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Visitor numbers remain high after the South Gong and drum lane limited Guest mix

Visitor numbers remain high after the South Gong and drum lane limited: Guest mix

Beijing, April 30, 2016, "51" the first day, South Gong and drum lane visitors such as weaving. China Visual

The Beijing Youth Daily News, yesterday was the "51" first day of the may day holiday, South Gong and drum lane "limited" after a first long weekend. To alleviate the alley, carrying the load for the purpose of limiting the team policy effects? Beijing Youth daily yesterday conducted site visits, and Hou Hai, Yan Dai Xie Jie, etc and compare the traffic lane found that "limited group" did not play a significant role, though hard to find traces of the tours, but South Gong and drum lane is still "overcrowding".

Cancel lights install guardrails

Armed to the teeth against the "51" Guangzhou man bought House prices rose was convicted

10:30 A.M. yesterday, North Green reporter from Line 6 subway station station Station South nanluogu Xiang found that ever crossed dianmen East Avenue to South luogu lane isn't working now. Roadside direct pedestrians to cross the street lights have disappeared, originally accessible intersections are now also installed the isolation barrier. Visitors must be from both sides about hundred metres further up the road detour north to reach the road.

"Even the lights are gone, must be a permanent practice. "A traffic warden said, lights are the two days just cancel, fence have just installed two days, mainly in order to come out from the underground of tourists a short stream, avoiding large crowds gathered at the entrance. In addition, the installation of isolation devices can also avoid bus stops.

Near the entrance to South nanluogu Xiang, 4 law enforcement vehicles and 3 police cars in turn displaces dock road, urban management and traffic wardens, police, more than 10 people at the roadside stand. Alley under the Archway of the entrance, two security guards stood beside two soldiers, not far away there are college students dressed in blue volunteers volunteers and traffic wardens, hanging the work permit, Dongcheng District staff in the corner Office of the tourism authority observe an increasing influx of people coming.

Less than 800 metres of the alley, every figure of less than a hundred meters there is security personnel, there are security guards and police kept the crowd moving through. "We have a division of labor, we mainly do not allow motor vehicle and pedicabs through into nanluoguxiang. "Cotton in the East alley on duty security guard said.

North Green newspaper reporter discovered that lot directions are posted at the Hutong entrance "on the South Gong and drum lane crowded not traffic" signs. ICBC Bank is also in the alley because of "traffic control suspended." Even the relatively small crowd of nanluogu Lane entrance to the north end, and stopped a police car and a law enforcement vehicle.

Trail tours are hard to find

Attendance remained high

Yesterday morning, the South Gong and drum lane number of visitors, though not in a crowded, but also not too comfortable. Crowds of visitors gathered at the southern entrance to zhongxi route, relatively few people at North end of the alley.

2 o'clock in the afternoon to 2:30, North of black reporters at the entrance to South nanluogu Xiang, by pinching the table timed statistics, per minute this time from here to South luogu lane visitors have about 130 passengers. Look at the influx of crowds, in Dongcheng District Tourism Commission staff on site grooming next to the colleague said, "by this today, it's estimated more than 100,000 people. "

In so much traffic in the North Green newspaper reporter found no traces of tour-neither unification tourist Hat-a crowd of bodies, guides gathered in the South in the past did not find the Guide at the entrance on the scene. Only 12 points around, in to Ann door East Street South drums Xiang entrance West not far of place, has a car Henan licence of tourism bus docked in roadside, car Shang are is elderly and children, also has a lift with microphone of Guide side talk side to outside refers to pointing points, but bus only stay has a few minutes Bell time Hou on left has, guide and visitors does not got off.

"Should I still have one or two tours pretending to be ordinary individual mixed in, but they don't wear hats, handbags, go and ask people will admit it or not, we can only say sorry. "Entrance of nanluoguxiang, South North Green Security told reporters, off during the day he also saw six or seven tours here.

Tourism Board staff, Dongcheng District, South Gong and drum lane since its suspended receiving tourist groups, tour numbers have decreased, but there will be two or three tours a day on average, "we do not have law enforcement powers, discovered only after persuasion, but does not prevent the tourists to visit. "

Hutong tour obviously uneven

"Alternative" attractions in passenger flow is not

South Gong and drum lane "declined" team after the tourists, many travel agencies launched an alternative tourist routes, such as ctrip tourism launched the shichahai, yandai xiejie alley tour itinerary. "Beijing Tour products in more than 80% would recommend Beijing Hutong Tours, including nanluogu Lane, Dongcheng District, Yan Dai Xie Jie representative attractions South Gong and drum lane after restricting the entry of teams, we will push the old Beijing Hutong area. "

North Green reporters yesterday to shichahai, yandai xiejie visits found that this alley and not the so-called "alternative". Yesterday afternoon, the North Green reporter from the Lotus market along the shore all the way to the North, through yan Dai Xie Jie and then was put back from the alley South percussion lane. Find all the way, shichahai and yandai xiejie area with a few visitors, but with the South Gong and drum lane "packed", than there is not a huge amount of visitors.

Different from the South Gong and drum lane through the difficulties, yandai xiejie Street tourists can flock and two or three rows, and feel free to stay in front of a shop. A carried the blue guides flag on the street guide of bei Qing, Wang told reporters, Club guests from Nanning, they planned to go to South luogu Lane, we later learned, did not want the tour to, to Yan Dai Xie Jie. "This group is the elderly, if you find scattered in fear. "

Expert view

"Restricted group" cannot reduce the amount of visitors recommend online appointment system

Dialogist: China travel, Director of the Institute of the Ma Xiaolong

Bei Qing: from the "51" first-day visitors, fewer tours South Gong and drum Lane, but visitors are still very great, "restricted group" policy does not seem to be up to expectations of "burden lightening" effects?

