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NET about nine points of the new deal a shall not be lower than the cost price

NET about nine points of the new deal: a shall not be lower than the cost price, the driver has no record of violent crime

Released by the Ministry of the interim measures for the administration of network booking taxi business service, removed the "vehicles registered as a taxi passenger," and so on mean cars access about platform does not need to change the nature of vehicle registration.

Nearly 10 months after the public consultation, the Chinese version is officially the new deal network about car.

On July 28, the Department of transportation released the Internet booking taxi service of the interim measures for the Administration (hereinafter referred to as the methods). The method is divided into 7 chapters and 40 articles, covers the General rules about car platform, Internet businesses, net about vehicles about car and driver, network management, supervision and inspection, legal responsibilities, as well as by-laws 7.

The approach clearly will net about vehicles registered as "contract hire passenger" embodied nature of his taxi, and reflected the characteristics of the emerging industry.

Except network about car of nature finds, approach also clear, "network about car freight implemented market regulation price, City Government think has necessary implemented Government guided of except", "network about car driving mileage reached 600,000-kilometer Shi forced scrap", requirements driver to "no violence crime records", specific requirements, delete has "network appointment taxi shall not while access two or two a above of network service platform provides operation service", sought views draft in the of requirements.

"In the context of the world, which was the first to justify Internet +, economic legislation and regulations, reflecting the regulator of the new attention and recognition on the sharing economy, China about the car market will move towards normalization. "The Center for studies of CUPL propagation method, Deputy Director, Internet Society of China share economic expert Zhu Wei surging on news that members of the Commission.

Zhu Wei participated in organization of the Ministry of the policy (discussion draft) the seminar, he revealed the final execution of the methods discussed version with just over a month ago "improved a lot".

Surging for news under combing the method nine focus, emphasis on territorial management and defined as "reserved taxi" enhanced driver control, clear about cars shall not be for less than the cost of network operations disturb normal market order, net about car platform of the company should pay taxes according to law, and so on.

Management: emphasis on territorial management

Article fourth of the way: the Transportation Department under the State Council is responsible for directing the management of the national network of about. Provincial, autonomous regional people's Government transportation authorities under the leadership of the people's Governments at the corresponding level and is responsible for directing network about management work within their respective administrative areas. Municipality, municipal district or county-level transportation departments or other Government designated taxi Administrative Department (hereinafter referred to as the taxi Administrative Department) under the leadership of the people's Governments at the corresponding level, implementation of network management about it. Other relevant departments according to the statutory duties, on the net about car related supervision and management. The methods and draft statements on this point is not very different.

"In the face of new, national level across the monitor, is not consistent with the direction of urban development in China. "Zhu Wei said. Earlier, CEO Wei Dong, surging news that first steam about cars, the first steam car in March about 22 city situation, has not been rolled out in cities except Beijing, was introduced in around network management about conditions.

Second, to: "taxi" to "booking taxi"

The 13th article of the approach, service local taxi Administrative Department in accordance with vehicle owner about car platform or network applications, according to the conditions laid down in article 12th after the audit, registration of vehicles that meet the conditions for contract hire passenger and of the Internet booking taxi transport permits issued. City people's Government issued on the net about the Web booking taxi transport permits otherwise stipulations and requirements, from its provisions and requirements.

Ministry explained that clearly will net about vehicles registered as "contract hire passenger" embodied nature of his taxi, and reflected the characteristics of the emerging industry.

"In accordance with this provision, the nets about a legal form to become taxi, drops, excellent online about vehicle platform, such as access to private, will no longer be considered to be ' black '. "A network about car platform insider said.

"Reflecting lawmakers abandon into traditional taxi will net about cars ' new wine in old bottles ' management, supervision of a qualitative change in thinking, this is undoubtedly progress. "The Center for studies of CUPL propagation method, Deputy Director, Internet Society of China share economic expert Zhu Wei surging on news that members of the Commission.

Deleted in the draft requirements of the approach of "installing the meter" requirement.

