institutions could bypass China UnionPay, and banks directly.

Thus, POS machines after the cessation of business, PayPal has introduced the QR payment, recently, in March 2014, QR payment suddenly banks stopped because "potential safety hazard". Soon, Alipay to reverse sweep the yards to pay back this time, banks no longer opposes, PayPal get what they wish, larger open up Xinjiang soil under Start online.

"Offline market is China UnionPay panicked efforts to cultivate. Original POS machine is us, is not to make money. Market, and some companies intentionally bypassing the Cup. "A middle-level Union once complaining about the media, online merchant market, which today was built 6 years old. Alipay's attitude was: "competition, where arrival? "

Alipay account, carrying financial advantage "forced" Bank direct cooperation, while UnionPay has resources, policies, online under single market ride dust. Cup hope in the age of the mobile Internet to establish their own system of national accounts, combined with mobile operators, layout of NFC mobile payments, however, occupation of the user's mind was not built in a day.

Over time, between PayPal and China UnionPay started flirting – "deep integration" theme, Ant gold suits hope that the Union will add their own ecosystem, which will enrich the use of PayPal. It is said that in 2014, Peng Lei once confided: "I also want to have an opportunity to sit down and seriously talk about Union leadership. "

Until today, PayPal did not really cooperate with the Union. "In the future, PayPal and China UnionPay, will have more opportunities for cooperation. "Yang believes that huge bill market in China, it is impossible for an enterprise to maintain, and Chinese companies into overseas markets, in the face of giants such as VISA, MasterCard, and cooperation is obviously a more economic way.

Ants in the countryside

Get a banking licence, Ant gold clothing more carefully: net commercial bank business model, service groups and large commercial banks to make a clear distinction between: just below 5 million lines of loans, services to small and micro businesses, to go to rural areas, it's hard for traditional bank corner, need a network Bank by virtue of its experience and technical strength to develop incremental market. Meanwhile, network operators, banks were also provided to traditional financial institutions to participate in their business: credit direct.

The fall of 2015, Ma Yuming Liu Lin village, qinghe County, Hebei farmers in the village of Amoy Taobao shopping service station, saw a tractor, priced at 80,000. Ma Yuming had two trucks, usually pulled goods transportation, income is high, but cash flow is tight, this 80,000 was stumped him: "never thought past Bank, for at least a month, loans are not necessarily down. "Cun Tao service station dispensers Yang Chao, recommended him to network operators, banks, 5 days after the loan is approved.

"I Cun Tao dispensers for half a year, no money, and income received tens of thousands of pieces, but I believe, keep going, Ali Baba and the Ant-gold suits are going to treat me, and they got closer, but good for me. "Yang Chao, stand out from the more than 1000 applicants on test scores, Amoy became a village shopkeeper, shopping, sending and receiving Express is responsible for helping the villagers, and recommend an appropriate network of lenders to commercial banks. Compared with big banks, he felt closer to Ant. "Agricultural Bank of China is only one in the whole town, deposits, and transfers are very time consuming, loans to prepare many materials, for days with PayPal, and much more convenient. "

Through village Amoy station recommended, collection user data Hou, in network business bank wind control model Shang audit Hou "pre award letter" issued loan of mode, network business bank is rural big area promotion, this is network business bank from Ali small loan (Ant small loan predecessor) success experience in heritage down of mode--to user accumulated data and behavior for according to to for award letter, award letter yihou, in support available produced lines. Of course, Ali, micro-credit, businesses mainly online, trading faster--for example, Korean clothing care loan, network operators, banks have a credit-scoring model designed for apparel businesses, collecting its corporate actions data, concluded by the model, the whole process only takes a few seconds.

And unlike traditional banks is that corporate financial statements, debt, and cash flow data is just one network Bank to collect data in the dimension, net Bank focuses on operations and transactions, such as speed of merchandise on the shelves, product remarks column modification times, grade of the decoration shop ... ... Mortgage affordability generally below 100,000. "We will care whether the business hard to operate, use this data to make risk control, which is very different from conventional banks. "Network operators, Zhao Weixing, Deputy Governor the Bank tells China entrepreneur. In this way, Ali, micro-credit in 6 years over 1.6 million small and micro enterprises, mostly within the Alibaba merchant.