Ma Xiaolong: nanluoguxiang, this historical and cultural blocks, abolishing the tourists more symbolic than practical effects. As a tourism management sector, can control or management of is travel agency, so we can see team visitors reduced has, but South drums Xiang this has must attraction of mass tourism products resources is compared scarce of, through this way although block has team visitors of coming, but in supply total not increased of situation Xia, in visitors needs and resources supply not match of when, is no approach from essentially ease of, facts also proved "51" during of visitors volume no significantly reduced, Policy does not have effect.

North Green: "restricted", the travel agencies have also introduced alternative alley, such as yan Dai Xie Jie, Dongcheng District, but does not increase the amount of visitors in these places, why is there this situation?

Ma Xiaolong: theoretically, there are alternative products to shunt visitors, but this is the ideal situation. Everyone came to South luogu lane is certainly because there is its unique charm, shichahai and yandai xiejie nanluogu Xiang have some similarities, but for tourists, their behavior was good would not close, can't swim team, deal as fit to go myself.

Bei Qing: that is limiting teams to visitors resulting in a kind of reverse psychology instead, increased traffic?

Ma Xiaolong: Yes, at least in the short term, that abolishing the reception practices to stimulate the visitors up.

North Green News: authorities launched the "limit" policies, said that Hu Tong, doing so is to reduce the load and the impact on the lives of local residents, if the "limits" are not up to this effect, do you have any suggestions?

Ma Xiaolong: If the most primitive starting point of policy is to minimize the impact on the lives of local production, I think booking online is the best option. Visits reservation required, but not to the ticket. To affect tourism on the block is not out of the question, but to effect controls under control, within an acceptable range, in the context of this take care of tours and the needs of local residents as much as possible, you can calculate a reasonable daily reception capacity, according to this ratio, online reservation system.

Bei Qing: the relevant Department "one size fits all" is in fact a little "lazy"?

Ma Xiaolong: these methods may be able to achieve the objective of limiting, but more "lazy politics" approach will not solve the problem, because our resources are scarce, and everyone wants to run a good place to go, this would certainly cause some conflicts.

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144197 reported that last year China s per capita wealth did you drag

144197 reported that last year, China's per capita wealth did you drag?

Photo: network

Compiled by the economic daily, China economic trends Research Institute of the China household wealth report published on 28th. The report covers 25 provinces, 268 total 12000 households, household survey data, concerning the country's household wealth, size and structure, urban-rural and regional differences, family, financial assets and housing investment and financing decisions, such as pension plans, comprehensive and objective reflection of the current situation of household wealth in China.

In 2015, China's per capita wealth of the family 144197, urban family and rural households per capita wealth 208317 Yuan and 64780 Yuan respectively. Urban households per capita wealth was 3.22 times times the wealth per capita of rural households. In addition to urban and rural differences, there are some regional differences in household wealth. Per capita wealth levels are highest in the eastern region, central region, and lowest in the Western region.

From the point source of wealth in order to understand the formation and distribution of household wealth, household wealth in China report on the analysis of the composition of household wealth. Net value of property is the most important components of household wealth, family wealth per capita in the country, real estate accounted for net 65.61%; urban and rural household per capita wealth, real estate net of 67.62% and 57.6%, respectively. Financial assets in the country, in urban and rural household per capita wealth, accounted for, and 16.49% and 18.61%, respectively. Movable and durable goods are also important components of household wealth, but its per capita share of wealth did not show significant differences between urban and rural areas.

China household wealth report analyses the family automobile, consumer credit, investment channels. Survey results show that car ownership rates of rural and urban households is 31.8%. Some families have more than one car, households with two or more cars accounted for 3.48% of the total number of households. On average, vehicles was 39.8 per hundred households. Car ownership there are significant differences between urban and rural areas. High household penetration of consumer credit, part of owning a car's family used loans to purchase cars, but this part of the family's smaller, only 18% of the family car ownership, 6.5% of the total households.

The main reasons for families to save, in the first place was "prepared for the children's education", more than 40% families are saving reasons. Followed by "to deal with emergencies and medical expenditures," "preparing for retirement savings" are "unwilling to bear the investment risk," "preparing for the purchase or renovation". This shows that the precautionary motive is the main cause of urban and rural household savings behaviour.

From the perspective of investment channels for urban and rural families, and families to participate in a variety of financial products investment, stock investment participation in relation to the maximum, 7.35% per cent of all households. Family 4.52% of the total family of investment funds, invests in collections of only 3.53% per cent of all families. Families participate in a variety of investment products is not blind to finance and investment, respondents identify with the views of family members, friends, colleagues, held positive attitude to family, friends, colleagues of the 57.48%. In addition, the role of professional financial planner highlights.

Household wealth in China survey shows that most people after the age of 60 has a lower expected income levels. 33.28% had expected after the age of 60, 30% of income will not be enough before the age of 60. 60.07% residents 60 years after the income will drop by more than half. In order to achieve ideal living standards in old age, 48.29% think should be making pension plan before age 50, 33.84% of the respondents think it should be in 51-60 age pension plans.

Child family maintenance and pensions are the two most important sources of pension income. The vast majority of people think that, after the age of 60 may appear difficult to cope with the situation, only 6.74% think there will not be difficult to cope with the situation. Personal fears after the age of 60 will be in a position to cope with the situation, ranked in the top five are the major diseases, accidents, help children, daily consumption and inflation. Survey results show that 8.16% of those surveyed commercial endowment insurance scheme for dealing with risk.