Third, the driver: requires network about truck drivers has no record of traffic violations, without violent criminal records

Approach on sought views draft of related provides made has larger adjustment: first, requirements three years above driving experience and three a score cycle no didn't buckle full marks records; second, will "no to people death of traffic accident records, and drunk driving records, and Chase competing drove records" modified for "no traffic accident crime, and dangerous driving crime records, no drug records, no drink drink driving records". The methods to improve and refine the driver entry, to screen some passengers feel more secure. Third, the new deal increases the "no record of violent crimes" provision.

"Violent criminal record includes robbery, intentional injury and intentional killing, including crimes such as rape, Rob, and indecent assault, both had been given a suspended death sentence, life imprisonment, criminal detention or control of violent crimes who should also include people who had been sentenced to probation. In addition, special driver's license applicants of the new deal, expansion to the driver by the driver himself and platforms can apply. Such a provision is to avoid the driver I neglected to apply for will be about auditing responsibilities extended to the network platform applications, from this perspective, the platform also has replaced application, and replace the audit responsibilities. "Zhu Wei said.

Four maintenance: reference standard of taxi to 600,000-kilometer to force the scrapping

The 39th article of the way: the net force scrapped when car mileage reaches about 600,000-kilometer. Mileage not 600,000-kilometer but when you reach 8 years of age, quit the network about the car business.

Ministry explained that provisions net force scrapped when car mileage reaches about 600,000-kilometer. Mileage not 600,000-kilometer but when you reach 8 years of age, quit the network about the car business. Provincial government departments combined with local conditions to develop the specific provisions.

"More in line with the General safety of vehicle mileage rules differs from ordinary vehicles for civilian use, as distinct from commercial vehicles, both to the network about the interests of owners, also guarantees user safety of passengers ' rights, such a provision is in line with the scientific law and market practice. "Participated in the Organization of the Ministry of the policy (discussion draft) the seminar of Zhu Wei said.

National development and Reform Commission, the city center of integrated transport planning Institute's Director, Zhang has a different view, he thinks about vehicle scrapping system in network design, should also take into account the future new-energy vehicles, unmanned vehicle use trends.

Five contracts: respect for the flexibility of the labor contract signed between the platform and the driver

The 18th article of the way: Internet-about car platform of the company should ensure drivers have legitimate qualifications that provide services, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, according to the working hours, service frequency and other characteristics, various forms of labour contracts or agreements with the driver, specify the rights and obligations of both parties.

Than the draft regulations to loose a lot. Proposed in the draft for comment, Internet booking taxi operators should ensure that drivers have legitimate access platform qualification and labor contract with the Access driver; booking a taxi is prohibited from accessing the network two or more network services platform provides operational services. 、

Traffic explained, taking into account the net about car platform company labor contract with the pilots could affect part-time drivers net about car operation, the methods clearly sign labor contracts or agreements in order to meet the requirements of network about part-time employment.

"According to China labor contract method on non-full-time labor of provides, for weekly work not over 24 hours of non-full-time labor, employing units can not and was labor who signed written contract, both labor relationship at any time can lifted, paid paid also not need monthly settlement, this labor relationship of flexibility very for ' share economic ' background Xia of network about car labor mode, more for network about car driver ' part-time ' earned household of status, conducive to China surplus labor flexible employment. "Surging Zhu Wei told the news.

VI price: about cars shall not be for less than the cost of network operations disturb normal market order

Of the approach of the article 21st: mesh about car platform of the company shall not hinder fair competition in the market, shall not infringe the legitimate rights and interests and social public interest of passengers. NET about car platform of the company must not have for squeezing out competitors or to monopolize the market, operating at below-cost prices disturb normal market order, thereby harming the interests or the legitimate rights and interests of other operators or other improper price behavior, without price-related violations.

For this article, analysis of Zhu Wei, which categorically denied the network about the car market, "capital" of chaos, network about competition between car platform, the net about competition between taxi and return to normal market conditions, between various managers need to improve service quality and consumer protection for the core competition, not close to "throw money" to carve up the market.

In addition, the methods to delete the draft "market incentives, promotions," provisions of the 10th to society announcements in advance. "Market incentives or promotions is a normal market behavior, there is competition law and advertising law, not required at the network about a new deal so special additional provisions of the law. Delete the advance notice provision of the new deal, reflecting thinking back led's will. "A surging Internet law expert told the news. Able to produce steel for submarines rockets of

Seven tax: NET about car platform of the company should pay taxes according to law

The measures under article 23rd: Network about car platform of the company should pay taxes according to law, for passengers to buy the carrier's liability insurance and other insurance, adequate protection of passengers ' rights.

