Saturday, December 10, 2016

Hebei Cixian Chengguan police conflict track two departments in charge are

Hebei Cixian

November 19, CI nearly Chengguan containment bad impact traffic doors. China Youth daily chart Abused and killed 2 girls in Guangzhou she pleaded

Xinhua reported on December 10, nearly Chengguan containment traffic gate, causing adverse effects, said today in Cixian County was informed that traffic police, city administration principals involved are subject to party discipline and administrative discipline punishment.

According to press reports, the 19th of last month, Police Brigade when the gate modification, CI, written procedures related responsibilities such as planning units has not been fulfilled. In the absence of availability of, and morbidity of traffic police brigade who dismantled and occupied the city green belt, damaged pavement. Morbidity of urban management Bureau after discovering the problem, according to stipulations issued relevant instruments, organized more than 90 people and machinery to force the Council to correct corrective action, restored to its original condition. In the process, disputes between the two sides which lasted about 20 minutes, causing crowd of onlookers.

After in-depth survey, recently, morbidity related sector according to about provides, on both party made serious processing: on morbidity Police Brigade, and morbidity Chengguan Council main head implemented suspended check, ordered II people to County, and County Government wrote deep written check, County informed criticism; respectively give morbidity Police Brigade, and morbidity Chengguan Council main head party warning disposition; obliges morbidity Police Brigade branch, and morbidity Chengguan Council party carried out thought style reorganization, to County, and County Government made deep written check, Deep reflection on existing problems, and take this as a warning, to prevent similar problems from happening again. (Formerly titled Cixian quarrel city traffic police chief was suspended)

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