Source: Xinhua

Original title: report on surveys of household wealth in China (2016) Enterprise social insurance rates did drop treatment

Last updated: 04/29 14:58

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Guilin sky high fish processing result revocation concerned restaurant license

China News Service Bureau in Guangxi Guangxi, official Twitter @ headline NEWS, April 26, on April 25, "Guilin sky-high fish" joint investigation group has completed the investigation of related issues, found to be against the interests of consumers with price fraud, license revocation involved restaurants and the food service license, restaurant fined 500,000 yuan and other concerned the penalty decision. Currently, Guilin has been catering special improvement work carried out. Harbin sky high fish store recognized staff to

According to the Guilin evening news earlier reported that tourist Wang recently in a beer in two rivers and four lakes of Guilin scenic area, fish restaurant. Pick the fish, Assistant to Ms Wong suggested a "delicious" when, in the case of failure to inform fish prices, weighing, directly killed the fish. Wang learned afterwards, this fish is the baby fish, price 1500 Yuan/kg, killed 32 fish weighing 3 pounds, total price 5000 Yuan. After mediation by the police, Ms Wang closing 1500 Yuan after the departure.

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Rongjiang County Guizhou province city was hurt by a surrounding beat pharmacy

Rongjiang County, Guizhou province city was hurt by a surrounding beat pharmacy owner, police set up a task force survey

Pharmacies after a man was wounded in the head and fell to the ground.

On April 23, rongjiang County, Guizhou province, Chengguan in law enforcement during clashes with a chemist, resulting in drug store owner injured in hospital. At present, rongjiang County Public Security Bureau has set up a task force to investigate.

Injured shopkeeper surging family news (www.thepaper.CN) sent photos and video from said pharmacy party clashed with the city party, pharmacies, a man was wounded in the head, and suture needles.

Rongjiang County, Guizhou province city was hurt by a surrounding beat pharmacy owner, police set up a task force survey

Owner fell in a coma after being baton blows, then sent to Guizhou Provincial people's hospital treatment.

According to relatives of injured shopkeeper introduced, 23rd at 8 o'clock in the morning, rongjiang County "popular da" new store opening, owner friends to celebrate, put four two fire crackers and Fireworks. 6 Chengguan came to halt, the two sides quarrel, and ultimately through counseling and consultation, urban management team owner will be required to pay a fine to accept treatment. Not expected, at about 10 o'clock in the morning, the owner fails to pay a fine, 15 uniformed Chengguan armed with batons and sticks, divided by two law enforcement vehicles site, hit the shop owners and assistants. Among them, fell in a coma after the owner be baton blows, evacuations, Guizhou Provincial people's Hospital for emergency treatment, drug stores inside and outside the facility and was Hui-loss of goods.

Rongjiang County, Guizhou province city was hurt by a surrounding beat pharmacy owner, police set up a task force survey Rongjiang County, Guizhou province city was hurt by a surrounding beat pharmacy owner, police set up a task force survey

When video surveillance screenshots.

Chengguan was the beating incident, rongjiang County enforcement agency staff to the news that the surging of the Urban Council, the police have been involved, urban management is working with the police investigation, according to police.

The night of 24th, rongjiang County Public Security Bureau through the official Micro-Blog reported that on April 23, 2016 at 10 o'clock, rongjiang County in Jinzhou City Municipal Council enforcement agency b, "hearts of Pharmacy" in law enforcement, conflict with pharmacy, drugstore owners caused injuries. After the incident, police deploy police formed task force investigating details will be announced to the public in due course. 3 requirements for public officials in Henan province

Rongjiang County, Guizhou province city was hurt by a surrounding beat pharmacy owner, police set up a task force survey

The scene man carrying a suspected pipe-like object.

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China insurance regulatory Commission warning to Hong Kong to buy insurance

Insuring risk-prone behind the boom in Hong Kong, the China insurance regulatory Commission on this controversial phenomenon of sound.

On April 22, the CIRC's official website published "tips on insurance risk to Hong Kong residents in the Mainland" article, citing mainland users to its Hong Kong insurance 5 risks that may arise from laws, foreign exchange, return, surrender, specific provisions to make tips.

Following is the full text:

With the improvement of residents ' income and enhanced their sense of insurance, some Mainland residents to visit Hong Kong to purchase insurance products. Insurance business in Hong Kong and the Mainland law, regulatory policy, and insurance products, there are many differences.

China insurance regulatory Commission on the risks associated with buying insurance in Hong Kong prompted the following, hope the broad masses of consumers are aware of the risk, prudent insured.

Legal protection of a Mainland, Hong Kong is not the fact

Firstly, mainland residents ' insurance policies in Hong Kong, went to the insured and Hong Kong sign the insurance contract you want. Territory of insurance policies in Hong Kong are illegal "underground insurance policies", neither the civil law, are not subject to Hong Kong law.

Second, mainland residents insured insurance applicable Hong Kong laws of Hong Kong. Where there is a dispute, the applicant required rights proceedings under the laws of Hong Kong. Compared with the Mainland, higher cost of legal proceedings in Hong Kong, could face higher costs of time and cost.

In addition, other than the legal proceedings, the applicant may also choose to the insurance claims complaints Bureau in Hong Kong complaints and claims-claims disputes, but the Council may award compensation limit is 1 million Hong Kong dollars, large policy disputes could not be processed by the Council decision.