E-commerce platform and thousands of merchants, risk control model based on data with cloud computing, small business loans as early as 2012, let the outside world that Ali "already profitable." At the time, Ali, micro-credit loans of 50,000 yuan to 1 million Yuan, Japanese interest rates between 0.05% to 0.06%, Ali financial provides credit, minimum annual interest rate is 18%, well above the average bank loan interest rates.

In 2015, the Ant-gold suit after a banking license, network Commercial Bank Governor Yu Sheng-law interprets the value of the licence at that time: the first bank account system can be established. Second, do banking business diversification rather than merely providing loans. Thirdly, the cost of financing, banks have an advantage over small loans.

Today, the "remote account" has not yet been released, there is no physical outlets commercial bank, sources of funds are not deposits, but interbank "credit direct vote"--net Bank funding costs much lower than Ali, the micro-credit asset securitization. "Asset securitization, credit institutions in the Middle, is to assess the assets and institutional investors again. But the Bank direct, has removed all credit, their net Bank have been fully recognized. "Zhao Weixing explained. Today, the loan interest rates decreased in 2012, in the 12%-16% range, but network operators after the Bank was established, its rapid increase in the number of service enterprises, has reached 180,000 this year, its profitability should not be underestimated.

So, in addition to the credit, by Yu Sheng said, "diversity" means what? After all, net Bank backed by PayPal, has a huge user base and some time in the future, if they are able to take deposits, "just under 5 million loan" business model will not be broken? NET Bank opened the ceremony, Shi Yuzhu, was one of the shareholders before the media interpreted as snide sea banks, it is also suggested that network operators banking potential energy: "most Internet companies did finance there, what their customers are customers? Either chat or game, they are not paying customers. "

"Network operators banking APP does not do, is to completely disappear in the scene. A problem we have remote account is not tangled. "Zhao Weixing said shortly after the opening, the team also argued that to do APP, but the Yu Sheng and he felt, net Bank independent APP should not be done in the short term to promote the brand, dock users, but to serve more small and micro businesses, risk models do a better job.

Regardless of whether the network operators, banks to promote their brand, in the Internet age, big data, cloud computing, as well as financial disintermediation has become a trend--one day in the future, finance will not be able to exist independently as an industry, will melt to a user's daily life in each slot. So, banks in addition to improving the system, also actively entered the scene, apart from various Internet channels of cooperation, ICBC, Bank, Minsheng Bank and other big banks are doing their own e-commerce platform.

Traditional banks in rural areas it is difficult to corner, need a network Bank by virtue of its experience and technical strength to develop incremental market

Scene dispute

Travel is 2013-2014 Internet largest selling gold caves, peaks, drops and burned within a week of tens of millions of Yuan.

"Alibaba and the little gold suit (Ant-gold suit), fought this battle together, driver-side subsidies are quick with Ali investment money out of users with Alipay, subsidies is PayPal. "A travel industry officials told the China entrepreneur, paid war is the essence of Tencent and Ali vs.

On February 14, 2015, this last 2 years battle ending in a surprising manner – drop and quickly merged. People close to the transaction told of the Chinese entrepreneurs: before that drops to PayPal show admission: mergers not in talk, drops will access PayPal. "Because of higher market share of PayPal, payment more convenient and faster scale. "After the merger, Alipay and micro-payments are embedding scenario, Tencent, and Ali's objective was achieved.

Backed by the Mall scene, accumulating a huge user base and is PayPal strongest bargaining chips when negotiating with traditional financial institutions. But with higher open rates than PayPal, more cohesive app, start trading in every scene in the layout. Starting in 2013, PayPal and micro-cutting to the line almost stepped on the same pace: Department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, travel, food and beverage ... ...

"All services behind the scenes of life and relationships. "Micro-entrepreneur Li letter platform (not his real name) project is based on the micro-ecology of a la carte. "Eating the core which is not cheap, but who eats, family, couples, party scenes; nail art not only for beauty, but the girl group chat and gossip scene; massage not only for health, but a few people talking scenes. "Li is in the service of the application, and can be shared between friends restaurants, and ordering and micro-payments. Micro-payments from birth on the first day by scenario-driven, micro-payment support service within the micro-credit system in the first place, pay, and large line with drink-related businesses and entrepreneurs have gathered at the service.