About car platform in the net in the Sturm und drang, traditional taxi company believe that nets around car platforms and traditional huge unfair competition between taxi companies--network about the car without paying taxes. Since then, the tax issue, nets around car platforms and taxi companies will be at the same level.

Previously, there were many network take the net about some car after car accident, authorities in the accident liability and compensation matters finds that all of the problems.

Eight, "hitch", car tube: according to the local government regulations

The measures provided for in article 38th: private bus, also known as car pooling, ride, according to the relevant provisions of the municipal people's Government.

Zhu Wei said that civilian vehicles, is the scope of civil law, the nature of the civil law "with good intentions". Hitchhiking is to solve the traffic congestion, reduce urban road vehicles of a larger weapon, the jurisprudence of the judicial practices at home and abroad is much more mature. Ride is essentially different from the network about the car business profitable, so the new deal put forward according to the relevant regulations of the people's Government of the city is right.

Nine security: collecting passenger information beyond the scope required to provide network about business

26th article of the methods: NET about car platform of the company acquisition drivers, personal information about cars and passengers, not beyond the scope required to provide network about the car business. In addition to cooperate with State organs shall exercise powers relating to supervision and examination or criminal investigation powers, net about car platform of the company shall not provide to any third party driver, some passengers and the car's name, contact information, home address, bank account or paid account, personal information such as location, travel routes, may not disclose the geographical coordinates, geographical landmarks and other sensitive information involving national security.

"Previously, as the nets about a car platform exists on your driver and vehicle access auditing omissions, in many cases, network reservation network about some car and does not match the actual vehicles to pick up and, on passenger safety and security problems. The measures introduced, nets around car platforms in examining the drivers and vehicles will be more stringent. "A network of some vehicle platforms in China surging to the news.

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32 Optimus civilian police suddenly fell dangerously ill after 4 days he did


Liu Haitao hospitalized, wife to look after him. Chengdu business daily

These two days, civilian police, PI has been shocked by one thing: the nickname "iron ox" unity Town police station the police criminal investigation--the 32-year old Liu Haitao was dying in Liangshan man prime of life, relying on a good body, solve countless in the 7-year police career. 3 months ago, he was chasing a suspect on foot 3 kilometers, the thief collapsed to the ground, fight.

"This time he was too tired. "Liu Haitao said, even hands infusion at the hospital, Liu Haitao was on duty on the day attendance is key," general duty is to keep the key with you, feel free to get involved. "


Official car broke down, Liu Haitao in repairing the car. Chengdu business daily

Go to the operations

Hospital triggered an Internet

Yesterday, Kam branch at the West China Hospital of Sichuan University Hospital, lying on the bed of the town police station criminal investigation police Liu Haitao is solidarity. These days, fell on the job, he was sent to hospital for treatment of things spread on the Internet, the Ministry of public security, police in Sichuan, Hunan public security, Liaoning, Shaanxi public security officers of public security micro-forward, a mere 48 hours, click read ratio exceeded 1.02 million times, reviews more than 8,000 articles. Among them, the media college student Han Muan in pixian County, Sichuan Province Public Security Bureau under the official Micro-Blog messages: "police take care and I had before was responsible in the case. "

Into the hospital on July 20. The same day, Liu Haitao Tang Qiyin coincides with with colleagues on duty from 9 o'clock in the morning to 6 o'clock in the afternoon, all police officers in the station area need to be addressed. The same day, driving license plate tail number "7290" Jetta car, two people drowned, for help, fights and 22 police. 6 o'clock in the afternoon is to shift time, Liu Haitao back to the unit, told colleagues about "feel a little uncomfortable." Afterwards, seen in the duty room surveillance video, Liu Haitao lying limp on the table, the body slowly declining. Is preparing to ask colleagues, Liu Haitao began to vomit. 6:30 P.M., Liu Haitao was rushed to the hospital.

