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Visit the 200 million cost of moving rumor behind Shenzhen Shui bei cun businesses

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Taken from a height of site

Covers news, December 18, as demolition debris on the "thousand people feast" and "at least 200 million yuan per household" rumours of demolition charges, Shenzhen Lo Wu Shui bei cun and night becomes famous.

Now, nearly two months after the incident, cover news (thecover.CN) journalist visits found that businesses were still moving out, also did not discuss issues well fetch.

The afternoon of December 16, 2016, journalists came to Shui bei Cun on the cover, in addition to sites outside the Centre dug a shallow pit, and other sites did not differ much. Instead, have basically completed the demolition of the site next to the road flat Water Bay community park was filled with sediment, roadside filled with bricks.

Journalists on the scene saw the cover at the site north of the Shui bei er road and two--2014 years has made the building renovation of Qi Cheng Hotel Jia fukang jewelry city has not been removed.

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Hotel closed

Qi Cheng Hotel 1, 2 floor, there are a lot of jewelry and gold stalls, compared with two months ago, and small business operators have moved a lot, some jewellery stalls has posted an eviction notice, said they have moved to a nearby jewelry store, and leave contact information. Also on the inside rear of shop staff are also busily inventorying stores jewelry and gold, finished in time for the move before the end of.

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Water Bay arch and site Shandong women aged 5 was recovered at 33 years

Qi Cheng Hotel staff described to reporters, they have received notice to stop operating on December 20. "After the 20th will not be allowed to organize activities. "But they also said it was not clear when the building demolition.

In Jia fukang jewel city, East of it, upstairs tenants had moved out, the entire exterior of the building also has traces of chisels, seems torn. But the one-storey building still has a gold and a smoke in the hotel business. Gold line staff said, is still waiting for the boss to inform, not sure when will move.

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Unopened jewelry city smoke in a corner of the hotel

Liquor still open, in the northeast corner of the building. Only boss Wu Jie and his staff operate Kobayashi. Wu Jie introduced to cover journalists, she still discuss with village fetch problem on a good move. She says she is not a nail, fetches village just don't arrange programmes for them. "I agree with their rehabilitation, but later we will return to this store, they say there's no final plan, so at the end we talk about it. "

Wu Jie is the Puning, Guangdong people, Shui bei Cun has more than 30 years, almost half of the Shui bei Cun people. Shui bei Cun began demolition this year, the villagers gradually moved out, her business has also been affected. "People have come to the end, a great influence, but this store is you bought the property, without paying rent, so just stay here, or leaving early. "

"Hopefully in January next year on a good, had talked about the move, built and then moved back, expects it will take three or four years later. "She said, and will continue to stay in Shenzhen, because some customers making frequent phone contact with her, let her continue to send some tobacco and alcohol, make a living.

(Formerly titled visit Shenzhen Shui bei cun: "200 million cost of moving rumors" after the merchants who have not moved out)

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