In July 2015, the Ant King Senior Vice President service interview with Fan Zhiming told the Chinese entrepreneurs, "platform," the word he repeated 10 times. Spring 2014, Alipay encountered micro letter envelopes "Pearl Harbour", in November, Fan Zhiming took teams to Singapore opening strategies, depressing. Even if PayPal Bank resources is strong, if online users to abandoned, everything will be back to square one. Final conclusion is that PayPal needs to be able to win over business and chain Super APP. Thus, in July 2015, Alipay 9.0 birth, add friend channel, the channel suffered much ridicule in social networks, Fan Zhiming has always been to support their products. Until then, Alibaba-Ant gold suit 6 billion joint investment and set up a new reputation, the original Tao-Ant gold clothing line business resources and teams under new reputation, by veteran Fan Chi Alipay CEO, PayPal 9.0 also added a business channel, a new reputation as its background.

3 months later, the two giant group of local service industries and public comments are merged and Tencent are ready to bet on new US $ 1 billion in order to obtain absolute control, intended to compete for the scene. Latest group APP on the payment page, Alipay has folded, recommend means of payment into a micro-payment. Weakening Alipay group status, equivalent to original investors Ali punch directly, new reputation will come under even greater pressure.

"Micro-letter to commercialization, always plagued by scruples and commercial experience to the user. But PayPal does not need, it was born with commercialization of genes. "Compared to the new mega-businesses of America, Word of mouth has only 400,000 businesses, is still very weak. But Fan Zhiming remains convinced that PayPal has an edge in trading.

Not only in the field of business and trade, and now Alipay and micro-scenes dispute has spread to public utilities. Senior Director of PayPal Zou Liang came Ant gold suits only in April this year, six months since he gained 10 pounds: "too much travel, irregular life, busy until 9 o'clock to remember to eat every day. "He's half year results: in the field of health care, education, and Alipay has more than 300 hospitals, more than 600 colleges and universities in partnership, funded both revamp its IT systems, allows users to use a mobile phone service. Zou Liang explained that Alipay wants users to pay to achieve "the wisdom of life", each scene, become the connection between the user and the world. App is almost synchronized with the ants launched "intelligent city" project, Tencent is more confident, many hospitals, schools, and even local governments, in the letter on a public platform to open a subscription number, service number, Tencent think they'll have more power in the letter to interact with the public.

In the service industry, finance, trade, culture is the most important sector in 2015, four mergers of Internet: drops fast, 58, fair, beautiful round public comment, ctrip go, representing transportation, information intermediaries, catering and entertainment, tourism, and this four piece of fat, in addition to tourism, Tencent and other Ali has the opportunity to participate.

Ant gold suits complete business-paying credit-financial services-strategy, the battle for financial portal of the war so far has only just begun, it will face a more formidable opponent than traditional banks.

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Source: Chinese entrepreneurs

Original title: "cover" the ants to move mountains

Sunday, November 22, 2015

No account there is no decommissioning retired athletes in Beijing but collective

The China Youth daily last week published the Census register how can become an obstacle to retired athletes receive fees, the Beijing women's boxing national champion and team-mate tough activist after the reports of, the outside world is also the first time that Beijing athletes in local household registration, residence of the points in the field, also has the official team, hiring players differs from treatment vary greatly. These rights of athletes, and sports teams, sports schools, running between related departments of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of sports, the answers are always disappointing. Media exposure and take up legal arms, as their last hope of redress.

Beijing boxing, swimming, rowing, diving, such as item 7 has retired players meet to China Youth daily, their previous bitter experience of protecting. There are two retired team bike player received a telephone interview with reporters in Beijing. According to 9 athletes tell reporter roughly sketched from grass-roots sports teams recruited athletes, training athletes to its final retirement process in all sorts of odd things, some players being subjected to unfair treatment on the issue of decommissioning costs consequences derived from just these odd things.