The illness worsened

Issued by the hospital critically ill notice

Arrived at the hospital, Liu Haitao body chills, pale. In a hospital blood test, white blood cells, neutrophil number, percentage of percentage of neutrophils, lymphocytes, and monocytes percentage, the number of red blood cells, hemoglobin concentration, mean platelet volume 8 indicator has a different degree of high and low.

Liu Haitao's condition worsened, 8:07, issued by the hospital to the family of the ill ill notice: "diagnosis of acute gastroenteritis, suspected to be suffering from septicemia, though medical personnel actively rescuing, but patients in critical condition, and getting worse, and the possibility of life-threatening, critical condition notification issued. "

After the rescue, Liu Haitao Jin on the night was sent to huaxi Hospital of Sichuan University branch of medical care. From walking too quickly, the condition comes too fast, even in a hospital bed, Liu Haitao took the day a police car "7290" keys, hands infusion aside, "general duty need has been key, feel free to get involved. "After Liu Haitao told reporters that uncomfortable feeling not come overnight," actually was sick a few days ago, but that day is particularly evident in the morning, wanted to wait for operations to the hospital. "

At present, Liu Haitao have been out of danger, and transferred to the general ward from the rescue area and need further treatment. According to the initial diagnosis in hospital, Liu Haitao to acute gastroenteritis, acute cholecystitis, sepsis and other conditions, you also need the diagnosis Monday.

He is Lijiang ancient town close storm wrestling behind

Well, it is called "Optimus"

3 months ago was chasing a suspect on foot 3 km

32-year old Liu Haitao from the police force for 7 years, in very good health, swimming, basketball, running at all. Thus, the "iron ox" nickname gradually spread.

Colleague Tang Qiyin memories, just 3 months ago, "Optimus" run 3 km chase the thief, thief sank last run no more, fight-the-

On April 11 this year, public alarm, door locked from the inside of the home and suspected thieves entered the House. Liu Haitao and another civilian after the police rushed to the scene, after the break, thief from another door and ran, Liu Haitao and his colleagues chased out immediately. After 3 km in the Chase, thief exhaustion, fell to the ground, shouting "run no more, don't run." Liu Haitao and his colleagues came to be captured.

He is

Physical difference so big?

Log shows: continuously exhaust

After only 3 months, Liu Haitao physical differences are so big? Chengdu business daily reporters learned at the police station diary, Liu Haitao sick 4 days before trajectory:

On July 17, Liu Haitao on duty throughout the day, police at 41, long into the next morning, had a sleepless night on July 18, temperature 32 c, Liu Haitao case to the provincial prosecutor's Office of drug manufacturing materials added on July 19, after Chengdu huaxi Medical Center, psychiatry identification of obstruction with suspects in the case, return to the police station after taking part in the night-time inventories.

On July 20, the temperature 36 degrees centigrade, again rotated out 22 times. At noon the same day, a woman jumped off a bridge to commit suicide, and Liu Haitao persuaded nearly two hours in the hot sun, appealed successfully.

That afternoon, Liu Haitao to PI County Detention Center on two suspects arrested for robbery arrest, and returned to the police station Office ... ...

Family members said

Hospital one week before

He is not handling is down

Liu Haitao's wife, Chan said, "one week before the hospital, Liu Haitao have only one home in time for dinner. "In her mind, her husband for days not in the case was in the line of duty.

In his wife's Ms Chan's impression that this was the first time her husband in hospital, "all along he has been very good, each medical examination there were no problem. "Home town police station about 2 km distance solidarity, even so, Ms dinner with Liu Haitao number no more than 3 times a week.

"Intensive work is the work of Liu Haitao norm. "Chen recalled," I asked him, why are you so busy, he said was working well. "As a full-time wife, Chan, separated for a few days each month, bring a 5 year old son to the police station to see" Papa ". "From 2010 married to now, we only travel once the couple, also in Sichuan. "

Colleagues say

He is the best

Home from the police station, work overtime, they called him

"Ba Shi Haitao person, who lives in the town of unity, the home station is also in close proximity, and sometimes overtime based on proximity was calling him. "Tang Qiyin impression, Liu Haitao is in good health," eat too much, running too fast, and never gets sick, is the police station in good the best one. "Only within six months of the year, unity Town police station has completed its work throughout the task, and Liu Haitao took of the group in 2013, 2014 and 2015 against vehicle theft and robbery crime numbers for three consecutive years ranked first in the total.