Second, the exchange rate risk and foreign exchange risk policy

On one hand, mainland residents in Hong Kong, the policy, payments, insurance premiums paid in Hong Kong dollars, US dollars and other foreign currencies, consumers need to take foreign currency exchange rate risk. Increased camp changed rules introduction purchased

The other hand, outside of mainland residents to buy life insurance and investments return dividends insurance, financial and capital transactions, is a project of the current foreign exchange management policy has not yet been opened, there is a certain risk. In addition, premium payment methods to purchase term life insurance policies, there may be due to changes in foreign exchange policy cannot pay the renewal premium risk.

Three uncertainties, policy benefits

For a participating insurance, its dividend above the guaranteed return is uncertain. Mainland insurance products in compliance with regulatory requirements, in accordance with the level of low, medium, and high profile shows bonus, shows interest rate caps, and 3% and 6%, respectively.

Higher degree of Hong Kong's insurance market, the dividend is not shows a clear demand and most commonly used 6% of dividends more than rate of return shows. But the bonuses themselves are not guaranteed, with great uncertainty, can be realized depends primarily on whether insurance companies maintain a high return on investment for a long time.

Four early, policy cash value low, return loss

When a surrender in the Middle, the insured person can only get the cash value of the policy. Hong Kong regulators on the cash value of the insurance products without specific requirements, most Exchange early in the policy cash values of the policy for a long time is very low, 2 years before or even zero customers once they surrender will suffer larger losses.

Five, needs to be carefully read the terms of insurance products

Terms of insurance products in Hong Kong uses traditional Chinese characters, expressions and the Mainland vary. Applicant needs to be carefully read the articles, fully understand the conditions of insurance liabilities, claims, and other important content to avoid contract disputes caused by inaccurate articles understanding.

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And now express little brother was playing Xian yuantong express car drivers

China business network April 20 message, April 19 1:20 P.M. around, yuantong express Xian labor road company salesman Xu a in normal sent pieces way Xian flowers Pearl community door Shi, was a car by West to East fast driving of silver car impact, impact location for electric front wheel location, was hit Hou male driver and the while ride of a name women shake Xia Windows insults the salesman: "you long didn't eye?", salesman said you don't curse has, has what we alarm line no. Then these two on the sales people revile more competition, beating express little more than more than 30 boxing around after playing two people escaped by car. Harbin astronomical investigation investigation

And now express little brother was playing! Xian yuantong express car drivers hit on the brow bone fractures

After a hospital CT examination and diagnosed by courier right brow bone fractures. Network information

Express brother found the right brow bone fractures, police have identified concerned owners

Yesterday (April 19) afternoon by the clerk in the hospital accompanied by his colleagues in the West Group the wounds were cleaned and stitched, today (April 20) says the employee dizzy has been sent to a hospital for further examination, after checking the delivery brother brow bone fractures on the right side.

After a police investigation, Shaanxi has been investigating involved vehicles a licence, but confirmation by the reporters to the party yesterday (April 19) beat he is not the owner, event-related progress in the police investigation.

And now express little brother was playing! Xian yuantong express car drivers hit on the brow bone fractures

Beaten courier in the afternoon on the day of the incident the hospital diagnostic manual. Network information

Courier was beaten, yuantong express through the company's legal department shall be investigated for criminal liability

Yuantong express courier was beaten about the journalist linked to a flexible trans-shipment centre in the Northwest, Northwest current flexible company leaders have sympathy on behalf of the courier company, and stand on the matter:

First, as well as attention to express security, express itself should society pay attention to security of the person. Yuantong express network-wide employee safety training, first of all emphasize human safety, starting from the law-abiding, comply with the rules. Flexible employee safety manual, when this situation is encountered, try to avoid conflicts, do self-protective measures, and to write down the license plate and other features, and for the first time to alert police.

Second, a disregard for employee violations of the legitimate rights and interests of the company are not good company! if such an event occurs, yuantong will dutifully through the company's legal department using the legal means for the attacker, injury to firmly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees. This is not only to protect the interest of an employee, but to protect the interests of all fighting on the front line staff. Brave the storm all day "express little brother" in the community from "chill".

Thirdly, the express of its hard work, responsibility for all to see, they are easy for us to live, work and happiness, society should give more care. Express service is not great, courier who never asks for a return, but everyone is a dignified, courier requires real respect, which is the basic right of every citizen.

And now express little brother was playing! Xian yuantong express car drivers hit on the brow bone fractures

Residential property owners by express written request testimony of autograph books. Network information

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Make express little brother after being scolded compensation of 400 Yuan to

On April 18, after being refused media requests for interviews, was beaten in Beijing shunfeng express brother accepted the interview of CCTV news, said after being hit as fears of a delay in delivery Express, hitting 400 Yuan of compensation to settle, feel wronged, "work well, are so! "

Introduced Xiao Feng by courier, before sirens signaled the driver of the incident, his own three-wheeled electric car to pass, drivers back rub; drivers on the physical or verbal abuse, saying, "see you again, hit you again."

Xiao Feng said, after the alarm, police, onlookers said to them "it's not just your, he (the driver)". Taking into account the "one more thing less thing", plus there are not sent out by courier, to avoid delays in delivery, decided to settle pay driver 400 Yuan. "Acknowledge luck, grievances, work, money, are like that. "

Earlier media reports, Xiao Feng a stranger, wife pregnant for several months, in order to support their family to Beijing courier.

Surging staff had told news SF company (www.thepaper.CN), courier was identified more soft tissue injury, currently is home to recuperate.