No account there is no decommissioning, retired athletes in Beijing but collective rights

Several retired athletes in Beijing for help media activist. China Youth daily chart

Promises is not cashed

Original team member Yang Beijing swim team in 2003, from Shenyang to Beijing. Beijing's more than 10 years, Yang promised again and again and again face the promise failed repeatedly to get through, "just in time, that I can reach the national criteria for the highest level competition, you can ban accounts. In 2006 I didn't do compliance, policy change, to reach the national top eight, later took the top eight that policy changed. In this way, the policy has been changed, until I took the national championship is still keeping me waiting. "

No account there is no decommissioning, retired athletes in Beijing but collective rights

Had numerous awards at home and abroad of Beijing women's boxing team captain Xie Lili. Xie Lili information chart

Former captain of women's boxing team in Beijing Xie Lili, Zhejiang team 2009 from AC to the Beijing team, "says get the top three on the team can do accounts and identities can be positive. I already got the National Championship three times, after each took the team, are dragging doesn't do, wait until the next game, promise you got to do it this time. "Born in Heilongjiang, Xie Lili, training, when there is a surge of the Northeast girl's death-defying, even having serious injuries. Before retiring, Xie Lili are key players for the Beijing women's boxing, until the first half of this year, still got the first three grades in the country. But more than a month ago, she was finally asked retired, "I also just once or twice cheated, don't make me have to be lying down? "

Beijing diving team, the original team in Howth, 2004 AC to Beijing from Guangdong, Howth recall team was said to be in the top three to do a Beijing Hukou, and converted to the official team. But in 2010, Huo Sizhong got the top three scores, says on the team to graduate to do his college degree after graduating from said no account go to qualification. In short, there is every reason not to do in a Beijing Hukou.

Xie Lili shows have won medals. Tencent network

Exchange clusters

Original team member Feng Zhen Zhen-2009 Beijing rowing team to Beijing from Guangdong team communication, her account was removed from Guangdong to Beijing muxiyuan sports school, but this does not mean that the account has been to Beijing, because it is the collective population of the school, and when decommissioned in the Feng Zhen Zhen, Feng Zhen Zhen's account will be sent to her country of origin. But here's the thing, hometown in Liaoning's Feng Zhen Zhen, 2005 after communication to the Guangdong team from Liaoning, Guangdong team managed to change the age, born in 1992, she was being changed, born in 1995. In 2009, when Feng Zhen Zhen to Beijing from Guangdong team communication team, the Guangdong team told Feng Zhen Zhen could change it back ages, was rejected by the Beijing team. Feng Zhen Zhen in 2014 when retired from the Beijing team, accounts will be sent back to hometown in Liaoning province, Liaoning home but cannot receive the Feng Zhen Zhen's account, "because the age changed, identity of origin and not now, says home my account can't go back. "Retired this year, Feng Zhen Zhen headache has not only not get the decommissioning costs of, for himself almost became" Black households "," Beijing does not recognize my age are sports teams have changed, I only own household registration management alongside the personnel on both sides, around the cross. "

Yang told reporters that he had been a key middle school in Beijing had registered status, resulting in muxiyuan sports school graduate lost an opportunity to account to send in Beijing.

Yang to reporter show has he in 2006-2009 during, get Beijing elementary and middle school students swimming game, and Beijing traditional sports project school swimming game breaststroke, and backstroke, and personal Medley, multiple project Qian three name of awards, part awards in the indicate has he by representative of Beijing a focus middle school school name, but 2003 on into Beijing team of Yang at is in sweet clover Park Sports school attended, never in Beijing other school Shang had day class. Yang not know what makes you get a key middle school in Beijing's official status and legitimate representative of the school play, as an athlete, he must listen to the arrangement on the team at that time. But then he didn't know, own account at muxiyuan sports school graduate sent opportunity, but because they have been registered in middle school in Beijing's official status is affected. Dou jingtong mainland debut gene can be inherited

No account there is no decommissioning, retired athletes in Beijing but collective rights

Also a number didn't get retired athletes. Tencent network

Agreement of inexplicable "lost"

From Liaoning of Beijing rowing team original players Yang Xiaofeng 2008 into Beijing rowing team, to last year retired Shi, best results is national second name, Yang Xiaofeng in signed agreement Shi does not know also has retired fee a said, he said no see had himself of agreement, also not know himself of agreement in has no on retired fee of agreed, until retired Qian only from old players there heard has retired fee a thing, also on to sports teams negotiations had, but get of replies only a word ",". Yang Xiaofeng knew, those old players until now or wait until his retirement.