This time, until Liu Haitao in the guards ' room vomiting, Tang Qiyin did not care too much, "thought of his body well. Later he went to the hospital, I informed the sister-in-law and went on duty. "Tang Qiyin from the Working Group was informed that, under Liu Haitao was surprised when critically ill notice," had no idea, I was stunned. He felt ill had not said until the end of operations. "

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Hubei ambulance a man molesting female nurses female doctors discourage being

Hubei ambulance a man molesting female nurses, female doctors discourage being slapped

Valley Hospital Emergency Department in the hospital in Hubei province.

Chutian metropolis daily, July 20, July 20, Wuhan, accompanied by a middle-aged man faint companion 120 ambulance ride to the hospital drunk and molesting female nurse in the Middle, with female doctors discouraged by his beating. At present, the Hongshan district police has been involved in the investigation.

7:30 Xu, chutian metropolis daily news reporter arrived at the hospital in Hubei Province at the Valley Hospital Emergency Department, drunk passed out guy just wake up, and infusion. When reporters asked the afternoon, he said he did not know, refusing to introduce 3 people and mutual relations.

At about 8 o'clock that night, chutian metropolis daily journalist arrived at Hongshan district police station guanshan station, and police were investigating.

Truck with female doctors, 20th at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, after they received the emergency call, starting from the hospitals Valley area in Hubei Province, to guanshan Avenue halecheng a restaurant after another patient. The scene, a total of 3 men, drinking alcohol, a 21 year old man has drunk, there is also a shirtless middle-aged man and a man with glasses. Subsequently, the drunk man carried to the ambulance, accompanied by two other men on the bus. Get on the bus, the shirtless man with his hand to touch the nurse's shoulder. Everyone thought he drank accidentally run into, just didn't care. Car soon, the man sitting next to female nurses, directly reach out to touch the nurse's hand. Female doctor discouraged, saying they are medical ambulance staff, please man some respect.

"This man does not stop, mouth clean kept saying, ' I not only want to touch her, to touch you, to complain about you '. "Doctor recalls, man also rushed over to her left cheek a slap in the face. To play her again, she ducked. After drivers found, stop immediately and prevented the litter-bearers before the men managed to control. Female doctor car alarm.

Witnesses said Mr Liu, when hit men followed the ambulance to the hospital emergency department, still loud. Beijing hospitals will not register the reagents

It is learnt that the hit man more than 30 years old, from Henan province.

Hongshan district police said the details are still under investigation, according to law.

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Mr LEUNG Chun ying the Basic Law stipulates that no change for 50 years means

News Agency in Hong Kong July 16, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Mr LEUNG Chun-ying said on 16th, last raised Hong Kong's status after 2047, the fifth article of the Basic Law unchanged for 50 years, Hong Kong's capitalist system and way of life, does not mean that national sovereignty over Hong Kong in the 50 years after the change.

The following evening, Bauhinia magazine, the basic laws of Hong Kong, Macao Research Association organized "one country, two systems" and seminars on the Basic Law of Hong Kong prize-giving ceremony of the Bauhinia Forum 5 anniversary of its founding, made the remarks at the ceremony, Mr LEUNG Chun-ying.

Mr LEUNG Chun-ying said that the national people's Congress enacted in 1990 Hong Kong S.A.R. of the basic law. After the promulgation of the basic law and "one country, two systems" policy has been completely and accurately stated in the legal form, is no longer a general idea.

He for example said, also is implementation "one country, two systems" of SAR, Hong Kong and Macau of basic content not same, description on "one country, two systems" of implementation, are must to itself of Basic for specific specification, "in other words, in Hong Kong social, comply with Hong Kong Basic, is meet ' one country, two systems '; not comply with Hong Kong Basic, is not meet ' one country, two systems '".

Mr LEUNG Chun-ying believes that the "one country, two systems", "Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong" and high degree of autonomy is the most beneficial to Hong Kong arrangements. In the "one country, two systems", Hong Kong has a double advantage in every way, can provide power for themselves, for the country's development.