Xiao Feng said in an interview, he subsequently reported the case and hope that the police can handle the attacker. Beijing Guang an men hospital there were security

Shun Feng informed the companies continuous statement after the incident, given each other repeatedly beaten brother, extremely bad behavior, the company does not agree to mediation request for this to cause trouble, it is recommended that criminal responsibility. Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau East Branch April 18, vehicle rub beat Shun Feng express driver Lee was arrested for affray is 10th.

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Woman exposes in the Emei mountain by a monkey who robbed the cell phone the

Chengdu business daily, April 15, Netizen tweeting with video says: April 14, Emei mountain in Sichuan province to feed the monkeys then shoot, was suddenly the monkey snatched the phone. Mount Emei scenic area staff and did not receive the tourists lost her cell phone for help, have staff to look for. Scenic monkey bread sales angry way, this video is clearly three days ago, tourists pay and require our assistance.

On April 14, SINA weibo users @ little Liu Zi pants a faux, said on the same day when the Mount Emei scenic area to feed the monkeys, cell phones were robbed by monkeys, and released the monkey who robbed the cell phone video. Soon, the video went viral on the Internet. Mount Emei scenic area two monkey-food salesman said, monkeys who robbed the cell phone thing happened three days ago, however, was paying tourists asked them to assist in the production of, and repeatedly shot it seven or eight times in the day, cell phones are back, and not lost.

From the afternoon of April 14 evening, Chengdu business daily reporters several times to contact the user, but it has not made any response, during this period, the blogger has been constantly updated. Reporters repeatedly calling the same day and monkey bread sales contact phone number, has been in a State of no answer.

Woman exposes in the Emei mountain by a monkey who robbed the cell phone, the staff said it posed

Video screenshot.

Tourist fact: shooting-while-feed the monkeys, but the monkey snatched mobile phones

April 14, 10:30 A.M., SINA weibo users "@ Xiao Liu Zi pants" tweet said: "I'm furious! Mobile phones were robbed by a monkey! Living a long, scenic, the monkey is the ' bandit '! Mt friend please note the Monkey Bar, as long as the back cell phone, I would thank! "

When the user also posted a 27-second video: a woman wearing a yellow coat after seeing the nearby monkey, was maid of honor for her by fellow monkeys food and small monkeys to eat. At this point, next to an older monkeys runs forward, the yellow-clad women spread out left side feed, while the right hand cell phone video feed.

However, the surprise is, monkeys eaten a few Yellow Lady left after food, he snatched her cell phone in his right hand, and then turned and ran up the mountain, the whole process lasted only 4 seconds. In this video, you can clearly hear the yellow-clad woman was shouting: "cell phone! Mobile phone! Mobile phone! Hey, my phone! I have important things on the phone...... "

10:43, Netizen "@ Xiao Liu Zi pants" Tweeting, this phone is very important to her, begging near the kind people to help find, find-Xie. 11:16, Netizen "@ Xiao Liu Zi pants" update Twitter again, after the phone was snatched her first time to chase the monkeys, and searched around the corner, close to ask a lot of tourists, but have made no progress. Then, she said, after Twitter never thought so many people concern, surprise, everyone is willing to help, I was very moved.

Scenic response: did not receive visitors for help, live search no results

Why the monkey snatched the phone? Many observant netizens discovered that monkeys in video hot machine pulled a cell phone lanyard, lanyard has a strawberry-shaped pendant at the bottom, will this "Strawberry" relevant? Home Jiangsu family for Joe the unpaid body frozen

In this regard, the afternoon of April 14, Mount Emei scenic area by the wildlife conservation officials say, wild macaques in Emei monkey is mainly due to its domestication without, seeing visitors have food, inevitably will approach and discuss or even robbing, monkey see tourists strawberries on the phone, probably thought it was really fruit, snatched the phone. Yuan said, staff of the Mount Emei scenic area, Mount Emei monkey snatched mobile phones which are not many, current area had not yet received the tourist for help. Judging from the video, places of occurrence of qingyin Pavilion zone trench Department natural, g staff rushed to the scene to search for, but did not find the phone.

"If you can contact visitors, know her phone number, we get through her cell phone rings the Bell, will search for help. "Yuan said, but staff through tweets, has not answered. Scenic hope that visitors can take the initiative to contact area staff, do their best to help her retrieve cell phone as soon as possible.

Monkey bread sales: visitors pay requested assistance, taken three days ago seven or eight times

Although the phone is not found, but scenic area staff in the search process, we heard that three days ago, also took the monkey away tourists phone thing, but was eventually recovered, could this be the same thing?

Published in the online video, appeared briefly one of monkey food sales figures. Late on April 14, contact reporter traveled the monkey food sales on Chen Shurong.

Chen Shurong is 58 years old local villager, qingyin zone for eco-tourists taking pictures, selling monkey bread for tens of years. After watching the online video, she is very safe to say, is the same thing, are they. According to Chen Shurong memories, April 11, at 10 in the morning, 4-Member they find her, said he wanted the money to find someone to assist in the production of "monkey who robbed the cell phone" video and to help find mobile phones. After haggling, both sides was sold for 100 Yuan. Subsequently, Chen Shurong had two other villagers selling monkey food, help with video.

"When we came, they sit beside the roadside stalls, stalls sell Strawberry pendant on. "Chen Shurong said, at first we still have to worry about, if the monkey snatched mobile phones fell to do, they said, if snatched mobile phones can not find back what, they said nothing. Same day around 11 and started filming.

"We need to help preserve order in their spot, but also prevent them from being scratched by monkeys, also observe the monkeys escape direction, to facilitate retrieve cell phone. "Another monkey bread salesman Zhang Yunxue told Chengdu business daily journalist, for more than an hour in the morning, it repeated it five times, but each time the phone back.

