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Li Chunping real property is managed in China part of the property was mortgaged

Network of recently exposed Li Chunping sick and facing about the misappropriation of assets, and new developments. Yesterday, claiming to be green reporter Li Chunping family poster to North provides an asset agreement and a lawyer's letter. Agreement shows that Li Chunping in Beijing have been all property and all property entrusted to a company operating in mainland China, and the company has the right to their property as collateral. According to another lawyer's letter, Li Chunping property has been used to guarantee to borrow $250 million, are currently being sued for compensation and interest on the principal.

To this end, the North Green newspaper reporter sent letters to Li Chunping and lawyer to verify. Li Chunping North Green reporter confirmed that was indeed signed "assets trust agreement", but for real estate secured $250 million loan, said Li Chunping oral knowledge and deny the mortgage. Counsel acknowledges sent letters to Li Chunping.

Li Chunping real property is managed in China, part of the property was mortgaged to borrow $250 million are overdue

At gongti spring square is the well-known Li Chunping name real estate.


All the real estate in China to be managed

In net exposure mentioned in the post, "some companies have put Mr Li Chunping signed a custody agreement took away all his property".

Yesterday afternoon, the North Green newspaper reporter to the post, representatives of the families of Korean woman. Han ladies to North Green reported reporter show has a copies "assets managed business agreement", in this copies this year June signed of agreement in the, Li Chunping all is located in Beijing city of all real estate and the other property, including land and housing, and in China city has ownership of real estate and property, are referred to the a name for in the section joint enterprise management group limited (referred to in the section) of institutions management, managed period for 20, Li Chunping in managed during annual can get 70 million yuan of business income.

However, where noted in the agreement, in the commissioning period right to mortgage finance Li Chunping real estate property. According to another lawyer's letter, part of the Li Chunping as a company loan mortgage real estate has been, to borrow from a lender 250 million Yuan, the company agreed to pay interest, as Li Chunping of the guarantor is currently being sued for compensation and interest on the principal.


Li Chunping calls himself signed the contract, but denied loans

A Li Chunping risky agreement was signed by Li Chunping, please? Bei Qing Li Chunping once again place yesterday afternoon, Li Chunping sat on the couch and answer the phone, five staff members in the chat. When North Green reporter from the bag, took out a copy of the contract to confirm Li Chunping, indoor staff members suddenly excited to stop.

At the insistence of reporters, Li Chunping see a copy of the agreement, handwriting and signature green to the North after reporters said was he signed: "hosting business, Yes. "Journalists will borrow 250 million letters to Li Chunping again for verification. Li Chunping said they did not know, and emotionally told reporters: "what a loan of 250 million, mortgage, no matter! " Changsha Street under Marshal tengfang notify

At this time, staff members rushed into the room, a female staff member took out his mobile phone to reporters shooting video, next to two staff members to his reporters and Li Chunping, another man holding a cell phone: "you come, Director, they gave Lee a contract yet, come on, reporters gave Lee a contract! "A middle-aged man in serious contract Li Chunping said," you see the contract? You do not see the contract, right? "Li Chunping, said:" no ".

Bei Qing then contacted law firm lawyers were the signature of dahui, the other letter of confirmation sent to Li Chunping, letters should be true, and said it is still waiting for Li Chunping contact, "I did not call from Mr Li Chunping, I welcome Mr Li Chunping, contact me as soon as possible. "Bei Qing reporter with trust agreements in the b section-the legal representative contacted Lin Jie. Phone hangs after the person sent me a text message: message, thank you! They immediately go to the interview, said to verify the contents of the agreement, the other just "thank you", again no response. Called again an hour later linjie phone is in an unreachable state.


Li Chunping was part of the property for rent in Beijing confusion

Spring at the worker's stadium, Chaoyang District, East 20th square, is in Beijing Li Chunping real estate one of the most widely known. Yesterday afternoon, the North Green newspaper reporter to visit. The square consists of six layers, there are large and small in a number of shops, including food, clothing, restaurants, KTV. Number of shop staff confirmed to the North Green newspaper reporter, spring square rents paid from September this year to become very confusing.