Also signed an agreement with Beijing lucheng indigenous players in the cycling team in Beijing Wang Le, more experienced him to think hard to imagine things, "not only my personal work agreement should belong to me, still I find labor arbitration departments to apply for arbitration, law enforcement officials said that my agreement is lost. "Wang Le, makes him angry is that school officials not looked down on law and order," lost my employment agreement such a serious thing, school leaders talked to me said that the personnel department to write a ' check ' finished, school leaders are not clear, I want a ' check '? I want to recover my costs of decommissioning and working agreement is a very important piece of evidence. "

Beijing bike team original players Zou Bo managed to from Lu city sports school to to has he and school signed of work agreement, agreement in the stated "b for field account of, as in annual most high game in the get games project Qian three name above results (collective project main players), party will according to Beijing Sports Council about policy, for b to Sports Council and the city about sector declared account Beijing procedures. "However, since 2006, since the beginning of lucheng, Zou Bo games results already achieved the conditions for declaration of capital accounts, but the school did not give him. "Schools have a clear violation of the agreement we signed, but still plausibly said, is to not do. "

No account there is no decommissioning, retired athletes in Beijing but collective rights

August 22, 2010, Zeng Li/Huo Sizhong Beijing team players in the game. Xinhua News Agency, information

Rights met with complete indifference

Beijing women's boxing team, the original team of Li Nana is a team of older players, but she expressed the intention of retiring to the team, but soon received an "approved on the team, move out of the dorm as quickly as possible," desperate text messages.

In claiming the decommissioning process, three former players for the Beijing women's boxing Xie Lili, Dan Pengning, Li Nana taste best performance once before the big match, haoyanhaoyu and responsive to them by coaches, team leaders, school leaders, was able to escape from the hide, can push push.

Wang Le had in once training in the serious injured, in finished surgery a time Hou, need from body out steel nail Shi, is found team in upper and lower no one coach or led willing to for he provides any help, "I is in training in the injured of, although team in bear has I do surgery of costs, but last take steel nail is is I himself around borrow only put steel nail take out of. "

In a sports team, players almost no room to fight for their own rights and interests, all orders from the leadership, coaching, otherwise it will provoke criticism, Feng Zhen Zhen told his immediate experience, "if some actions for individual rights, coaches are likely to say ' you're eyes Wolf '. "

Xie Lili had to Beijing woman boxing team where of Beijing shichahai sports school personnel section begging for himself of wage article, get of replies is must after leader approved, and led approved zhihou, Xie Lili in wage article Shang found himself of related treatment does than Beijing household of teammate low, please team in to a explained Shi, leader of claims is is "I on know shouldn't to you see wage article".

From rural Guangdong in Howth, in 2014, he retired with no intention to circumstances, because teams don't need him, they asked him to retire immediately, "I want to continue in the team effectiveness, and gradually converted to a player-coach role. "But the team is not thinking that, and no one considered in Howth for a way out, just want him to leave as soon as possible. "I didn't write his retirement application, is a leader for me to write. "In Howth, retires next month, his salary was stopped, no one cares how he lives. He has no Director of case, can only try living in the community. Served more than 10 years of outrightly abandoned his sports teams, both coach, Manager and in the school, and shortly a stranger with him.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Of the spoon feelings of theatrical Uncle Chen

Of the spoon: feelings of theatrical Uncle Chen

Caught in the dialects of spoken lines, "such is life" seems a bit abrupt, but used also do not see how inappropriate, just as song Dan-Dan constantly speaks the written language in the sketch "reasonably", in Chen's directing debut in a spoon, "such is life".

Actually "life is such" in this tablets context in completely can modified into oral of of "resigned's", but Chen apparently no to really of to pursuit what "life of" "grassroots", he bones still hope by a has been of force, will this Department movie push Shang plays of Hall, so, dialect, and rural, and spoon are not with as of, they just some symbol.