Chen Shurong said that after the end of filming, the woman asked for her phone number in yellow, said there is a need to link in the afternoon. At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, Chen Shurong got a call from the other side, said the morning had not, to ask for help. Video taken after two or three times.

"They smear on strawberries, a little scent a bit involved. "Chen Shurong told Chengdu business daily journalist, after the monkey snatched the phone in the video, running two or three meters away," Strawberry "pulled away, phone dropped in the grass, she quickly stepped forward picked up the phone back.

Visitors did not respond to questions but tweeting: mobile phone has been found

"We think they want to shoot video, is what to do with, or even to have a play. "The 60-year old Zhang Yunxue heard about this video on the Internet fire, especially when heard tourists say mobile phones were robbed by monkeys, have yet to find, when everyone is called Mount Emei monkey, he stamped," this is obviously their acting, spoke with the real thing. "

The truth of what? Strawberry pendant is deliberately preparing it? What is video? From the afternoon of April 14 evening, repeated contact SINA Netizen "@ Xiao Liu Zi pants", but it has not made any response, and during this period, her micro-blog has been updated. Meanwhile, reporters repeatedly call the phone number that day had contacted Chen Shurong, displays attribution is Qingdao, Shandong province, the phone can get through, but has been in a State of no answer.

April 14, 17:11, Netizen "@ Xiao Liu Zi pants" Tweeting, thank you for helping spread, just haven't found (cell phone), will probably be to be found. Subsequently, the reporter via Twitter direct message, to verify the monkey food sales related information, still has not been answered. 19:12, Netizen "@ Xiao Liu Zi pants" Tweeting, "said mobile phone found! Good fun! Thank you for your interest, and thanks to area staff help! Just phone seems to be eating a lot of bitter, but not bad. The most funny is that this Monkey has a video taken with my mobile phone. "From the video distribution should be the phone was photographed after the monkey snatched a few seconds picture.

Mount Emei scenic area to remind, natural ecological zone set along the "safekeeping of valuables" labels, visitors are advised not to bring bags, plastic bags, etc. In addition, tourists try not to close encounters with monkeys or teasing monkey, fast action, so as to avoid being scratched by monkeys or robbed of belongings, emergency situations may seek security help.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

National soccer team top 12 tournament encounter Korea Iran GAO we re with

After 15 years of waiting, football has finally returned to the final stage of the World Cup Asian preliminaries matches, but want to copy the World Cup glory again, team also surrounded by superior forces of 12 matches stand out.

The afternoon of April 12, Beijing time, 2018 World Cup Asian preliminaries top 12 tournament draw in Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur. Final draw, ahead of the fourth tranche of China and Syria, and Qatar, and Uzbekistan, and Korea, and Iran in group a, and will be conducted in September this year to September next year of 10 World Cup qualifier competition.

After learning of the draw, China coach Gao Hongbo said: "Korea and Iran is acknowledged the tough teams in our group, overall strength is very strong, more strong players, we should be able to find from Aichi. "

National soccer team top 12 tournament encounter Korea Iran, GAO: we're with softness

Soccer World Cup qualifier posters.

Top 12 game, never "checked"

There is a gap for the strength of the team, no matter how the draw, surrounded by were unable to escape the enemy situation.

According to the rules of this ballot, 12 teams were divided into 6 levels, two teams in each grade were randomly assigned to two groups, China and the U.A.E. the same IV.

Lot grading is as follows (the FIFA rankings):

First gear: Iran (42), Australia (50)

Second gear: Korea (56-bit), Japan (57)

Third gear: Saudi Arabia (60), Uzbekistan (66)

Part IV: U.A.E. (68), China (81)

V: Qatar (83), Iraq (105)

VI: Syria (110), Thailand (119)

In other words, no matter how you draw, the team will be the "group of death".

A look at the final draw, in the national soccer team in the same group, first leg Iran, while in the previous 40 matches, 6-2 the team undefeated. On the historical confrontation, the Chinese team is solely at a disadvantage with 5 WINS and 4-10.

And the second team in Korea, football has long been difficult to win over opponents. Facing Korea, played 33 games in the history of football in only won 2 games. Last one was under Gao Hongbo hit the 3:0.

Third of Uzbekistan, v Qatar and team strength is not comparable.

The sixth tranche of the weakest team Syria is no less of a threat on the team. Syria, national soccer team in 9 games before winning 6 games.

According to the rules, and finally clinch the top two of each group will go directly to the World Cup finals, two team third place play-off is needed, the winner will compete for places in a World Cup with teams in North America and in the Caribbean.

National soccer team top 12 tournament encounter Korea Iran, GAO: we're with softness

National soccer team can break the "Korean disease"?

Tight race is a huge challenge

Not only is the group situation, China soldiers will also face a challenge on the race.

Because it is a fourth team, China's first and last games will be scheduled on the road. In addition, in 10 games, China also hit 4 times "two games a week," the close race.

On September 1 against Korea zhihou, China immediately to return home for the 6th for the second round, ready to meet Iran's challenge.

Then in early October, China vs Syria Hou, but also without to Uzbekistan for 5 days after the fourth round.

In March and August of next year, the Chinese team will meet twice again "two games a week of" baptism, namely vs Korea war after Iran, as well as at home playing Uzbekistan later went West against Qatar's final round. A ping against six countries remember 36 years

Such a close race, testing not only the players ' strength, and overall logistics and organization of the work of the Chinese Football Association. Such as siting at home, how to minimize their commuting and increase the difficulty of playing away from home opponent.