Green North shop staff, who asked not to be named says the merchant Li Chunping and I signed a lease agreement for 20 years. But by September of this year, a company called company and Li Chunping staff has convened all spring square business meeting, Li Chunping and sought a stay previously signed a 20-year lease contract, and signed a lease for 3 years lease contract. The staff member said, signed an agreement the same day, see Li Chunping my bad mental state, refused to sign it.

The staff member said he rents are paid, in the form of cash or transfer to Li Chunping himself, to the account after receipt of the signed documents. On October 1 this year, and when it comes to the rent. Branch, Mr LEE and his staff, representatives of the families of Korean Lady three times to rent, but she said they did not know to whom rent. "I'm not a wilful default, but now neither side wants me to pay the rent, not knowing to whom. "

Another shop staff members recalled to reporters, on 27th of this month, under Li Chunping, accompanied by workers, a rent of more than 10 people came to the Haruhira square. The staff, see Mr LEE himself, the merchants pay the rent. "We are not deliberately defaulting, but because for some time we learned that he was missing, confusion ... ... Now Mr LEE himself recognized as long as there is a clear account, we're sure to be able to pay past rent. "


Trust agreement to Li Chunping can be risky

What Li Chunping managed asset agreement means reporters to Beijing Yin Chuanzhi joy law firm lawyers were consulted.

Managed agreement of b permission in the provides, b right to used property guarantees way and financial tool as guarantees, foreign financing, signed financing contract (including but not limited to loan contract, and borrowing contract, and guarantees contract,) and other file, and handle property mortgage, and mortgage cancellation registration procedures, and received he items right certificate, and received mortgage Hou of housing ownership card, and received mortgage cancellation Hou of housing ownership card, file and the other all and this property mortgage financing related of matters.

This right means what? Of bei Qing Yin Chuanzhi reportedly said, popular, party b (branch), according to Li Chunping mortgage necessary funding process. While agreement shows that party a and party b on the above matters has signed a power of attorney. To deal with property guarantees, financing and other business, party b can not go on the presence of the relevant formalities. Yin Chuanzhi said that under the circumstances, party b can make any decisions, guarantee, mortgage and other behavior after the party business.

Meanwhile, Yin Chuanzhi said that if the amount involved is relatively large, managed operating agreement both parties tend to invite a third party to oversee the identity sign. Presence in the agreement there was no oversight. "From a legal standpoint, this part of the agreement reluctantly, to party a's (Li Chunping) exist for higher risk. "However, all of the above are based on Li Chunping full capacity on the basis of. If Li Chunping, as said in the post, suffering from frontal temporal lobe dementia, Alzheimer's disease, lost their basic judgment of right and wrong and ability? Yin Chuanzhi said that the diagnosis did not have the force of law, needed after the Court declared civil conduct Li Chunping, according to declare the applicable time, the guardian may request the recovery of contracts and to withdraw.


Li Chunping families are applying for incapacity declared

Korea North Green Lady told reporters on October 28 this year, Ms. Han has submitted an application declared Li Chunping, Chaoyang district people's Court for conduct of civil. Han said that according to the procedure, should by Li Chunping's family reached an agreement, agreed to Li Chunping incapacity declared. But Li Chunping two sisters has moved to Sweden, and his age, physical discomfort, inconvenience and back. Half a month ago, Chaoyang district people's Court has approved remote video session with the two sisters, under the witness of the family, whether the sentence is Li ping's incapacity identification, but the exact date is uncertain. In accordance with normal procedures, the judicial process requires the identification of 40 working days. (Formerly titled Li Chunping domestic real estate have been managed by others: some real estate as collateral to borrow $250 million is not currently of interest payments under a contract)

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