Chen wants to discuss human in the film, in several interviews, he quoted in the footnote be Beckett's waiting for Godot: "when a tiger saw their own kind when hurt, it will not hesitate to jump over to help it's similar, or else choose to escape. It will not stop thinking in that place, I want to help it? If I had it, I would get hurt. "

A sudden turn, Chen began to discuss the human situation, "when driving on the road at the traffic lights, suddenly someone reached out to beg, you gave them money before, but now after seeing many social news, you behind the glass, I would hesitate to think, I want to give him the money? Had given him, in case he is a cheat to do? " A world class violin competition held in Shanghai

Therefore, Jia Zhang-Ke, Chen is not, even though he and the latter also put a lot in the movies present all kinds of social problems in China, such as the black coal pits, "fairy dance" and so on, but as already mentioned, these just added material to tell a story about it.

Film tells the farmer Chen plays the cops came across a beggar idiot in town (Northwest dialect called "spoons") fools followed him home. Note posted notices, soon claimed the fool. Then claiming to fool family emerge, said cops sell fool. Trouble ensued, and cops know deceived in my throat. He could not see, how good is the bad news? He began with a farmer the most simple means to prove innocence. To look for a trap, he became another wrapped around someone else's fool.

Of the spoon: feelings of theatrical Uncle Chen

In some context in, China traditional local social principle custom that is good of, however, in this tablets in the uphold kindness of pulled note is suffered kind didn't good reported of embarrassing, bottom social of jungle law is spittle with people and people Zhijian this should some trust, but Chen Dao seems to only wants to rendering this all of absurd, is and wants to to audience a answers, is returned to past better of fantasy in the, also is building modern social new of contract relationship.

So, although Chen has successfully portrayed in the movie itself a "spoon", but after all, it was a little. In retrospect, decades ago Zhang Qiuju really were awesome.

Of course, the Director of a spoon as Chen's first film, still delighted, although from time to time over the years talking about "speech", but "four" is derived such a literary film, it is really rare. And no high points of art and commerce, Chen showed sentiment was admirable.

Of the spoon: feelings of theatrical Uncle Chen

At the Golden Horse Awards on the podium last year, Chen said, "I have found the secrets of love you forever as the first. I took this sentence, to art and life. "This verse is from France surrealist poet andelie·buledong, is said to have appeared in waiting for Godot stage instructions.

Art style not only that, the movie promotion song of a spoon, who gave the first poem, lyrics are Chen, there are 8 minutes 31 seconds of a song, Chen is probably want a group of people to settle down quietly after hearing his story. Just like the film, he wanted something a little more arm can't overflow.

Last sentence says, Wang xuebing performed very well in this film, the past few years his acting was bursting, is great in the daytime Fireworks. Unfortunately, because drug addiction ruined his.

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Li keqiang people do a lot of things up ID does it have to be

Li keqiang: people do a lot of things up ID, does it have to be?

Photo: network

"I saw recently reported in the media, people do a lot of things now, he was asked to produce their identity cards. In addition to some special areas, among other things, does it have to be? Some abuse? "On November 18, the Executive meeting of the State Council, Li said.

A topic of the meeting is to identify measures to improve public services, to facilitate the masses continued decentralization entrepreneurship. Li said this administration in the promotion of decentralization, pipe and optimization services reform much effort, has already cut more than 700 number of approval and so on. But I can still hear the grass-roots level to reflect, also "zhonggengzu", "last mile" is not in place of, which bound the hands and feet of ordinary people and the vitality of the market.

"Some developed countries are already actively exploring, through technical means, promote information sharing to create a database, facilitating public demands to ensure information security. "The Prime Minister said," the Government tries to lift for the people in trouble and obstacles, and strive to improve their service level of convenience for the masses, stimulate creativity and potential for development. "

Each Department as "drum flower", and let people run and broke his leg

At the meeting, Li referred to the high degree of public concern, a social news: a woman wants to move from Kunming to Chengdu account, but was told to take a picture of "unmarried". Her travel back and forth 4 times, took 8 months, none of the localities and departments will issue this "proof."

"Proof of this Department to the Department, the Department was required to open this sector prove, each Department is like ' drumming flowers ', and let people run and broke his leg, also breeds a ' run ', ' tuomenzi ' room for corruption. "The Prime Minister said.