National soccer team top 12 tournament encounter Korea Iran, GAO: we're with softness

GAO Hongbo was back after five years the team played 12 matches opportunities.

Gao also create miracles?

Facing tough opponents and tough race, team only to a fight.

Chinese Football Association Executive Committee members Wang Dazhao surging to reporters, team strength difference, but should give it a try, "World Cup chance, but China can try to fight a fight that 0.5 places, is also a good result. "

As a part of the top ten games of the old international, Xie Hui considered the logistics work is a top priority.

"For example coordination of League, champions, and competitions between national teams, can provide better conditions for national team, have more logistical support, medical teams, special transfers, and so on. There is the to Gao in greater autonomy, some random person do not interfere with head coach. "Xie Hui said.

National soccer team into the top 12 after the game, successful "full member" of the national soccer team coach Gao Hongbo did not appear on the ballot, he chose to study the performance of players in the League in the country. Next national team pre-season friendly, the best time will be his selection of players.

For fans, the GAO team breakout top 40 game called "miracles". In the top 12 of the more brutal race, he will create more miracles?

Football's top 12 race schedule:

1 2016.9.1 Korea trip

2 2016.9.6 Iran home

3 2016.10.6 Syria home

4 2016.10.11 Uzbekistan away

5 2016.11.15 Qatar home

6 2017.3.23 Korea home

7 2017.3.28 Iran away from home

8 2017.6.13 Syria away

9 2017.8.31 Uzbekistan at home

10 2017.9.5 Qatar away

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wuhan police drugged woman said were motor cars was also requested to share

Wuhan police drugged woman said were motor cars, was also requested to share videos

On April 9, Wuhan Hubei, a young woman from Shanghai by train with his mother on his way back to Han, says train marshals long drugged and were asked to watch videos together. Women aware of police, railway police have been involved in the investigation.

Wuhan police drugged woman said were motor cars, was also requested to share videos

The morning of April 10, chutian metropolis daily journalist in hospital emergency rooms see 28 Parties she and her parents, three plainclothes presence of railway police investigation.

She introduces April 9 around 5 o'clock in the afternoon, she and her mother returned to Wuhan from Shanghai by train D3086. Train to start soon, her cell phone with her mother out of power, she took two phones to train at the side of the sink outlet.

At this point, the long train marshals came to her and said that he had charge, easier than here. She agreed, to the guard with its lounge, indoor and no one else.

When charging by Sergeant chats with her, asking whether she is a person by car, is a college student. Soon, the Sheriff asked her to drink water, she declined. Police said the burning of his water is purified water, boiling water and the carriage is different. H Hotel attacked women don t want a penny just

Ms Deng returning to his seat, took a bottle of own brewed tea in the lounge. Guard up to pour water, BREW, she drank the tea. Marshals long began to ask she didn't watch the movie on his cell phone. She refused, the police Chief, said his passion in a film, asked her if she ever read. She says not interested. Police said the sex film, asked her if she ever read.

Don't feel well, she left the room. When she returns to position, head started spinning, body sweating, rapid heartbeat, trembling.

Allegedly drugged, she immediately Ms Poon explained the situation with the mother. Ms pan to guard a long lounge, get phone and back to her daughter drink Cup. After you go back to your seat, Ms Pan telephone alarm immediately and contact the conductor, reflect the situation. Conductor and her daughter Ms Pan arrangement to a separate lounge.

Last night (April 9), 10:11, trains arrive at the Hankou station. The Wuhan Railway Administration surnamed Hou police officers boarded the bus to see Ms pan and her daughter ordering party police long to hand over mobile phones.

11, Wuhan police officer Pan surnamed Hou Lady mother and daughter to hospital for checks. Hospital said it could not reach the relevant items to check. At the request of Ms pan, when police officers brought two people to hospital, Peking Union Medical College Hospital doctor on duty said it could not check.

At this point, Ms Deng's father arrived at the scene, he and Hou opens police officers guard long phone, and confirmed that there are videos. However, the marshals long mobile phone evidence with blood and urine sampling, Mr Tang a disagree with civilian police. At a press conference, coordinated by the both sides agreed to use envelopes, cloth handset with the Cup seal. She was in the hospital both blood and urine samples are extracted, and a report to the police, a job he retained.

Police confirmed surnamed Hou, the party concerned is indeed one of the marshals, now was controlled by the police.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Official woman attacked hotels such as the violations concerned the responsibility

Official: woman attacked hotels such as the violations concerned the responsibility is true, future rating or affected

Beijing 798 and Indigo in the hotel lobby. People's daily online

Yi Hotel Beijing home and woman since the attack, concerned competent Department of the hotel industry's first statement on the media, calling the hotel "there must be responsibility."

According to the Beijing times, April 8, reporter on April 7 from the Chaoyang Tourism Board found, 798 h hotel related matters have been referred to public security departments for investigation, if the violation responsibilities are true, 798 h hotel or will be faced with a series of punitive measures, which would involve a fine, grade, and so on.

