Monday, February 6, 2017

Hubei Enshi police interrogation at gunpoint to escape being captured the men

Police patrol saw two men and a woman acting suspiciously in civilian clothes, ready to drive away, then call an armed patrol police reinforcements. Sitting in the passenger's men at gun-toting guard police flustered, February 4, Enshi City police will man controlled death of the man suspected of intentionally harming others fugitives he's online.

February 4 at 1 o'clock in the morning, Enshi Public Security Bureau police video investigation Li Chen, Wat Tambor in Enshi city jingui Avenue SE tea city gate in plain clothes patrol, discovery is about to drive off of 2 men and 1 Women acting suspiciously, then with armed patrol police quickly rushed to the scene after receiving calls for 3 suspects for interrogation according to law. Beijing license plate hot rental market their

Verify driver identity information of the police, in the passenger seat the man opens the door of the cab, and one foot had just stepped off the trailer and looked up and saw a gun next to alert police to shut the door, looking very nervous. Suspicious of the man action alert police, quickly came and ordered the man to get off to accept checks.

After verification, the man he's a fugitive of the Internet, May 5, 2016, due to disputes, its fightings with others related to Liu Jia, Liu Yi, injury by Liu Jia, Liu Yi died.

At present, he has been detained and investigations are further processed.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tianjin gas poisoning accident in a dormitory 2 dead 10 people taken to hospital

Tianjin daily reported on February 2, this morning, a staff quarters, Hedong District suspected gas poisoning accident caused by gas water heater leakage. So far 2 people have been killed, 10 people to hospital and is now out of danger. Black radio and lucrative industry chain survey

After receiving the report, Tianjin Municipal Party Secretary Li Hongzhong sent immediate instructions: "to organize rescue work hard but also to the general public through the media, special still heated by coal the public warning issued a special notice, pay attention to safety, the prevention of gas poisoning. "

Tianjin's mayor Wang Dongfeng instructions: "be organized rescue efforts, identify the cause of the accident, serious investigation and prevent the occurrence of such problems, widely publicized scientific methods for use of gas and coal-fired appliances, targeted safety tips warning education, and ensure safety. "(Formerly titled Li Hongzhong Wang Dongfeng, Hedong District staff quarters of collective poisoning gas instructions)