He stressed that if these problems are not solved, decentralization if you don't get through "the last mile", people will still feel that administrative inconvenience, venture difficult. Therefore must resolve to radically simplify optimization process of public services.

For those who has no basis in law, in file shows that must be eliminated

How to improve the public services? Li put forward three specific requirements: information, simplification of processes, data sharing.

"To facilitate the working masses, is the most important job information. "The Prime Minister said," to let you know, the Government provides public services and what materials are required. Both conducive to compress the staff's discretion, in fact, also disclosed a Government ' power list '. "

Li keqiang, explicitly demanded that the who has no basis in law, in file shows that must be eliminated, for those really necessary to prove, to further simplify the procedures in order to facilitate the working masses. China released XI Jinping visited the United States

"Landing in order to attract foreign investment and promote projects in the past, we have done the ' one-stop ' Office. Today, our own people, and all localities and departments to improve the ' services ' level! "The Prime Minister said," we are the people's Government, is to serve the future work be sure to simplify the process and let the people feel ' service '. "

From the source to avoid all kinds of "exotic flowers to prove" and "circular proof"

LI asked departments to break the "islands of information", the establishment of a unified public information platform. "Now the technology is developing so fast that departments can share data. Smooth convenient both for people working, entrepreneurship, and provide conditions for the supervision of Government itself. "

"We really need and deception, misconduct awareness, but not a ' presumption of guilt ', consult the doubts. "The Prime Minister said," each sector to be effective from the interests of the masses, resolutely eliminate sectoral interests, from the source to avoid ' exotic proof ', ' cycle proved ', really for the masses to provide quality, efficient and convenient public services. "

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Professor North seized upon papers published first discovered organism compass

Professor North seized upon papers published: first discovered organism

Paper capture of Xie can

After a few months, College of life sciences, Peking University researcher Xie can blockbuster papers were published.

Beijing time on November 17, top international academic journal nature materials (Nature Materials) published online, titled a protein biological magnetic compass (a magnetic protein biocompass) research paper. This means that first found the animal's "biological compass".

Xie can be the corresponding author of the paper (press note: project leader), he told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), the study found that a magnetic receptor protein, namely magnetic molecules MagR, answered the "biological is how to detect magnetic fields," this issue, and at least two ways to refresh the people's understanding of magnetic induction.

An international jury expert commented that the research results is extremely important, maybe decades to research one of the most innovative achievements in the field of magnetic induction, magnetic induction was the study is the first to answer several outstanding key issues in the field.

It is worth mentioning that, the paper's author Xie can, "Tsinghua scholar papers Rob storm" one of the parties to a dispute with the Zhang family.

In April, researcher Zhang of Tsinghua University is introducing a cooperative projects, Xie can received a MagR of key material. Under the agreement, Zhang Jia Xie can requirements "not before Xie can have contribute to the nature paper, Rob cooperation papers working papers to Xie can sign." At this point, the research paper on MagR, Xie can already contribute to top international academic journal nature (Nature), is currently in peer review. Xie can say for fear of affecting the paper manuscript, are right to worry about the MagR found robbed, presented the aforementioned cooperation agreement.

On August 4, Xie can contribute papers to take up some of the nature of the issue--the nature of materials.

On September 9, though strongly opposed by Xie can, among others, will cooperate in submitting articles to the Zhang Home Science Bulletin (English), and was officially published online after 5 days. Xie can not get signed, Zhang claimed Xie can destroy the other three agreements on both sides.

Refresh the myth: magnetic MagR rather CRY proteins

The Earth's magnetic field is weak, but numerous creatures from whales, sea turtles, lobsters, birds, bats and ants, including humans, depend on the Earth's magnetic field to navigate. Eryuan County honor roll 3 reading 1 book Department

Magnetic induction, that is, feel the presence of magnetic fields. For a long time, magnetic induction ability of animal scientists fascinating. Long-distance migration of migratory birds, homing pigeon long distance, precision is like carrying a compass. Monarch butterflies, lobsters and turtles, and geomagnetic navigation people also observed a similar phenomenon, but it has been unclear which principles.

Humans can navigate using the compass tool, that other organisms use to navigate the "compass" is what?

Professor North seized upon papers published: first discovered organism

Xie can research team found a "biological compass".