Chaoyang District Tourism Board officials said currently 798 h Hotel event has been fully handed over to the Police Department. "This incident has caused negative social effects, as departments in charge of industry, we have 798 h Hotel requests, let the police carefully to provide material, and Chaoyang District Tourism Board also sent a person informed about events in progress. "

The official said the incident proved 798 h hotel security did not perform their duties according to related regulation on the production process. "A variety of grades, Chaoyang District, the hotel very much, Chaoyang District Tourism Commission nearly two years has been trying to catch the hotel's safety issues, this hotel certainly has a responsibility, we will also further scrutiny the according to the related regulations to the area, do their utmost to maintain the safety of tourists. "

In addition, the official noted that 798 h hotel will have a corresponding punitive measures, "the first hotel after the incident is not the first time reported to the authorities, this should be a warning at the same time, according to the results of police investigation into the future, if the relevant accountable for violating is true, the hotel will also face fines and other penalties, grading is also likely to be affected in the future. " 130 000 people buy your ticket information disclosure

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Woman married Song Zhongji PS avatar and get a card in Chongqing father s wrath

Urban heat on April 5, Korean fire the Sun descended from all over the country, hero Song Zhongji became a hot topic, even in the minds of many women's "new husband", white shirts with his friends registered as mashups, you PS your avatar with Song Zhongji collar "marriage certificate". Miss LI, 26, also follow the example of their avatar on the PS, and Tan on the network of "marriage", but the result is not entertaining others, but angered father ... ...

Sun and Song Zhongji "marriage certificate", and joked "I by the end of the"

Recent Korean descent of the Sun Fire, hero Song Zhongji photographs crowding the screen almost circle of friends. Tomb-sweeping day, Miss LI, 26, taking advantage of the holiday which engaged in planning, a man at home in Chongqing Ba Shucheng 6 phone. She did not, "Korea", no more episodes, but saw an Internet sensation "Song Zhongji registration of white shirts as" fun, will participate.

She asked college students to help their registration as together with Song Zhongji PS and PS two photos above the marriage certificate. After students help revised "marriage certificate", shake up, just like the real thing.

See friends in print such photos PS, Miss LI didn't feel wrong, at the micro-circle, this dynamic. "I was still thinking, we all know that Song Zhongji estimated members will also feel good to play. " Xinhua News Agency reporter experience a hospital

Miss Lee, a sister of Miss LI, forward this message and jokingly asked when her Banquet, she readily respond to this joke: this will be a seat, you will come to Korea for the wedding.

Took Li's surprise, Miss LI, the sister added the father of micro-signals, their conversations were father Li saw.

Dad angry phone calls lambasting, explaining half an hour to figure out

Miss LI's father in dianjiang County home. See conversation, immediately phoned her daughter: which agree to marry you? You keep my card? Where is the man? ……

Were scolded by dad right, Miss Lee received a response from, explains most of the day, also taught my father Internet search "Song Zhongji" and the words of the descendants of the Sun, father saw news search, didn't blame her.

However, this thing was really nervous by the father, his daughter after the talk, repeatedly saying: "you're my baby girl, don't hold us to steal account of the marriage, what you must think it over before doing it. "

This "marriage" Black Dragon event, not only scared the father, friends even know, also have been spooked. On April 4, at Chongqing University professional reading senior friend Jiejie interviewed. "Our young people know who Song Zhongji, PS this picture too but her true, those old friends don't know the stem, just nervous, how all of a sudden got married. "

Ching Ming Festival these days, Miss LI is stuck in this thing, someone whisper micro letters congratulating her wedding day, or someone she so hot like this man, Miss Li explains each of them individually, just managed to stop.

Reporters also Miss Lee and her boyfriend on the phone, very quiet boyfriend, this is: "she was mischievous, I was angry not because such things, let dad think of her nervous, I felt very funny. "

Li also summarizes life joke but can't open, had jokes to the wrong person would have gone like this thing, generation as the father who doesn't know this TERRIER.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Rogers China certainly does not fail don t believe investors short of theories

Rogers: China certainly does not fail, don't believe investors short of theories in the West

Jim Rogers New round of restriction again Hebei Langfang

2nd, international financial investment guru Jim Rogers appeared in Yangzhou, attended the meeting here of the "innovation and sharing • 2016 global and investment opportunities in China," Symposium on economic development of Yangtze River Delta. Rogers ' speeches, he is unabashedly optimistic about China's future-world of the 21st century is China.

And Buffett, Soros and called Rogers three global financial giants, known as the "Wall Street mythology." That afternoon, Rogers first came to Yangzhou debut, first sentence in American English "Hello" greeting to everyone.

Rogers speech, talking about how his own view of today's world as well as some of his practices. He said, "a few years ago I took my fiancee started to travel around the world in three years, we went from 116 countries, created the world Guinness Book of records. "He would talk about his three points, and had kids very happy; we have to learn Putonghua in 21st century, China will become the most important country in the world.

"China will become the 21st century's most important country, to my children in the 21st century based on, you need to let them master the 21st century Chinese will become the most important language. "Rogers says," my children are learning the Chinese language ", he plays a video, performing two of his daughters read Chinese poetry and tongue twisters.

For future investment prospects in China? What is Rogers did not give a specific answer, but his path is given, he said, Chinese are smarter than him, investment will be followed by the Government. He is very optimistic about China's tourism and agriculture. Rogers believes that there are more than 1.3 billion people in China, more and more people are willing to go to see the world, the next 20-30 years, Chinese tourists will play a very important role in the global tourism market. Meanwhile, the Chinese Government has introduced a number of policies in favour of agricultural development, he expects China's agricultural development prospects are very good.

Rogers also said the dollar is not the strongest currency in the world, the dollar has a lot of insecurity. He now has his own investment is to sell the dollar and hold huge amounts of Yuan.

Rogers shared his views on the world economic situation, he expected this year or next year will take place at the end of the global financial crisis. But at the same time, he also sees investment opportunities in China, some Western economists think China is bound to fail, Rogers responded, China certainly does not fail, do not have to believe the theory of Western investors shorting.