On the same occasion, Chairman of the Hong Kong basic law, Macao Basic Law Society says Wang Zhenmin, Dean, Tsinghua University School of law, whether before or after 2047, cannot be changed by anyone, "one country" realities. No one can move to Hong Kong, and no one can move the motherland, Hong Kong and the motherland forever.

Wang Zhenmin noted that 2047 can review whether to continue implementing "two systems", but he and many others believe that keeping "two systems" should be the most reasonable choice, Li gang Li Guo. On the "one country, one system" and "one country, two systems" to choose between, of course, choose the "one country, two systems". "One country" is permanent, no time limit.

That afternoon, Bauhinia magazine also hosted "one country, two systems" and seminars on the Basic Law of Hong Kong. Chen Duanhong, a professor at Peking University law school said that after the return of Hong Kong, "one country" is the unquestioned and unchallenged. Economic problems and social contradictions and the "one country, two systems" has little, not be referred to "one country, two systems". The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan in the South

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Fujian Pucheng city responses to tool vendors neck video clips the Department

On July 12, the micro-blog a "city management tool vendors to neck" video began to spread, some netizens said Fujian Pucheng City Management Bureau for concerned staff. 13th, Pucheng City Council staff told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), network video clips, full video has been investigated by the police, is awaiting the results of investigations. Area, Riverside police station said police were investigating.

Network video is just 6 seconds: more than wearing a Chengguan uniform law enforcement personnel had a dispute with a man, one of those fat law enforcement armed with a kitchen knife and rushed over to the man's neck after, Rob man stick in the hands of other law enforcement officers, followed by a woman to join the conflict.

Pucheng City Council staff member confirmed that uniformed Department of the Bureau of law enforcement in the video player, but 6 seconds of video is edited on the Web. Video content is displayed before the conflict, Chengguan discourage men from when illegal stalls under attack from each other with knives, then law enforcement seizes the knife and the other controls. Video content is shown in the second half. Said the full video has been handed over to police for investigation, is awaiting the results of investigations. Lost public bicycle lost thousands Beijing officials

For Chengguan "Defense seizes the knife" as well as how to deal with the conflicting parties, the Riverside area staff in the handling of investigations of the police station.

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Dust environmental protection of Hebei enterprises 5 nitrogen poisoning deaths

CCTV news Twitter News, Wu informed the municipal propaganda Department of Hebei province, at 18 o'clock last evening, wuan city, Guang Yao casting company mixer dust environmental protection project construction of 5 workers poisoned by nitrogen asphyxiation, died. Wu Anan Department preliminary inquiry, construction workers due to illegal operations. Handan city has set up a "7·9" investigation teams investigate the cause of the accident, rehabilitation work is under way. Local officials in Phoenix on city charges six

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Telecom fraud said to help disability subsidies tricked children with cerebral

Telecom fraud said to help disability subsidies, tricked children with cerebral palsy in Henan 26,000 lifeline

Xiaojuncheng mother holding the baby. Xinhua News Agency asked the incentives behind

According to Dahe client message recently shangshui County, zhoukou city in Henan fellow Luo Tang Yuan Cun, a child named Zhan Juncheng, tragic fate touched everybody's heart. According to Yuan Yajie xiaojuncheng mother said, little Toshinari was born in early 2015, since June of that year diagnosed with cerebral palsy, so far has cost nearly 300,000 yuan.

However, in these extremely difficult circumstances, on June 10, 2016, Telecom fraud is sight the poor family, the other to help her son was reason to apply for disability benefits, only 26000 a lifeline from the card was stolen.

300,000 for an ordinary peasant family, sounds astronomical, to raise the money, except for family savings, is mostly a patchwork of borrowed. "My main income by farming, slack old father went to the construction site to do hard labour, due to look at the child, I told my husband this year, unable to go out and earn money ... ..." sobbed Yuan Yajie said.

"The policeman said, now have very chance of recovery, children also want to see a doctor, family and life, we really got into the wall......" facing journalists, Yuan Yajie deeply buried the head.

Good news is, Yuan Yajie a situation attracted the attention of a senior user, wrote after the chip posted on the website, got a lot of good people's sympathy and love. As of press time ago, we have small Toshinari contributed more than 16,400 Yuan, but this rescue needs money he is still far away.