On November 16, Xie can tell the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), his team discovered a magnetic receptor protein, namely magnetic molecules MagR.

Paper, MagR forming complexes is a short stick, made up of proteins, small size to the molecular scale, but it's still like a real magnet, to the direction along the Earth's magnetic field, to absorb iron, can turn as the magnetic field changes.

Xie can believe that the discovery answered "biological is how to detect magnetic fields," this issue, and at least two ways to refresh the people's understanding of magnetic induction.

In 1995, the plant photoreceptor protein CRY (cryptochrome, cryptochrome) were found. It is considered also to be able to sense the magnetic, is the first discovered magnetic molecules. When fruit flies after the gene is damaged, fruit flies will no longer able to magnetic field. Pigeons and other birds also CRY protein in the retina of the eye, it is considered to be birds of "compass".

But Xie can lead the research team found that people were lied to, CRY protein only sensitive, not magnetic, and showing magnetic characteristics, because combining MagR.

Xie can, who screened 12,536 Drosophila genes, found only a magnetic--MagR. Homing pigeon in the retina of the eye, MagR and CRY in the same position, that is to say, they were positioned. They seem to interact, forming a molecular machine.

In in vitro experiments, the researchers found, MagR and CRY together spontaneously in solution to form a short rod, MagR at axis, CRY outside the package. MagR can also form a separate plug.

Even more surprising is that such a short Rod like a real magnet, it will suck on the bead, and like a real compass, changes with the external magnetic field and rotation.

Previous studies have found that birds ' magnetic induction capacity dependent on light, in the case of only a red light, some birds, greatly weakening the magnetic induction capacity, in blue and green light when its magnetic ability is more accurate.

Xie can team, MagR CRY molecular machine makes light of the formation of the magnetic coupling, both photographic and magnetic. When the light such as sunlight or Moonlight, homing pigeons use their retinal cells that molecular machines to capture the Earth's magnetic fields, and converted into electrical signal, this signal is passed to the nerve cells in the brains of pigeons and carrier pigeons to make decisions, deciding where to fly to.

Because MagR can separate form short Rod-like structures, researchers believe that some creatures can exist in the absence of cases, through the Earth's magnetic field to navigate.

Xie can emphasize that it's just animal magnetic induction of "biological compass" model, its specific process needs to be confirmed by further research. Just published research results, only solves "how homing pigeons are sensitive to magnetic fields" this problem.

Refresh the misconception two: bio-magnetic iron and non iron oxide

United States scientists in 1978 also CRY protein "free radical theory", that the protein after photographic, produces free radicals, resulting in a magnetic field, there is no experimental evidence to support this new model.

In addition, studies suggest that – iron oxide magnetite (Fe3O4) may be the cause of bio-magnetic, and scientists have found in the beaks of magnetosomes that contain iron. But then the iron in the bird's beak is proved from macrophages, rather than nerve cells, it is difficult to transform and transfer magnetic signal, the model has been questioned.

But Xie can research were of the view that bio-magnetic iron atoms, rather than iron oxide.

MagR exists in a variety of organisms, including humans, it belongs to the iron-sulfur cluster binding proteins, combination of iron atoms. MagR short rod of iron atoms in forming more "hoops", "hoops" that may exist in the current, this may be the MagR magnetic properties of complex biological reasons.

Professor North seized upon papers published: first discovered organism

Beijing time 17th, top international academic journal nature (Nature) of Xie can, who completed the research results to the attention.

Xie can tell reporters of nature, as early as April 2015, MagR proteins in many applications, including magnetic genetics that he had applied for a patent. Next, Xie can study the human body different mutant MagR, to their relationships and sense of direction between the strengths of different people.

Internationally renowned experts in the field of magnetic biology, Oxford University biochemist Pite·Hao (Peter Hore) to reporters of nature, this is an unusual thesis.

But there are different voices, since the study did not reveal MagR complex details of the induced magnetic field mechanism, Germany Munich geomagnetic scientist at the University of maikeer·wenkefan (Michael Winklhofer) thinks that Xie can find may just experiment pollution results, he will find by experiment to follow Xie can. If proved to be true, then this is revealed the discovery of a huge advance in molecular mechanism of magnetic induction.